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International Symposium Philosophy and Contemporary International Law PhilosInLaw2013 Preliminary program (simultaneous translation will be provided) 13 May

(Faculty of Philosophy, St Petersburg State University, Mendeleevskaya liniya 5) 10.00 10.50 Registration for the Symposium (hall near room 24)

Plenary I. Moderator: Osipov Igor. Room 24 11.00 11.30 Welcome greetings. Sergey Doudnik, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy Welcome greetings. Eugenio Bulygin (Buenos-Aires, Argentina) 12.00 12.45 12.45 13.00 Vladimir Grafsky Values, moral and legal norms in international law (in Russian) Pause.

Plenary II. Moderator: Lobovikov Vladimir 13.00 13.30 13.30 14.00 14.00 14.30 14.30 15.30 Ricardo Guibourg On Rights. Horacio Spector The Irrelevance of Morality in International Law Discussion. Pause.

Plenary III. Moderator: Jos Juan Moreso 15.30 16.00 16.00 16.30 16.30 17.00 17.30 18.00 18.00 19.30 Hugo Zuleta The Concept of Legal Order Maria Cristina Redondo A Constructivist conception of legal norms Eugenio Bulygin A Reply to my Critics Pause Panel sessions. (Recommended duration for panel talks - 15 min (10 min talk + 5 min discussion) Panel 1. Philosophical foundations of international law Moderators: Bakhin Sergey Machkarina Olga Room 28 18.00 Gedz Cyrill Panel 2. Moral values and legal norms in the framework of international law Moderators: Perov Vadim Nevelskaya-Gordeeva Elena Room 27 Melissa Abramovici 1 Panel 3. Analytic and logic of normative systems Moderators: Kislov Alexey Karpov Gleb Room 108 Giovanni Battista Ratti Panel 4. Normative systems and international law Moderators: Antonov Michael Nikitchenko Elena Room 24 Maurcio Dalri Timm


On the concept of nonstate law (RUS)

Pilotto Marlus Heriberto Arns de Oliveira Jos Renato Gaziero Cella A Matter of Cultural Relativism: Is It Possible to Establish Universal Ethics for the Human Rights? Batalygina Yulia The issue of human rights in social planning (RUS)

Lack of Systemic Recursivity and Undecidable Legal Statements

do Valle Applicability of the "Normative System" in Cases of Being a Taxpayer and Tax Responsibility According to the Brazilian Tax Law Kasatkin Sergey The problem of definition in law and conceptual status of international law: the doctrine of H. Hart (RUS) Pablo Ezequiel Cano Self-Determination of International Law and Fragmentation of the International Community Chestnov Ilya The problem of validity of legal system (RUS)

18.15 18.30

Ahundova Sevda Philosophy of management in the analysis of the works of ancient philosophers (RUS) Pantykina Marina Model Law and Justice (RUS)

Why Jorgensens dilemma is not solved so far? (RUS)

18.30 18.45

Levin Sergey Succession and moral obligations (RUS)

Tomoyuki Yamada Acts of Asking Questions in Dynamified Deontic Logic Kislov Alexey Questions of intensional semantics of rules and sanctions (RUS) Olkhovikov Grigory Theory delta and deontic logic (RUS)

18.45 19.00

Bakhin Sergey Legal systems in the Global World: Convergence or Competition (RUS) Machkarina Olga The principle of responsibility and coherence in international law (RUS) Osvetimskaya Iya Social and philosophical project of transformation of the state in the long term to establish a global order (RUS)

Nevelskaya-Gordeeva Elena Socio-psychological analysis of value conflicts in contemporary legal system (RUS) Bondarenko Liliya International law as morals - originating factor (RUS) Goosev Dmitry Justice and responsibility in light of the complementarity of international law (RUS)

19.00 19.15

Tonkov Evgeny Five steps in interpretation of normative systems (RUS) Antonov Michael Systematization of law in the context of normative systems (RUS)

19.15 19.30

Lisanyuk Elena On the difference between the logic of norms and deontic logic (RUS)

14 May (Faculty of Philosophy, St Petersburg State University, Mendeleevskaya liniya 5) Plenary IV. Moderator: Ricardo Gibourg 10.00 10.30 10.30 11.00 11.00 11.30 11.30 12.00 Osipov Igor Russian Legal Philosophy and Cultural Dialogue (RUS) Juan Ruiz Manero Particularism and Balancing of Legal Principles Discussion Pause

Plenary V. Moderator: Larissa Dyomina 12.00 12.30 12.30 Jos Juan Moreso On Normative Determination: Gaps, Holes and Leaks Jorge Cerdio 2

