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Mr. Rajiv Dube Income Tax Pan no. = AEOPD3244D
Mrs. Anuradha Dube Income Tax Pan no. =
Rajiv Dube & Associates
THE BANK OF RAJASTHAN LTD. Account no = 3170301110785
R D Consultancy Organisation
P.N. Bank Chetak circle, Udaipur Account no=3566002100027774

Introduction: - "Our Organisation is an extract of satisfactory agreement, which

concerns the safeguarding of its " client to improve confidence in them and stops
the Monopolies and Exclusive Service Suppliers (as per the guidelines of WTO).
Our motto is to satisfy our clients with our professional services. "
This Organisation was founded by Mr. Rajiv Dube and Mrs. Anuradha Dube in
Year - 1994.

Its member runs the R D ORGANISATION. All major decisions are made by the
membership as a whole, either by members (who meet at least once every two-
year) or by their delegates (who meet regularly in Worldwide) .

Decisions are normally taken by consensus. In this respect, the R D

ORGANISATION is different from some other organizations such as the Bank
and N G O. In the R D ORGANISATION, power is not delegated to a board of
directors or the organization’s head.
When R D ORGANISATION rules impose disciplines on members’ policies, that
is the outcome of negotiations among R D ORGANISATION members.
The members themselves enforce the rules under agreed procedures that they
negotiated, including the possibility of trade sanctions. But those sanctions are
imposed by members, and authorized by the membership as a whole. This is
quite different from other agencies whose bureaucracies can, for example,
influence a company’s policy by threatening to withhold credit.
Reaching decisions by consensus among some 51% members can be difficult. Its
main advantage is that decisions made this way are more acceptable to all
members. And despite the difficulty, some remarkable agreements have been
reached. Nevertheless, proposals for the creation of a smaller executive body -
perhaps like a board of directors each representing different groups of
companies — are heard periodically. But for now, the R D ORGANISATION is a
member-driven, consensus-based organization.

Highest authority: the R D ORGANISATION Conference So, the R D

ORGANISATION belongs to its members. The companies make their decisions
through various councils and committees, whose membership consists of all R D

Topmost is the corporate conference, which has to meet at least once every two
years. The corporate Conference can take decisions on all matters under any of
the multilateral trade agreements.

To date, nearly 20 small, medium and international organisation & companies
R D ORGANISATION as their vendor body to perfor of there working against
the requirements of high technical demand. Confirming R D ORGANISATION
as the world’s preferred servicing body for this standard.
Our brand is built upon our presence in as per perfection. With over many
clients globally,
R D ORGANISATION is the world’s leading vendor body in diverse standards,
including customer satisfaction.

Self-Audits is a tool to improve the efficiency of our processes, i. e. increase our

profitability. Self-Audit are not only a measurement tool, but also a building
block of our continuous improvement systems. They recognize the efforts of all,
show how far the organisation has already traveled and materialize the impetus
of our business. The R D ORGANISATION approach is transparent and logical,
which is why we become your partners towards improvement and in meeting
your business objectives.
We do not turn self-audits into the simple filling-in of a checklist and checking of
your document systems. Our executors are trained the “R D ORGANISATION
way“; they listen to the client and are objective and ethical at all times.

Our network of experienced executors identifies the Corrective Action

Requirements (CAR) in a consistent manner, globally. They are trained on
multiple standards and can perform integrated self-audits when needed.

We (Rajiv Dube & Associates) believes that there are several ways governments
can improve their efficiency and effectiveness in the way they evaluate,
implement and monitor policy to deliver modern customer and citizen-centric
services. At the same time, governments must also strive to deliver these services
more economically, providing the public with greater levels of accountability and
transparency, and ensuring sustainable activities.
Business lines:
Architectural - Industrial Master Planning, Commercial, Hotels,
Resorts, Mixuse buildings, Residential,
Structural - 200% safety, IS Code, R. C. C., Fabrication
Interior designing - Hotel Kitchen, Showrooms
Landscaping - Water falls, Water body, Gardens, Sculptures,
Horticulture & maintenance
Estimation Valuation - Plant, Machinery, Buildings
Third party verification - Quantification
Project Report - Feasibility & Procurement
Asset Management - Rental accommodation
Survey & Drawing - Land survey, Contouring, Testing,
Model making - Scaled, 3-D, Animation, Imaginary
Insurance - Reinsurance, Loss assessments
IT. - Web, Software, Product outsourcing
Technology development - Invent, Neno Technology
KPO - Knowledge process outsourcing
PRO - Public relation & communication
LPO - Legal outsourcing, Legal process outsourcing
Accounting - Corporate & company audit
Loan - proceedings & LENDER services

