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PROFILE Im an illustrator from Singapore. I draw children book illustrations, short comics and design characters. I also love doing handicrafts! In the near future, I hope to work towards being a children book illustrator while selling my handicrafts in stores local and international online.

Graduated with Diploma in DMD (Animation) and O level certificate. I hope to gain working experiences from various working societies. Im good at managing my time, am very organized, can easily adapt to my surroundings, and work well in a group. I also know basic Japanese. Im skilled in using computer programs, Adobe Photoshop. And have basic knowledge in using Adobe Flash, Autodesk Maya, Final Cut Pro, iStopMotion, MonkeyJam and Microsoft Office.

EDUCATION Diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation) Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive and Digital Media, Singapore O Level certificate Bendemeer Secondary School, Secondary School, Singapore

SKILLS Computer Skills - Adobe Photoshop

Soft Skills - Adobe Flash - Autodesk Maya - Final Cut Pro - iStopMotion - MonkeyJam - Microsoft Office


Scrawl Studios Internship Dec 2012 Feb 2013 - - Worked with a small team doing a primary school Chinese game as a storyboard cleanup artist. Worked with a team consisting of storyboard artists, animators and programmers doing a primary school Chinese learning flash game on iPad. My task was to export the completed animations image sequences, organize the files, check and fix the game errors, key in data information in excel sheet for the programmer.

Bee Cheng Hiang Sales Assistant Jan 2010 Feb 2010 - - - Part-time sales assistant Packer Helper