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Izhmash herItage

Izhmash has been making quality firearms since 1807. That year Tsar Alexander I gave an order to his mining engineer, Deryabin, to start an arms factory in the Ural region. Deryabin chose the Izhevsk Iron-Works. The clock tower on the Izhmash factory is a symbol of the city of Izhevsk - now the capital of the Udmurt Republic and the symbol of Izhmash. The factory started making Berdan rifles and later produced the famous Mosin Nagant rifles. Their designs were used as the blueprints for many subsequent combat, target and sporting rifles. During the First World War, Izhmash produced 1.5 million rifles. In the course of the Great Patriotic War (World War II], Izhmash production totalled 11.3 million rifles and carbines, more than all German firearm plants combined (10.3 million). In addition, Izhmash manufactured all types of arms including antitank weapons, automatic aircraft guns, pistols and revolvers. The design and production of the automatic Kalashnikov assault rifle, the AK-47 (an acronym for Avtomat Kalashnikova model 1947), known for its superior reliability and simplicity of operation, began at Izhmash in 1947. This assault rifle has been adopted by armed and special forces in 106 countries. Today Izhmash is one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the world. Now entering its third century, Izhmash has continued manufacturing, researching and designing various unique types of firearms (sniper rifles, automatic weapons, and submachine guns). Special quality control groups carefully check that the products meet the highest quality standards. Every firearm is test fired and checked for accuracy, before leaving the factory. Currently Ishmash manufactures a wide range of products including: Military firearms Sporting-hunting weapons Automatic aircraft guns Guided artillery gunning complexes Test vehicles for maintenance and repair of tank armaments Motorcycles - Automobiles Machines and high quality capital goods 1


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SAIGA AUTOLOADInG SHOTGUn...............................4-8
rW c g r o U P l l c

SAIGA AUTOLOADInG RIFLE....................................10-11 SAIGA RIFLE UPGRADES...........................................12-13 BIATHLOn........................................................................14-15 TARGET SHOOTInG......................................................16-18 HUnTInG RIFLES...........................................................20-21

Izhmash Research & Production Association of Russia, one of the worlds largest firearms manufacturers and the manufacturer of Saiga rifles and shotguns, Biathlon target rifles and of course, the legendary AK47, appointed RWC Group LLC. as their exclusive US importer during the 2012 SHOT show. Saiga rifles and shotguns are based on the classic, rugged and reliable Kalashnikov design, manufactured by one of the worlds oldest (founded in 1807)and largest firearms companies, Izhmash in Russia. In addition to importing the Saiga rifles in 7.62 x39 .223 .308 and 5.45x39 caliber and Saiga autoloading shotguns in 12, 20 and 410 gauges, an additional line of Izhmash products will be available including: new shotgun models featuring factory skeletonized butt stocks, vented forends, magazine wells and Picatinny rails. RWC will also have Kalashnikov models featuring CAAs battle proven furniture. In addition, the original Izhmash furniture and a complete line of original Izhmash factory replacement parts and magazines will be available from RWC.

BUTTSTOCKS................................................................................22 SHARP SHOOTInG STOCK/COLLAPSIBLE TUBES........23 RAIL SYSTEMS......................................................................24-25 GRIPS................................................................................................26 LASER AnD LIGHT MOUnTS..................................................27 COUPLERS AnD MAGAZInE ACCESSORIES....................28 SLInGS AnD BIPODS.................................................................29 In fo@rWcl toll free: 1-866-611-9576 P: 215-949-9944 F: 215-949-9191

SAigA AutoloAding Shotgun

12/20/410 gauge
The Izhmash Saiga autoloading shotgun incorporates the Kalashnikov design, providing reliability and simplicity of operation. Outstanding accuracy is achieved by the smooth bore, Lancaster style elliptical barrel, which imparts a spin on projectiles, increasing accuracy and exterior threading to accept chokes. The chrome lined barrel, chamber and gas system resist corrosion, making cleaning easier and extending the life of the shotgun. A lightweight, impact resistant polymer sporter stock and forend are checkered for comfortable control and include 3/4 sling mounts. An oversized trigger guard allows use with gloved hands. Models are available with side optic mounting rails, bead front sight, V notch rear sight or leaf rear sight. Included is a detachable five round magazine (two round hunting magazines are also available).