Antique – Old Items, Handicraft, Painting, Ornaments related with

any kingdom
Food & Beverages - Distilleries, Process
Stones - Marble, Granite, Slate, Precious
Export - Imports promoters
Control systems - Electrical, Electronics, Explosives
Event Organizer & Designer- Exhibition, Expo, Stage show, Party,
Coverage, Media exposure
Documentation proceeding - Govt. Departments

Business lines: Governments and Institutions >

Aid Efficiency
Forestry Monitoring Programme
Import Verification Programmes
NGO Benchmarking
Scanner Services
Supply Chain Security Services
TradeNet - Network service for Governments and Trade

Business lines: Industrial >

Master Planning for {New/Existing} Cad Conversion soft copy developer,
digitization of entire industry
Servicing exporters to World / CIS
Implementation of investment projects in Russia
CE-marking - EU Directives
Construction - Building Inspections
Construction - Material Testing
Construction (building/infrastructure) Design appraisal
Construction Material Testing
Corroscan - Corrosion Mapping
Cranes, Lifting and Hoisting Equipment - Inspection
Cranes, Lifting and Hoisting equipment - Design Verification
Cranes, Lifting and Hoisting Equipment - Risk Assessment
Cranes, Lifting and Hoisting equipment - Testing
Dye Penetrant Examination
Electrical Equipment Verification
GOST R Certificate for export to World
Guided Wave Inspection
High and low voltage Electrical Installation inspection
Investor's Representative (Contract Engineer)
ISIRI Mandatory Standards Certification
Laboratory - Mechanical Testing
Loading Supervision
Magnetic Flux Leakage - Tank Bottom Inspection
Magnetic particle testing
Non-Destructive Testing
Notified Body Conformity Assessment-CE marking
Plant Risk Integrity Management (PRIMA)
Positive Material Identification
Pre-shipment inspection
Pre-shipment inspection for Iran
Pressure Equipment - Risk Assessment
Pressure Equipment - Verification and Approval
Pressure Equipment Audits
Pressure Equipment Inspection
Pressure Equipment Testing
Project Management
Project Monitoring Services
Quality Assurance and Quality Control Inspection
Radiography (Conventional and Computed)
Risk Based Inspection
RTN (ex-GGTN) Permit to Use for export of industrial equipment to Russia
Sanepidnadzor (SAN)
Services for the liquefied natural gas industry
Shop Inspection
Storage Tank Inspection & Audit
Supply Chain Audits
Supply Chain Project Management
Tank Calibration
Third Party Specialised Coating Inspection
Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD)
Ultrasonic testing (Conventional and Automated)
Vendor Surveillance
Wind Energy Projects - Verification Services

Business lines: Minerals >

Diamond Services Summary
Draft Survey Building materials and aggregates
Draft Survey Energy Minerals
Draft Survey Fertilizers and dry chemicals
Draft Survey Industrial minerals
Draft Survey Non ferrous metals and minerals
Draft Survey Steel
Draft Survey Steel making raw materials
Exploration and Geochemistry Analysis
Grading Building Materials
Grading Fertilizers & Chemicals
Grading Steel Making Materials
Grading Steel Products
Hold Inspection Building materials and aggregates
Hold Inspection Energy materials and minerals
Hold Inspection Industrial minerals
Hold Inspection Non ferrous metals and minerals
Hold Inspection Steel
Hold Inspection Steel making raw materials
In Plant Services Summary
Lab Proficiency Energy Minerals
Lab Proficiency Building Materials
Lab Proficiency Fertilizers & Chemicals
Lab Proficiency Geochemistry
Lab Proficiency Non-Ferrous Metals
Laboratory Services Energy materials and minerals
Laboratory Services Fertilizers and dry chemicals
Mechanical Sampling Services
Mechanical Sampling Services
Mechanical Sampling Services
Mechanical Sampling Services
Mechanical Sampling Services
Mechanical Sampling Services
Metallurgical Summary
Mineralogical Services Summary
Outsourcing Energy Minerals
Outsourcing Fertilizers & Chemicals
Outsourcing Geochemistry
Performance (Bias) Testing Energy Minerals
Sampling Energy Minerals
Sampling Fertilizing and dry chemicals
Sampling Non-ferrous metals and minerals
Sampling Precious Metals
Stockpile Inventory Energy materials and minerals
Supervision Precious Metals
Supervision Energy materials and minerals
Supervision Non ferrous metals and minerals
Tally Steel
Tally Building materials and aggregates
Tally Fertilizers and Dry Chemicals
Tally Industrial minerals
Tally Steel making raw materials
Visual Inspection Building materials and aggregates
Visual Inspection Fertilizers and dry chemicals
Visual Inspection Industrial minerals
Visual Inspection Non ferrous metals and minerals
Visual Inspection Precious Metals
Visual Inspection Steel
Visual Inspection Steel making raw materials
Warehousing Collateral Management Services
Weight Determination Building materials and aggregates
Weight Determination Energy materials and minerals
Weight Determination Fertilizers and dry chemicals
Weight Determination Industrial minerals
Weight Determination Non ferrous metals and minerals
Weight Determination Precious Metals
Weight Determination Steel
Weight Determination Steel making raw materials

