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The final examination has been enemy for the students.

It is the fact and can be understood because they have studied for three years but they are passed or not only at least three day. Is it fair for them? Actually it is not really fair for them. But remember every one should has the standard to know his skill. So we need the final examination. The problem is the final examination has many lacks such as the system, execution, preparations and many more. If we see the final examination that determine students fate. We feel that the final examination need a little change of the rule which the final examination become a part of evaluation not the whole of evaluation. We need to join together between the final examination and evaluation from their school. Their school can give the evaluation such as being active at the class, their habitual at the class, their attendances and other. Based on the fact, the final examination is determinant of student fate. Then it have a high value of the passing standard. It make the student under pressure, stress, confuse. it is not good for them. Value of the passing standard for participant of final examination for 2011/2012 is 5,5 for every subject that is tested1. The teachers and their parents try to give preparation to their son such as entering their son to lesson course then the teachers give a material additional until giving fast way to answer question. But the burning issue is negative impact of the fast way to answer question. It can make confidence less for the students, then they are not believe to themselves, then they are not productive and creative. It can possibly happen but it is not the point. We should see the daily learning proses. Is it appropriate with that should do? It should be fixed. Actually the problem is the learning concept and the students comprehension not the fast way to answer question. So we should not worry about the fast way if the student have a comprehension enough about the subjects. Comprehension is the succes key of the final examination and the fast way to answer question too. Because in the final examination we have a limited time to answer question. So the fast way is important, right?

The questions is has the teachers given comprehension enough to the student? we should underline it. The teachers should make an interesting learning concept so that the student can get a comprehension enough to remember it as long as possible. Three years for student learn in school. If the teacher just give the material everyday without comprehension. it useless for student. Finally we know about the problem and we have at least three solution. First, We should change the learning concept which the teachers should give more attention for the students and they know their student skill. They can improve their student skill and give more comprehension to the students. The other thing is the teacher should make student attention just for them. They should be creative to create a new learning concept. Maybe they can make group or game or more interaction in learning. So the student can take a good impression which will be a comprehension from the learning. Second, the teachers can create a good situation in the class. the student will be relax when they learn and we can caught the material easily. The teachers should make the situation seriously but still relax. So that the comunication between the student and teachers can created. If the student have become accustomed with this situation, they have a good attitude to face the final examination. They will be relax when they face the final examination but still seriously. Third, the teachers can give the fast way to answer question in daily learning concept. For example the teachers can give the fast way in the end of meeting or after discussing the material. The students can make a connection between the comprehension of material and the fast way. So that they can make the fast way to answer question them selves. Until when they face the final examination and the teachers give again the fast way. It just remember again. We have the conclusion that we don't worry about the fast way when the students have a good comprehension about the lesson. Instead we need the fast way in the final examination because the final examination has a limited time. Despite the students will face a new question, they will not be confuse because they have had a good comprehension. So the teachers should fix their learning style and pay attention more to the students.