the sUPerIorIty of the aUtoloader

Gauge 12 20 410

Trigger Pull 3.3lb - 8.15lb

Barrel Length 24 or 19 19 19

Overall Length 45 44.68 45.7

Weight 7.93lbs 7.71lbs 7.49lbs

Magazine Capacity 2; 5 5 2; 4
For 2.5 & 3 cartridge

All specifications subject to change

Automatic loading with detachable magazine Smooth bore Lancaster style elliptical barrel Optional leaf sight adjustable for windage and elevation Chokes available

SAigAAutoloAding Shotgun
Skeletonized buttstock with rotating cheekpiece Vented handguards Sight leaf with 10 divisions Picatinny rail on the receiver cover has a hinge joint at the sight leaf bed High front sights

4006/4007/06/07 12 gauge


Models 4006 4007 06 07

Gauge 12 12 12 12

Buttstock laminated polymer laminated polymer

Barrel Length 19 19 19 19

Overall Length 40.35 40.35 41.92 41.92

Magazine Capacity 4 w/ mag well 4 w/ mag well 5 no mag well 5 no mag well

All specifications subject to change

SAigAAutoloAding Shotgun
tactics 5-3
Hunting style polymer or wood buttstock with Monte Carlo Cheek piece with checkering and recoil pad One 5 round magazine High front sight Sight leaf with 10 divisions Vented forearm
5-3 53W 12 12

12 gauge

Model Gauge Buttstock polymer wood Barrel Length 19 19 Overall Length 40.94 40.94 Magazine Capacity 5 5

All specifications subject to change


40012 m4

SAigAAutoloAding Shotgun
Hunting style polymer buttstock Serrated polymer fore-end
SPECIFICATIOnS Model 303 40012 M4 40012 M5 Gauge 12 12 12


Sights high sight on gas chamber high sight on muzzle high sight on muzzle

Picatinny rail hinged jointed on receiver cover with sight leaf bed One 4 round magazine with magazine well High front sight on gas chamber Sight leaf with 10 divisions

Stock & Forend polymer polymer polymer

Barrel Length 19 19 19

Overall Length 41.53 40.94 40.94

Magazine Capacity 4 w/mag well 4 w/mag well 5 no mag well

All specifications subject to change


saIga 308-1 Ver. 06 shown with optional rotating SVD type cheek piece

SAigA AutoloAding RiFlE



rUgged and relIable rIfles

The Saiga autoloading rifle is based on the rugged Kalashnikov design. In the Saiga line of rifles, this timeless design utilizes a proven gas piston system, rotary bolt, and very few internal parts that provide the reliability that Izhmash has delivered for over 60 years. A hammer forged, chrome lined barrel and chamber provide the ultimate in long life. The driftable post front sight with protective ears is adjustable for windage and elevation. The notched side catch with bar rear leaf sight is adjustable for elevation. The rear sight has presets for 109, 218, & 328 yards. The comfortable, ergonomic operating handle makes charging the firearm effortless. The spring loaded magazine release provides for quick magazine changes. The elongated selector handle allows for a smooth transition from safe to semi-auto. Includes one detachable magazine. The .308 model is available in two barrel lengths, 16 or 21.

Caliber 7.62x39 .308 .223 5.45x39

Barrel Length 16.3 16 or 21.9 16.3 16.3

Overall Length 43.50 43.50 43.50 43.50

Weight 7.93lbs 8.6lbs 7.63lbs 7.63lbs

Magazine Capacity 10 8 10 10

Simple, effective, and reliable firearm for hunting and self-defense Gas operated rotating bolt with detachable magazine Side rail for optical sight Equipped with a high impact polymer hunting buttstock and foreend Optional rotating SVD-type cheek piece available for .308 model

rWc su2

The U2 Saiga upgrade recreats the classic Kalashnikov design with the addition of the CAA collapsible butt stock with Picatinny rail, with covered storage for 4 CR123 batteries and a rubber recoil pad. The use of the AKTSP stock tube allows the stock to sit horizontally with the receiver providing an improved sight picture. The ergonomic pistol grip with mottling provides a strong and comfortable grip. The skeletonized RS47 polymer forend with 4 rails adds mounting surfaces for lights, lasers, forward grips and optics. All required parts are 922[r] compliant

