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We just learned how to sew the perfect pleats and todays sewing projects are beautiful purse patterns. {{squeal in delight}} Hopefully, youll love these purse patterns as much as I do. Many of these purse patterns are very easy and even no sewing projects. I hope they inspire you to make something gorgeous today.

Sewing Projects
1. Sew a Dainty Leather Purse Dont be afraid of leather. Its actually really fun to work with. Your sewing machine will sew through it. 2. Silk Pleated & Darted Purse Patterns She has a very rounded (balloonish) shape which has been created by inserting both darts and pleats. 3. Buttercup Bag Sewing Project - This pattern uses a mere fat quarter of fabric for the outer + a little less of another fabric for lining. Youll also need a magnetic snap. 4. Burlap Purse with Shabby Rose I just love this sewing projects and this chocolate burlap purse is gorgeous. The shabby rose is a darling fabric flower.

Ruffle Purse Patterns

5. DIY Almost No Sew Ruffle Purse A darling ruffle purse made out of a tote bag. 6. Gathered Flower Purse by Sew Dang Cute A beautiful purse pattern on how to make this gathered flower bag. 7. Ruffled Purse Patterns This darling bag has several layers of ruffles and is lined with canvas for stability and strength. 8. Chocolate Burlap Purse Pattern - I tried to make it a little bigger than the last one so it can double as a diaper bag.

Free Purse Patterns

9. Blossom Handbag/Shoulder Bag A free Amy Butler purse pattern. 10. Sewing: Reversible Tote Bag With Adjustable Strap Having a reversible tote bag is like having 2 bags in one, now with the adjustable strap, you can have even more styling with it. 11. Circle Placemat Purse pattern - An easy placemat purse tutorial on how to make a $2.00 faux crocodile purse all set for fall. 12. How to sew a coin purse The coin purse is actually large enough to hold bank cards etc. not just coins.
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Sewing: Reversible Tote Bag With Adjustable Strap {Tutorial & Pattern}

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Reversible Tote - Style 1

Picture 1 of 2 (Click "Next" for more pictures) Having a reversible tote bag is like having 2 bags in one, now with the adjustable strap, you can have even more styling with it. Be it full length till your hip and sling across your chest, or shorten it till just below your armpit, inside out or outside in, style it with your mood and base on your outfit.

I made this bag with one of my favorite fabrics. It is actually a lightweight upholstery material normally use as curtain or drape. The silver flower printing caught my eyes and I cant go home without taking a few yards with me. For all my favorite fabrics, I will make sure I sew something good out of them. This explained why I constantly crave on fabrics, buy them and keep them until I am convinced enough to sew a good project. For this fabric, not only that I am 100% satisfied with my reversible tote design but I also feel happy that I got them sold for a good cause.

Lets get to the tutorial and pattern on how to sew this reversible tote bag with adjustable strap after this jump.

Difficulty: Intermediate Skill Time required: 2-4 hours

Material: 1. Main Fabric 1 yard

2. Lining Fabric 1 yard 3. Fusible Interfacing (medium weight) 1 yard 4. Square ring 2 pcs. 5. Matching color sewing thread

Tools: 1. Sewing Machine 2. Hot iron 3. Paper, pen & ruler 4. Scissors 5. Sewing kits 6. Carbon and tracing wheel

Download the pdf pattern. The pattern is scaled to 25%, blow it up to 4 times to enlarge it. Otherwise, you can draw it out on the paper, all dimensions are included. Cut out paper patterns from the drawing.

Fold fabric as indicate in the drawing, place and pin the tote pattern on top of the fabric. Make sure the folding is on the right hand side of the pattern. Cut fabric with 1/2 seam allowance. Cut all patterns according to drawing. Cut Lining and cut fusible interfacing too. You might need to patch up the sling strap in order to get the required length. Mark sewing lines with carbon and tracing wheel.

With right-side facing each other, align sewing lines, pin , sew side and base of the tote.

Press open side and bottom seams, fold at the corner to form a triangle and sew the 2 depth of the base. Trim excess fabric and leave only 1/2 seam allowance.

Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the lining fabrics, the pockets and the stand alone ring holder. With right-side facing, sew around the pocket, leaving about 1 opening at the bottom of the pocket. Clip corners. Turn the pocket right-side out, adjust corners and press. Top stitch top hem about 1/8 and 1/2 from the edge. Place the pocket onto the lining and top-stitch the sides and bottom edges. Fold the lining with right-side facing each other, sew the side and bottom seam. Leave about 3-4 opening at the bottom, we need this hole to turn the tote inside out later.

Make a snip on the seam allowance 1 below seam (b). Remark: I reserved 1 seam allowance for (b), but I trimmed it to about 1/2 later. Fold in the side seam and press. Top stitch near side edges (a). Slot in square ring either on tote side of lining side, with right side facing, sew alone seam (b).

Bring the holder down with wrong side facing each other, top stitch (c) around 3/4 below (b). Remember to tack the thread at the beginning and end of the stitching by performing a few back stitches to keep the seam from unraveling.

Repeat the same to the other side of the ring holder which is not attach to the tote.

Again, top stitch at (c), about 3/4 below seam (b). Note that I left a larger seam allowance at bottom but 1/2 is sufficient.

With right-side facing each other, slot the tote into the lining. Keep the ring and holder facing down. Place the detached ring holder upside down between the tote and the lining, pin in place. Sew alone the curve (red line), around.

Clip curve about 1/2 apart. Becareful, dont snip the sewing thread.

Turn the tote right-side out from the opening at the bottom of the lining.

Align the base corners of the tote and lining, carefully bring them out from the opening and sew on the wrong side to hold them together. Insert them back through the opening. Slip stitch to close the opening. Top stitch about 1/4 from the edge of the top hem of the tote. Sew the sling strap by placing 2 fabrics right side facing each other, sew around and leave an 2 opening at the center. Turn the strap right side out, Slip stitch to close the opening. Top stitch near the edge, around he strap. Insert the strap into the square ring and tie a knot at each corner. If you want a shorter length, double fold the strap through one ring and tie on the other.

Adjust to your favorite length.

Bag Patterns
13. Falling Purse Pattern - I just adore all the little extras on this handmade purse pattern. 14. Gathered Clutch Patters I just adore ruffles and this is more of a whimsy gathered look for a small purse. 15. Day Trip Purse Patterns - Christie gave you 4 different styles for this purse pattern. 16. Easy Sew Diaper Bag Alternative with Bonus: Upcycle / Repurpose Outgrown Baby Clothes. This is such an interesting idea. This bag attaches to your purse to keep your baby bag items separate from your purse items.

17. Purse organizer insert tutorial - What a cool idea to make several pockets that will hold all of your things in one place. 18. No Sew Bag Furoshiki is a Japanese technique, like origami, but for fabric. 19. One Hour Craft Purse Carry-All Put them all of your purse basics one spot, and then all you have to move is this handy little pouch when you switch purses. 20. Make a purse out of your old pants This is a pretty easy sewing project. It didnt involve any measuring. The inches depend on the size of pants you are cutting up.

Purse Patterns for Kids

21. Crayon Purse Tutorial A cute little purse you can make for a child to hold their crayons and is made out of scrap fabric. 22. How to sew a purse from jeans I adore this little jean purse thats embellished with ribbons and fabric. 23. Felt Monster coin purse If you like to sew with felt this is a fun little project. 24. Hobo Dance Bag Pattern - This is a darling little bag that can be used for anything but I love the ballet shoes and strap.

More Free Sewing Patterns

You also might like these fabulous free sewing patterns from Tip Junkie: How to Make Beautiful Tote Bags {Free Patterns} How to Sew the Perfect Pleats 12 Trendy Fashion Accessories {What Every Girl Needs!}

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Zipper Pencil Case

To make: 1 Sewing Pattern: Download pdf sewing pattern here. Materials: 1. Fabric cotton or linen mixed, 15x 17 2. Fabric lining, 15 x 17 3. Batting 10 x 17 4. Muslin 10 x 17 5. Interfacing medium/thick, 9 x 17 6. Piping 1 1/4 yard 7. Zipper 16 (click here to watch how to shorten metal zipper) 8. Ribbon 1/2 wide, 2 1/2, 2 pcs (for zipper tag) 9. White paper letter size, 4 pcs.

