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Certificate 15 Approx. 5m

United Kingdom 2013 Director: Lewis Woods

With Daniel Caswell, Sam Ivermee, Thomas Scivier, Alex Sexton

About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some wont like you at all The American writer Rita Mae Brown once said. This insightful idea could pave the way for generations of film makers to take inspiration from and build powerful tales. Director Lewis Woods takes advantage of this. Everyone has their feature that makes them who they are, but what if that feature is deemed an abomination by less educated individuals who form savage packs to hate. What if those people are your friends? This is a story of a suburban teenager with a secret. A story that uses the idea of someone who loves you for you, someone who loves you for their gain and someone who flat out does not agree with you. Lewis Woods new film resonates with the ambiguous tone of his previous film, Crows Nest (2012). Similar dark underlying events wear away at the main character, rather than obvious literal problems. These are portrayed by David in Crows Nest and Dale in ----. The difference being the problems and the background of the two. ---- is set in a suburban middle class area, this may so to remove the stresses of being in a lower class area and being able to focus on the main problems evident in the narrative. Its difficult, and sometimes inappropriate, to compare a feature length film to a short. But teenage characters in awkward situations are a recurring theme in Woods works. When we see David in Crows Nest, the viewer is invited to become a fly on the wall in a real life domestic environment. We see his mother (Kerry Woods). We see his younger brother (Jared Cross). There is a dark awkwardness to the characters situation. This is also shown in ----. When Dales friends are getting violent towards his boyfriend. What could Dale do? He gets put in a dark, awkward situation. The risk taken working with friends and family in his debut has clearly paid off here, earning him valuable experience with untrained actors. Daniel Caswell, portraying Dale, is a rising actor this short was his second appearance after appearing in the disaster/ thriller Meat Eater by director Eleanor Monk. The supporting actor Joseph Davies, playing Joe, has no prior experience. Thomas Scivier, portraying Gary, deserves an honourable mention. He had appeared in and helped with many unreleased, unnamed and abandoned films of Woods and when Scivier was shown the script, he jumped at the offer, regardless that he has no qualifications and amateur acting experience. The character of Steph is portrayed by Kezia Batchelor, an untrained actress. The final vital character, Ash, is portrayed by Alex Sexton. The themes featured are not surprising from Woods regarding his previous title Crows Nest (2012) featuring a teen

boy, David (Joseph Cross) of similar age endeavouring woes much different to that of (film name). Dale faces the perils of acceptance in an either an uneducated or unsympathetic group of people, most likely to be looked over as a teenage problem, whereas David faces what people feel is a true-to-life problem, more worthy of sympathy and regard. But the way these two people are affected are similar. Theyre both put in a bad position and dont know how to find resolution to whats happening and, unfortunately, they have little to no control over how events may turn out. The factor that separates these two individuals is their reaction to the events that happen. David spirals down and picks himself up at the last second, Dale takes immediate control but sacrificing friendships in the process. Regardless, it still creates an atmosphere where the viewer is not expecting these troubles to be among the stresses faced by a teenage boy. The stresses are a result of agitation around the characters of Joe (Sam Ivermee) who is Dales arcane, but openly gay boyfriend, Gary (Thomas Scivier) and Ash (Alex Sexton) who are a homophobic pair but also friends of Dale and the final key character is Steph (Kezia Batchelor) who is accepts Joes sexuality.

Dale and Joe lock eyes deciding the next move

Post-Production Supervisor Alison Woods


Joseph Davies Script Supervisor Jules Becker

Girl One Eleanor Monk Girl Two Cherrelle Pascoe Alan Alan Woods Alison Alison Woods

Director Lewis Woods Producers Lewis Woods Joseph Cross Sam Ivermee Alex Sexton Screenplay Lewis Woods Jules Becker Director of Photography Lewis Woods Editor Lewis Woods Production Designer Lewis Woods Ellie Monk Music Lewis Woods Uppercut Productions Production Companies Uppercut Productions in association with

Beacon Media Set Decorator Lewis Woods Eleanor Monk Production Managers Lewis Woods Thomas Scivier Ashleigh PaigeBrown Unit Production Manager Lewis Woods Production Supervisor Ashleigh PaigeBrown Production Accountant Joseph Davies Production Co-Ordinator Lewis Woods Location Managers Alison Woods Alan Woods

Assistant Directors 1st: Ashleigh Paige-Brown 2nd: Joseph Davies 1st: Thomas Scivier Gaffer Thomas Scivier Key Grip Alex Sexton Grip Crew Sam Ivermee Joseph Cross


Dale Daniel Caswell Joe Joseph Davies Gary Thomas Scivier Ash Alex Sexton Steph Kezia Batchelor

Synopsis Its Dales 16th birthday, he is preparing himself to join his friends who are audible from downstairs. He buttons up his shirt and holds up an ear piercing to his ear. He brings it across to his right ear. His phone rings on the bedside table. He picks it up and walks to the window, he stares out for a brief moment before pocketing the phone and heading downstairs. There are a group of friends awaiting Dale, they chat randomly until Gary makes a comment to Ash regarding Dales friend Joe, who is openly gay. Gary and Ash proceed to rant on about how wrong they believe homosexuality is and why it shouldnt exist. Gary sees Dale standing at the door and calls him in, he again makes the comment to Ash. Ash accuses Gary of being homosexual to which Gary replies with by jumping on top of Ash and pinning him to the sofa. Dale looks into the kitchen where his mother and father are watching television. Dale asks them to calm down and gary gives him a beer. The doorbell rings and Dale answers it to find Joe. Joe hands him a present and joins him in the main room. Dale opens the present and to find a pair of new shoes. Joe reaches forward but is assaulted by Gary. They exchange offensive comments and Gary grips Joes throat, he retaliates by punching Gary in the fac. Dales asks Joe to leave and joins him in the porch. Joe bends down to tie his shoe laces, Dale stands by the door with his eyes closed. In the background you can see and hear Steph shouting at Gary and Ash, for their aggression towards Joe. Dale is obviously hit by her words, enlightened by the fact that someone understands and cares. He grabs Joes hand and leads him into the room. Gary, Ash and Steph turn to look at them, visibly shocked. Gary and Ash storm out of the house. Steph turns to look at Dale and Joe, standing, holding hands.

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