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Trend Micro, Inc.

2013 Trend Micro Big Data Innovation Programming Contest

1. This contest is open to all actively enrolled college/MA/MS/PhD students from any course/major within the Philippines. All students at any level enrolled in the current school year are eligible to join. During summer break, students may still join the contest provided they will be enrolling on the next semester of SY2013-2014. To validate eligibility, submission of school registration or enrollment form is required. Trend Micro employees and their relatives up to 2nd degree of consanguinity including existing students under Trend Micros On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program are not eligible to join this contest. 2. Contestants must form a team with a minimum of two (2) members and a maximum of four (4) members. A team can be composed of students from one school or from different schools. Each student can only join one team. The team must register at Registration opens on March 10, 2013. 3. Trend Micro will be releasing a problem statement via email to the registered teams. This email will also contain the submission proposal details and will be sent after the team registers at The formed teams must submit a solution proposal document in the format prescribed by Trend Micro on or before June 2, 2013. All submitted documents should be in English. See below for the contest schedule:
DATE 1. 2. ACTIVITY Contest registration portal will be opened. After registration, the problem statement together with other submission details (proposal document format, email address where proposal will be submitted, etc.) will be sent to the teams via email to their nominated email addresses.

March 10, 2013

May 12, 2013

Deadline of team registration. Deadline of submission of solution proposal document. Only one (1) proposal will be accepted per registered team. Announcement of the shortlisted teams. Each team will be assigned with a dedicated coach from Trend Micro to improve their solution proposal.

June 2, 2013

June 5, 2013

Trend Micro, Inc. 2013 Trend Micro Big Data Innovation Programming Contest The teams must also start preparing a working demonstration of their program. They must regularly consult with their Trend Micro coach. June 23, 2013 Deadline of submission of solution proposal documents for shortlisted teams. ELIMINATION ROUND (Philippines) Trend Micro will announce the Top 10 solution proposal entries on the contest registration portal. Each of the chosen teams will also be notified via the email address and the telephone number they will indicate in their registration forms. During this period, the Top 10 teams can consult with their Trend Micro coaches on how they can improve their solution proposals. The teams must start preparing for their solution presentation, which should include both their program demonstration and the contents of their solution proposal document. 2 ELIMINATION ROUND (Philippines) Competing teams will present their solution proposal in front of a panel of local judges at the Trend Micro office in Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines. Their presentation must include the contents and demonstration of their solution proposal document. The judges will pick the two (2) best solution proposals as winners from the Philippines on the same day. They will compete in the Final Round in Taiwan. July 29-August 19, 2013 (3 weeks) During this period, the top two (2) teams can consult with their respective Trend Micro coaches on how they can improve their document and demonstration for the final round. FINAL ROUND (Taiwan) The top two (2) teams from the Philippines will be presenting their solution proposal in front of a panel of international judges. They will be competing with the top 2 teams from China, Japan, and Taiwan. The contest winners will be announced and awarded on the same day.

July 8, 2013

July 9-25, 2013 (2.5 weeks)

July 26, 2013

August 20, 2013

4. This contest is about creating solutions/applications for Big Data to produce information that can be used to improve our daily life or increase a companys business value. The contestants can choose between the following data sets in which to apply their solution proposals: 1. Open or public data 2. Trend Micros Smart Protection Network data (virus infection or email honeypot)

Trend Micro, Inc. 2013 Trend Micro Big Data Innovation Programming Contest

The solutions will be evaluated based on Big Datas 4V characteristics: Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity. Trend Micro will release a specific problem statement on March 10, 2013 to guide contestants in their quest for a Big Data solution/application. If a teams solution proposal has been entered in other competitions prior to this one, the team must add enhancements in their Trend Micro submission and specify this in their submission. Trend Micro will not own the intellectual property rights of the solution proposals.

5. The following are the prizes for each round of the competition: 2nd ELIMINATION ROUND (Philippines) 1st & 2nd place USD 600 per team + 3-day travel & accommodation in Taipei 3rd to 10th place USD 300 per team FINAL ROUND (Taiwan) 1st place USD 8000 + 5-day travel & accommodation to China OR Japan USD 6000 + 5-day travel & accommodation to China OR Japan 2nd place 3rd place USD 5000 4th-8th place USD 2000 per team Winners may claim their cash prizes directly from the Trend Micro office or they may choose to deposit it to their nominated bank account. Cash prizes will be available within thirty (30) days after the announcement of the winners. The cash prizes will be in US Dollars. It will be up to the winners to convert the prize money to local currency if they so choose. The travel and accommodation prize for the Final Round winners are not transferrable and not convertible to cash. Winners will be accompanied by Trend Micro representatives in their trips. All travel-related expenses (i.e. visa, air fare, travel with medical insurance, accommodation, and meals) for the Final Round will be shouldered by Trend Micro.