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is issue: Winter At Home Mountain

In th WSU From the

Budget Weather President At School Madness
Cut Driving Welcome back
WSU-V program
provides children Mt. Hood and Mt.
Tips and tricks for traveling with a safe place to Bachelor prove to be
Governor Gregoire ASWSUV Election
through ice and snow; learn and have fun; popular places for both
plans to cut budget news included.
student’s car trapped at WSU-V received state funding recreation and relaxation
12 percent
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Washington State University Vancouver January 12, 2009 Issue 9

Change in General Education requirements The official changes to the to access more information and to courses.
By Fall 2009, many WSU- general education program are as help make the transition as smooth as The Assistant Vice Chancellor of
V classes will be cancelled follows: GE 105/106, GE 101, GE 303 possible. Academic Affairs
and GE 401 will no longer be required The only ( AV C A A )
Story and Photo by Katie Wells courses. “Students will still need to change that will “We will be returning to the provided a list
eDITor In ChIeF
complete the same number of general be taking place WSU system-wide general of pros and
Starting August 2009, five of education credits, but they will fulfill this semester is cons which
WSU-V’s classes will be dropped. the requirements by choosing from a the cancellation education program.” influenced the
These campus-specific courses will no wider list of courses,” said Diller. of GE 101. “It change. A few
longer be required according to Karen For students who have already decreases the number of students who pros to changing the requirements
Diller, Assistant Vice Chancellor of completed the courses to be cancelled, will be in the transition,” said Diller. back to the Pullman system are
Academic Affairs. Diller said, “there are several “Students who are currently that it is easier for students to use
In 2006, when enrolled in GE DARS system, it gives students more
the school supported 106 and GE 401 scheduling options for their lower
its first class of should remain division coursework, it makes it easier
four-year students, in these courses for advisors to work with one program
WSU-V began because, by and it helps faculty prepare a syllabus
implementing their completing these that uniformly applies to all students
own set of Gen. requirements, in a single class.
Ed courses, known they greatly The cons of the Pullman system
as “VanGER,” in simplify the are that there is nothing innovative
hopes of bettering transition,” said about the way they run things and the
the system already Diller. cost of implementing this program
in place at WSU T h e will be higher for the next two years
Pullman. There were changes to the since WSU-V will be accommodating
many committee r e q u i r e m e n t s both VanGER and the Pullman model.
meetings taking will affect not According to the AVCAA, it will be
place over the only the courses much harder to create a freshman
course of the last students take, learning community. Not only that,
two years in which but also the but WSU-V will be “returning to a
faculty, students, school’s budget. program with known problems.”
and staff voted on According to To gather more information or
how this system of an estimated read further into the issue, visit this site,
requirements would budget made
work. In April 2008, by the General facorg/GenEd%20process%20Nov_
faculty voted no on E d u c a t i o n 2008.htm. There are opinion and
approving the WSU Advisory Board information pieces regarding the
Vancouver General (GEAB), the VanGER program on the site as well
Education Program according to committees on campus who are difference in costs between staying as official ballots, documents, and
Faculty Organization Executive currently working on a transition plan with VanGER and switching to FAQs.
Committee (FOEC). for students.” Those committees will Pullman’s courses is $148, 907
be setting up a website for students minus the instructional cost of added

Tips for Winter weather travel Major budget

Winter snow storms and icy
roads leave many trapped
break hitching rides from friends and
family members as her car was trapped
ice rink. Winter has just begun, and
it is possible that we have not seen
cut for WSU
in the parking lot until Mother Nature the last of Jack Frost and Frosty the Gregoire cuts budget for
By Kayla Page
The VanCougar
decided to melt the shackles of snow
and to let it free. After this experience,
The options for winter driving
WSU by $31 Million
Amidst the flurry of final tests Haseman has learned a few lessons equipment can be numerous and By Eric Bahnmiller
and projects dear ol’ Mother Nature on preparing for a winter storm and overwhelming, but knowing more The VanCougar