Business lines: Environment >

Ambient air
Emergency Response Services
Emission measurements
Energy audits
Environmental and laboratory training
Environmental and Safety Management
Environmental Drilling
Environmental Due Diligence Assessments
Environmental laboratories
Environmental outsourcing solution
Geotechnical Services
Identification inventory and monitoring of asbestos
Machine noise levels
MSDS Management
Noise and vibrations
Quality of the Indoor Environment
Soil investigation and remediation
Total waste management
Water Sampling and Testing

Business lines: Agriculture >

Analysis / Quality Assessment - Liquids
Analytical Chemistry
Bulk Tests
Bulk Tests
Clarification of findings
Cleanliness Inspection Liquids
Cleanliness Inspections Fibres
Cleanliness Inspections Grain
Cleanliness Inspections Soft/Foods
Colour Measurement
Combination of test results
Conditioned mass
Diameter-length profile
Dissipation and accumulation
Environmental behaviour in lab. tests
Environmental Field Studies
Eotoxicology and biodegradability
Fibre curvature
Fibre diameter distribution
Field Trials
FOG / CC / FOQ Liquids
FOG / CC Grains
FOG / CC Soft/Foods
Food & Feed Safety Grains
Food & Feed Safety Soft/Foods
Food Processing studies
Forwarding, warehousing
Greasy length after carding (gLAC)
Greasy wool testing
Grower Services
Innovation, research and development
IPP (Identity Preservation Programme) & Traceability Grain
IPP (Identity Preservation Programme) & Traceability Soft Foods
Laboratory fleece testing
Length after carding (LAC)
Livestock feeding study
Mean fibre diameter measurements
Modelling Environmental Behaviour
On site weighing and sampling
On-farm fleece testing
Operations Supervision Fibres
Operations Supervision Grain
Operations Supervision Liquids
Operations Supervision Soft/Foods
Operator exposure
Other documents
Other services
Pest Control
Physicochemical parameters
Price list
Project management
QRP Quality Risk Protection Grain
Quality systems & accreditation
Residuals - grease and ash
Residue studies in crops
Sampling for certification
Sampling Liquids
Sampling, Testing, Analysis Soft/Foods
Sampling, Testing, Analysis Fibres
Sampling, Testing, Analysis Grains
Scoured wool testing
R D Org DigiTrade Collateral Management
R D Org DigiTrade Fibres
R D Org DigiTrade Fumigation
R D Org DigiTrade Grains
R D Org DigiTrade Liquids
R D Org DigiTrade Soft/Foods
R D Org Grading On-site Grain
Staple length and strength
Storage stability
Technical publications
Trading certification services
Warehousing Collateral Management Services
Yield test

