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Australia Terrorism Case Blow Up In Police Faces Part 3

Sunday, 4 November 2012 From The Desk Lloyd T Vance & Angelica Bell News Today 4 U Darwin NT Australia

Greetings Fellow Australians I have just read Part 1 & Part 2 of Australia Terrorism Case Blow Up In Police Faces and let me put on the Official record I support 1000% what Toby A Robinson did in sending those complaints about. In fact I would even go as much to say 1 Million %, at least somebody, anybody is standing up against evil in Australia and against wrong doing by Police and Intelligence Services and remember they are only carrying out orders.

From CIA Mossad Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her Government and Tony Abbott and his bunch of scum sell outs. And if ASIO, Australian Federal Police or any State Terrorism Counter Terrorism Police think they will turn up at my door asking questions? Who is Toby A Robinson? Where does he live? Whats his phone number? Whats his address? Whats his email address?

I place the following Warning: - Out I wouldnt

there will be a bucket of piss at the front door ready to throw over the lot of you, because the way how I feel at the moment, after I throw this bucket of piss all over them, I will bitch slap them all, and toss them out by the scuff of the neck and trousers. ASIO Australian Federal Police Australian Military State Terrorism Counter Terrorism Units Office Of National Assessments

The whole lot of these people are nothing more then low down traitorous, mongrel bastard dogs, you shame the very badge you wear and speaking for all Australians we are ashamed of you all. As for the Whole Australian Parliament words similarly describe these people, every single one of them.

You all should be lucky I am not a General in the Australian Army I would do an Oliver Cromwell on the lot of you, order Australian Troops to line each and every one of you up against a Brick Wall behind Parliament House and give the order


If anybody wants to twist my words and use them against me, think again, read my words very carefully I said If I Was A General In The Australian Army I am not in the Australian Army I Serve Nowhere within the Police, Intelligence Services or any Government State or Federal Dept.

Why Are You Pissed For Lloyd?

In the Alternative Media about on the Internet this week, while I was up loading Part 1 & Part 2 to Steve Johnson and my site at Scribd. Dam wonderful people at Scribd, they have plenty of different types of Books people can purchase and read on every subject imaginable. They have other documents and letters, stories you name it, dam fantastic site Scribd is for the everyday reader, and unlike other Book Sites about on the Internet, they have real fine quality stuff on site. Not some of the junk and rubbish other Book sites have, so I just want to remind all readers of this once your maybe finished reading this, do a search through some of their books on site here and enjoy your read.

Why Are You Pissed For Lloyd?

Sorry for the detour, but where possible I always give a pug for Scribd. Anyway back to the story, In the Alternative Media on the Internet this week I read this?

Romney's Appoints Senior Adviser on Intelligence and Terrorism Michael Chertoff Romney Appoints Senior Adviser on Foreign Affairs Dov Zakheim

? ? ? ?
So Lloyd what does that mean appointing these two people as advisers? All these people know exactly what that means, reads, says. And CIA Mossad Australian Prime Ministers Julia Gillard denials of (Thats Rubbish Thats Non Sense) she can scream till the cows come home. Allot of us, too many of us World - Wide know exactly what that means, says including all these people again.


ASIO Australian Federal Police Australian Military State Terrorism Counter Terrorism Units Office Of National Assessments The Whole Australian Parliament

Basically What It Means Is This

The following what I am about to disclose is No Deep Down Secret No Conspiracy Theory unproven and tested, with No evidence and facts to back me up. When I finish explaining what that means and who these two people are, it will prove once and for all, United States of America is nothing more then a Criminal Enterprise run by some of the most evilest people on earth. America is Fucked The American People are Screwed and Fucked big time

Come On Lloyd Please Tell Us What Does That Mean?

Michael Chertoff & Dov Zakheim

Believe it or not folks, what that means is Two Of The Main Players and Master Minds

Behind carrying out 11th Sept 2001 Terrorist Attacks in New York City, Murdering 3,000 People In Cold Blood Two of the Big Masterminds Behind these Attacks Have now come back and have been appointed Senior Advisers to USA Presidential Candidate Myth Romney and Pretty Boy Paul Ryan for the Republican Party in the USA.

Michael Chertoff


Dov Zakheim

Added in with the 3,ooo people who were deliberately murdered on 11th Sept 2001 in New York City, the thousands and hundreds of thousands and going into Millions of people Bombed / Murdered in Cold Blood by the USA since this date. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Pakistan etc etc etc.

Michael Chertoff


Dov Zakheim

Two of the Main Players and Masterminds have been appointed as Advisers to Myth Romney? Its a down right slap in the face to every single person that Israel, America, NATO, Canada, England cold blood all these years.