922[r] compliant Accepts traditional double stack magazines Polymer handguard with rails [RS47SET] Collapsible buttstock [CBS] Polymer pistol grip [AG47]


rWc su3
The U3 Saiga upgrade recreats the classic Kalashnikov design with the addition of the CAA fully adjustable stock (MRSNL) featuring a ten position adjustment for stock length, cheekpiece is adjustable for height and eye relief, and the rubber butt pad is vertically adjustable. The pistol grip with 6 interchangeable inserts for the finger grooves and backstraps (UPG47) allows the grip to be sized for any hand. Storage in the pistol grip for batteries and other small items is covered by a snap cap. The aluminum 5 Picatinny rail system (XRS47) is designed for the secure mounting of heavy optics. The receiver dust cover is accessible and removable without removing the rail system. All required parts are 922[r] compliant.

922[r] compliant Accepts traditional double stack magazines Aluminum 5 rail system [XRS47] Fully adjustable stock with monopod [SARS] Pistol grip with interchangeable panels [UPG47] Optional Bipod


oVer 120 bIathlon medals Won

Izhmash Biathlon 7-3/7-4 Model 08 and Model 10 The latest evolution of the Izhmash Biathlon line of rifles, these models represent a truly world class competition rifle for the Winter Olympic sport of Biathlon. Based on the proven straight pull pinch lock system developed over 30 years ago by Izhmash, these rifles allow fast cycling of the action between shots with minimum disturbance of the shooting position a tremendous advantage in a sport where mere seconds can separate a gold medalist from an also-ran. Trigger is adjustable for single or two-stage function, length of first stage, creep, and release weight (50g-1500g). Improved hammer forged barrels with reliable accuracy to -20C provide confident performance in all conditions. A completely redesigned stock provides optimum ergonomics for both shooting positions, including the maximum 120mm stock depth allowed by current IBU regulations. Other improved features include a lighter front sight assembly, compatibility with industry standard M18x0.5mm front sight accessories, an adjustable butt plate and cheekpiece, and industry standard accessory rails to accept typical harness, handstop, and sling components. Stock is naturally finished hardwood and metal components feature an extremely durable matte black finish. The Model 10 features a chrome plated receiver and barrel in place of the matte black finish for further improved weather resistance and durability. Both models are delivered with front sight, 5 magazines, and two trigger blade styles to accommodate a variety of hand sizes. The Model 08 is delivered with Izhmash rear sight. The Model 10 is delivered with 11mm receiver dovetail for rear sight of your choice.



Model Rear Sight Izhmash 11mm receiver dovetail Length 41.33 41.33 Weight 9.92lb 9.92lb Caliber .22LR .22LR Mag Capacity 5 5

Reload without changing the ready position due to crank type barrel bore locking system with vertical rotation axis. Chrome lined, hammer forged, air gauged barrel for improved accuracy in low temperatures. Trigger mechanism Is adjustable without removing the action from the stock. Hammer Interlocking device In trigger mechanism allows for shooting blanks. Center of mass, cheekpiece and the match stock are all adjustable.

Biathlon-7-4-08 Biathlon-7-4-10 w/ chrome plated barrel

All specifications subject to change


tARgEt Shooting
sm-2/sm-2 cadet
target shootIng, bIrd, and small game hUntIng
The SM-2 and SM-2 Cadet are .22LR rifles designed for target shooting, bird and small game hunting. They feature a target style stock, an oversized forend, match pistol grip and adjustable stock. The stocks cheekpiece and butt pad are adjustable for height to provide proper support and quick target acquisition. The front sight is hooded to eliminate glare and includes multiple front sights and dioptres. Trigger guard is oversized for gloved hands. SPECIFICATIOnS
Model SM-2 SM-2 CADET Length 44.09 37.4 Weight 11lb 8.8lb Caliber .22LR .22LR
All specifications subject to change