Business lines: Consumer Testing >

Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions (CSRS)
E&E: Consultancy, Seminars & Training
E&E: EMC Certification
E&E: EMC Testing
E&E: Factory Assessment
E&E: Factory Security Assessment
E&E: Full-Compliance Testing
E&E: GS Certification
E&E: IT & Telecommunication Testing
E&E: Micro- & Nanotechnology
E&E: Performance Testing
E&E: Pre-Compliance Testing
E&E: Product Certification
E&E: Product Inspections
E&E: RoHS Testing
E&E: RoHS Testing & Certification
E&E: Safety Certification
E&E: Safety Testing
E&E: Supply Chain Security Services
E&E: Wireless Telecommunications & IT
E&E: Wireless Testing & Certification
Food: Code of Conduct Assessment
Food: Factory Security Assessment
Food: Food Safety Services
Food: Japan Positive List
Food: Japan Positive List Certification
Food: Japan Positive List inspection
Food: Japan Positive List Technical Assistance
Food: Japan Positive List Testing
Food: Laboratory Testing
Food: Private Label Support
Food: Process Assessments
Food: Product Inspection
Food: Regulatory Advisory Service
Food: Restricted Substances Testing Services
Food: Restricted Substances Testing Services Assessment
Food: Restricted Substances Testing Services Inspection
Food: Restricted Substances Testing Services Technical Assistance
Food: Restricted Substances Testing Services Testing
Food: Retail Store Check
Food: Retailer Services
Food: Retailer Services Assessment
Food: Retailer Services Inspection
Food: Retailer Services Technical Assistance
Food: Supplier and Supply Chain Monitoring
Food: Supply Chain Security Services
Food: Training
Hardlines: Certification
Hardlines: Code of Conduct Assessment
Hardlines: Comparative Testing
Hardlines: Eco Testing
Hardlines: Factory Quality Assessment
Hardlines: Factory Security Assessment
Hardlines: Final Random and In-line Inspection
Hardlines: Materials Testing
Hardlines: Performance Testing
Hardlines: Private Label Support
Hardlines: REACH - Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals
Hardlines: Regulatory Advisory Service
Hardlines: Safety Testing
Hardlines: Supply Chain Security Services
Hardlines: Toy Safety Testing
Hardlines: Training
Non-Food: Consulting & Quality Management
NON-Food: Cosmetics - Application tests
Non-Food: Cosmetics - Ecotoxicology & Biodegradabality
Non-Food: Cosmetics - Microbiological analysis
Non-Food: Cosmetics - Physiochemical Analytics
Non-Food: Detergents - Physicochemical Analysis
Registration, Evaluation, Assessment of Chemicals (REACH)
Softlines: Care Labelling
Softlines: Code of Conduct Assessment
Softlines: Eco Testing
Softlines: Factory Quality Assessment
Softlines: Factory Security Assessment
Softlines: Final Random and In-line Inspection
Softlines: Performance Testing
Softlines: Regulatory Advisory Service
Softlines: Safety Testing
Softlines: Supply Chain Security Services
Softlines: Training
Business lines: Automotive >

Automotive Manufacturing Quality Control Services

Automotive Off Lease Inspections
Automotive Supply Chain Monitoring Services
Certification Scheme for the Motor Trade
Driver Testing
Expertise Services to the Insurance Trade
Imported Vehicle Inspection and Verification CIVIO
Inspection Instrumentation Assessment
Public Vehicle Inspection and Licensing
Vehicle Exhaust Emission Inspection
Vehicle Information Management System (VIMS)
Vehicle Registration and Related Administration Services
VIS Consultancy Services
VIS Design, Implementation & Operation
Business lines: Oil, Gas & Chemicals >
Air Cargo Inspection Services
Automatic Samplers
Calibration of Instrumentation
Cargo Treatment (Additives)
Collateral Management, Warehousing
Document Follow-up
Emergency Response and Liaison Network
Flow measurement and prover calibration
Jetty Services
Laboratory Outsourcing
Loading Master
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Mercury Detection
Condition Monitoring (Oilscan)
Oil Gas & Chemicals Seminars
Oil Gas and Chemicals Training
Packing & Labelling
Purging and conditioning
Quantity Inspection & Control
Safety Advisor
Sample collection & forwarding
Sample Handling and Warehousing
Sample Management & Logistic Services
Sampling & Reconditioning
Ship Tank Calibration
Shore Tank Calibration
Submitted Samples
Terminal Services
Training Services

Business lines: Life Science >

Analytical Chemistry
Cell Line Characterization
Container Testing
Data Management
DEG Contamination Testing
Environmental Testing
Host Cell Impurity Testing
Inspection Services
Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance
Medical Device Testing
Medical Writing
Method Development and Validation
Microbiological Testing
Mycoplasma Testing
Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research
Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics
Phase I - IIa
Phase II - IV Services
Protein Analysis
QC of Biopharmaceuticals
Quality Assurance Services
Regulatory Affairs
Safety testing
Stability Studies
Temporary Staffing
Water System Validation

