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Nursing process of a child with nephrotic syndrome . Identification data . liistorlr of illness in Lletails . FjndinB.or plrVcicai eramin.

rlion antl jnresticati,rn. _ d-ssrssttlirll Dnu -/ Nrrr-slrrt Dratnosl s Pln;ttLtn.1 Edcma arotrnd, o Fluid t.olume ercess r To reduce excess antomt t-eei and genitalia. relatedtofluid offluidaccumulated Urine Output ir accrmulation in tissue in tissues 2.1 lrrs -200 ml. Bodv u,eiqht 1ll kg. Fluid intake 250 ml ir 2-l hours . Edematous skin r Risk for infection . Topro1s.115".Lt,., o Protein loss in urire (+ +) irtm infectior, Loss ofappetite . AitL'red nliiriti()lt less To impror.e nutritional Protehuria than bodl reclnirement status Letharty Anxietyoftheparents o Alteredfamilyprocess To provide emciional Fearofthechild support chilci care. Inabiliiv to take care Knirir.ietlEe cl eiici i To improve knolvledge of the child by the

about child care bv parents. heaith Leaching. . Da te anrl Jiirc hrpl.tilenttltian 1. Pro\.iding rest, cornfortable positio:, :: frequent chmge of posjtion. 2, Allolving diet rvith lorv salt arr.d hlr: proteir (egg. fisir, pulse). 3. Administering prescribecl medicatir,:_. (prednisolone, lasix) oralh,. .1. Olfering potassium containing foo: ( orange juice, banana). 5. Restricting fluid htake. 6. Mailtai:ring intake-output md bodvn,eight chart. 7. Explairring and reassurhg about ih< treatment plan md irvolving motl-.e: : child care witll necessary instruch.. E. Urine testing for albumin. L Er.inrringthechili frrranr .rSr-: hlections and recordilg TpR. 2. Nionitoring biood comt (TLC,DLC 3. Irrovidirg skin care, keeping the st: : and applyhg bodypon der for sor.r:: : ,1. Keeping thenails short. l. Vdmtdjnilg Seneral;leanlirre.-. : -. hr.gienic measures. 6. Pre\.enting ary iryurlr6f gdematori-r :r 7. At oidirrg tlre r ontacr ot th o ecien j . . (thigh) surface to prer.ent friction 8. Ar',ridirXirrrasirlpruredrrred-f . r-o. fca( hing llte motherabr,ul.kir -:: of irrfectiurrsand irrolr Lrg lhe n e:. care ofthe chilci. 1. Prcviding smali ti.equent fceciing :. :: protein and carbohydrate, consicler:restriction irncl cltid's likes 2. Providingnukitional supplementa:_asneeded. -1. Encc jng cltld to tal<e Iooci Alloir ;ng parental involvemer.t i::

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