decided to whip up a flurry of her own. handling a rear-wheel drive car. about what is available can help in Governor Chris Gregoire recommended
As if having to study for the final test As Mother Nature cools her heels times of severe winter weather. This state budget cuts that include a $31 million
wasn’t enough, many Washington fi rst, and most convenient, type of cut to WSU. The Dec. 19 announcement
State University Vancouver (WSUV) driving safety equipment is snow is a twelve percent decrease from the
students had worry about the or traction tires. There are two main current $262 million annual budget. If
likelihood that all of their hard work types of snow tires, studded and passed, the new budget will take effect
would go to waste due to the impeding non-studded. The studless varieties next spring and will be upheld until
snow and ice that covered the streets are made for severe weather and 2011.
leading to campus. Though most of are legal year-round, but lack the Gregoire’s budget will also raise
us were spared, one particular WSUV added traction that studs provide. tuition seven percent a year for the next
student was not so lucky. Studs are durable metal pieces that two years. If this portion of the budget
Rachel Haseman managed to arrive are placed throughout the traction on is passed it will give the university an
on campus Wednesday morning in snow tires. Studded tires are legal in additional $9 million and will decrease
her rear-wheel drive car, which was Washington from November 1st until the overall cut to 8.5 percent. Gregoire
a feat in itself; however, her journey March 31st. Brandon Duncan, an also plans on increasing financial aid to
did not end there. By the end of her America’s Tire employee, explains help cover the tuition increase, but no
Chemistry final Wednesday morning, Many cars in Vancouver were covered in as much snow how snow tires aid safe driving, numbers have been stated yet.
the snow began to fall, and did not as this truck in North Carolina. Photo Credit/ “The tread patterns are made to grip “WSU fully realizes that sacrifices must
stop. Walking to the parking lot that better in snowy and icy conditions.” be made during these difficult financial
afternoon, Haseman began to wonder from the work of creating such a However, Duncan cautions that, “ A times,” said WSU President Elson
if she would be stuck on campus for menacing storm, it is time for WSU- lot of people come in to [America’s Floyd in a press release. “The governor
the rest of winter break! Happily she V students to collect the necessary Tire] thinking snow tires are going to has repeatedly made a commitment
made it off campus, but not in her own preventative equipment such as snow improve driving ability, and they will to education and her proposed budget
car. Haseman had to hitch a ride home tires, chains, and a simple survival kit. help your car gain increased traction, reflects this priority. WSU will continue
because her car could not make it out of It is also important to understand how but you also have to change how you to take the appropriate steps to manage
the parking lot. As the storm got worse, to avoid a situation like Haseman’s drive in severe weather conditions.” within this fiscal environment.”
so did her luck. Haseman spent the rest and how to recover from slipping and
of finals week and the first week of sliding when the road turns into an Continued on page 6 Continued on page 7
2 The VanCougar EDITORIAL
The VanCougar
Voice of the Cougs: Letters to the Editors
The VanCougar is a student-run newspaper We can stop America’s addiction current prices, we send $350 billion a year our unhealthy dependence on foreign oil.
serving the students, faculty and staff of to foreign oil. Support the Picken’s to other countries for oil, with spending The good news is there are viable energy
WSU Vancouver. Copies of The VanCougar are Plan and support energy indepen- projections over the next 10 years reaching alternatives in the form of wind power and
available, free of charge, every other Monday
during the school year.
dence for America! $10 trillion. natural gas. T. Boone Picken has a plan for
Re: Foreign Oil These numbers are staggering, espe- how to utilize these alternatives to wean
cially considering that America is now America off foreign oil. In the process,
Editor-in-Chief The Picken’s Plan is the only proposal facing an economic crisis. And let us not jobs will be created for Americans and our
Katie Wells on the table which will lower our depen- forget that the very countries we rely on country will become more stable.
dence on foreign oil by up to 50 percent for oil are sometimes hostile toward us and The time to act is now! This can be as
Managing Editor over the next 10 years. centered in regions riddled with violence simple as going online to join the more
Michael Hatch You don’t have to be an expert on the and instability. This makes us vulnerable. than one million supporters of the Picken’s
Advisor topic of energy independence to realize the Even worse, global oil resources peaked Plan and urging our elected representatives
importance of this issue. It is one that af- in 2005, oil production has fallen over the to sign the Picken’s Pledge and take ac-
Dean Baker
fects our economy, environment, and our last several years, and it is getting more ex- tion. The Pledge calls for an energy inde-
Assistant Editor national security. Many Americans rec- pensive and difficult to produce oil. The pendence plan to be enacted within the first
Collin Rickman ognized the critical nature of this issue for issue of energy independence has reached 100 days of the Obama administration.
the first time when oil prices hit record a crisis level. This problem will not magically go away
Ad Manager highs this past summer. Yet, this is not a For decades, American taxpayers have – we each need to do our part to make a
Dan Rauchenstein new problem for America. It is one that heard far too many energy promises from difference!
has been debated for decades, and one that our elected officials, with no real action. To educate yourself on this issue and to
Copy Editor continues to grow in intensity. From President Richard Nixon to George get involved in this rapidly growing grass-
Kati Hughes In 1970, the United States imported 24% W. Bush, we patiently waited for some- roots movement, go to http://www.pick-
of our oil. Today the figure is near 70% and thing to happen, while our energy situa-
ACE Editor growing. Furthermore, America makes up tion continued to deteriorate. Now is the
Jake Kleinschmidt just 4% of the world’s population, yet we critical point in time where we absolutely - Karen Ferguson
account for 25% of the world’s oil demand, need to see action. Our government rep- District Leader,
Sports & Rec Editor using 21 of 85 million barrels produced resentatives must demonstrate that they are WA-03 Congressional District
Position open. Apply today! daily. This has resulted in an enormous committed to our best interests, and that
amount of money leaving our country. At they will actively work on a solution to

Staff Writers & Photographers

Rosann Bartel, Matt Hunter, Collin
Rickman, Louise Wynn, Jason Garcia,
Hannah Walker, Shane Monroe,
Danielle Mosier, Ruth Zschomler,
Kyle Ralston, Jake Kleinschmidt, Isaac
Madsen, Matthew Wright, Gregory E.
knowledge is the best rem-
Zschomler “...nothing to fear edy for any fear. After all,
but fear itself.” it is said that we fear that
The VanCougar, VCLS 212 most which we do not un-
14024 NE Salmon Creek Ave.
Fat Dave’s: a small I will play the jukebox.
There are so many derstand.
By request from the head
Vancouver, WA 98686 restaurant with a waitress, we have to play things in the world we are Certainly I am not
fearless. Fear is a very
Phone: (360) 546-9524 big personality at least one Elvis song so afraid of. Fear has been a
major part of our lives since useful tool in some situa-
she can sing her heart out tions. I also have my share
Fax: (360) 546-9072 while serving food. we’ve been old enough to
I was looking through hide under the covers at of “irrational” fears, but I
As far as the food can suppose that a lot of it
my mom’s old Columbia goes, you couldn’t find night.
General E-mail River yearbook and I Of course, now that comes from my lack of un-
a more filling plate for derstanding of those things noticed a blurb in her any cheaper. The menu we’re all grown up, we
“Senior Section” about have determined that there I fear.
has everything you could I’ve been working at
Advertising Inquiries popular hangouts. Of the possibly want on it, not is no monster in our closet
things listed, one really or boogeyman hiding un- The VanCougar for a long to mention, you can order time, but I was still a little
caught my eye. It was Fat any meal at any time. My der our bed.
Dave’s, a local restaurant Yet, we have somehow afraid of what I had before
personal favorite is the me when I walked into the
I’ve been going to since I grilled cheese sandwich replaced those “childish”
was young. fears with worries about office for the first time as
We are hiring! and vanilla milkshake. Fat Managing Editor.
We are always hiring. No experience This 24 hour restaurant Dave’s has burgers with paying bills on time, anxi-
is tucked away in a corner ety over a certain research With that said, I am
is necessary; we will provide all the the strangest names and very happy and honored to
on Highway 99 and 99th the best tastes along with paper due at midnight, and
training you need in journalistic style,
street, being noticed by few more nation-wide fears of serve as The VanCougar’s
photography, and digital printmaking. crunchy fries that will Managing Editor. I want
that travel down the road. satisfy your hunger. terrorism and political and
E-mail us at vancouged@vancouver. Personally, if I’d never economic instability. to make this your student
Fat Dave’s has soup, newspaper. A newspaper or visit our office in VCLS 212 been there before, I most salad, sea food, sandwiches, I will not be writing
for more information. likely wouldn’t stop there this column to extinguish by the students and for the
pancakes, omelettes, and students.
to eat. It always seems so even mashed potatoes. such fears, or even to sepa-
Letters to the Editor deserted and looks pretty rate the rational from the I strongly encourage
They have everything. If writing Letters to the Edi-
We encourage letters to the editor. old, but a step inside the you happen to be looking irrational. I merely write to
Please include your full name as part of place will help one realize bring these fears to the sur- tors for any reason your
for a new place to eat or heart desires. I also encour-
the letter, and a phone number or e- why Fat Dave’s is still you’re starving at 3 a.m., face and encourage a sec-
around. ond thought upon why we age you to visit our website
mail address for confirmation follow-up. I highly recommend Fat at and get
Letters must be by a student, faculty, or The atmosphere Dave’s! fear the things we do.
inside is very mom-and- Throughout the semes- in on the community hap-
staff member. pening there.
pop with the loud and Fat Dave’s ter, I will discuss serious
inviting waitresses and topics like terrorism and I look forward to the
Guest Columns & Comics 1511 NE 99th St rest of the year, as I hope
The VanCougar accepts guest columns the old-school bell for the Vancouver, WA foreign oil dependency, as
cook. Every time we eat at well as more light-hearted you do. I am especially ex-
and comics from current students of (360) 573-3864 cited to see where this pa-
Fat Dave’s, my friends and topics like arachnophobia.
WSU Vancouver. Interested students
Though it is not my per can go within the next
should e-mail us at vancouged@ intention to force you to few months - don’t hesitate be unafraid of things you to apply, freshmen! We
fear, I do firmly believe need all the writers and
Corrections policy that good old-fashioned photographers we can get.
It is our policy to correct errors. Please
contact the editors by e-mail at

