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Avanserte dykkeoperasjoner p Ekofisk

Rune Femsteinevik Project Manager


Introduction Conoco Phillips projects

Preparation work Assets


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Subsea7, has over 35 years experience, of World Wide Hyperbaric Welding Operations. Present day Subsea 7 have performed: Over 700 Hyperbaric Welds on pipelines, 35 platform repairs 7 Hot Taps (Weld Induction Heating), in varying water depths and locations around the World.

Subsea7 Hyperbaric Welding capabilities encompass: Standard, Pipeline/Spool/Riser-Structure Tie Ins. Emergency Pipeline Repair, as well as, design, supply and operate for Clients, an on standby, Emergency Pipeline Repair System , EPRS. Hot Tap, utilizing Induction Heating. Structural Repairs.


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Conoco Phillips

There are three projects under the Ekofisk area Norway Capital Projects umbrella all involving Hyperbaric welding: Ekofisk VB Eldfisk



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Ekofisk Victor / Bravo

Fabrication and installation of Inline-Tee (hyperbaric welding) Fabrication and installation of Inline-Tee protection structure Reeling, transportation, installation of CPI Umbilical with Rovcon tie-in Design, fabrication and installation of 12 WI rigid pipe with HDPE liner and Rovcon PLETs. Fabrication and installation of 8/12 and 12 spools with Rovcon tie-in Fabrication and installation of GRP covers Installation of CPI template protection structure


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Subsea7 Scope of work - Eldfisk II - Eldfisk Area

Tie-in welds

Depth 70m Installation and tie-in of 24" oil and 30" gas Wye structures downstream 2/7B platform (Hyperbaric welding on 30 Gas pipeline) Tie-in of 24 and 30 pipelines going from 2/7S riser to Wye Structure downstream 2/7B platform. Subsea re-routing of Embla pipeline P2040 to 2/7S platform The tie-ins for the WYEs are scheduled for the field shutdown during june 2013 Fabrication of 28 off spools (30,24 and 14).


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B11 By-Pass

The Norpipe gas pipeline designated P2028N is a 36" natural gas pipeline which transports gas from the Ekofisk Area , Draupner and Valhall Fields to Norsea Gas Terminal at Emden in Germany. Norpipe and the Emden Plant have been in operation since 1977 exporting gas from Ekofisk and other Norwegian fields to continental Europe. The pipeline and receiving terminal are operated by Gassco


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B11 Bypass Project. June 2013

Norway; (German Sector) Installation of a 36 Bypass spool around the redundant B11 Booster Platform 2 Simultaneous Hyperbaric welding campaigns. Offshore During Shut-down in June 2013 24 Diver welders to be Qualified. Hyperbaric welding quals starting @ NHC January 2013. Pipesize: 36 Water depth: -34msw


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Prep Work 2012

Concrete removal Eldfisk and Ekofisk VB Remote

PCRT (Pipeline Concrete Removal Tool) from PROSERV Succsesfully removal of a total 20 m concrete both at Eldfisk and Ekofisk VB. Removal rates was approximately 7hrs/m Clean class SA-2


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Concrete removal B11 Divers

10 m of 55mm thick concrete was removed


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UT and Ovalisation Check Remote


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UT and Ovalisation Check Divers

1st scan south location

9-Aug-12 Page 13

Prep work - Dredging


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National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC) Work chamber set up

Prior to the welding in 2013 we will qualify36 Diver Welders at NHC Aberdeen


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Seven Atlantic
Delivery: 2009 Owner: Subsea 7 L:142m, B: 26m Deck Area: 1200m2 Crane: 120Te SWL Dive System: 24 man, twin bell (port, starboard) 2x 18 men HRV ROV: 2x Obs-ROV Options for WROW Operation area: North Sea (UK & Norway)
The Seven Atlantic has been a great success and has been working since 23rd March 2010 and completed over 1,100 dives


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Seven Havila
Delivery: 2011 Owner: Subsea 7 & Havila 50/50

L:120m, B: 23m
Deck Area: 1050m2 Crane: 250Te SWL Dive System: 24 man, twin bell (port, starboard) 2x 24 men HRV ROV: 1x Obs-ROV Options for WROW Acc: 120 persons Operation area: North Sea (UK/Norway/DK)
9-Aug-12 Page 18

4 divers in each bell


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Seven Pelican
Built: 1985 Owner: Subsea 7 L:94m, B: 18m Deck Area: 670m2 Crane SWL: Hydralift 120Te SWL (HC), 400m reach Dive System: 18 man, twin bell (port, starboard) 2x16 men HRV ROV: 1xObs- ROV Acc: 105 persons Operation area: North Sea (UK/ Norway/DK)
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Acergy Osprey
Built: 1984 Owner: Subsea 7

L:102m, B: 20m
Deck Area: 1100m2 Crane SWL: 150Te SWL Dive System: 18 man, twin bell system 1x18man HRV ROV: 1xObs-ROV ACC: 102 persons Operation area: North Sea (UK/Norway/DK)


