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KINGDOM ACADEMY Course: Assignment No: Lecturer: Date: Student No: Godhead 2 Mrs Susan Kibuga 9th March

2012 S/KA1001/JG 12

My area of calling is not yet clear, but I believe it to be in Healing and Deliverance which is part of the nation of Lifegivers (Religion); my profession is in Counselling Psychology, specifically Addiction Counselling. The ways each the gifts/manifestations of The Holy Spirit can help me practically in my area of calling or profession are: 1. The Word of Wisdom This is the supernatural foresight by the Holy Spirit into Gods divine plans and purposes as well as those of the kingdom of darkness. It allows for optimal decisions saving time and other resources prepare one by giving direction in line with Gods will. I have employed this gift in my work in a variety of ways. In a therapy session it has enabled me to see deeply into the motivations and purposes of the client to understand them better; it gave me direction in helping the client formulate plans going forward; using the gift of wisdom has allowed me, in my administrative role, to know when to push for my point of view and when to roll with whatever resistance I encountered. This gift made both therapy and administrative management easier and more rewarding. I believe it improved the quality of my work. 2. The Word of Knowledge This is the supernatural revelation of (hidden) facts or knowledge about past or current events. Sometimes clients are unable to face up to certain events or feelings as they threaten their psychological make-up. With this gift God gives me an insight into their struggle, and I am enabled to walk with them until they can face up to the source of pain. I am able then to step into the clients world effectively. I believe, looking forward, that in sessions of healing and deliverance, I will be informed of (hidden) sources of disease or malfunction and tailor my intervention accordingly. Once when interceding for my mothers friend, I knew to pray very specifically for her back; I did not have foreknowledge of her having a back problem.

3. Discerning of Spirits

This is the faculty of perceiving the spiritual world through the physical senses. I have experience of being aware of spirits in people (clients). I am now not sure whether this was this gift in operation, but in the given circumstances of mental ill-health, I believed it to be so. Hypothetically, given that my field is mental health, I can see that this gift would help me differentiate between those who were demon-possessed and presenting as mentally ill from those who had a straight-forward psychiatric condition. I could then intercede accordingly. Even more dramatically, like the young man who saw the horsemen and chariots through Elishas prayer (2 Kings 6:17), I would seek to have imparted to those I am delivering the reality of their spiritual condition and the available solution to bolster their faith. This is a Holy Spirit-inspired word of encouragement or comfort meant to bolster or barrack the recipient. It is not premeditated by the giver, but rather is spontaneously inspired by the Holy Spirit. It may be contained in a word of knowledge or wisdom. In a moment of a despair by client, the Holy Spirit has inspired me to say something (sometimes entirely out of character) to comfort the person. At the time I was not aware of the workings of the Holy Spirit, but with hindsight this gift has been in operation often. The environment I have been working in is very spiritually active, and being able to pick the right phrase meant the difference between effective helping or not. Looking forward to my area of calling, I see that this gift will be indispensable; I will be working with people who have been ailing for a long time and I imagine they will be at a point of despair or hopelessness. My ability to lift them up with a word will be critical.

4. Prophecy

5. Interpretation of Tongues This is the supernatural ability to give meaning to either human languages unknown to you and spoken by someone else, or unknown (Holy Spirit language) tongues spoken by yourself or someone else. It is meant for the strengthening and comfort of those present, and is therefore prophetic in nature. It may be combined with a word of wisdom and or knowledge. I have had occasion to use this gift when praying in unknown tongues when the Holy Spirit revealed to me what I was saying at the time. In my profession, I imagine situations where someone else may be speaking in an unknown language which I then interpret, however though spiritually active, my place of work is not necessarily in the kingdom of light and therefore whatever is being said may not be edifying. In my area of calling, I would employ the gift to warm unbelievers to the reality of the Kingdom of God and of the opportunity for them to receive salvation.

6. Diverse Kind of Tongues

This is the Holy Spirit gift to speak in human languages unknown to you. It is used by God as a sign and wonder to those listening who do understand the language, and as such does not need interpretation; it is for their ministration. I have not had occasion to use or witness this gift in operation, though I have heard anecdotes about it. In my area of calling I can imagine using this gift to minister to those come for healing or deliverance, as well generally to unbelievers. In my work too, I imagine this gift edifying my clients and their families, though for ethical

reasons I do not share my faith directly with clients unless they specifically request to know or at the unction of the Holy Spirit by way of prophecy. 7. Gifts of Healing The Holy Spirit gifts are different from the ability in every believer to bind sickness or lay hands. I have done the latter frequently, I am not sure I have done the former. In my profession and my area of ministry, these gifts, however they are manifested would be critical for doing Gods work of bringing in believers into the kingdom. I am pressing in to receive these gifts and look forward to them. 8. Faith This is special faith that is above ordinary faith (as a fruit of the Holy Spirit), or saving faith that all Christians require and exercise. This is level of faith that is in evidence at the workings of miracles when a higher level of faith is required, e.g. healing, deliverance, restoration to sanity, creative miracles etc. They are often accompanied by boldness, spiritual (righteous) anger which wear off after serving their purpose. This is also a gift that I have not seen or operated in myself, however looking forward to my area of calling, I imagine that it would be frequently called on. I foresee my calling forth limbs that have been lost to leprosy or other situations, calling the lame to walk, the deaf to hear etc. I believe that there are people even now walking in this gifting somewhere on earth. I especially would want to call the insane sane. 9. Working of Miracles This is the anointing to work miracles under Holy Spirit instruction triggered by a step of faith and following a Rhema word (i.e. a word of God made alive or quickened by the Holy Spirit). I imagine delivering people from demonic possession or oppression. Perhaps producing food or shelter supernaturally, removing the urge to use drugs or alcohol instantaneously as well as controlling weather events, quelling earthquakes, ending droughts etc. As yet unwitnessed, I look forward to the working of this gift.