Advertise with us
The VanCougar directly reaches 3,000
students, faculty, and staff at WSU-V. HARRY HOFFMAN, Agent
There is no better way to advertise to

the Vancouver area university crowd 1307 B NE 78th St., Ste 1

than with us. For more information, Vancouver, WA 98665
advertising rates and policies, please
visit or contact our
advertising manager.
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Co. – Bloomington, IL
OPINION January 12, 2009 3
The Sluice Box degree, it is a reaction against the ment. Like agrarian conservatives,
strong belief in the individual inher- liberals do not believe that the earth
ent in neo-conservatism. Agrarians is environmentally indestructible, as
wars, it had largely gone out of style
by the time of the Cold War. During
that time, agrarian conservatism was
A quick look at Agrarian hold that human beings are intimate- many neo-conservative thinkers im- overshadowed by neo-conservatism
ly connected to their community and ply. However, the similarity is largely because it was perceived in-
Conservatism their environment. deceptive. As environmentally con- adequate to deal with the threat of
By Matt Hunter The relationships and institu- scious as agrarian conservatism may the Soviet Union.
The VanCougar tions of these communities—the be, it also holds that humanity has During this time, however,
organic foundations that have de- a special role in the world. This is there were voices crying in the wil-
Having taken a brief look at veloped over many years—are in blasphemy in liberal circles. derness. Perhaps the best known of
neo-conservatism in the last issue, fact promoters of personal freedom Similarly, agrarian conservatism these voices is Wendell Berry, who
let us now take an equally quick look rather than hindrances to individual holds very strongly to a belief in a has perhaps done more than any one
at perhaps the second most popular choice. For example, modern Amer- higher power. In general, the Green person to revive agrarian conserva-
form of conservatism in America to- icans have a greater number of oc- movement on the Left believes there tism in America.
day: agrarian conservatism. cupational paths is no In 2006, Rod Dreher wrote
When one hears the word and lifestyles “Agrarians hold that human h i g h e r Crunchy Con, which questioned the
agrarian, it is easy to let a picture today than they beings are intimately connected p o w e r materialism and desire for power
of the Amish or Hutterite lifestyle did in the past, a n d that permeates Republican thought
pop into one’s mind. This is not a but they are in- to their community and their that the today. By his own admission, Dre-
helpful presupposition. Just as neo- creasingly con- environment.” route to her discovered agrarian thought not
conservatism has as many different trolled by large utopia through its supporters but rather by
branches as an unpruned apple tree, corporations and impersonal bu- is through community. Agrarians seeing the problems created by the
agrarian conservatives often differ reaucracies. We have traded social believe in local government. The degradation of community, the fam-
in their views. Given the nature of and economic freedom for material Green movement sees the federal ily and the environment. Today,
conservatism as outlined two issues gain. government as the means by which there is a popular movement among
ago, this should not be surprising. It At first glance, this seems people can be restricted to a com- young conservatives to be “crunchy”
is precisely the anti-ideological na- very similar to the Green movement munity system. So while agrarian or agrarian conservatives.
ture of conservatism that causes the and the hippy sentiments of the 60s. conservatism and the Green move- I promise this is my last column
division within these broad catego- Liberals of this camp also see com- ment often have similar complaints, on conservatism for a while. How-
ries. munity as essential. They too em- they could hardly be more opposite. ever, I hope these have been help-
With this in mind, what phasize the dangers of the modern Agrarian conservatism is a very ful surveys of a convoluted category
are some of the basic principles of desperate search for wealth at the old form of American conservatism. that is often oversimplified and mis-
agrarian conservatism? To a great expense of culture and the environ- But because it was against foreign represented.

Why Do You Ask? ness; Lincoln freed people from

Is anything for sure?