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LDC Seven Spray

Built: 2008 Owner: Subsea 7 L:12m, B: 3,5m Deck Area: 12m2 Winch: 150kgSWL Dive System: Air/Nitrox diving to 50msw ACC: 8 persons Operation area: North Sea (UK-Norway-WW)


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DSV Fleet (WW)

Rockwater 1 Built: 1982 Owner: Subsea 7 L:98m, B: 18m Deck Area: 550m2

Rockwater 2 Built: 1983 Owner: Subsea 7 L:119m, B: 22m Deck Area: 1150m2 Crane SWL: 300Te SWL, 1000m reach Crane SWL: 100Te, 300m Dive System: 16 man, single bell 1x16 man HRV ROV: 1xWROV ACC: 106 persons

Discovery Built: 1990 Owner: Subsea 7 L:125m, B: 20m Deck Area: 1200m2

Acergy Harrier Built: 1985 Owner: Subsea 7 L:83m, B: 19m Deck Area: 1000m2

Acergy Eagle Built: 1997

Owner: Subsea 7
L:138m, B: 20m Deck Area: 1200m2 Crane SWL: 250Te SWL Dive System: 16 man, twin bell system 1x18man HRV ROV: 2xWROV ACC: 114 persons Operation area: UK/DK (WW)

Crane SWL: Hydralift 120Te SWL, knuckle boom, 500m reach Dive System: 18 man, single bell 1x18 man HRV ROV: 1x Obs-ROV ACC: 106 persons Operation area: UK/DK and WW

Crane SWL: 140Te SWL

Dive System: 18 man, twin bell system 1x18man HRV ROV: 1xROV

Crane SWL: 2x60Te SWL Dive System: 16 man, twin

bell system 1x18man HRV ROV: 1xROV

ACC: 97 persons
Operation area: UK/DK/WW

ACC: 86 persons
Operation area: Brasil (WW)

Operation area: Asia Pac./WW


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Hyperbaric Welding Systems -Introduction

Subsea7 own and operate 3, Hyperbaric Welding Systems. Each system consists of a Habitat, services umbilicals, welding umbilical, hydraulic umbilicals hydraulic power units, hot water machines, containerised Habitat/Weld Control, workshops, equipment stores, pre heating systems, (induction heating invertors for SH2), general stores, consumables and stand alone, electrical generators, as and when required. Finally, each system has 3 x hydraulically powered, pipe handling frames, PHFs , which facilitate up/down, left/right movements of pipeline or spool piece, one of the PHFs, has push/pull capability, for spool piece installation and final welding fit up. All three systems can accommodate pipes, ranging in diameter , from 6/ 153mm to 42/1067mm. The systems are operated in Saturation Diving mode (Heliox) , and can work in water depths ranging from -15msw to -300msw, (CHAS -200msw). However, the vast majority of Client, Hyperbaric Welding Projects, have taken place in water depth ranges, -20msw to -185msw. 2 x Seahorse, Habitat Pipeline Welding Systems, Seahorse 1 and 2 can perform standard tie ins and Emergency Pipeline Repairs and are rated to -300msw working depth.


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S7 Hyperbaric Welding Projects 2012/2013 Dolphin Energy, Qatar, 2012

Emergency Pipeline Repair System, EPRS.

Canadian Natural Resources, CNR, UK 2012

Modular Habitat and Ninian Brace Repair. Ekofisk VB Water Inj Tee installation. B11 Platform Bypass. Eldfisk Tie in

Conoco Phillips, Norway, 2012

Conoco Phillips, Norway, 2013

Conoco Phillips, Norway, 2013

Shell,UK, 2013. Brent A Bypass For information only, Hot Tap capability, no project.


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Hyperbaric Welding

Subsea 7 CHAS (Combined Habitat Alignment System)


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Max 42 OD


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North Sea, UK, 2007. Structure 30yrs Service. Brace parted, @ -45msw, 1.2dia x 50mm wt. Project Specific Habitat


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Dolphin Energy, Qatar. Subsea7 design and to build 1219mm dia, (48), Seahorse, Hyperbaric Habitat, EPRS capability. Ongoing.


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Hyperbaric Welded Branch Tee, Hot Tap.

1994 First, HT achieved with Induction Heating, there by maintaining production through out operations. Wintershall, Netherlands.

16 Branch on to 36 Gas pipeline, -30msw.

Shallowest, S7 HT, -30msw Deepest, S7 HT, -140msw 12 Branch on to 30 P/line 18 Branch on to 36 P/line

S7 have performed 7 HTs, with No Weld Repairs.


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SH2, Hot Tap Habitat, with Top Hat for B/V Assembly Stowage


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Hyperbaric welding-Methodology

Lift of the north section to perform the first weld:

Lift and shift of the south section to perform the second weld:


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Hyperbaric welding-Methodology


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