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Come to find secret of Basum Lake

People like to call some charming and beautiful place as heaven land. Also it means the place is superexcellent and unique in their mind. Tibet is a special and mysterious existing for some tourists and trekkers. Maybe you have ever heard about Pokhara of Nepal, a lot of occidental want to live in there when they are old. Well, if you are a tourist who wants to have china journey from Nepal, there is a place which is in Tibet of china, you should never miss it! It is Basum Lake, a charming and ravishing place. It is holy lake of Nyingma, and it is located in Nyingchi of Tibet. Basum Lake is embosomed with hills, climate is worm. Average altitude of lakes surface is about 3538 meters; length is about 15 kilometers; average width is about 2.5 kilometers; the bosom of lake is about 166 meters. Basum Lake is means three rock lake in Tibetan. Also transportation from Tibet to Basum Lake is convenient. You can set out from Lhasa, and then pass the Lhasa Bridge. Next, you will be along the road and pass Dazi country. And then you will witness some trekkers who are trekking to Gandan monastery. Yeah, it is near to Riduo village after you go through Maizhokunggar County. And then you will turn over Mira Mountain

and arrive in Gongbu jomda country. However, following is seem to be mysterious and magic. You should find Bahe country which can not be found in map. After 44 kilometers journey, you will get into Basum Lake scene. You should be very careful if you drive to Basum Lake although road condition is very well. It exist many danger. It is different to another holy Lake; Basum Lake is exactly surrounded by original forest. It is just like its name, all of Basum Lake is green which is light and with no impurity. Lake water is clear and you can witness the swimming fishes. And all around is with green mountains, summit is with snow which is not melt in all year. What is more important, there is few tourists who come to there; it is like an isolate place. And there is a small island which is called Zhaxi Island. It is apart from riverside about one meter. It is said that Zhaxi Island is a hollow island; it means Zhaxi Island float on the lake water but not connect with Lake Bottom. Although it is a legend, actually you can not say it is not mysterious. If you have chance to get there, you might as well try to stamp your foot in somewhere. And you can feel if there really have hollow feelings or not. There is tang ancient building in island, it is called Cuozong Gongba monastery. It has a long history from end of tang ancient.

Structure of Cuozong Gongba monastery is wood construction, and it is divided to two-layer. In monastery, there is special tree which is connected together by peach tree and pine. The peach flower and pine are beautiful in spring. Surely, there are a lot of flags which you can witness in your any part journey of Tibet and Lhasa. Also you can aboard the small ship to get to Zhaxi Island. if you turn island to sightseeing as clockwise, you can witness hoof print which is left by King Gesars battle steed; also you can find sword mark which is left by ancient people; there still exist a letter tree which is naturally formative; previous holy Castalia and water burial stage. Well, I will tell female tourists a magic place; in south riverside of Basum Lake, there is a holy which is to beg child. It is said that is managed by Padmasambhava master, so local people say it is very efficacious. Also, there is a rock in northwest of lake, and in centre of rock, there is a holy which can supply one person to pass. It is said if you can pass the holy, you will be health and removing disaster. You will be surprise whenever you are, you will find another mysterious and magic view. As famous holy Lake of Nyingma, there are a lot of people who come to Basum Lake to turn lake. Just like some devout people you witness in Everest journey or some other mountains. Especially in April of Tibetan calendar, devout Tibetan will spend two to three days to turn lake. Surely, if

you do not have enough time to do with them or you are lazy for that tired behave; you can take houseboat to have a look. Although you have ever been to Lhasa, Everest, you will also be very surprised after you have been to Nyingchi. Simple and ancient humanity and ecology are also the reason why Basum Lake is so fascinating. People in Basum Lake are special and different for another Tibet area, they have its only special clothes, unique building, different festival, and even language is diverse. You can witness and feel their pure and golden smile in everywhere. It is said that there are still some polyandry and polygamous men and women. It is characteristic and interesting. As one pleases to open a household door, you can feel and enjoy their enthusiastic and worm reception. There are some unique furniture indoors, they can not only be used to cook, but also can be used to warm oneself. You will eat Tibetan incense pig, drink super barley wine. What is more interesting, you should have lot courage if you want to go to toilet. It is a wood house which suspend in empty. If you want to have a rest in there, you will enjoy another gift when you get up in next day. After a silence night, open window, and you will witness magnificent snow mountain; How luxurious the happiness is!