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Section 2.

2, Internet Safety
Personal online internet safety guidelines

Online disclosure of personal Info

1. Full name- use a nickname
2. Home address- don’t give out personal info on the web
3. Phone number- you can use a phone to identify the address of an
4. Social security number- disclosure of this is not good unless website is
5. Disclosures of passwords- avoidit.
a. At least 8 characters
b. Use combo of letters and numbers
c. Change it every month
d. Don’t give it out
e. Don’t use birthdays or names
6. Disclosure of family member info is not a good idea
7. Credit card info should be disclosed to trusted sites
8. Photos- potential sources of risk, they can be edited to falsify
Social Networking and Online Chatting
9. Behave properly and use netiquette
a. Inappropriate pictures and illegal behavior may be viewed by
future employers
b. Online rep is valuable
10.Don’t post bad things about other people on the web
11.Safety guidelines and precautions
a. Avoid YELLING
b. Do not bully- spreading maliciousness and false info
c. Contact school authorities about a bully
d. Never meet someone in person that you have met online
12.Don’t open emails that promise you to get rich
13.Do not give out credit info without parental permission
14.The URL of a secure site begins with https:
15.A lock is displayed on a secure
16.A seal is another indication of safety
Potential computer hazards
17. Virus- small piece of software that attaches to an email or a program
18.Spam- unwanted and unsolicited email messages
19.Spyware- malicious software designed to take partial control of a
computers operations without user’s consent
a. Some spyware intercepts and records passwords and credit
b. Tracks a user’s visits to different web sites to analyze their
spending activity and forecast consumer behavior
The Internet Section 1
Internet search tools
Search engines
1. Individual search engine-uses spiders or walkers to match key words
with web pages
a. Results are list of web pages
b. Doesn’t search the internet, but a database of info about the
c. Google, ask, yahoo, live
2. Meta search engine-sends requests for information to several search
engines and compiles the results
3. As the results are compiled, duplications are eliminated
4. Time saver compared to normal search engine
5. Custom search allows users to control the search by specifying the
description and language and sites
6. Subject directories- searchable databases developed and maintained
by human selection of sites to search
a. Used in research-linked in library systems
b. Made up of searchable databases
c. Searches for non-HTML formats
d. More reliable than search engines
e. Some sites compiled by academic librarians
f. internet index
7. EBSCO host- premium online info resources for institutions worldwide
a. Colleges, hospitals, corporations
b. Government, schools, libraries
vi.Google scholar
8. Internet search methods
9. Keyword-unique phrases or terms
a. Field- search parameter, such as title or date of publication
10.Boolean search
a. Uses keywords to narrow search
b. And narrows results by searching for both keywords
c. Expands results by searching for either
d. Quotation marks search for phrases instead of words
11.Boolean is implied in many search engines but still valuable for
narrowing searches
Operator Search string Result
1. AND Movies AND advertising Documents and websites
containing both words
2. + +movies+advertising+sa Movies, advertising, and
les sales
3. OR Jam OR jelly Jam and jelly, either term
4. OR Jam or jelly or preserves Documents and websites
containing one or all
5. AND/OR Orchids AND (growing Or Orchids and either term
planting) growing or planting or
both terms
6. “ “ “president Clinton” and President Clinton and
“foreign policy” foreign policy