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Research a product of Artificial Intelligence (the latest, the better).

Make a documentation of it based on the given Manuscript Font Style: Arial Font Size: 12 Line Spacing: Double Paragraph Spacing: Auto Letter size bond paper (Substance 20) Pictures/Screenshots should be in colored It should be bounded (Soft bound). Follow the format for the title page.

Research Study Manuscript Outline

Title Page Executive Summary or Abstract Table of Contents (strictly use MS Word Table of Contents feature) List of Figures List of Tables List of Notations (optional) Chapter I Introduction o Project Study Context o Purpose and Description of the Research o Objectives of the Research o Scope and Limitations of the Research Chapter II Review of Related Literature o History of the AI Product o Description of the AI Product o Related Literature / Theoretical Background about the chosen AI Product o Related Studies Chapter III Technical Background o Technicality of the AI Product o Details of the technologies used within the AI Product o How the AI Product works Chapter IV Methodology o Environment (where to use the AI Product) o Locale o Prospective Users of the AI Product o Requirements Specifications (Specifications of the AI Product) o Operational Feasibility Fishbone Diagram Functional Decomposition Diagram o Technical Feasibility Compatibility checking (hardware / software and other technologies) Relevance of the technologies o Economic Feasibility Cost and Benefit Analysis Cost Recovery Scheme o Requirements Modeling (how to use the AI Product) Input Process Output o Object Modeling (Illustration of the AI Product based on usage and operation) Use Case Diagram Sequence Diagram Activity Diagram

o Risk Assessment/Analysis Problem that may encountered by the AI Product during implementation Possible solution/s for such error or problems (attacks,viruses,crashes) o Design o Screenshots/Print-screen of actual operation of the AI Product Conclusions Recommendations BIBLIOGRAPHY/REFERENCES APPENDICES o Evaluation Tool o Other Relevant Documents o Curriculum Vitae (Authors information) GLOSSARY

TITLE PAGE FORMAT HAL 9000 2001: A Space Odyssey

An Innovative Product of Artificial Intelligence

A Research Study presented to the Faculty of the College of Information Technology and Computer Studies, HCCIT

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the IT401 Free Elective 1 (Artificial Intelligence)

By Lastname, Firstname Initial

Mr. Rodel G. Esteban Instructor

March 2013