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KG press release - 2013

narrowSKY - narrow gaps filled transparently

The SKY Implant System has established itself on the market for implants since 2002 as a simple and transparent system with few prosthetic parts. A characteristic of the transparency of the SKY Implant System earlier was the mono-platform, which limited the number of dental prosthetic parts drastically on the one hand and posed difficulties in filling up narrow gaps on the other. The new narrowSKY offers the solution here. The TThe narrowSKY is a 3.5 mm implant with the new 3.5 mm narrow platform, which is already known from the SKY aesthetic line. The narrowSKY is offered in lengths 10, 12, 14 and 16 mm. The following solutions are available for the dental prosthetic fitting: - SKY aesthetic S abutments 0, 15 and 15R - for individual tooth and bridge constructions - SKY uni.cone for occlusion and transversally screwed bridge constructions - SKY elegance titanium base for individual abutments made of BioHPP - SKY scan abutments and CAD abutments With the introduction of narrowSKY, bredent medical now also offers a solution for narrow gaps and strongly atrophied jaws, without abandoning the concept of transparency and few parts. Because later on, all the dental prosthetics parts are accommodated in the catalogue on a single A-4 double-sheet. With the platform switch, all prosthetic parts that were developed for narrowSKY fit the existing blueSKY and SKY classic implants, so that new prosthetic options are available for these implants too. Naturally, fitting gingiva formers and casting abutments are also available. During the course of 2013, the programme will be enhanced to include one more matching S abutment for provisional fittings and prefabricated SKY elegance S abutments in the form of SKY aesthetic line made of BioHPP. The initial feedback of customers to these important product portfolio additions and extensions confirms that the chosen path of developing the SKY implant system cautiously according to the requirements without abandoning the original concept opens up new possibilities of further success.

bredent GmbH & Co. KG press release - 2013

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