physical slavery, while Darwin
freed people from intellectual im- Man on the Street
prisonment; and so on. What’s your biggest fear coming to WSU-V?
In the world where science
By Louise Wynn By Kati Hughes
The VanCougar and politics intersect, we’ll hear The VanCougar
a lot of arguments about whether
I was way off on this one: we should go to the Moon again, For this edition of Man on the Street,
I wrote in our last issue that we or press on to Mars. (My vote is we spoke to incoming students who at-
would know by the second week for Mars, and I predict that more tended the freshman and transfer-stu-
of December who was going to and more NASA folks will start to dent orientation, ROAR.
win the Minnesota senatorial lean that way, too.)
race: Republican incumbent Norm In environmental circles, an-
Coleman, or Al Franken, the Dem- other world where science and
ocratic challenger. I got this idea politics intersect, we’ll witness a Emily A.
from the Web site www.FiveThir- lot of battles over the Bush admin- English, where economist istration’s ever more desperate ef- “Paying for it. Making sure that I can
Nate Silver wrote that Franken forts to sabotage Earth’s future. work my schedule out with work and
would win by somewhere between In the world of medicine, classes and homework and all that.”
48 and 136 votes. we’ll read about cures for---I
Now, with the recount com- don’t know---you go ahead and Dale F.
pleted, Franken fill in the name Business/Accounting
appears to be “I predict less and less of some condi- “Lately I’ve been holding myself to
ahead by more sleep for more and tion or disease- a bit of a higher academic standard.
than 225 votes, more students as the --cures which Coming from Clark that was a lot
but we still don’t semester wears on” however will easier, I’m expecting, than it’ll be like
know how this unfortunately here. So, adjusting to the more difficult
election will end. Coleman is ask- require five more years of clinical atmosphere I guess.”
ing the Minnesota Supreme Court trials before they’re available to Daniel P.
to order counties to re-count their the public. Engineering
ballots and this time include some In the world of nutrition and “It’s just a different experience. I’ve
absentee ballots not counted be- pseudo-nutrition, we’ll see a lot been in a similar sized college, but it
fore. of TV ads about new ways to lose was a private school.”
Nate Silver’s under-predic- weight, gain muscle mass, run a
tion seems minor compared to the marathon in our best time ever,
wild—and wildly wrong—guess- and---but wait! There’s more!
es that the political talking heads Readers of women’s magazines
made. But this time I’m not go- will find a recipe for an 18,000-
ing to predict that we’ll know the calorie cake pictured on the front Christina H.
outcome by the time this issue is cover AND a pull-out section with “I’m not really nervous about much
printed. I will make some other 5 exercises to tone your abs in 12 of anything, honestly. I’ve been here
predictions, though. In the world minutes per day AND an article by Elisa W. a couple of times before, I’ve already
of science, we’ll be reading a lot a doctor or a movie star about how Human Development toured the campus and I actually al-
in 2009 about Charles Darwin. Americans need to lose weight. “Not knowing people. And really ready feel really comfortable.”
This year marks the 200th anni- I predict we’ll see new diet/ that’s not bad, because I love meeting
versary of his birth and the 150th health fads that give a new name new people. I just walk right up and
anniversary of the publication of to an old idea. Okay, that’s not re- I’m like ‘Hey, how’s it going?’”
“On the Origin of Species.” Web ally a prediction, because this has
sites (one example: www.darwin- already started, with “news” sto- have been created to help ries about the great new discovery
people all over the world partici- of “slow-release carbs” (formerly Want to start a conservative club on campus?
pate in the birthday celebrations known as fresh fruits and veg-
on February 12. etables, beans, and whole-grain Meet us in the Conference Room in the Firstenburg Center on Tuesday
In the world of pseudo-sci- breads). January 20 at 1:00 to discuss the formation of a conservative club at WSU-V
ence, we’ll read a lot about how In the world of students at
alike Darwin and Abraham Lin- WSU-V, I predict less and less
coln were, a lot of comparisons of sleep for more and more students If you can’t make it, but are still interested, please contact Matt Hunter at
their accomplishments. Born on as the semester wears on, but
the same day (Feb. 12, 1809), they overall a happy, healthy, and pro-
both suffered from depression, but ductive 2009. Be countercultural... be human, be wise... be a conservative!
that didn’t stop them from great-
4 The VanCougar ASWSUV
From the President: Rec center survey prize winners
Welcome back, Cougars! ASWSUV gave away around
I hope your winter break went well and that you are now $1500 worth of prizes to Cougs
ready to get back in the swing of another new semester. Make
By Michael Hatch
sure you keep your eyes open for great events around cam- Managing Editor
pus that will allow you to take a break from studying
and have some fun or get involved. Coming up this As part of ASWSUV’s efforts to de-
semester is the ASWSUV election, so if you have termine whether this campus needs a
been thinking about getting further involved with recreation center and how much mon-
your campus now is the time to start deciding ey should be spent on it, they held a
which position would be a good fit for you. university-wide survey and added an
Remember that your current ASWSUV repre- extra incentive of about $1500 worth
sentatives are always willing to answer ques- of prizes.
tions or receive new ideas. Stop by the Office The survey was held for a period
of Student Involvement located in the Firsten- of a few weeks and gave students the
burg Student Commons or check out our web- opportunity to be entered in to a prize
site at for lots of informa- drawing. Prizes included gift cards to
tion, including profiles for your ASWSUV officers, a the Bookie, an orange parking pass for
community forum, and the lastest upcoming events. on-campus parking, and XBOX 360
~ Peter Sterr, President, ASWSUV and a 32” LCD HDTV. Kristine Olsen expresses her approval of win-
ning the grand prize: a 32” LCD HD Television.