Left hand models available Receiver features a special tray for easy loading of a cartridge Trigger mechanism allows the adjustment of the trigger pull and travel without detaching the rifle from the stock. Includes front sights, and dioptres, accessories for cleaning and lubrication, sling


tARgEt RiFlE
target shootIng, bIrd, and small game hUntIng
Built on the design of the famous BI-7-2 with all of the BI-7-2 accuracy, small shot patterns, and ease of operation. This bolt action rifle has a walnut target style stock with sling mounts. It features an oversized forend, rubber recoil pad and monte carlo cheek piece. The stock includes a mount for up to four additional single stack five round magazines. The receiver, front sight and rail are all integral with the barrel, contributing to increased accuracy. The iron sights are preset at 25 and 75 meters. The receiver includes a rail for mounting optics. The trigger is screw adjustable for pull, travel, and release characteristics, without firearm disassembly. The trigger guard is oversized for gloved hands. SPECIFICATIOnS
Model BI-7-2KO Trigger Pull 0.08 0.16 Overall Length 39.37 Weight 7.71lbs Caliber .22LR Magazine Capacity 5:10

All specifications subject to change

Allows trigger pull, travel, and characteristics to be changed by adjusting screws Interchangeable, five-round magazines Iron sights are set for two firing ranges: 28y and 82y

scope and mount not included

tARgEt RiFlE
Caliber .338 Lapua 7.62x54R .308 Overall Length 46.45 46.45 46.45 Weight 9.48lbs 9.48lbs 9.48lbs Magazine Capacity 10 10 10

target shootIng
The ultimate In target rifles. This powerful, accurate and comfortable rifle is capable of reaching out to the farthest targets. Shooters can get a custom fit because the rifle Is adjustable In several ways, It features a competition-style stock and uses magazine fed .338 Lapua Magnum caliber bullets. The receiver accommodates a Picatinny rail to accept a mount for optical sights. The trigger mechanism Is adjustable for pull and travel. The trigger position relative to the stock grip Is also adjustable. The stock features detachable carry handle, cheek piece and rubber butt pad, which are both height adjustable. A detachable bipod Is mounted to the fore-end. Each leg Is adjustable for height. Comes with two magazines.

All specifications subject to change

.338 Lapua magnum bullets Fully adjustable competition stock and trigger Optics can be mounted on Picatinny rail Bipod can be removed and adjusted for height


sobol [sable]

scope not included


hunting RiFlE

bIrds and small game
Accuracy, comfort and ease of operation In a .22LR hunting rifle for birds and small game. Monte carlo stock with checkered pistol grip allows for comfort, control and accurate shooting. The stock features magazine storage and is available In birch wood or walnut. Just as in Izhmash world famous biathlon rifles, the barrel bore is locked by a crank type mechanism with vertical axes of rotation, allowing for quick and easy reloading. The receivers dovetail base accommodates an optical-sight mount. The design allows for shooting over the iron sights without removing the optical one. The front sight is covered to prevent damage. SPECIFICATIOnS
Model Sobol Korshun Caliber .22LR .22LR Barrel Length 19.68 19.68 Overall Length 38.97 38.97 Weight 6.61Llbs 6.61Llbs Magazine Capacity 5 5

All specifications subject to change

Accurate, comfortable rifle for birds, and small game Quick and easy reloading Accommodates optical sight mount Available with birch stock


hunting RiFlE
bars 4-1

Caliber 5.6X39 7.62X39 .223Rem

Barrel Length 21.65 21.65 21.65

Overall Length 40.94 40.94 40.94

Weight 7.05lbs 7.05lbs 7.05lbs

Magazine Capacity 5:7 5:7 5:7

large foWl and medIUm sIzed game

This bolt action hunting rifle for large fowl and small and medium size game is available In three cartridge sizes. Available in .223, 5.6 x 39 and 7.62 x 39. Monte carlo stock with checkered pistol grip allows for comfort, control and accurate shooting. Trigger mechanism is adjustable for pull and release character (smooth or with warning). Safety locks the bolt and trigger. Design of the sight mounts allows for fire to be delivered over the Iron sight without detaching the optical one. The front sight is covered to prevent damage. Front and rear sling mounts.

