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33rd International Symposium on Forecasting Forecasting with Big Data: Integrating academic research into practical applicat ion

is one of many business issues to be tackled at the 33rd annual Internationa l Symposium on Forecasting (ISF) being held June 23 - 26 in Seoul, Korea. The IS F draws the world s top forecasting professionals and researchers, presenters and pa rticipants, to learn and discuss cutting-edge forecasting trends. Medford, MA, USA, March 15, 2013 -- Forecasting with Big Data 33rd International Symposium on Forecasting, June 23-26, 2013 in Seoul, Korea Integrating academic research into practical application is one of many business issues to be tackled at the 33rd annual International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF) being held June 23 - 26 in Seoul, Korea. The ISF draws the world s top forecas ting professionals and researchers, presenters and participants, to learn and di scuss cutting-edge forecasting trends. The premiere international conference on forecasting, the ISF encompasses a broa d range of forecasting sectors. This year s event includes sessions on forecasting f or climate predictability, recession in real time, financial market volatility, forecast optimality, and a history of prediction science. The Symposium provides a platform for leading forecasting professionals to reveal t heir insights into the field, with a particular focus on forecasting with big da ta this year, says Duk Bin Jun, General Chair of ISF 2013, professor at the KAIST C ollege of Business, Seoul, Korea. For the second time, there will be the Clive Granger Memorial Keynote Address in honor of the late Nobel laureate and professor emeritus at the University of Ca lifornia, San Diego. Dr. James Hamilton, a professor of Economics at University of California, San Diego has been given the honor of delivering the address for ISF 2013. Other notable speakers at this year s symposium include Roy Batchelor, Professor of Finance, Cass Business School, London; Philip Hans Franses, Professor of Applied Econometrics, Erasmus University, Netherlands; and Rob Hyndman, Professor of St atistics, Monash University, Australia and Editor-in-Chief, International Journa l of Forecasting. The National Research Foundation of Korea, KAIST College of Business, SAS and El sevier publishing are just some of the conference sponsors. For more informatio n on sponsorship opportunities, contact the IIF directly (see contact informatio n below). Research conducted through the SAS Forecasting Research Grant program will also be presented at this year s conference. Awarded by the IIF with support from SAS, gr ants totaling $10,000 are given annually for research that advances the field of forecasting. The program is now in its eleventh year. Individuals or organizations are invited to submit abstracts for the conference through March 16. Discounted early registration rates for the ISF conference are available through May 18 for both IIF members and non-members. Special student rates are also available. Access online registration at sf. For more information about the 2013 ISF, see or contact Pam Stroud, IIF Business Director at, +1.781.234.4077. About the International Institute of Forecasters (IIF): The International Institute of Forecasters, founded in 1981, is the preeminent o

rganization for forecasting scholars and practitioners across the globe. The IIF is widely recognized for promoting best practices and advancing the field of fo recasting through its workshops, its annual International Symposium on Forecasti ng, and its two publications, The International Journal of Forecasting and the p ractitioner s journal Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting. Contact: Pamela Stroud International Institute of Forecasters 53 Tesla Avenue Medford, MA 02155 7812344077