Sew Zipper Pencil Case

Tools: 1. Sewing machine, with normal foot and zipper foot 2. Sewing kits 3. Iron 4. Quilters safety pins 5. Pins or Clovers wonder clips 6. Erasable fabric marker 7. Ruler 8. Scissors 9. Printer

Finished Dimension: 8 1/2 (W) x 4 (H) x 3 (D) Note: The zipper space is 1/2. You may use medium interfacing on the body instead of batting. No quilting required if using interfacing. This tutorial needs a lot of turning right side out, do iron to flatten the crinkles when ever is possible.

halve parts to get the full pattern. Draw the pattern on the drafting paper.

Download the pdf pattern and print them. Print 2 sets on each page and glue the {If you cant download the pdf pattern, probably you dont have acrobat reader, download the latest version for free here.}

Cut the body piece out form the main fabric slightly bigger than the pattern. Trace the body pattern on the right side of the body fabric with water erasable pen. Draw some designs on the body fabric with water erasable marker. I drew circles from 3 sizes of bottles.

Layer the body fabric with batting and muslin underneath it. Pin with quilters safety pin.

Carefully stitch along the drawing lines. Start from center of the body and work outwards, this will avoid crinkle between fabric and batting. Spare about 4 thread at each new stitching.

Pull the front thread to the back, tie a knot and trim the ends. This will prevent the thread from exposing to the front.

After finish the quilting, spray some water to erase the quilting drawing lines. If you can wait for it to dry, light iron with medium heat iron to dry it. Cut the body pattern to the correct shape and size.

Prepare the rest of materials per above list. Fuse the interfacing to the lining, or the main fabric. I like my interfacing on the lining when I need to do a lot of turning right side out. Draw and cut out the zipper gusset and invisible side gusset patterns. Trace all pattern to the rest of the fabric and cut.

Make a few stitches near the top stop of the zipper. Pin the zipper gusset to the zipper (1/4 away from the center) with right side facing each other. Change the presser foot to zipper foot, sew a line near to the seam line to secure the position.

Place the zipper gusset lining on top of them with right side facing down. Stitch on the seam line.

Flip the lining to the bottom of main zipper gusset, top stitch near the seam line.

Repeat sewing another side of the zipper gusset. The width of the zipper in between the gusset should measure 1/2. Change the presser foot back to normal foot, stitch on the seam allowance around the zipper gusset so that the main and lining fabric attach together nicely. Baste the ribbon loops at both ends of the zipper too.

Trace the zipper gusset pattern on the right side of the lining. Remember to mark the position of the invisible side gusset.

Sew the invisible side gusset: 1. Place the invisible side gusset fabric and lining with right side facing each other, sew both top and bottom seam lines. 2. Turn the right side out, top stitch near both top and bottom edge. 3. Fold the gusset into halve vertically with lining side facing out, stitch near the edge. 4. This is how the invisible side gusset looks like.

Place the side gusset to the wrong side of the zipper gusset. Position according to the markings, with lining side facing up.

This is how the zipper gusset looks like after attaching the side gussets in it. Set it aside while working on the main pencil case main body.

Line the piping around the body, pin and sew with zipper foot.

Cross the piping ends when they meet.

Clip lightly on the piping seam allowance at the curve.

Place the zipper gusset on the pencil case body, with the ends align to the center markings. Sew from marking to marking at both ends.

Place the lining on top of them with right side facing down. Sew from marking to marking too. Clip at seam allowance on the markings.

Sandwich one of the long side of the zipper gusset with the body main and lining piece. Align properly so the seam lines are matched. Secure with pin or clovers wonder clips. Sew with zipper foot. Sew slowly and carefully, it is not easy especially at the curve.