Business lines: Systems & Services Certification >

AS/EN 9100
BRC Storage and Distribution
BRC/IOP Food Packaging
Constructions Products Directive
Customised Audit Solutions
Customized Automotive Audit Solutions
Distribution Network Integrity Audits
Forestry Certification services
Forestry Chain-of-Custody
Forestry Management
Gas Appliances
IECQ HSPM QC 080000 Hazardous Substance Process Management
IFS - International Food Standard
Integrated Management Systems
ISO 13485
ISO 14001:2004
ISO 14064
ISO 20000
ISO 22000
ISO 27001:2005
ISO 9001:2000
ISO/TS 16949
JISQ 9100
Lean Six Sigma
Management Development Training
Management System for the Facility Electrostatic Discharge Control (ESD)
Medical Devices
Mystery shopping Audits
Non Automatic Weighing Instruments and Measuring Instruments
OHSAS 18001
OHSAS 18001:2007 - UPDATE
Personal Protective Equipment
QM 9004
QS 9000
Regulatory Certification - JPAL
SA 8000
R D Infotech Corporate training courses
Single Food Audit Pack
Single Food Audit Pack 1: ISO 9001 + ISO 22000
Single Food Audit Pack 2: ISO 22000 + GMP + HACCP
Single Food Audit Pack 3: ISO 9001 + ISO 22000 + GMP + HACCP
Single Food Audit Pack 4: ISO 22000 + BRC
Single Food Audit Pack 5: ISO 22000 + IFS
Single Food Audit Pack 6: ISO 9001 + ISO 22000 + HACCP / GMP + BRC / IFS
Sustainability Report Assurance
TL 9000
Warranty Audit

Recently we worked for: -

"Three textile industry layouts for RSWM LIMITED of LNJ Group
(Brand - Mayur) at there units- Gulabpura, Banswara, Rishabhdev.
Having all relevant Electrical, Mechanical, Sanitation, Drain system
& Civil structure, Landscape etc complete.
Contour Plan of Railway Siding & Contour plan-Namli Ratalam,
Intake well Plan-Mordi, River sectional plans-Mordi, combination
plan with contour & local khasara plan for equisition of land-33MW
captive power plant-Mordi, Banswara.
Quantification for Insurance-"Tata's Taj Group Indian Hotels Co.
Ltd. -Unit Lake Palace. "
Three commercial complexes exclusive for Gold, cloths & other is for
rental planning.
"Physical Quantification for Aditya Birla Group (U. T. S. ) Aditya
Gram-Sava, Vikram-Khor Neemuch, Kamal Cement-Jamnagar for
Aditya Birla Management Limited.
"School Institutional buildings-Central school Aklingarh"
Industrial Master Planning for Miraj group of there Aacharan Unit-
Ghoda Ghati.
Residential Commercial Buildings & Markets.
Arihant Market for Gold- Kole Pole Bada Bazaar, Tak Complex-
Reliance Fresh Building Fatehpura - Sukhadia circle road, .
Duplex buglow-New Ahinsapuri Bombay House and many highly
elevated houses.

Payment Terms: -
"75% Advance of for Master Planning, Contouring rest in six monthly
"25% advance against Architectural, structural, estimation work rest in five
50% advance against 3d or Model work rest after final submission.
"100% advance against G-Scheduling, Estimation, Valuation, Certification
work. "
Project time period should not be more than nine months afterwards will be
charged extra.

General Terms & Conditions for the financial year 2008-09: -

1 Owner will provide final approval of each finalized drawing after
discussion duly sealed & signed.
2 Owner will provide free lodging and boarding at the site to our Site
Engineer & worker.
3 Travel Expenses i. e. air, train, car, fare for our team to your site will be
reimbursed on actual.
4 All drawings will be prepared in AutoCAD and soft copy of the same will
be provided on CD.
5 We will provide color print copies in A4 size paper for all the sites (3sets) .
6 Service Tax on applicable rates would be extra.
7 We will take utmost care of our workers and shall provide all necessary
safety measures.
"In case of any accident occurred at site, we will be solely responsible for
the same. "
8 We will follow all statutory rules & regulations applicable as per Labour
9 We ensure that our working team would be quite disciplined at the site
and any damaged
occurred to your property would get rectified at our cost.
10 Copyright and Related Rights
Owner shall provide the protection of independently created industrial designs
given by our firm.