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Military Bible Association President Dr. James F.

Linzey Speaks against Anti-Semitism

Contact: Jim Goldman, ESCONDIDO, California, Jan. 14, 2012 -- A pro-Jewish Southern Baptist, Dr. James F. Linzey, who is a proud member and supporter of numerous pro-Jewish and other ethnic organizations, including the Anti-Defamation League, is speaking and appearing at a number of ethnic gatherings over the Martin Luther King weekend. This is includes speaking at a Filipino Assemblies of God church, Lord of the Harvest Church Dream Center in Los Angeles, pastored by Filipino-American minister Rev. Benny Aranas who is the Los Angeles Sectional Presbyter of the Southern California Assemblies of God. At the Friday evening service, Dr. James Linzey and his Assemblies of God mother, Dr. Verna Linzey, conferred honorary Doctor of Divinity degrees on the Filipino leadership of the Assemblies of God denomination of the Philippines, who are visiting America to minister across the country. Receiving the degrees were Dr. Conrado Lumahan, Dr. Gerry Cabajes, and Dr. Carlos Gulane who will now travel the U.S. and return to the Philippines more empowered to carry on their international ministries. We need to treat everyone equally. Racism is unacceptable. Discrimination is one of the vilest forms of hatred which should never be tolerated. We should empower one another, said James Linzey in an interview. Dr. Linzey is the president of the Military Bible Association. He addressed racism in the military for 24 years as a military chaplain and Command advisor on religion, morale, and ethics. He taught in African-American and Latino sections of Los Angeles Unified School District for seven years, seeing the effects of racism. Linzey spoke against racism on speaking tours across America in 2005. He was victimized four years later in 2009 when a pro-homosexual, pro-lesbian, pro-abortion rights activist and leftist journalist not only maligned Dr. Linzeys words from four years earlier, but attributed words to him which he never uttered in order to convince the public Linzey was anti-Semitic in the name of journalism to silence the evangelist and discredit his social Dr. James Linzey and Governor Bobby Jindal at the Council for National Policy (an organization which does not tolerate antiSemitism or any form of racism)

conservative values, one of which is fighting anti-Semitism. The intent was to silence me and render my influence null and void, but I will continue to fight anti-Semitism wherever I find it. As a member of pro-Jewish organizations for over 30 years, I forgive but will continue preaching tolerance, said Linzey, who recently endorsed Ron Paul for president. Dr. John Hagee, who is also known to be very pro-Jewish, has been libeled by that same journalist. This is a behavioral pattern. One of the most cryptic forms of anti-Semitism and racism ever to be found is manifested by the very ones slandering as anti-Semitic or racist those fighting it the most. These socio-paths are crypto-racists. This Martin Luther King weekend should be a time to re-assess our effectiveness and renew the campaign against this sickness called anti-Semitism, Linzey said.