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Generation X - The Consequences This current generation, known as Generation X, composed of young adults aged, as a rule, anywhere from

18 to 27 or thereabouts, follows most of the patterns of previous generations: rebellion against the status quo, especially as it concerns breaking down the rules set up by previous generations, and creating a group identity for acceptance of others of a like mind, as well as to be able to surrender the self to, in order to both escape and/or recuperate from the stresses and demands of everyday life. To this end, there can be seen, unsurprisingly, a tangible, recognizable and almost invariable Gen-X "archetype" of sorts; though there are also variations on this. Generation Xers, like some previous generations, have grown from infancy to childhood, and from childhood to adulthood while being influenced by many different factors, most notably however, by television, and to a much smaller extent in this era, radio. It is unarguable that this generation has much more to worry about than the one before it, just as the following one will have even more crises and anxiety preying on it than this one; however, this treatise is only intended to cover the twenty-something age group, and as such, will only touch on other subjects as they apply or relate in some relevant fashion. Television itself is the most widely-used and available medium for the dissimenation of information, for both the public good and also as a means to propogate certain ideals and mindsets that are desired. Below is a small list of "important" things that my age group has been bombarded with, day after day for years now unashamedly put forth mostly by well-meaning people who are ignorant of the fact that they have been creating a mass psychosis in their zeal to finally take responsibility for their own actions by urging a new group of young, energetic minds to redeem their mistakes. As a result, we have sat through countless commercials, news shows, sitcoms, movies, documentaries and the like, which might include any of the following items, which are both remnants of other generations, plus x-specific worries. The Amazon Rainforest is disappearing in entire miles-square sections every day The hole in the ozone layer is growing larger every day, until it will no longer be safe to even venture outside Cancer, in various forms, both skin and internal, is striking more people every day New, or rediscovered viruses and diseases are sweeping the planet and growing immune to standard treatment The whales and dolphins and countless other endagered species need to be saved Livestock, such as pigs, cows, and sheep are kept in small confines, pumped full of steroids and other drugs, fed to gorging and not allowed to roam and be free, simply to enable easier and more convenient processing, packing and delivery to the consumer. Don't do drugs, don't smoke, don't drink, use a condom, don't let friends drink and drive, don't use inhalants Don't judge people by their looks, respect your elders, the handicapped are people too, Vietnam veterans are to be respected, but have been treated badly for years, be respectful of others' religions, habits and cultural customs. Pollution and littering, as a whole, is destroying the environment, killing people, animals and plants alike Deadly chemicals and elements are steadily finding their way into our homes, food and activities; things such as radon, lead, plutonium, mercury...not to mention man-made chemicals which are never proven to be or are never admitted to be hazardous, such as cigarettes, artificial sweeteners, aluminum cans and the like. The Government is invlolved in numerous conspiracies perpetrated against the American citizens and other countries; sometimes it is allied with or even under the control of other governments, or a small, secretive organization inside the standard federal hierarchy and has no qualms about killing people, men, women, and children, in order to protect its secrets, which may include extraterrestrials, as suggested by the reports of the crash of an alien craft in Roswell in 1947. The New Age movement is gaining momentum as the Age of Aquarius approaches, the Millenium and the End Times is undoubtedly just around the corner, causing mass cult suicides and similar activities among the more zealous or possibly weak-minded. The national debt is so overwhelming, and the stock market is so chaotic, that the stress among some shareholders and businessmen in so great they leap to their deaths on the hint of a crash. In only a few short years, overpopulation of the earth will cause mass shortages of food and water and available resources until the planet will be unable to support any life at all. A staggering lack of evidence that any religion contains any real possibility of salvation or hope causes many people, both Xers and older and younger, to become nihilistic and indifferent to the fate of their fellow man and even themselves, but instead turn either to pure mindless hedonism, sometimes involving violent anarchy or sadomasochistic practices, or careless and reckless hobbies in which death is a very real possibility. Considering all this, and many things not included specifically, as they can be seen to fall under one of the other categories, it is not altogether shocking that Xers have certain earmarks, as those below: First, a break between the Xers and a sub-culture known as Goths, which take their name from Gothic, being dark and morose, morbid and despairing - paying homage to stories and movies involving the darker side of the occult and vampirism, such as horror authors, Anne Rice in particular. Almost everything Goths wear is black, including clothing,

nail polish, lipstick, hair coloring, etc. They may share other Xer characteristics, but appear to be the more scholarly (in general) of the two, having been at one time the bookworms and nerds, now withdrawn into their own dark identity, considering death and decay to hold great romantic and sexual appeal. It is unclear whether their angst is more or less pronounced than mainstream Xers', but is has an entirely different aspect about it, as they have specialized in some special form of depression and moodiness. Now, your typical Generation Xer, usually has at least one piercing and one tattoo, whether male or female, gay or straight. Nose, nipple, navel, and tongue are only a few of the odd places which they may elect to have rings or studs inserted, as part of their badge and uniform necessary to belong to this comforting group identity. As is generally the case in earlier decades, the girls' tattoos (or "tats"), are usually on their ankles, or in some cases, on their shoulders, usually depicting a cherished figure or item, such as Winnie the Pooh or a zodiac sign. The guys also follow a standard pattern of tattooed forearms, legs, chest and back, but also may be choose to have their head, neck, or other more obvious locations decorated in this manner. Depending on the locale and environment and the individual's independent personality (though this is usually rather deeply buried within the Xer collective attitude), an Xer is generally fairly intelligent, easy-going and friendly for the most part, though most revel in shock value and either speak or act in a manner calculated to induce at least a grimace, sometimes disgust. It is rather instersting to note than most Xers, even with all of their rebellion, still appear to have genuine compassion and love towards others, as most work in some sort of either care-giving facility, such as a hospital, or aspire to the surprising goal of being a teacher or other type of instructor. Personally, I was never popular, was overweight and, owing largely to the fact of how I was raised, I was never really accepted by any group of clic, and so am both fascinated and severely disappointed in the generation which has been said to have no cause to fight for. I disagree with that assessment, as X, perhaps more than so than any of the other generations that came before it, has MORE to fight for and resolve than can actually be accomplished with the given resources and abilities. I have never found a group identity to lose myself in, and as such, have been forced, from a young age, to develop and strengthen my own personality and ethics, independent of any accepting collective, but have always, and still do, long to be able to simply be one of the crowd, and follow right along with the tenets of a particular group and find acceptance in this way. However, I am overly analytical and know that I can never achieve that, even were I to pretend to do this and fool everyone around me, it comes down to the fact that the only reason you join a group is for your own comfort, and thus, I would not be happy, as it is not important that the others think I am one of them, but that I myself do; this, I know, can never be.