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A postal preparatory course for AMIE exams since 1994 Kick-start your studies with us A complete portal for AMIE aspirants Preparatory courses since 1994 HOME | PROSPECTUS | EXAM DETAILS | MEMBERSHIP | RESULT | GRADE CARD | ROLL NO | RECOGNITION | DOWNLOADS | SYLLABUS | FAQ Online Form | Subscr ibe to sms/email alerts | Print This Page | Save to PDF | Contact Us Like this site? COACHED THOUSANDS OF AMIE ASPIRANTS FROM INDIA, ABUDHABI, QATAR, KUWAIT, KSA, BA HRAIN, NEPAL, SINGAPORE , CHINA, TANZANIA, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA AMIE EXAM DETAILS EXAMINATION DATES/SCHEME EXAM FORM FILLING DATES EXAM FEE EXAM FORM Codes and Mathematical tables which can be provided in exam hall on request ONLINE EXAM FORM (A/B) CHANGING EXAMINATION CENTRE EXAM CENTRES IEI CENTRES RESULT ROLL NUMBER & ADMIT CARD GRADE CARD GRADE D GRADING SYSTEM CONVERTING GRADES INTO PERCENTAGE ENGG COLLEGES FOR LAB EXPERIMENTS LAB & PROJECT GUIDELINES BY IEI Allotment of Project Guide/Lab Experiments EXAM FORM REJECTION LIST REASON OF EXAM FORM REJECTION DOWNLOADS SAMPLE OF AMIE EXAM PAPER EXAMINATION DATES The Summer 2013 Examinations of IEI shall be conducted in 65 examination centres both in India and abroad during June 01 - 7, 2013. AMIE exam scheme GO TO TOP EXAM FORM FILLING DATES Applications submitted during the period mentioned hereunder shall only be consi dered for Summer 2013 Examinations : Candidates not appeared in Winter 2012 Examinations : February 20, 2013 to March 21, 2013. Candidates appeared in Winter 2012 Examinations : March 21, 2013 to April 19, 2013.

Apply only if you have got your membership number. For new students date of election should be (i) August 31 or before for Winter exams (ii) Feb 28 or before for Summer exams GO TO TOP EXAM FEE Exam fee is Rs. 2000/-. DD should be in favour of "THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS (INDIA) Payable at KOLKATA. Overseas exam fee is $ 150. GO TO TOP EXAM FORM Download AMIE exam form Download Sample of AMIE exam form Centre code numbers/place/scheme (A/AD/All schemes) of AMIE exam centres Branch/subject codes GO TO TOP ONLINE EXAM FORM Step 1: Go to Step 2: Fill examination form on screen. Press Print button to take print. To se e sample print, click here Step 3: Click on Payment Gateway and do the transaction. Step 3: Take print of receipt which appears after making payment. To see sample of receipt, click here Step 4: You have to send copy of (i) printed form (ii) payment receipt to IEI, 8, Gokhale Road, Kolkata - 700 020, W.B. GO TO TOP CHANGING EXAMINATION CENTRE You can appear from any exam centre of your choice. However you must enclose an application with exam form stating the reason for change of exam centre. GO TO TOP EXAM CENTRES You are suggested to know exact address of your exam centre by calling relevant centre (which is mentioned in your admit card) on their phone number. (for loca l/state centre address/phone number, click here) If you are unable to call at given phone number then you may call Secretary/Cha irman of your centre. To know their contact details, click AMIE centres in India AMIE centres outside India Don't forget to bring with you the identity card/admit card in exam hall. You ma y also use internet printout of admit card. Codes and Mathematical tables which can be provided in exam hall on request GO TO TOP

RESULT CLICK ON Result will be declared on any day of third week of March/September. Check your result around these dates. GO TO TOP ROLL NUMBERS & ADMIT CARD To know your roll number and examination centre, please click on the link http:/ / (Do it just one week before commencement of examinations or you can get it at ex amination centre) Admit card WILL NOT be despatched at your home address. GO TO TOP GRADE CARD Grade card will be available after few days (About 15 Days) of declaration. To k now your grade card, click GRADE "D" For PASS, you must get B grade in at least one subject (Section A, Diploma Strea m) to make total GPA equal to 6 or more. Grade D will be considered in latest attempt only. It will not be carried over. GPA: H = 10, A = 9, B = 8, C = 6, D = 5 Examples: (1) Section A: C, C, C, D (D in latest attempt). You have to reappear in subject with D grade Reason: GPA = (6 + 6 + 6 + 5)/4 = 23/4 < 6 (It must be equal or more than 6 for pass) (2) Section A: C, C, B, D (D in latest attempt). PASS Reason: GPA = (6 + 6 + 8 + 5)/4 = 25/4 > 6 (Pass as GPA is greater than 6) (3) Section A: C, C, C, C. PASS (4) Section B: C,C,C,C,C,C,B,D,D > PASS Reason: (6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 8 + 5 + 5)/9 = 54/6 = 6 (Pass as GPA is 6) (5) Section B: C,C,C,C,C,B,B,D,D > PASS To know GPA/CGPA calculation method, click at To convert GPA/CGPA to percentage, click at GO TO TOP

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