(Including Australia) have killed, murdered in

Its a down right slap in the face to the Whole World and every living human being on Planet Earth that these two Master Mind Murders have now come back and been given advisers jobs. Only in America is the old saying it would happen It speaks volumes of just how evil and corrupt the Whole Country of United States of America is, the criminals behind the scenes black mailing, bribing, threatening politicians both major political parties and says what an Evil Sess Hole The US Congress & US Senate Is That Not 1 Person has come out and said anything about Myth Romney latest appointments.

Your Joking Lloyd Surely?

No friends I wish I could say it was all a joke, but its true 100 % true, some people over these last 10 years odd have held rallies demanding a New Independent Investigation into 911 Attacks. While other hard-core researchers and investigators have been collecting all the evidence on these people who were the masterminds behind 11th Sept 2001. Like I said to Steve Johnson, Steve you know with all The OzBoy File Truth About Series Books, we are really recording history and The Truth that our kids and grandkids and their kids will hopefully read The Truth one day.

Since 11th Sept 2001 the Whole World was turned upside down. 1) Good Right Truth suddenly had been turned about and deemed (Wrong, Bad, Evil and The Enemy) 2) Bad Evil Wrong suddenly has been turned about and deemed (Right, Good, Justice and The Truth) So the Whole World Unipolarity had been turned on its ugly head, and every Western Puppet Zionist Israeli American Government Stooge have ordered their Police, Military and Intelligence Agencies to enforce this new Policy.

You Know The Criminality Injustice In All This?

People like Steve Johnson and myself have been doing all this with NO Financial Help what so ever! Actually I could cry when I think about it, I spent my last $12.00 on my credit card the other day, sending away letters and printing up Books to try and educate people, wake people up, stir people up. I am at the moment $2,500 in debt on my credit card and people like Steve Johnson and myself get NO Assistance to help fight these Evil, Evil, Evil People who carried out 11th Sept 2001 Attacks and other Attacks since.

I did write to: Clive Palmer Andrew Forrest Gina Rindhart And ask them to help fund out work, but letters were thrown in the bin and we were laughed at. Well the last laugh is on them, when CIA Mossad Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her Government. Or Tony Abbott who is married to that Rothschild Bitch descendant wife and his bunch of scum on the other side. When they sign that Secret Trade Agreement which is being dealt with all in secret from the Australian people and sign all Australia over to the Globalist who are pushing Australia and other Asian Pacific Countries to sign it. When all these countries sign and pass power over to the Globalist and Zionist Jewish Bankers, all I can say to these three people. Clive Palmer Andrew Forrest Gina Rindhart Just watch your wealth over night disappear and you will end up with $0 left, I wont be crying any tears for them.

Even the President of Iran and his Government I have asked for help from, letters went un-answered, so I hate to say it when these evil people bomb Iran back to the stone age I wont be crying either. Where was Irans financial help to any of us to support our work over all these years? So fuck Iran to bunch of blow hards too. As for the CIA, NSA, Israeli Mossad, US Military, MI6, MI5, Interpol, FBI and others their budgets have been $$$$$$$ off the charts not to fight and protect the Government and people in their countries. But to do the Zionist Jewish Bankers and Globalist Bidding. But Steve Johnson and myself while other people are sleeping in the beds back here in Australia have been fighting this evil entity all on our own, out of our own pockets. In fact United States of America spends something like 55 % of its Budget and Taxes collected from the people in the area of the Security and Military Industrial Complex Anyway I just wanted to point out this information before I share the information and Books written about These next two people and others. So if anything happens to me or Steve Johnson now or in the future there is some record of the good we have done in Australia behind the scenes all these years.

Michael Chertoff
Please go to this site: -


Dov Zakheim

Truth About Sept 11th

Scroll down and read the following Books only, you can read other stuff latter, but for now, just read these following Books ok.

The OzBoy File

The Truth About 11th Sept 2001 Exposed The Truth Israel & Mossad Did 11th Sept 2001 Definite Evidence 11th Sept 2001 Was An Inside Job The Truth About The Pentagon Attack Just these 4 Books for now, thats enough, you can read other stuff latter ok The information, research, stories, articles collecting the dirt on these two and many others will blow your mind? Now you know why I am pissed! I am pissed big time people!


The Second Reason I Am Pissed?

People can Google Search these following stories for themselves, America has had since 2004 when Baby Bush got the Republican Companies who own all the Voting Boxes people to Vote on to steal the election. To fix the hacking problem And nobody did anything. So from the looks of it, its all being arranged to help Myth Romney / Pretty Boy Paul Ryan to steal the Elections.
NSA Analyst Proves GOP Is Stealing Elections In states where the winner will be decided by less than 10%, of the vote he already knows he will win. This is no tinfoil hat conspiracy. Its a maths problem. And mathematics showed changes in actual raw voting data that had no statistical correlation other than programmable computer fraud. Israelis back Mitt Romney in upcoming presidential election but Palestinians are indifferent Israel may be openly hoping that Republican challenger Mitt Romney will end up stealing the presidency from Barack Obama, but for the Palestinians it makes little difference who takes over the White House.


