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Control Desk solutions by Commend.

CONDUCTOR Simplicity in concert with Power.


Intercom 2.0 in perfect unison.

Introducing Commends groundbreaking new approach to Intercom management, the CONDUCTOR Control Desk hands you the baton to conduct all the instruments in your Intercom 2.0 solution with perfect ease and efficiency. Like a star conductor, you can keep your eyes and ears on your Intercom orchestra and lead your various security, communication and control instruments in well coordinated interaction. A high-quality, innovative product design and carefully tested user friendliness help you to achieve a virtuoso performance with your wide-ranging repertoire of Intercom 2.0 features. The new CONDUCTOR control desk system. Simplicity in concert with power.

Style and ergonomics in perfect harmony.

Design symphony in three movements: Stylish, High-Quality, Innovative
With the high-quality, timeless design of the new CONDUCTOR control desk, what you see is not all you get. Whether as a durable desktop console or custom fitted solution, the CONDUCTOR installs presto and is just as quick and easy to use. What is more, the entire unit can be tilted to suit your individual ergonomic needs by adjusting to your ambient light and seating conditions.

The composition makes the music the same principle applies to the individual composition of your control desk system. Individual functional modules combine seamlessly into your perfect workstation solution for modern Intercom management, which is flexible enough to grow with your needs (e.g. through the flexibility of up to 104 programmable direct dialling buttons). To complement your control desk arrangement, you can choose from a wide variety of accessories. This includes a handset that ensures discreteness as well as clear audibility in loud environments, in addition to a variety of add-on microphone and touch screen modules. The growing range of optional extras is planned to include e.g. a brand new, powerful console microphone that incorporates additional features such as an LED ring for call indication, a built-in reading light, and other useful functions to support a perfectly harmonious workflow at the control desk.

User friendliness at its highest level.

Setting the tone for intuitive ease of use and mobility at the control desk.
By making you the maestro of your Intercom 2.0 solution, the CONDUCTOR enables you to keep your entire Intercom system under central control at all times. The integrated video function, razor-sharp TFT display and handy touch screen module let you keep everything in view, allowing you to react, whenever necessary, without missing a beat. Being able to react appropriately in any situation is essential, whether you are conducting a musical orchestra or an orchestra of Intercom components. It is this ability to react correctly without delay that the CONDUCTOR is designed to put at your fingertips with intelligent, touch screen driven functions that raise user friendliness at the control desk to a whole new level. The CONDUCTOR does this by thinking ahead, assisting you with its situation-specific touch screen control that makes efficient, reliable Intercom management intuitively simple in any situation.

Mobile Intercom Client by Commend: Taking your Control Desk on the road. Conductors can take their orchestra on tour, and with the new Commend Mobile Client application you can do the same, taking your control desk along with you, wherever you go. The new Commend Mobile Client for tablet PCs and mobile phones follows you where no other Intercom control desk has gone before: on your rounds, for example, while allowing you full remote access to all control, communication and monitoring functions conveniently and securely over your mobile device.

Comprehensive Control Desk solutions.

Good orchestra conductors are able to adjust to their audience. Likewise, the modular design of the CONDUCTORs components allow it to be fully fine-tuned to every user requirement with absolute perfection. As all Commend systems, the new CONDUCTOR range is designed and developed with people and the environment in mind. Brilliant 16 kHz audio quality and extra-high volume capacity are just as essential to Commends new control desk as mobile system access, its most innovative feature that makes it stand out among all other solutions.

Intercom Control Systems

Keeping everything under control and never missing a beat is the key objective of every conductor, whether the one in the orchestra pit or the Commend CONDUCTOR helping you to manage your Intercom 2.0 solution. Commends latest control desk solutions based on the new CONDUCTOR and the ComWIN visualisation software illustrate how easily you can keep full control of even the most complex of Intercom networks of audio, video and control connections. Further software components are available to complement ComWINs range of functions. The Commend Intercom Client, for example, transforms any Windows-based PC into a fully functional Intercom station.

Control Desk Mobility

Bringing full mobility to the Control Desk is part of Commends commitment to keep raising Intercom 2.0 to new levels of versatility and user-friendliness. The new Commend Mobile Intercom Client for tablets and mobile phones represents a paradigm shift into the next dimension of Intercom 2.0. When on the move, the Mobile Intercom Client gives you full access to your entire orchestra of Intercom 2.0 communication and security systems, as with the stationary CONDUCTOR control desk. This includes all control functions for building equipment (doors, gates, alarms, etc.) and optionally integrated CCTV. With the CONDUCTOR and Mobile Intercom Client, you can now provide full Intercom remote control and assistance whether at the control desk or on the go. Enjoy the new freedom of unlimited Mobile Intercom management by Commend!

Full control. Simplicity in concert with power.

Like the harmonious interplay between orchestral instruments, the reliable, well coordinated interplay of the components in a communication and security solution is absolutely essential. Using different hardware and software technologies requires central coordination and control the essential star quality of all Commend Control Desk solutions. This allows you to keep even the most complex of Intercom infrastructures and integrated external systems under easy, fast and reliable control from a central point.

ComWIN visualises controls automates. Commends powerful visualisation software provides a quick overview of all system areas and components, enabling instant, well coordinated action in case of emergencies. The Intercom Client package transforms any Windows-based PC into a fully workable call station without the need for any additional hardware. On the screen the operators can see and interact with the representation of a regular Commend Intercom station with numeric keypad, function keys and display. Especially when combined with a touch screen, the possibilities of this Intercom over PC solution are virtually unlimited. The Commend Mobile Client consolidates the whole range of control desk functionalities securely onto your tablet computer or mobile phone. All that is required is a suitable mobile device.

Interfaces for Integration

Where required, Control Desk solutions by Commend can be operated in concert with a wide and varied spectrum of external systems. Standardised interfaces for OPC (Open Connectivity), SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) and other technologies offer flexible, secure connections to external systems (e.g. public address solutions, CCTV systems, building management equipment, etc.). Audio, data and video interfaces in the form of easily installable add-on cards ensure the harmonious interplay between Commend solutions and external systems. Supported options range from the use of simple signal contacts for control and messaging purposes to the seamless integration of entire systems (e.g. SIP telephone systems) into an Intercom 2.0 solution.

COMMEND A Strong Network | Worldwide

When every second counts, people need a technology that does not just work, but is one hundred per cent reliable anywhere, anytime around the clock. At Commend, we are aware of our responsibility. That is because millions of people put their trust in us and our products every day. Whether at a London tube station, a car park in France or a hospital in the United States; because every word counts, everything speaks in favour of solutions by Commend.


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