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Name: Mamdoh Alzhrani

Tutor: Jason Layer

Class: Upper intermediate 3

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Reintroducing Corporal punishment into UK schools

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Submitted: 10th MAR 2009

Reintroducing Corporal punishment in UK schools

Corporal punishment could shape in many ways, spanking, smacking, slapping, and

whipping, belting, pinching, biting, pulling hair and other unpleasant ways. These

methods are all considered to be a corporal punishment .in one way or an other,

corporal punishment increases the problems rather then solving them. Supporters

argue that reintroducing corporal punishment into schools is necessary to discipline

children. Should it be reintroduced to schools again? Critics argue that reintroducing

corporal punishment into schools in UK is not the smartest action to do to children or

schools. However, Critics argue that reintroducing corporal punishment into schools is

wrong because of two main reasons.

The first one is Reintroducing corporal punishment into schools will affect students

emotionally, Psychologist warning of punishment has reach the peak when Scientist

research found that effect of corporal punishment are increasing." The Family

Research Laboratory of the University of New Hampshire conducted a large study

involving over 3,000 mothers of 3 to 5 year old children during the late 1980's. The

women were interviewed in 1986, 1988 and 1990. They found that 63% of the

mothers had spanked their child at least once during the previous week. Among those

that spanked, they hit their children a little over 3 times per week, on average".

Although, statistics in Britain shows that 63% of mothers surveyed in 1985 said they

start spanking babies before they are a year old. In Britain, almost all four year olds

are spanked (97% of a big random sample of British children). Three quarters of that

British sample were still spanked regularly 1 - 6 times a week and one in eight was

spanked at least once a day. These statics emphasis punishment could take place in a

wide range, for example in Saudi Arabia a man was caught abusing his child for two
year, the child moved directly to Psychologist clinic to treat him and fix the damages

in his personality after a long period of abusing.

The second reason is Reintroducing corporal punishment into schools will affect

students physically, by forcing them to perform things they are not able to do, or

attempts to punish or control the child, which attempt has escalated to produce

physical harm ,for example, exercising in a wrong way or denying them of lunch.

These physical punishment harm children respectively in schools, whereas activities

are much more required and often in sport classes.

In Conclusion, corporal punishment should not be allowed in UK schools and the

responsible institutions should replace any physical punishment with educational

methods depend on the right methodology of psychology principles in order to

improve the educational process, It might be the best solution to disciplines the

children and to teach them the manner of behave, without any physical or emotional

damage, the applicable educational punishment, could be more wise and effective

such as informing the parents about their children behavior, private lesson for any one

may behave badly and other solutions may performed to guaranty that children are a

wear of their behavior and their mistakes and ready to be more carful about their

attitude without any physical including all ways of spanking, shouting and pinching or

emotional punishment.