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PO Box: 140451 Amman 11814, Jordan E-mail: amer.hwaitat@hotmail.

com Mobile +962 779530708

Home Tel: +962 6 5820 769

Amer Hwitat
 Date & place of birth: Jun 15th 1973, Amman.
 Martial status: Single.
 Attitude: Good interpersonal skills, and Team worker &

Participate in active environment where competence factor is

B.S In Computer Science. Sep 24th 1991 –
Aug 30 1995
The University of Jordan. Amman,
Secondary school (Tawjihi) Summer of 1991
Oruobah, Secondary School. Amman,

Certifications & Special Courses

Professional Certification

• MCP, Dec 2000, Microsoft.(NT 4 Track- self paced)

• MCSE, Jan 2001, Microsoft.(NT 4 Track- self paced)

Certification & Courses

• 2389 – Programming with Microsoft ADO.NET Dec 14th 2003

• 2559-Introduction to Visual Basic.NET Nov 11th 2003
• Oracle 9iDS Reports: Build Internet Report Oct 2nd 2003
• st
Oracle 9iDS Forms: Build Internet Applications II Sep 21 2003
• Oracle 9iDS Forms: Build Internet Applications I Sep 11th 2003
• UNIX Administration Course Nov 28th 2002
• UNIX Commands & Utilities Course Nov 13th 2002
• Java Programming Structure Nov 15th 2001
• Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Jan 15th 2001
• Microsoft Certified Professional Nov 23rd 2000

IT Administration & Development skills

 Good background Knowledge of Microsoft Windows 9x, NT 4(Work

Station, Server), W2K (Professional, Server), XP Professional,
MCSECertified NT4

 Domains structure Design & implementation of NT4 Domains & 2000

infrastructure, Internet Domains, Scopes, web hosting, and related

 Administration of IIS 4 / 5, Internet explorer Administration kit, and

MTS, MCP Certified IIS4, IEAK.4

 Microsoft mail Administration & Exchange, Using Exchange server 5.5


 Microsoft SQL7/2000 server Administration

 HP/Compaq Tru64 UNIX Administration, and related Development

packages like (PERL 5.0.5, Java SDK, Apache server, CGI scripting)

 Other UNIX V based systems like ICL, SPARC & Intel Based SUN
Solaris 2.8, SCO open server 5, related Software packages installation
and implementation like (Development tools including Java SDK,
Networking Daemons)

 Mail Clients installation, configuration & troubleshooting

 Good background of OOP, Java programming language & VC++

 Good background Knowledge of programming Using VC++ 6.0, SDK,

MFC, and ATL

 Related topics like DCOM, COM, COM+, and Active X, ISAPI

 Data Bases connectivity Using ODBC, DAO, and ADO technologies, SQL
for ODBC queries, Stored procedures, Triggers, for interface
programming with popular databases like MS SQL server, MS Access

 Fair knowledge of . NET Framework and related topics like ASP.NET ,

ADO.NET …etc

 Oracle PLSQL/SQL hard coding and connecting client interfaces with

Oracle Database servers using JDBC

 Oracle 9i/8i/7.3 Administration and maintenance on Microsoft

platforms & UNIX V based systems

 ADSL, Frame relay communication structures & Networking

infrastructure like configuring switches, CISCO Routers, modems ISDN
Basic rate, Serial LAT configuration, monitoring & troubleshooting

 Printer’s installation, configuration, monitoring & troubleshooting

 Performance tuning for OS platforms & databases

 Tape Backup & Recovery Restore Design strategies &



• Freelance Graphics Designer / Professional Tourist Guide, Freehand

Drawing ability Drawn some cartoons for Newspaper in Jordan, Designed some
Flyers and Banners, & Freelance Tourist Guide since 1995.

• IT head of Section/Database Analyst National Museum Project,

(Developing the Exhibit Database (MS Access & Oracle 9i), and Security
system ,Audio/Visual System ) since Sep 22nd 2004., Until Oct 1st 2005.
Developer / Network Administrator Entitled as Developer / Systems
Ministry of Finance
Participated in Hosting and managing several Financial, management,
accounting, legal advising, and web enabled databases & private systems
(HR, Payroll … etc).
Amman Capital City - Jordan. (Since January 13th 2002)
Freelance Hardware assembling and software troubleshooting
Managed several relationships & ties with Hardware / software suppliers.
(Since August 1995)

Language skills
 Arabic as native tongue, Arabic computer expressions, and
translation standards.
 English Grammatical, Business, and spoken language (fluent).

PO Box: 140451, Amman 11814, Jordan , E-mail: Mobile +962 779530708
Home Tel: +962 6 5820 769