Turn the piece right side out, one side of the pencil case completed.

We need to spare a 5 opening at the lining on this side to turn the pencil case right side out, so, stitch a 6 line at the center of the zipper gusset to attach to the main body piece only.

Fold the lining over (as shown on the above photo) and sandwich the zipper gusset with main body piece, pin and sew but remember to leave about 5 at the center of the pencil case for turning inside out.

The 5 opening is just on the lining side. Slowly and carefully turn the pencil case right side out from this opening.

Stitch up the opening.

This is optional, but I find that hand hem stitch the seam allowance make the pencil case neat and more stable.

Turn the pencil case right side out, it is completed!!!!

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10 Aug


Strawberry Reusable Grocery Bag

Reusable Strawberry Grocery Bag

To make: 2

Sewing Pattern: Download pdf sewing pattern here.

Materials: 1. Fabric thin Polyester or cotton or thin laminated fabric, 31 x 25 2. Fabric Red polka-dots , 7 x 4, 2 pcs. 3. Fabric Green cotton, 6 1/2 x 5 1/2, 2 pcs. 4. Bias tape 3 1/2 yard 5. Cord, 15, 1 pc. (I salvaged from the handles of paper shopping bags) 6. End bead, 13mm, 2 pcs. 7. Ribbon or cotton tape, short length (about 2) 8. Pattern drafting paper, at least 22 x 24, or you may glue a few pieces of paper to make a bigger sheet

Tools: 1. Sewing machine 2. Sewing kits 3. Fabric pencil 4. Ruler & pencil 5. Drawing Compass or circle object with approx 2 1/2 and 1 1/4 radius. 5. Scissors 6. Adhesive tape 7. Lighter 8. Clover Wonder Clips optional, only if you are using laminated fabric.

Finished Dimension: Approximately 15 (W) x 20 (H)

Remark: If you are using laminated fabric or polyester fabric which will leave pin marks after pinning, you may either use the Clover Wonder Clips or pin at seam allowance. Note: The material I used is thin, if you would to sew it with heavier fabric, old T0shirt for example, please increase the strawberry size otherwise it grocery bag cannot fit into it.

Download the pdf pattern and print it out if you wish. {If you cant download the pdf pattern, probably you dont have acrobat reader, download the latest version for free here.} Draw the pattern on the drafting paper.

Transfer the pattern to the fabrics, draw and cut them out.

Double fold the side seam allowance of the hull and sew. Fold back and sew a horizontal line to create a pocket for drawstring (sewing line does not shown here but you can refer to the next photo).

Place hull on top of red polka-dot triangle fabric (strawberry) with right side facing up. Align raw edges together with hull at the center of the strawberry. Sew with 3/8 seam allowance. Repeat the same to make another strawberry piece.

Place the strawberry piece to the bottom corner of the grocery bag, baste it in place at seam allowance. Fold the ribbon into halve and baste it near to the hull (side seam).

Repeat the placement to the other corner but without the ribbon tag.

Fold the grocery bag with right facing each other, align the side seam and bottom seams. Make sure the strawberry pieces align perfectly. Pin or clip. Sew side and bottom seam with 3/8 seam allowance.

Sew handles together, left and right, for both front and back piece of the grocery bag. Double fold the seam allowances so that raw edges are inside, top stitch.

Bind the raw edges with bias tape. This is the side and bottom.

Then bind the raw edges around the handles.

1. Wrap the cord end with adhesive tape and make it pointy. 2. Insert the cord into the drawstring pocket (the one nearest to the strawberry). Go around and insert the pocket at the back too. 3. Put in the end beads at both ends and tie a knot. 4. Burn lightly with lighter to stop the raveling.

The grocery bag with strawberry drawstring bag is done!

To store the grocery bag into the strawberry drawstring bag, all you need to do is to squeeze it in, pull the drawstring to form a strawberry. Keep it in your handbag or hang it as a charm, handy when you need to do some urgent grocery shopping. It is small and light, it wont take up too much space and load ~~ HAPPY SEWING!!~~

3 Aug


Reversible Jumbo Tote Bag

Reversible Jumbo Tote Bag

To make: 2

Sewing Pattern: Download pdf sewing pattern here.