Mitts Media Blackout: 22 Days and Counting Since Romney Answered a Question from the Press Mitt Romney hasnt given a national television interview since sitting down with Wolf Blitzer on CNN 23 days ago. Actor: If Romney Wins By Slim Margin America Will Explode Actor Richard Belzer warns that if Mitt Romney wins the presidential election by a small margin of victory, America will explode, claiming that voter suppression and tampering with voting machines could decide the contest. If Romney wins by a very slim margin in states where there is voter suppression and tampering with voting machines then America will explode, Belzer tweeted this morning. Every Single US State Has Hackable Vote Systems

The Secret Bailout That Saved Mitt Romney Did someone say secret FDIC bailout... New investigative piece from Rolling Stone. No wonder Romney tried so hard to keep this hidden. "The federal bailout ultimately engineered by Romney screwed the FDIC the bank insurance system backed by taxpayers out of at least $10 million" "Romney rewarded top executives at Bain with hefty bonuses at the very moment that he was demanding a bailout from the feds." "The bonus loophole gave Romney a perverse form of leverage: If the banks and the FDIC didn't give in to his outrageous demands and forgive much of Bain's debts, Romney would raid the firm's coffers, and push it into the bankruptcy."


Internal memos confirm OH SoS applied untested/uncertified software patches that could steal it for Mitt Romney The Free Press has obtained internal memos from the senior staff of the Ohio Secretary of States office confirming the installation of untested and uncertified election tabulation software. Yesterday, the Free Press reported that experimental software patches were installed on ES&S voting machines in 39 Ohio counties. (see Will experimental software patches affect the Ohio vote?). Election Counsel Brandi Laser Seske circulated a memo dated November 1st renewing the already shaky justification for installing software made by Election Systems and Solutions on vote tabulation equipment used in 39 Ohio counties. The letter to Ohio Secretary of State personnel Matt Masterson, Danielle Sellars, Myra Hawkins, Betsy Schuster, and Ohios Director of Elections Matthew Damschroder, clarified the dubious justification for not complying with the legal requirements for the examination of all election related equipment. Romneys Neocons, Hiding in plain sight What the neocons are hoping to get out of Romney is the same sort of hegemony they enjoyed during the Bush era: after all, how hard would it be to fill the empty vessel of Romneys mind just as they did Dubyas?


In order to get into that position, however, its necessary to utilize stealth tactics, because they (as well as their candidate) understand that in the public mind, the word neocon is unalterably associated with war, and further: with a losing, futile, disastrous war. Far from being nonplussed over Romneys Gandhi imitation during the foreign policy debate, the neocons hailed his performance, with Charles Krauthammer proffering this advice: Dont quarrel. Speak softly. Meet the threshold. The bombing will come later. U.S. Elections: Will the Dead Vote and Voting Machines be Hacked? He who casts a vote decides nothing. He who counts the vote decides everything.Joseph Stalin Whether or not he said it, Stalins quote has entered into folklore. For a vote to mean anything, those counting the ballots must have a greater respect for the integrity of democracy than they have lust for power. Mitt Romney has ties to Third Largest Voting Machine Company in the Country Election Day is less than a week away, and with early voting underway many Americans have questioned the security of the voting process. According to an article by The Christian Science Monitor, evoting machines are hackable and can be easily manipulated and could potentially alter the outcome of who takes the White House in 2013.


Mitt Romneys son and some of his Bain partners and some of the top donors to his campaign have acquired the third largest voting machine company in the country, Hart Intercivic, a company that owns the notoriously faulty electronic voting machines that will count the ballots in swing state Ohio on November 6th. Hart machines will also be used elsewhere in the United States.

Third Reason Why I Am Pissed

Aussie News Today

Nuclear Terrorist Attack In America Planned! Part 1.

I should really be working on writing Part 2, and have been tossing up yes, no, maybe.

Nuclear Terrorist Attack In America Planned Part 2

I am most probably one of the last only researchers out there in the World today, everybody has been killed off to stop any information getting out about the other two Nuclear Bombs floating about in the USA. Where they came from? How they were smuggled into the country? But after reading Myth Romney appointed these two Masterminds who were key players in the 11th Sept 2001 Attacks. Why should I put my neck on the line and chopping block for? Whats in it for me? So fuck it if the Powers of B in the USA want to let absolute evil into their country, when Romney wins and lets off these Nukes good luck America.


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