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SAMPLE ChE BOARD EXAM QUESTIONS 1. What compound is a ketone but is not a carbohydrate but is useful commercially? a.

ethyl alcohol b. glucose c. Benzaldehyde d. acetone 2. Which element is difficult to remove from sewage and wastewater and at the same time, it contributes to bacterial and algae overgrowth in freshwater? a. oxygen b. lead c. carbon d. nitrogen 3. There are approximately 20 amino acids in human protein. Name 3 essential aminoacids: a. Proline, glutamine, asparagine c. Arginine, lysine, phenylalanine b. Aspartic acid, glutamic acid, serine d. Glycine, arginine, glutamic acid 4. An experimental electric jeepney running in Makati on 12V battery at 20m/s has a total energy storage of 2.0x107 Joules. If 8.0 KW is needed to move the vehicle, what is the quantity of energy supplied to the motor and how far will it travel? a. 500 A, 35km b. 814 A, 60km c. 960 A, 71km d. 667 A, 50km 5. If high octane gasoline with a density of 0.71gm/m is used by a BMW on NLEX to Tarlac 125 miles away and a gas mileage of 19.75 miles/gallon, estimate the quantity in kilos of CO2 produced. a. 67kg CO2 b. 81kg CO2 c. 77kg CO2 d. 52kg CO2 6. Determine the value of the rate constant at 410 Kfor a reaction with rate constant of 3.101 x 101sec-1 at 430 K and an activation energy of 86.52 KJ/mole. a. 10.31 x 10-1 b. 9.54 x 100 c. 8.65 x 10-2 d. 8.33 x 10-3 7. An airjet operates at 2,500 rev/min and uses 7.89 x 103J of energy and exhausts 4.58 x 103 J for each crankshaft revolution. Determine the quantity of gasoline fuel consumed in one hour of operation if the heat of combustion is 4.03 x 107 J/liter. a. 24.2 L/hr b. 29.4 L/hr c. 13.4 L/hr d. 2.05 L/hr 8. How do two free radicals react when they encounter each other? 1. They unite to form double bonds 2. They unite to form double or triple bonds 3. They unite with covalent bond formation 4. They repel each other 9. Balance the equation: C6H12O6 + O2 - - - .> CO2 + H2O 1. 3, 6, 12, 6 2. 1, 6, 6, 6 3. 2, 12, 6, 2 4. 1, 12, 6, 2

10. Given the following data for the Marikina River and Pasig River, determine the best combination of plant and location to best conserve the environment:

Kd = deoxygenation rate constant Kr = reaeration rate constant Tc = travel time of waste water discharge D = oxygen deficit DO = actual concentration of dissolved oxygen Factor Sugar Plant(A) Pasig River (PR) Kd 0.15 Kr 0.17 tC 5.18 D 7.98 DO 0.40 Factor EThanol Plant (B) Pasig River (PR) Kd 0.11 Kr 0.17 tC 5.86 D 6.51 DO 1.87 a. b. c. d. Plant B in Pasig River Plant A in Pasig River Plant B in Marikina River Plant A in Marikina River Marikina River (MR) 0.15 0.25 4.1 6.62 1.76 Marikina River (MR) 0.10 0.25 4.47 5.32 3.06

11. Determine the equilibrium concentration of iron ion in water if [OH-] = 1.0-1 x 10^-7M at 25 deg C and the equilibrium constant for the solubility reaction if iron hydroxide is 2.0 x 10-39 at 25 deg C.... 12. What is the danger of using pure methane as a household fuel for heating and cooking?

13. If the cosmic radiation discovered by two Nobel Prize winners in 1965 has a perfect blackbody spectrum with a temperature of 3.01K, at what wavelength is the most intense radiation? In what range of electromagntic radiation does this wavelength fall?

14. The concentration of ketone bodies in the blood of healthy humans is approximately 0.01 mM/L. However, in diabetic patients, this concentration increases to as much as 500 times. In the case when the ketone concentration is increased a hundred fold, determine what basic chemical reaction occurs.