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BPI PAYMENT PROCEDURE The NMAT Registration and Testing Fee is One Thousand Nine Hundred Pesos (PhP1,900.00).

You can pay online using a credit card or go through an over-the-counter transaction at the bank.Payment should be made on or before November 16, 2010. Please note that you are not completelyregistered or fully qualified to take the NMAT if you have not paid the NMAT fees even if you havealready downloaded, printed and accomplished your NMAT Identification Form. Credit card payment Major credit cards are accepted and processed by Yes Payment System. As soon as credit card paymentis completed online, the applicant will immediately receive his/her payment confirmation emailtogether with his/her NMAT Application Form. The applicant can then view his/her application statusand download the NMAT Practice Set (Part I and Part II) and the Supplementary Handout.All foreign applicants or those applying from abroad and taking the test here in the Philippines arestrongly advised to pay by credit card. Bank payment Bank payments can be made in all Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branches nationwide. If youclick and choose to pay through BPI, you will immediately receive an email that shows your assigned NMAT Application Number and Bank Reference Number. Attached to this email is your NMATIdentification (ID) Form.Download, print, and accomplish the NMAT ID Form. Bring this form with you to the nearest BPI branch and fill out a payment/deposit slip. CEM's BPI account number is 1881-0450-24. Copy, exactlyas written in your NMAT ID, your full name and Bank Reference Number into the BPI payment/deposit slip. Present the deposit slip to the bank teller together with your payment. Keep the payees portion of the payment/deposit slip for reference or verification purposes.You shall receive your payment confirmation email within two (2) banking days. You may then viewyour application status and download the NMAT Practice Set and Supplementary Handout as soon as payment is confirmed.A paid applicant shall receive his/her CEM Official Receipt (OR) of payment when he/she receives or picks up his/her official NMAT Examinee Report Form (ERF).A paid applicant is also strongly advised to visit the NMAT Online Registration System two (2) weeks before the test date to view his/her room assignment and download his/her NMAT Notice of Admission. INSTRUCTIONS ON THE DAY OF THE TEST 1. Only applicants who are properly registered with the CEM will be admitted at the test site.2. Bring the following when you report at the test site: NMAT Identification Form Valid ID (e.g., Official School ID, Drivers License, Passport, etc.) Pencils (No. 2 or HB) Erasers Watch (optional) Pens, pencils with colored or liquid lead, books, dictionaries, calculators, slide rules, photographic devices, cellular phones/beepers, transmitters and notes are not allowed in

thetesting room.3. On the day of the test, you will read a set of general instructions before you begin the examination.Each section of the test also has specific directions, including sample questions. You should becomefamiliar with the specific directions before you take the test. This will make it possible for you to spendless time reading instructions and more time answering questions on the actual test.4. Each part of the test has a time limit. The examiner will tell you when to start and when to stop. Tryto work fast but observe care and accuracy.5. Some of the questions in the test are harder than the others, but try to answer all of them. Begin withthe easy questions and go to the more difficult ones later. Your score will be based on the number of correct answers made. There is no deduction for a wrong response. You are, therefore, encouraged toanswer all the test questions.6. You should not use note papers or write anything on your test booklet. Do not make unnecessarymarks on your answer sheet. You will receive credit only for correct answers marked in the proper places on the sheet.7. In case the NMAT cannot be administered on the date announced because of a major weather disturbance or some unavoidable circumstance, a postponement will be necessary and the test will begiven a week later at the same time and place designated.8. Cheating in any form, will automatically invalidate the test result. An examinee found cheating will be dismissed from the testing room. His/her answer sheet will not be processed and the test fee will betotally forfeited. He/She is disqualified to take another NMAT.9. An examinee who is found to be in possession of illegally obtained NMAT booklet will be dealtwith accordingly. He/She is likewise disqualified to take another NMAT.10. NMAT consists of two parts Part I is given in the morning and Part II in the afternoon. Anexaminee must sit for both parts of the test. If an examinee will not or cannot sit for Part II in theafternoon, he/she must inform the examiner in his/her room and accomplish a waiver wherein he/shewaives the reporting and release of his/her NMAT scores. His/her answer sheet will not be processedand no official NMAT results will be released or received by the examinee. NMAT APPLICATION PAYMENT (STEP 3 OF 4) The NMAT Registration and Testing Fee is PHP1900.00You can pay online using a credit card or through the bank. Major credit cards are processed by YesPayment System whereas bank payments can be made in all Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branches nationwide. Payment should be made on or before November 17, 2010.You will receive a payment confirmation email within two (2) banking days. You can then view your application status and download the NMAT Practice Set and Supplementary Handout as soon as payment is confirmed.Please choose your preferred mode of payment: *\ Your NMAT Identification Form From: Add to Contacts T o : j i l l i a n e l a g u s @ ya h o o . c o m 1121000387.pdf (18KB) D A T E O F A P P L C I A T O I N : 09/19/2010 -5:23pm A P P L C I A T O I N N U M B E R : 1121000387Hello JILLIANE MARAI LAGUS, Your bank reference number is 1711077647. You have successfully submitted your NMAT application using our online facility.Please remember that this is not the final step, you must accomplish your

NMAT Identification Form attached inthis e-mail. Issues with your application? Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. For assistance,you can call us at 894-5536, 813-3686, 8133691, 813-3694 to 95.Copyright 2010 NMAT Online Registration System. All rights reserved.This message was sent from NMAT Online Registration System. You are receiving this email because you have beenmanually registered or you have registered from NMAT Online Registration System website mailing address is:24th Floor Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower, NMAT Online RegistrationSystem<>

The NMAT is the National Medical Admissions Test, which is taken by prospective students who aim to study in Philippine Medical Schools. It is administered by the Center for Educational Measurement, Inc. PLACE The NMAT is held in Philippines (Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Zamboanga, Dagupan), South Korea (Seoul), and United States (Chicago, Los Angeles) TIME The NMAT is held during December or March. Most students take the exam in December. SCORES The NMAT will yield a percentile score, which means there are no 100%, and that the score you will get is a comparison of how well you perform with the other test takers. For example, you get 80% in NMAT, it means you are better than 80% of all the test-takers. FEES 1. Registration Fee: PhP 500.00 2. Testing Fee: PhP 1000.00 WHAT IT WILL CONTAIN The NMAT consists of two test sets: Set A: Aptitude (Verbal, Inductive Reasoning, Quantitative, Perceptual Acuity) Set B: Subject Proficiency (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Social Sciences)

FOR MORE INFORMATION Please call the NMAT Secretariat (local 106) and Customer Service Center (locals 101 and 123) using the following CEM Cityland trunkline: 894-5536, 813-3686, 813-3694 to 95, or go to their office at 24th Floor Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower, 2210 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City.


I took the NMAT last year.