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, LTD The Transformation of Company(within 1000 wordks)

Sun Ten Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., founded by Dr. Hong-yen Hsu in 1946, is a renowned GMP manufacturer of concentrated herbal extracts which conform to international standards. Sun Ten Pharmaceutical, Sun Ten Phytotech , and Sun Ten Natureceutica are 3 independent subsidiary companies of Sun Ten Group. Because we care about the quality of human lives, Sun Ten is dedicated to develop, manufacture, and market Safe, High Quality, and Efficient natural herbal products for people around the world. Company Chronicle 1946 Sun Ten Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. founded 1965 Published Modern Drug Weekly a weekly news report on TCM 1967 Opening Sun Ten Modern Chinese Medicine Clinic in Taipei 1972 Brion Research Institute of Taiwan founded for research and development of TCM 1974 Built Hsintien Factory in Taipei County 1975 Began exporting to Japan and qualified as reimbursable prescriptions by Japanese Health Insurance System 1976 Oriental Healing Arts Institute founded in Los Angeles, CA, USA 1988 GMP certification by Taiwan Health Department 1991 Taichung Factory Built in central Taiwan 1992 GMP certification by Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration(TGA) 1996 Began exporting to Malaysia as registered drug products 1997 Sun Ten herbal extracts approved by American Specialty Health Project(ASHP) as reimbursable prescriptions 1999 Received ISO 9002 certification from BSI for quality assurance standard 2000 Sun Ten Phytotech Co., Ltd. established for developing new botanical drugs 2001Collaborated with PhytoCeutica Co., USA for an anti-cancer auxiliary drug, IND submission to USFDA, currently in Clinical Trial Phase IIa stage Contracted by Phytopharm Inc. UK to manufacture Phytopica, a plant based product clinically proven to promote healthy skin and coat for dogs 2002ISO 9001 certification by BSI New cardiovascular botanical drug, SB221 developed by Sun Ten Phytotech, received grant by Ministry of Economic Affairs in Development of New Botanical Drug Winner of Manufacturing Technology Category of The Second Drug Technology Research Development Award sponsored by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs


The President: Chau-shin Hsu Address: NO. 82, An-Thai Rd., Hsin-Tien City, Taipei County, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fax: 02-23211926 Web site:

1 1988 Year 05 month 27 day no. 072 Passed Herbal Medicine GMP

Regulation year month day no. the Additional Medicine Type ________Passed Herbal Medicine GMP Regulation 2 Current Medicine Type Concentrated MedicinePowderPillGranulesCapsule

TabletFilm Coated TabletSugarCoated

TabletOther Traditional MedicinePiecesPowderPillHard GelatinOral TinctureOral SolutionSyrupSolution for External UsePowder for External UseHard OintmentOintment GranulesTabletCapsuleOther Western MedicineGranulesCapsuleTabletFilm Coated Tablet Plaster 3 Currently obtained Certificate 950 Page 4 Concentrated Medicine Certificate 877 Page Powder 333 Pill Granules 539 Fine Granules 5 Capsule Tablet Film Coated Tablet Page Tranditional Medicine Certificate 73 Page Piecese Powder 47 Pill Granules 25 Capsule Film Coated Tablet Solution Syrup Hard Gelatin Oral Tincture Oral

Solution for External Use Ointment

Powder for Plaster Other 1

External Use Page

Hard Ointment

5 Certificate of Medicine produced by request Concentrated PageTraditional 6 Major Products