President Peter Sterr with prize winners Brigida Gubala, Shirlon Moncief, Bobby Krause (winner of the XBOX 360), Kristine Olsen (winner of the HDTV), Whitney Cooper, Soren Ludwig and Ben Gross.
FEATURES January 12, 2009 5
Poetry Place At Home At School Program
In Memoriam Countless Lives Inhabit Us Children lacking stable homes cure environment that promotes active
  by Lord Alfred Tennyson  by Fernando Pessoa
find attention and affection learning for those who need it. Initial-
Countless lives inhabit us. By Shane Monroe ly housed in a shelter, with the support
Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky, of the Evergreen School District the
   The flying cloud, the frosty light: I don’t know, when I think or feel, The VanCougar
Who it is that thinks or feels. program moved to a location in a lo-
   The year is dying in the night; January is well known as a time cal school. With the move to a school,
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die. I am merely the place to make resolutions to accomplish the program was able to expand to
Where things are thought or felt. special landmarks and make yourself serve low-income children struggling
Ring out the old, ring in the new, I have more than just one soul. a better person. If you are having a in school who are not homeless (300
   Ring, happy bells, across the snow: There are more I’s than I myself. hard time making a unique resolution, children in total). Homeless children
   The year is going, let him go; I exist, never the less, a great local program could give you are first priority and all are accepted
Ring out the false, ring in the true. Indifferent to them all. that jumpstart to make a difference.
I silence them: I speak. for enrollment.” This program has al-
At Home At School (AHAS) is a lowed for hundreds of children to find
Ring out the grief that saps the mind The crossing urges of what I feel or do great program that allows for children a place to escape from the troubles of
   For those that here we see no more; not feel without a stable home to get needed at- a life which they did not ask to be put
   Ring out the feud of rich and poor, Struggle in who I am, but I Ignore tention and affection. Dr. Susan Finley into, and feel like they finally have a
Ring in redress to all mankind. them. started the program back in 2002, in a place to call home.
They dictate nothing shelter operated by SHARE. Dr. Fin-
To the I There are three primary goals as-
Ring out a slowly dying cause, ley explained that she had been work- sociated with this rewarding program
   And ancient forms of party strife; I know: I write.  ing with, “homeless street youths in an to ensure its success. The first goal is
   Ring in the nobler modes of life, Courtesy of Poetry International Web.Org action research and educational project to provide a community-based teacher
With sweeter manners, purer laws. Translation: 1998, Richard ZenithFrom: Fernando before coming to WSU-V, but shortly education in fulfillment of WSUV’s
Pessoa & Co.
after arriving, shelter staff alerted me charge to prepare new teachers to work
Ring out the want, the care, the sin, that they had a sudden influx of chil- in an increasingly diverse society.
   The faithless coldness of the times; dren with summer approaching.” This The second goal is to assist K-12 stu-
   Ring out, ring out my mournful rhymes allowed for the program to literally dents who are homeless or otherwise
But ring the fuller minstrel in. take off and expand. Today, AHAS “low status” or underserved, in their
enrolls about 400 K-12 students, with efforts to succeed in school—that is,
Ring out false pride in place and blood,
   The civic slander and the spite;
WE’VE EXTENDED OUR DEADLINE 300 enrolling for the summer season. students who live in transitional and
Salmon Creek Journal has extended its submission The students involved in AHAS, are other subsidized low-income housing,
   Ring in the love of truth and right, deadline. Students currently, faculty, staff, and mainly from Evergreen, Vancouver, qualify for free and reduced lunch, are
Ring in the common love of good. alumni at Washington State University Vancouver Battleground, Hockinson school dis- in foster care, chronically ill, English
are encouraged to submit their poetry, prose, and
visual art to be considered for publication in the tricts. language learners, have an incarcer-
Ring out old shapes of foul disease; 2009 Salmon Creek Journal. AHAS is integrated with WSU-V ated parent, or low school attendance.
   Ring out the narrowing lust of gold; and there are roughly 40 WSU-V stu- The third and final goal is to develop
   Ring out the thousand wars of old, JANUARY 15, 2009 dents and 17 teachers who have gradu- ongoing research about teaching and
Ring in the thousand years of peace. ated from WSU-V education programs learning in both primary populations:
Visit our new website for submission guidelines participating as AHAS volunteers. Dr. k-8 and teacher education students.
Ring in the valiant man and free, & the submission form: Finley explained that it is important to Dr. Finley has done an amazing
   The larger heart, the kindlier hand; W W W. S A L M O N C R E E K J O U R N A L . C O M know that with WSU-V two courses job creating this program and keeping
   Ring out the darkness of the land, Or contact us at: are integrated. Students complete their its success growing. If you are at all
Ring in the Christ that is to be. diversity field experiences at AHAS interested in this program, you should
2009 Salmon Creek Journal and there is an AHAS Scholars pro- make it
Copyright: Academy of American Poets/ gram. AHAS your own,
Scholars re- personal
ceive “educa- resolu-
tional awards” tion to get
in return for involved.
volunteer ser- According
vice or intern- to Dr. Fin-
ships with ley, “There
AHAS. This are many,
year, about many ways
$30,000 in for stu-
Scholars funds dents to
will be award- become in-
ed to WSU-V This outdoor classroom building is the first of its kind in
Washington, operating on a fully green level. volved and
students. Schol- we encour-
ars positions are available. age students from all departments
When asked why this program was and programs to join the AHAS proj-
started, Dr. Finley stated that, “Since ect. First, we offer the AHAS Social
2002, the Washington State Univer- Justice Scholars Program. This is an
sity Vancouver School of Education Americorps program that offers finan-
has recognized that two educational cial awards for students who volunteer
needs within the community could with AHAS 450-675 hours. Second,
be met through the establishment of AHAS hosts internships with students
an academic enrichment program for in several departments. We need sum-
homeless and transitional housing mer assistance with our bridge build-
children. Realizing that many children ing program. It would be great to in-
in unstable housing struggle and lag volve students from engineering, for
in school and precertification teachers example. Our video storytelling and
need to gain experience teaching chil- public service announcement projects,
dren from a variety of backgrounds as well as efforts to close the techno-
and home environments, a four week logical divide through technology edu-
summer program, At Home At School, cation always make openings for digi- 
was established—bringing together tal tech majors. It would be great to get
K-8 children, their families, and pre- English majors and students involved
service and in-service teachers in a with your publication, The VanCou-
field-based community project. gar, to help out with the AHAS Daily
Teachers learn first-hand what it News and other student authorship
means for children to live in a shelter, projects. We’re also hosting senior
temporary apartment or tent. They projects with high school seniors who
find that children, who reside in shel- serve on the AHAS Student Advisory
ter or transitional housing live in a Board—topics range from anorexia to
system that regulates their time—with literacy. There’s room for everybody
rules for when they can bathe, sleep, at AHAS!”
eat, and study. The name of the pro- So make your New Year’s Resolu-
gram refers to providing opportunities tion today! Contact Dr. Susan Finley
for children to feel at home at school, today at
i.e., providing a comfortable and se-
6 The VanCougar CAMPUS NEWS
Winter driving suggestions Professional

continued from Page 1
Writers Series
or ice. Aside from the important equip-
ment mentioned above, the following
By Kayla Page items should be a staple in every car dur-
The VanCougar
ing the winter, in the unlikely event that By Greg Zschomler
The second type of winter driving equip- Mother Nature decides to put you in a The VanCougar
ment is tire chains. There are two types dangerous situation: basic tools, a flash-
of chains as well: classic link chains and light, blankets, some extra warm clothes,
cable chains. Classic chains are simple bottled water and food, a first aid kit, bat- The Spring 2009 Professional
chain links that wrap around the tire to tery jumper cables, and a CB radio or cell Writers Series with presentations
dig into snow and ice to provide better phone. All of these items should comprise by prominent guest writers begins
traction. Cable chains do the same, but an emergency weather kit for every motor January 22. The five session series
resemble tightly wound coils and run vehicle. Despite the support this equip- opens with Washington State Poet
horizontally along to tire’s surface like a ment provides, nothing can beat the solid Laureate, Sam Green.
rope ladder. Both provide equal amount knowledge of knowing how to handle a The writers/speakers will not
of traction, but cable chains are stronger car during a slip or skid. only share portions of their own
and quieter. Rules and regulations apply The first and most important word work, but share advice about their
when driving with chains as they can be of advice is: do not break! This will lock profession. All presentations begin
hazardous to the driver and others if used up the tires and cause the car to continue at 6:00 p.m.
improperly. The maximum speed recom- skidding. Instead, slowly remove your According to Professor Howard
mended while driving with chains is 30 foot from accelerator until the car feels as Aaron, “Each of the guest speaker
miles per hour. In addition, it is necessary if it is beginning to regain traction. Then programs are open to all students
to check the tightness and integrity of the steer in the direction you want car to go, and to the general community.”
chains often to avoid one becoming loose but be careful not to over steer or steer too The presentations are free. At
and possibly falling off, therefore creat- fast. The best way to avoid skidding alto- press time, two seats were still
ing a hazard for other drivers. Chains can gether is to simply drive more cautiously. available for students interested
only be used when snow or ice is present, Steer and break more slowly because the in taking the series as a 3 credit
so it is very important to be cautious and distance needed to stop is twice as long as class. The class, taught by Aaron,
know how to put on and remove them. It usual. Some advice for drivers like Hase- meets Thursday evenings, 6:00 -
is also important to be prepared ahead of man who must brave the storms in a rear 9:00 p.m. from January 15 through
time Duncan warns, “if you think there wheel drive car: place bags of sand or March 26.
is a chance you’ll need chains, buy them kitty litter in the trunk to add weight over
before the first snowfall because they sell the rear tires which will add traction to the
January 22
out fast! Within the first two days of the tires. Front wheel drive cars have weight “Keeping Poetry Alive” with Sam
recent winter storm America’s Tire was of engine above driving tires so this adds Green, Washington State Poet
completely sold out.” traction. Despite all this good advice, the Laureate
Overall, snow tires are more best way to avoid any hazards it to stay at February 5
 convenient because they can be kept on home. Make a cup of coffee and snuggle
throughout the winter, and provide added “Writing Across Genres” with Kim
up by the fire, that is, unless you have a Stafford, poet, essayist and short
traction no matter the amount of snow midterm to take! story writer.
February 19
“Writing About Popular Culture”
with Shawn Levy, The Oregonians
film critic and former editor of
American Film magazine.
      March 5
“Making a Career as a Freelancer,”
WSU Vancouver Library a panel discussion with Rebecca