All specifications subject to change

Accurate, comfortable rifle for large fowl and medium sized game Available In three caliber sizes: .223, 5.6 x 39 and 7.62 x 39. Accommodates optical sight mount Available with birch stock


hunting RiFlE
large and medIUm game hUntIng rIfle
The accuracy of this bolt action rifle is verified at the factory to insure that at 330 feet four shots have no more then a 3 spread. It features a walnut stock with sling swivels, monte carlo cheekpiece and rubber recoil pad. Trigger pull, travel and character are adjustable. A notched rear sight with a hooded front sight are set for 330 and 985 feet and can be used with optics. Includes detachable five round magazine. Muzzle velocity 2600-2700ft per second. SPECIFICATIOnS
Caliber .308 Barrel Length 21.65 Overall Length 41.73 Weight 7.72lbs Magazine Capacity 5

All specifications subject to change

Accurate bolt action rifle Adjustable trigger Iron sights Drilled and tapped for scope rings and bases



AKFUSACBS AK47 Collapsible Stock with Aluminum Tube for Underfolding Stock

AKTMCBS AK47 Collapsible Stock with Aluminum Tube for Milled Receiver

AKTSCBS AK47 Collapsible Stock with Aluminum Tube for Stamped Receiver

AKTMPCBS AK47 Collapsible Stock with Polymer Tube for Milled Receiver

AKTSPCBS AK47 Collapsible Stock with Polymer Tube for Stamped Receiver

aK47 collaPsIble bUttstocK

Upgrade your AK47 buttstock to utilize innovative, six-position collapsible stock.
Side snap-tight latch compartment provides storage for 4 CR123 batteries. Side Picatinny rail allows addition of Adjustable Cheek Piece (ACP). Rubber non-slip buttpad with tapered angle, allows faster shouldering. Provides longer length of pull than standard AK stock.

2 ultrasonically welded metal quick release sling mount points. Available for milled, stamped and underfolding receivers. Aluminum buffer tubes provide sealed storage area for a cleaning kit or small items. Stock angle is higher, flatter for higher cheek weld.

ShARp Shooting StoCK / CollApSiBlE tuBES

AKUFSA 6 Position Aluminum Tube for AK47 Underfolding Stock.

AKTM 6 Position Aluminum Tube for AK47 Milled Receiver.

AKTS 6 Position Aluminum Tube for AK47 Stamped Receiver.

AKTMP 6 Position Polymer Tube for AK47 Milled Receiver. MARS#: MARSnL#: SARS#: SARSnL#: AK47 Milled Receiver Sharp Shooting Stock. AK47 Milled Receiver Sharp Shooting Stock (no Leg). AK47 Stamped Receiver Sharp Shooting Stock. AK47 Stamped Receiver Sharp Shooting Stock (no Leg).

AKTSP 6 Position Polymer Tube for AK47 Stamped Receiver.

mars / sars

aK47 sharP shootIng stocK

aK47 6 PosItIon collaPsIble tUbes

aK47 tUbes

Specifically engineered for the Designated Marksman. The MARS / SARS stock allows the user to provide enhanced rapid accurate fire. Shorter length specifically designed for collapsible tubes. Available for milled and stamped receivers.

Six position collapsible tube with storage for AK47.

Allows installation of M4 carbine style collapsible stocks. Aluminum models features internal sealed storage for cleaning kit or small items. Available in aluminum or polymer. Provides longer length of pull than standard AK stock. Stock angle is higher, flatter for higher cheek weld.

RAil SyStEmS











The worlds first five rail system for the AK47/ AK74. Five fixed rails, provide an exceptional design that allows numerous mission specific accessories, including bipods, vertical grips & large optics to be mounted. Available as a complete set (#XRS47) or separately [#XRS47B) (#XRS47BT) & (#XRS47BR).

The lower section (total of 3 rails) provides the solution for mounting grips, lights, lasers, pods & other mounts.



