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a. Identify and explore NetSuite's components that relate to your business major.

Accounting/Finance: financials, time & billing, management operations and inventory b. Click on the "customers" link on NetSuite's home page and select a customer in an industry that interests you (or one assigned by your instructor). Watch the customer's video. What motivated the customer to implement NetSuite? What benefits did they emphasize? EcoCleen Services transformed the business efficiency and went to a paperless billing system. Results: 75% reduction in paper usage reinforces Ecocleen's eco-credentials New platform accelerating growth from 11 regional franchises to an anticipated 25 over two years During that time, Ecocleen anticipates a revenue increase of 120%, without having to add any new IT staff Visibility for both HQ and regional offices through NetSuite partner portal to reduce administrative enquiries by 30% Time-savings of 2-3 hours a week through automated lead distribution - allowing Commercial Director to focus on business development New-franchise training takes just 1.5 hours, compared to a day with the previous system Critical KPIs are now much faster to collect and analyze, saving several hours weekly for analysts. Challenges: Manually processed sales data and billing information increased carbon footprint and used valuable time resources Discrete regional systems hindered a uniform, branded marketing and CRM strategy and provided limited visibility of customer activity KPIs crucial to the company's performance were time-consuming to collect and analyse using Excel and Sage Line 50 Planned expansion of regional offices could not be monitored effectively with the incumbent system. Solution: EcoCleen chose NetSuite over Bright Pearl and SalesForce because it offered a single integrated solution for franchise management NetSuite solution provider First Hosted was selected for approachability and ability to understand Ecocleen's commercial needs KPI information is quickly accessible in real-time Self-service portal means regional offices can access information relating to their transactions. (NetSuite, 1998-2012) c. Would you recommend this suite to a small business owner? Why or why not?

The product looks like a good product and would be beneficial for small businesses. However, small businesses should consider whether or not this investment is appropriate for them.