UPCOMING Clarren, David Wolman, and
 Julian Smith.
March 12
EVENTS “Intersections: The Novel and the
Memoir” with Cheryl Strayed,
Find a better banking match novelist and memoir writer, picked
by The Oregonian as a top ten
The Arts @ WSU Vancouver with Lacamas Community

PNW author.
Credit Union and get a...
Who: All WSU Vancouver students

$ Visa gift card!*


who would like to showcase their

art or craft

When: Event held April 10th, 2009

3:30 p.m.
Is your bank meeting your needs or just Student Elections
What: Local arts and crafts
vendors, including community meeting you halfway? Find a better match are Coming!
students, staff and faculty. with LCCU and get a $50 Visa gift card!*
Want to know exactly the role of the
Join today by going to President, Vice President or Senate?
This event hopes to bring aware-,
ness to the community of the calling 360.834.3611, or at any of our five branches. Talk to the current position holders
campus rotating galleries and and learn how YOU can be the
15705 NE Fourth Plain Blvd. ,Vancouver
permanent art pieces. 615-A SE Chkalov Dr.,Vancouver voice of the students at an
403 NE Fifth Ave., Camas information forum!
We plan to use this event to raise 19200 SE 31st St., Camas
funds to support the WSU Van- 640 “E” St.,Washougal January 21st
couver Art galleries, DTC Program 1:00pm – 2:30 pm
and Fine arts department. Firstenberg Student
Contact: Lea Pfau in the office
of Development and Alumni Contact the ASWSUV
relations 360-546-9600 or email Elections Board at
*Membership requirements apply. Offer
requires LCCU Checking Account with Direct 360.834.3611
Deposit, or an incoming ACH, or a new loan
opened between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, 2008. 1.888.834.3611 with any questions.
No substitution or cash exchange is permissible. Gift cards are
awarded AS IS and without warranty of any kind, expressed or
implied. The value of the gift card is considered taxable income
and will be disclosed on a 1099-INT Form at year end.
CAMPUS NEWS January 12, 2009 7
ROAR welcomes new Cougs Major budget cut for WSU
By Kati Hughes [incoming students] because they get to continued from Page 1 the committee’s first meeting, the
The VanCougar meet fellow students before they actually main topics of discussion were how
have classes.” By Eric Bahnmiller to uphold student access without
On Thursday, January 8, 2009 The VanCougar
“The difference between maybe Clark lowering the quality of education and
incoming freshmen and transfer students and WSU-V is, [at Clark], you just go to Floyd ordered the university to how to increase productivity while
gathered in the auditorium in the class when you have classes. I think ROAR slow down its hiring, leaving many protecting current employees.
multimedia classroom building for ROAR is WSU-V’s way of making sure students vacant positions open. The university Gregoire is recommending capi-
orientation. Student Ambassadors held up experience that sort of community,” said has drastically restricted travel and tal construction projects to boost the
signs displaying different departments, Newton. reduced the number of courses it of- state’s economy. One of the top proj-
and new students gathered around their In addition to meeting fellow freshmen fers to improve resource allocation. ects is WSU-V’s very own Applied
respective majors. and transfers, the attendees got a chance A committee has been established Technology Classroom Building with
Sara Newton, a student ambassador, to learn about on-campus resources like to come up with possible solutions to a price tag of $38.6 million. If the
was there to help out. According to the Student Services Center and the the cuts in funding. The University proposal is passed, ground breaking
Newton, the most important reason for Library. They were also able to visit with Committee has created a website, on the building will begin next March
new students to attend ROAR is that it representatives of campus organizations, to according to the Governor.
“creates sort of a comfortable situation for and clubs while enjoying free pizza. gather opinions on the situation. In

The VanCougar is hiring

� Be involved on campus
� Build your résumé
� Get paid!
We need WSUV students for the following paid positions:
� news reporters
� arts and entertainment reporters
� sports reporters
� photographers
� illustrators
� comic artists