Combination of the lower & top front sections provide a total of 4 rails for grips, lights, lasers, pods, red dot sights & other mounts. 922[r] compliant

The combination of the lower & top rear sections provides a total of 4 rails for mounting grips, lights, lasers, pods, scopes, heavy optics, red dot sights & other mounts.

RAil SyStEmS

rs47tr Upper Hand Guard


rs47br Lower Handguard



Polymer two piece handguard, provides a rigid lightweight platform to mount Picatinny accessories. Available as a complete set (#RS47SETR) or separately (#RS47TR-top) & [RS47BR-bottom). 922[r] compliant

Two full length upper and lower Picatinny rails provide excellent mounting positions for optics, bipods and grips Skeletonized design reduces weight and improves cooling Two removable 3 side rails are ideal for mounting light/laser devices Constructed of high density polymer for strength and heat resistance Compatible with most AK style rifles including Saiga



fVg5 UPg47r

fVg3 mVg ag47r




fVg1 / fVg3 / fVg5



Polymer forward grip. Screw-down clamp-locking system securely locks on rail. Incorporates a storage compartment

Molded polymer two, three or five position folding grips. Side push button, allows operator to switch between different grip positions Grip is available when needed and folds out of the way when the forward grip is not required FVG3 and FVG5 include a plugged storage compartment Screw-down clamp-locking system securely locks on rail



Six piece interchangeable pistol grip easily replaces standard grip, incorporating multiple finger groove and palm swell inserts (3 each), allowing the operator to customize their grip to fit all hand sizes for maximum comfort and control. 922[r] compliant

Polymer & rubber forward grip. Dual removable pressure switch mounts. Provides quick and easy installation without tools to Picatinny rail.



922[r] compliant

lASER And light mountS









Ufh 1-4 / Ufh 1-4P

Quick release flashlight/laser mount. Combat proven design in use by military worldwide Available in 2 diameters: #PL1 - .75, #PL2 - 1 Slides and locks securely on rail using dual spring loaded finger release rail locks Secure C clamp mechanism tightens around light or laser

Light/laser mounts on the side of the Picatinny rail which brings the switch closer to the operators thumb Light/laser mounts on the side of the Picatinny rail which brings the switch closer to the operators thumb 1and .75 low profile screw tightened mount

Light laser can be quickly repositioned for all situations. Operator can easily access on/off button with thumb while using a vertical grip. Locks in position at 0 45 90 135 180 Available in Screw Tightened or Push Button Quick Release models. Molded reinforced polymer composite.










Magazine coupler doubles ammunition capacity and allows faster reloading. NEW Stronger Design. Saving precious reloading seconds.

Attaches to existing AK mag release for 1 finger magazine removal. Quick no miss mag release. Provides a larger surface area to release magazine Wraps around trigger guard for easy access One finger magazine release

Provides a solid platform for hand support during sustained target exercises. Flat surface helps stabilize and support rifle. Stand snaps into UPG style grips.


SlingS And BipodS

oPs/oPs1 nbP/nbPs




nbP / nbPs

Ideal for close quarters combat, allowing easy movement when operating inside tight spaces. Maintains its structure for easy donning. OPS1 is larger with an upgraded tubular webbing with fully enclosed bungee portion, providing for increased durability. Fully adjustable sling fits all body sizes. Side release buckle allows for quick release if sling encounters interference with objects. High density bungee cord and carabiner are covered to reduce noise and wear. Sling can be worn on back freeing hands for other tasks.

Versatile bipod, mounts onto a Picatinny rail. Ideal for snipers, sharp shooters and other missions. Strong lightweight design made from stainless steel and polymer Legs can be attached/detached with two swift movements Legs can be folded forward and backwards. Concave base mount cradles the weapon providing a lower center of gravity & includes a 3 Picatinny rail to attach a forward grip or other accessories.



Original Izhmash furniture and a complete line of original Izhmash factory replacement parts and magazines will be available from RWC


rW c g r o U P l l c In fo@rWcl

toll free: 1-866-611-9576 P: 215-949-9944 F: 215-949-9191