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About Flexi-Schooling

Following my successful pilot study with 3 students in partnership with their Schools; I am starting a brand new flexi-school in September 2013. It will specialise in teaching students with dyslexia/literacy difficulties & related issues. The School will be located in the old school building at Harvel Village Hall in Kent to allow up to 6 students per session access to multi-sensory learning. Sessions will consist of - mornings 9.30-12.00pm or afternoons 12.30-3pm. After an initial assessment costing 45.00, I will recommend how many sessions your child should attend (max. 3 for 2/3 terms @ 50 per session*). During the pilot study, students have improved 3-5 National Curriculum Levels in 2 school terms, taking them from 2-3 years below the national average to national average levels and beyond. I piloted flexi-schooling in March 2012 for my daughter, and it has grown from there. KCC and 3 local schools are already on board. Flexi-schooling is an original idea, designed to be an affordable, temporary option in place of specialist/private school provision, which is only funded for very few Statemented students. Schools do not suffer loss in any way, as they still get full funding for the pupil; the pupil's attainment raises and Ofsted attendance ratings are not affected. Therefore, head teachers are generally supportive of the provision. I do not believe that this opportunity is offered anywhere else, and spaces are limited, so please contact me for further details and to reserve a slot for September 2013.


Algars Academy for Learning

Presents a brand new concept in teaching students with dyslexia, dyscalculia & all related issues

A letter to a Head teacher from a student at flexi-school
A very clever, famous (dyslexic) man once said..

Is your child struggling at School? Are they slipping through the net? Are you worried about how they will survive Secondary School?
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Located in Harvel, nr Meopham, Kent

A Drawing Titled School by a Pupil before Flexi-Schooling

YOUR child may see like this Would you know?.....Shouldnt you know?
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to find out all about visual stress (seen above), dyslexia, my journey & the way I teach.....

After Flexi-Schooling


AND 6 SESSIONS LATER.(3 spelling mistakes)

I am always happy to talk, call me on 07846107386 or email

Individual education plans for all students, regularly updated & reported to parents Parent support essential. Parent/Teacher relationship close & informative. Motivation & confidence boosting an integral part of the Programme of Learning. Transport to/from mainstream School to attend flexi-school provided where possible.

Flexi-Schooling - The only way for non-Statemented pupils struggling with literacy to get the quick injection of help they need to access mainstream education successfully. An alternative provision providing an affordable option to private/specialist schools that cost around 15k per year. Flexi-school costs only around a QUARTER of the price per student per year & provides flexible options.

I knew that there was something not quite right regarding my daughters reading ability in Year One. She was so bright, but just could not recognise words; no matter how many times I told her! Her School said over and over again that it would sort out, that she wasnt the worst, and that she couldnt be assessed for dyslexia until she was at least 7. Then the more hurtful comments came: She is lacking concentration. She needs to take responsibility for her own learning. You need to read with her more. (I had read to her every day since I was pregnant with her!). I fought the system, and finally got her issues recognised. Over the past few years, I have specialised in tutoring my daughter & other pupils with SpLD dyslexia & related issues. I now have a vast amount of experience in this area, not only in how to successfully teach children with these particular SpLD, but also how to access the professionals that can provide proper assessments and education plans through KCC. As well as providing an education for your child in a way that s/he can learn; I can also help you. I have been through all the frustrations and fears that you face, and can help and advise you. I am passionate about giving young people, who are bright and enthusiastic to learn, the access to education they deserve; without crushing their self-esteem and confidence on the way simply because they have a different learning style.