We are also hiring layout and page design staff

Drop by our office in VCLS 212 and pick up an application

Cities, Gebular and Red Spades perform

Local bands to entertain to hear their music.
Very different from the sound of Red
Ferderer said he was “pretty excited,”
and that this event “will probably be
at WSU-V in the FSC Spades is the band Gebular. Gebular the best [Get To Know Ya Tuesday] so
By Katie Wells is from Aberdeen and has been around far, possibly the best ever. People will
Editor in Chief for over five years. They are influenced be able to relax and listen to some good
by bands like Tool, Led Zeppelin, Pink music, and just have fun.”
Three local bands are scheduled Floyd and Korn. Members Branden He also encourages student bands
to perform in the Firstenburg Student DePriest (Guitar and Vocals), Justin to participate in any similar, future
Commons on January 20th. DePriest (Drums and Vocals), Clint events.
As part of the ‘Get to Know You Mullins (Bass) and Cody Reid (Lead
Tuesdays’ put on by the Student Guitar) have played over 150 shows
Ambassadors, this concert will together at various locations.
encourage campus involvement and “Fans enjoy our music because it’s
help students relate to one another. The easy listening and they can relate to our
bands featured are Red Spades, Cities songs. We are all very excited to play at
and Gebular. WSU-V. We believe the show will be
Red Spades, from Vancouver, great!” said drummer Justin DePriest.
started in February of 2008. The three Besides on their myspace page:
members, Graham Koreski (Vocals and, you can
Guitar), Anden Oquendo (Bass) and listen to them at the free concert at
Alex Deeley (Drums), each have many WSU-V.
years of musical experience. Heavily According to Student Ambassador
influenced by The Beatles, The Moldy Nick Ferderer, the show will last
Peaches, and The Rolling Stones, the around two hours with each band
band has a very ‘classic-rock’ sound. playing a half-hour set. There will be
With over 20 songs to their name, this free popcorn and slushies provided at
newly formed band has been hard at the event.
work. Fans seem to enjoy their songs
“Sunrise” and “Second Place.”
For a preview of their music before
the show, check out their website: or their myspace account:
Cities was formed in October 2007
by band members Tony McColun
(Drums), Chris Perez (Bass), and Ryan
Bisson (Guitar and Vocals). They has
a very Pop Rock sound according to
Bisson. Cities has played at venues
such as Hawthorne Theatre and
“Aww, Red Spades. I love those Left: Gebular plays at a Battle of the Bands.
guys!” said Ryan Bisson when told he Above: The members of Cities enjoying a
would be playing with them. break. Top: This Red Spades artwork is used
Visit their site: as their myspace picture.

Benjamin Button is wonderfully weird

UPCOMING Brad Pitt movie received As Benjamin grows older, he notices the movies, but the intrinsic uniqueness
that he might also be growing younger. of Benjamin Button cannot be denied.
EVENTS four out of five stars
By Rosie Bartel
Raised in the retirement home where It’s a truly special film; quirky, magi-
Queenie works, he is eager to venture cal and bursting with sincerity. A rarity
out and see the world, where he meets today, where cliché ridden Hollywood
The VanCougar many colorful characters and frequent- stinkers reign supreme.
WSU-V Exhibits Jodi Tripp’s “I was thinking how nothing lasts, and ly encounters the harsh realities of As Benjamin notes, nothing lasts.
what a shame that is.” death. He eventually reunites with the This is perhaps a meditation on the
Digital Photography So says Benjamin Button, in what spirited Daisy.
January 12 - February 13 in the might be the movie’s overarching mes- The movie is
sage. Born shriveled, arthritic, and near beautifully made
Administration gallery. Tripp blind with cataracts, Benjamin’s adop- with glorious cine-
will be displaying some new tive mother, Queenie (Taraji P. Henson) matography, a subtle
additions to the ‘Barns’ series is told he probably won’t live long. But but haunting musical
she loves him immediately, uncondi- score, seamless CGI
as well other new works. special effects, and
tionally, and doesn’t spend much time
questioning his bizarre condition. wonderful perfor-
Benjamin grows into a wheelchair mances from the star
WSU Vancouver Displays Wayne studded cast. And no
bound child, played by a doe-eyed
Herndon’s Colorful Paintings Brad Pitt, rendered Hobbit sized via wonder, given how
January 12 - March 13 in the CGI magic. People assume he is an old long it took to be
man and treat him accordingly, which produced. Loosely
Engineering Life Sciences adapted from a short
becomes problematic when he meets
gallery. and is smitten with Daisy (Cate Blanch- story by F. Scott
ett), a child who is chronologically his Fitzgerald, the film According to Box office Magazine, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin
age. As their friendship blossoms, she began development Button’ is bringing in over $1.3 billion a day.
Local Bands Performing for ‘Get senses his youth and is fascinated. in 1994 with Tom
The movie steps sensitively over Cruise and John Travolta set to star at fleeting nature of youth or life itself.
To Know You Tuesdays’ various stages. But through his travels and accompa-
potentially creepy undertones by ac-
January 20 at 3 p.m. in the FSC. centuating Benjamin’s innocence and Comparisons have been drawn be- nying adventures, he lives his life with
Free popcorn and slushies. naivety. Brad Pitt masterfully captures tween this movie and Forrest Gump, as a dignified fearlessness that is truly in-
his childlike persona. His Benjamin is they share similar plot developments spiring. Maybe because he knows, bet-
Sponsored by the Student and characters. Both screenplays were ter than most could, the precious gifts
so sweet, so loveably frail, so perpetu-
Ambassadors, OSI and the ally awestruck, it’s easy to believe in also written by Eric Roth. But to dis- that youth, and life, truly are.
ASWSUV Senate his youth and to love him as Queenie miss Benjamin Button as a cheap Gump The movie is rated PG-13 for vio-
does. knockoff is a severe miscalculation. lence, sexual content, and language.
Yes, you can draw parallels between It’s also a lengthy 166 minutes.
ISA Anime Night
January 21 @ 6 PM in ADM 110
    
WSU Vancouver Library Sponsored by International Student Association and ASWSUV

Portland Corp BW Ad 10x15 9/8/08 3:55 PM Page 1 Ken Bickel Brown Disk 74.5: II650ME/Portland Corp BW Ad:Portland BW AD 10x15:

ADVERTISEMENTS January 12, 2009 9

Hood and Baker offer winter recreation


Providing both relaxation has several restaurants (and a bar or ride the slopes as long as you have a
two) for warming up. The Ram’s Head Safeway Club card.
and exercise, these two Bar is particularly popular with those Mt. Bachelor provides more than
who enjoy a warm drink and a view ex- 3,600 acres of skiable terrain and has
mountains have it all tending halfway to California. a reputation for having the best powder
Story and Photos by Mark Medina Skibowl is famous for being Amer- in the Pacific Northwest. All 360 de-
tHe VAnCougAr ica’s largest night ski and snowboard grees of the mountain can be explored
Park. For those on a budget, ladies night from the Summit Express which deliv-
Winter break introduced many is every Tuesday and just $14. Visit the ers riders to the top of the mountain at
WSU-V Cougars to the joys of heavy Mid-Mountain Warming Hut, tucked 9,065 feet. From there, riders descend
snowfall. Brisk arctic air brought away in Ski Bowl’s Lower Bowl, for more than 3,300 vertical feet to the re-
mountain conditions to the area, trap- a bowl of soup, microbrew and a warm sort where they can rest up and enjoy
ping some inside while beckoning oth- fire. This is the place to be if you want a variety of entertainment, restaurants
ers out. to chill out and warm up. and shopping.
James Jefferson, a Senior Business Mt. Hood Meadows is where the If you are interested in participat-
Administration major, says he was ill, thrill seekers go. Steep slopes make ing in the WSU-V ski/snowboard trip
but “couldn’t resist tearing it up on the for long lift lines and thrilling runs. to Mt. Bachelor stop by the Office of
slopes anyway.” Still others chose to ‘Meadows,’ as it’s known to regulars, Student Involvement located across
stay inside. When it comes to snowy has several restaurants including a piz- from the Bookie and next door to AS-
weather, there are two kinds of people: zeria, ice cream shop and juice bar. Ev- WSUV or call 360-546-9532 for more
those that cuddle up with a cup of hot ery Sunday evening it costs just $15 to information.
chocolate to watch
from inside and
those that venture
out to explore the
beauty of the wild
outdoors. Fortu-
nately, Mt. Hood and
Mt. Bachelor boast
plenty of choices
for both types of
Mt. Hood, which
can be seen from
campus, is about an
hours drive from
Vancouver and has
three major ski and
snowboard resorts.
Timberline of-
fers year-round fun
and more than 1,400
acres of terrain to
explore. Ten regular
lifts and five high-
speed quad chair lifts
means more time on
the slopes and less
time waiting in line.
When skiers are

UPCOMING ready to take a rest,

Timberline Lodge

No matter where you look at Mt. Hood, the scenery is something to admire. Timberline Lodge is no exception.

• February 20-22
Open Gym at Chinook • Cost: $110 students
Begins Wednesday Nights $150 non students
Sign up at Chinook Gym • Lodging at Phoenix Inn in Bend
• Equipment rental included
• Sign up by Jan 23rd.
Flag Football League • Transportation not included
January 22- Sign up in OSI Mt. Bachelor Rates
• Daily Lift ticket: $35-$69
Rock Climbing (PRG) • Season Pass: $60-$999
January 24- Sign up in OSI by • Hours: 8:30am to 4pm
January 21 • Equipment rental: $32-$48
$20.00 for students, $25.00 for Mt. Hood’s
non-students. Ski Bowl Rates
• Daily Lift ticket: $14-$43
Snow Camping • Season Pass: $379 for Students
January 31- Sign up in OSI by • Hours: varies; 8am-11pm Saturdays
January 30 • Equipment rental: $25-$30
Timberline Lodge
Campus Overnighter Rates
February 6- Sign up in OSI by • Daily Lift ticket: $20-$57
February 4 • Season Pass: $349-$549
• Equipment rental: $20-$40
Snowboard/Ski Trip Mt. Hood
February 20-22 at Mt. Bachelor. Meadows Rates
Only a few spots left so sign • Daily Lift ticket: $35-$64
up fast! $110 for students and • Season Pass: $222-$444
$150 for non students. • Hours: 9am-10pm
• Equipment rental: $22-$42
Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood offers beautiful views of the sunrise as well as thrilling runs.
SPORTS & RECREATION January 12, 2009 11
WSU-V’s City League Volleyball
team is ready to play
Ten experienced players playing after graduating high
school so I’m really looking
are excited for the chance forward to playing again.” The
majority of the girls on the team
to play the game again are undergraduates with the
exception of one staff member.
By Kendal Mantzke Freshman Kayla McKee said,
Contributing Writer
“Volleyball has always been my
favorite sport. I’m pumped to be
With an hour and a half to playing again.” The volleyball
practice and scrimmage against team through WSU-V offers a
two teams, the WSU-V City chance for students and faculty/
League Volleyball team met up staff to not only participate in a
Thursday night at the Marshall sport they are passionate about,
Center. After only one night of but also offers the chance to gain
playing volleyball, Katie Wells friendships and enjoy playing
said, “I’m seriously pumped! with each other. Andrea Yoho
I’m glad WSU-V has a team. said, “ I’m really excited to
Hopefully we dominate; this be playing again. The girls are
season should be an overall good great!”
experience.” The night started off Along with co-ed volleyball,
with only a moment to spare to the Marshall Center offers
get everyone’s names and there an assortment of activities.
began the start of the season. They offer co-ed and women’s
Michelle McIlvoy said, “This volleyball, men’s and women’s
season will rock. I can’t wait for basketball and men’s, women’s
our first game. GO COUGS!” and co-ed softball. Youth sports
The ladies will be playing on is another example of the various
Wednesday and Thursday nights activities offered through the
at the Marshall Center as of the Marshall Center. If you’re
14th and 15th of January. Each wondering how to get on a team,
team in the league will compete the answer is simple. They keep
and play each other at various an extra player list for all of our
times throughout the season. sports. The Marshall Center needs
This process will continue on your name, phone number, the
from January through the month position you play and how long
of March until the playoffs on you have played the sport. Also,
April 1st. WSU-V’s City League if you watch the teams play and
Volleyball team will be competing talk to the coaches, sometimes
in Division II this season. you can get picked up that way.
Most of the ladies on the team For any additional information
have had previous experience and questions, call 487-7082 for
playing volleyball. According to volleyball and softball or call
Erika Stauffer, “I really missed 487-7025 for basketball.


couve r Team Tod

Va n ay!!!
Join WSU
ou r

2008 Relay Team (Eighties Theme)

Sign up at by January 30

Everyone is welcome!!
The more the merrier!!
12 The VanCougar TAIL END
January 2009
Jan 17: Outdoor Snowshoeing Trip
Location dependent upon weather / 7:30 a.m.
Free for all those with snowshoes

Jan 19: Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

Firstenburg Student Commons / 9:00 a.m.
Free. RSVP via

Jan 20: Resume Workshop

Firstneburg Student Commons, 104 / 4:15 p.m.
Free and open to all current students and alumni

Jan 21: Spring Alumni Networking Social

Location to be determined / 5:30 p.m.
Free. RSVP via (360) 546-9109

Jan 25: College Goal Sunday

Firstenburg Student Commons / 2:00 p.m.
Free and open to the public

Jan 26: Blazers vs Knicks Tickets On Sale

See the Student Affairs Cashier / 4:00 p.m.
$14.00 for students, limit two

Jan 28: Nine Parts of Desire

Administration Building, 110 / 6:00 p.m.
Free and open to the public

Jan 29: Artist Talk & Reception

Administration Building Art Gallery / 4:00 p.m.
Free and open to the public

Jan 29: Outdoor Snowshoeing Trip

Administration Building, 129 / 6:00 p.m.
Free and open to the public