13.00 13.30 14.30 14.30 14.50. 15.00 18.30

Legal Prescriptions with Truth-Value: a Newcomer Haunted by and Old Distinction Pause Presentation of the edition of Russian translations collection: Carlos Alchourron, Eugenio Bulygin Normative Systems and other works in legal philosophy and logic of norms. (Speakers: Bulygin Eugenio, Michael Antonov, Elena Lisanyuk. Moderator: Elena Lisanyuk) Room 24. Panel sessions (continued). Panel 1 Douman Yury Deconstructivist critics of logocentrism in legal philosophy (RUS) Panel 2 Shevchenko Alexander On moral normativity(RUS) Panel 3 Juliana Vieira Pelegrini Jos Renato Gaziero Cella Cesar Antonio Serbena The Controversy between Bulygin and Alexy: Morality and Law from a Logical Point of View Lobovikov Vladimir Formal axiological law of contraposition of deontic modality of obligatory in the bivalent algebra of natural law (RUS) Juan Pablo Alonso Implicit Legal Principles Panel 4 Mendona, Marco Amaral Philosophical Aspects of Comparative Approaches to International Law

15.00 15.15

15.15 15.30

Shougourov Mark The principle of justice in international law of scientific and technological Cooperation (RUS) Shulga Rouslan Fragmental legitimacy of institutions of international criminal justice through the prism of human rights in contemporary global challenges (RUS) Gavrilov Nicolay Measure of certainty of political norms in the format of international law (RUS)

Sergeev Alexander Morality and law as systems of regulation of social relations (RUS)

Azarova Julia. Derrida and legal philosophy: Deconstruction between law and justice (RUS) Cesar Antonio Serbena The Computerization of Courts (Electronic Justice) in Brazil in a Comparative Perspective Dariusz Wilk Responsibility for offences against cultural heritage gaps and deficiencies in international law and selected national legal systems Samokhina Ekaterina Development of the idea of international law in the argumentative theory of Chaim Perelman (RUS) Jorge Emilio Nez Shared sovereignty as a distributive justice dilemma

15.30 15.45

Satokhina Natalya Historical justice and responsibility: at the brink of the legal (RUS)

15.45 16.00

Tazenkova Polina The problem of confidence in the ethics of law: the case of public international law (RUS)

Kouskova Svetlana Logical foundations of legal philosophy A.S. Esenin-Volpin (RUS)

16.00 16.15

Benjamn Mauro Velazquez Deconstructing the category of Weapons of Mass Destruction: Towards its elimination Kamlaytong Adoul The role of ASEAN and of the triangle China, the USA and Russia in the development of international law in the Asian-Pacific region

Petrenko Valeria, Anns Irina Transcendentalism in the justification of social and legal justice: P. Ricoeur versus J. Rawls (RUS) Perov Vadim Applied ethics of law (RUS)

Alejandro Daniel Calzetta, Alessio Sardo The Expressive Conception Revisited

16.15 16.30

(APR) (RUS) 16.30 16.45 16.45 17.00 Pause Krayevsky Arseny Coercion in international law (RUS) Bolshakov Gleb Comparative analysis of the legal framework regulating migration processes in the Nordic countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden) (RUS) Rodga Habibi Roudsary Legal regime of Caspian Sea (RUS) Polozhencev Andrew Virtual world: ontological, social, political, and ethical issues (RUS) Ovchinnikova Elena, Bartashevich Tatyana Conceptualization of public morality in the Russian philosophy of law (end XIX beginning XX c.) (RUS) Vetyutnev Yuri The concept of the good in philosophy and international law (RUS) Matthew Parish Should we de antirealists about international law? Moiseev Sergey Criterial explanation, rationality and universality of social evolution of regulatory systems (RUS)

17.00 17.15

17.15 17.45

Loukhmanova Anastasia Relevance of the ideas of Adam Smith on international law and human values (RUS) Nikitchenko Elena Mainstreaming social doctrines and international law: philosophical and anthropological aspects (RUS) Shchoukine Denis L'homme capable and interrelation of symbolic systems in the framework of international law (RUS) Ponomarev Alexey Transcendentalpragmatic approach to the study of the role of law in globalizing intercultural communication (RUS)

17.45 18.00

Dyomina Larissa Paradigms of contemporary Russian legal philosophy (RUS)

Larionov Igor Violation of labor law and the problem of the relationship between law and morality (RUS)

18.00 18.15

Nevvazhay Igor Is international legal consensus possible in the framework of globalization (RUS)

18.15 18.30


Symposium closing remarks. University Center. Reception