Materials: 1. Fabric Ikea GULLVI, wide 1.5m / 60, cut length 1 meter or 40 2. Fabric Ikea TRDKLVER, wide 1.5m / 60, cut length 1 meter or 40 3. Cotton cord, 16 x 2 4. End bead, 15mm x 2

Tools: 1. Sewing machine 2. Sewing kits 3. Fabric chalk 4. Long ruler or quilters ruler 5. Scissors 6. Tube turner

Finished Dimension: 22 1/2 (W) x 17 (H) x 6 1/4 (D) without handle

Ikeas Upholstery fabric, GULLVI (top) and TRDKLVER (bottom). This fabrics are 60 wide selvage to selvage, cut 1 meter or 40 length for each fabric.

Download the pdf pattern and print it out if you wish. {If you cant download the pdf pattern, probably you dont have acrobat reader, download the latest version for free here.} Follow the cutting format from the pattern to get the sewing pieces. I drew mine directly on the wrong side of the fabric. As you can see, the pattern utilized almost the whole piece of 1 meter fabric, not much scrap left after the cutting. You can make 2 reversible jumbo totes from the fabrics above.

Take half of the sewing pieces to make a tote. 1 & 2, the body 45 3/4 x 18 3/4, 2 pcs. 3 & 4, the base, 17 x 7, 2 pcs. 5, short handle, 1 3/4 x 12 3/4, 4 pcs. 6, Long handle, 1 3/4 x 27 3/4, 4 pcs.

Fold the tote body with right side facing each other, align the side seam and sew with 3/8 seam allowance. Press the seam allowance to one side and top stitch 1/8 from the seam line. Repeat the same to another tote body.

Mark the base position on the bottom seam allowance of the tote body, snip 1/4 out of the total seam allowance of 3/8. This little snips will make the corners a nice right angle turn.

Pin the base to the bottom of the tote body, sew on the long seams on both sides.

Pin and sew the short sides to complete the base.

1. Clip the corners diagonally. 2. Fold the seam allowances at right angle at the corner (on the base side), pin securely from the right side. Repeat at all 4 corners. 3. Turn and stitch the base. Check the folding when you are about to reach the corner to make sure the seam allowances still folded neatly. 4. The view on the base after completing the top stitching. This will make the tote more endurable for heavy items.

Repeat the sewing processes on the other fabric. Set aside.

Place the pairing handle pieces right side together and sew the long seams with 1/4 seam allowance. Turn, press and top stitch 1/8 from the edge. Repeat the process to make 2 short and 2 long handles. Prepare the cord by inserting it through the end bead then tie a dot at the end. Lightly burn the raw ends to stop the raveling if needed.

Mark the handle positions at 7 1/2 apart at the center of the tote. The cotton cord is at the center. Stitch them in place at the seam allowance, repeat the same to the other side. Do this on 1 tote body. Note that the top seam allowance of the bag is 1 3/8. This thick seam allowance will help to make the top edge of the tote firmer.

Insert the totes body into another tote body, with right side facing each other.

Align, pin and sew the top seam line, leaving a 5 opening for turning right side out.

Turn the tote right side out from the opening.

Press the seam and top stitch, 1/8, 1 1/8 & 1 3/8 from the edge to complete the reversible jumbo tote bag. You can choose to use either side depend of the mood of the day.

Whats your choice? The Modern Chic Face Bag?

Or. the black & white Blowing Globules?

How to fold the Jumbo Tote Bag

Place the bag flat on the floor or table. Put the long handles on the bag.

Fold both sides to the center.

Roll the bag from bottom to top.

Cross the cotton cords on the top with 1 cord to the back and 1 cord to the front.

Make a tie on the cotton cords, thats it! Put it in your handbag or cars drawer, it will be handy when you need to do shopping.

Hope you like it!!!