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training in an art or a trade (This word is also sometimes used to describe educational training programs, common in Europe and much of the world, in which young people learn their profession through on-the-job training in companies and organizations. Often this includes one or two days a week of in-class training. This kind of education is uncommon in the United States.) to be paid for, to supply the money for Our new business administration building was funded by a number of foundations. a title given by a university services, conveniences, buildings, equipment Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the world, and its science department has excellent research facilities. to specialize in (a particular academic field) I majored in accounting. the main field of study in which a university student specializes My major is accounting. to have a secondary specialization in (a particular academic field) I minored in theological speculation. the secondary field of study in which a student specializes to be the short form of, to represent, to mean specialized words or expressions used in a particular field, activity, job, science, etc. Bachelor of Arts, an undergraduate degree in a humanities-related subject such as literature, anthropology, languages, history etc. Bachelor of Science, an undergraduate degree in a science-related subject such as mathematics, biology, geology, chemistry a high level graduate degree usually gained after earning a bachelors degree but before a doctorate. A masters often requires a large research project to be performed (There are also different kinds of master's, including M.A. (Master of Arts), M.S. (Master of Science), M.B.A. (Master in Business Administration), etc.) doctorate, the highest level graduate degree (Although Ph.D. stands for Doctor of Philosophy, it is commonly used to refer to a doctorate in any field.) to send in the necessary paperwork and seek enrolment in a university/college I applied to Duke, Northwestern, and Boston College. to be present (Hoda Mowguda!)

to be funded a degree facilities to major a major

to minor a minor to stand for terminology B.A.




to apply to to attend

to audit a class to cram for

to attend a class but not receive credits to study very hard in a very short time We had to cram for that biology exam yesterday! A determined number of points attributed to a class, usually based on class hours. A certain number of credits are required to advance from year to year and to eventually graduate. Failing a class doesnt gain the student any credits. (United States, possibly other countries. The UK uses a different system at the university level) education provided online/by phone Im taking distance education courses with Craig hes alright I guess! to quit a class I dropped calculus it was too hard! to sign up for, to register for, to join I enrolled in Mr. Davidsons history course. freshman 1st year student at an American high school/university/college, sophomore 2nd year, junior 3rd year, senior 4th year (in the UK they are called First Years, Second Years, etc.) to fail a course I flunked Arabic because their alphabet just looked so strange to me! to take a day off, to not attend class I skipped archeology this morning to spend time with my sick brother to change from one course to another, or to change from one high school/university/college to another Tim transferred from California Tech to California State a document listing academic performance M y mom asked to see my transcript when I came home last summer. Man, I didnt know what to say! I couldnt let her see it, so I burned it big mistake


distance education to drop to enroll in freshman/sophomore/ junior/senior to flunk to skip

to transfer