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Instructions to open the case of the Hi-Grade Notino T9400 with integral mp3 pla yer.

DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. IT WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY VOID ANY WARRANTY. (If they find out - however if you do this right, they won't find out). Work on a clear surface in a good light, and plan to drop the screws on the floo r. Make notes/draw diagrams to facilite reassembly - your memory is not perfect :-) FOR SAFETY: Remove PSU cable, main battery, and MP3 player (contains battery) FI RST. Start by releasing four small spring latches holding the rear of the keyboard. This is very easily done with a small flat blade screwdriver once you identify them : -) Release keyboard ribbon by lifting both ends of latching connector, remove keybo ard. It may be possible to get further without removing the lid, but you'll definitel y have to remove all of the lid's connections anyway so why not the whole lid? From rear with the lid open vertically... Remove two small screws near top of rear face of case (not lid). They are abo ut 2 cm from outer edges. Then release the THREE silver plastic hoops attached to the case (not lid) in the hinge area. Prise the rear of each hoop backwards (away from the keyboard), then up - I slid one jaw of my needle point tweezer s in sideways from the rear centre of the hinge to do this. Once released they will not go up much yet because of the lid, so swing that fully open (all the way back). Then you can pivot the hoops forwards (toward the keyboard), and their front latches will disengage - just unhook. Reassemble by hooking the front latches in and rotating the hoop over the hinge to latch the rear - muc h easier than removal. From below... Remove two screws nearest back and outer edges - near the back feet. Note for reassembly these are 10mm long and have locking compound on. From above... Slide banking plate (to left of power button) towards you and remove it to ex pose three lid connections. Lift wire handle for central ribbon connector and gen tly pull upwards. The other two connectors snap out by carefully pulling the cab les. Now (and only now) remove two screws at the outer ends of the hing bar and li ft the lid assembly away - two rods slide out of sockets and may need some assis tance. Left side retained by three screws above, and one 12.5mm below near front Right side retained by two screws above, and two 12.5mm below near front & halfw

ay back Top is combined silver plastic and metal shield - they have to come off together ... From below... Remove disk bay cover (screw with coin slot), slide disk away from connectors and remove. When replacing disk ensure two hooks near screw hole are engaged. Remove two silver screws from within hard disk bay. Remove four other screws retaining top from below (all 12.5 mm). From above... Remove CPU heatsink - four screws at ends of retaining strips. Release touchpad ribbon by lifting both ends of latch. Remove two screws retaining silver plastic near TFT connectors. Remove two screws retaining metal screen in centre of keyboard well. Remove two screws retaining silver plastic near touchpad (one is 12.5mm). Lift top from rear (as if hinged at front). Start by gently separating from case bottom near power connector and work along rear. There are two latches to case bottom a t rear, and two on each side. When replacing engage front first, noting tongue above fro nt leds. To remove front edge trim with speakers: Two more screws and hold back the mp3 p layer release.