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Antwerp , New York 13608

Antwerp Community April Newsletter 2013

Next Village Board meeting th is April 10 , 2013 @ Village Moments Village/ Fire Hall @7PM. Momentsnewsletter is to
provide specialized __________________ information to a targeted audience. Newsletters can IMPORTANT NEWS be a great way to market Second your Your product or service, and also create credibility Reminder and build y

Town Board Moments

1. Citizen Concerns a. Mr. Chris Ferguson and Mike Hayes inquired about the new contract for the Oxbow Fire Dept. Later in the meeting, it was told that they would have the lawyer make corrections made on the names. 2. Communications- a. Jefferson County Dept. of Insurance requesting payroll information. Info has been submitted. B. NYS Dept of Labor sent a letter explaining a labor law which requires employers to provide emergency escape systems to firefighters at elevations. Info on NYS labor website. c. A motion was made and carried to accept the Code of Ethics as it was written. 3. Mr. Cole inquired about the Towns fire contract for Antwerp with the village. It was reported that the lawyer was working on it and would be ready for signing as soon as he receives it.

Next Town Board meeting will be on April th 8 , 2013 @ Town Hall @ 7PM. Village Board Moments Public Hearing It was discussed in length the adoption of the proposed local law authorizing a tax levy in excess of the limit established by General Municipal Law 3-c. It was later voted yes. 1Citizen concerns a. Resident spoke of neighbors dogs running loose, getting into trash and kids being bitten. The dog warden is trying to catch the dogs and they will gather any other info. B. Resident has a garbage concern with his neighbors property, the zoning officer and health officer will be contacted regarding this. C. Resident wants to see something done about people who are parking on the sidewalk. It will be looked into. 2. SEWER PROJECT UPDATE: The NYSDEC has approved the village engineers plans for the sewer project. 3. The fire protection contract was discussed in executive session. The coverage to the Town was extended until April th 9 .

Mark Your Calendar April 8th- Town Board Meeting @7PM

April or 10requesting - Village product your service. Board Meeting @


7 PM

4. Brian Pierce reported that he had received a couple calls on zoning. 5. Mr. Hall reported that a truck had been broke down for a few weeks waiting for parts to be repaired.

You can get a physical hard paper copy of the Antwerp Community our organizations identity Newsletter the among peers, at members, employees,locations: or vendors. following Town Office, Village First, determine the audience of the Office, Post Office, newsletter. This could be Library, Village anyone who might benefit from the Market, information it contains, for example, Congregational employees or people interestedRobbins in purchasing a Church, Hardware and Senior housing in Antwerp. I will also be having it available online at the and the Facebook of Crosby Public Library. I can try to bulk email it if you request me to bulk email to you. laurahancock@earthli +++++++++++++++ Mark Your Calendar April 1st - April Fools Day April 1st-5th Spring Recess No School

th You can compile April14 -20thamailing National list from business reply Library Week. April cards, customer th th 16 -19 ELA State information sheets, Business cards collected Test Grades 3rd-8th at trade shows, or April 20th lists. Crosby membership You might consider purchasing Public Library Spring a mailing list from a Fling. Noon -2PM company.

(See back for info) Next, establish how much nd time and money you can April 22 - Earth Day spend on your newsletter. These factors will help determine how frequently you publish the newsletter and its length.

April 24th- Antwerp Primary Concert @ 7PM High school theater w/ Student Art Display April 24th-26th Math State Test Grades 3rd8th. April 26th- Karaoke Night @ the Antwerp American Legion 9PM1AM (Open to Public) April 30th High School Band and Orchestra Concert @ 7PM.

Special Thanks to laurs A Carol Countryman and her helpers for their efforts to support the Antwerp recreation Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic for March 30th at noon. THANK YOU! ************************** Happy Birthday Dirk Doxtator 4/03 Leona Shaw 4/07 Ariana Hughes 4/09 Heather Sands 4/10 Jeff Dusharm 4/17 Milton Marsh 4/20 Macy Everett 4/21 Nicholas Dean 4/24 Tealia Mosher 4/26 Britany Hill 4/26 Sandy Getman 4/28 Sharon Hughes 4/29 Brandon Hughes 4/30 ************************* Happy Anniversary to Bob and Laura Hancock on April 23rd. ************************** Crosby Public Library List of some new books. CHILDRENS BOOKS Everything Wright Bring Up the Bodies Waiting for Normal Leslie Connor Grandpa Green Lane Smith A Ball for Daisy - Chris Raschka The Fault in our Stars John Green Blackout John Rocco

Breaking Stalins Nose Eugene Yelchin Dead End in Norvelt Jack Gantos Dork Diaries 5: Tales from a Not-So-Smart Miss Know-It-All Rachel Renee Russell Come in to see the rest! ****************************** Church NewsCongregational -Sunday school meets from 9AM 9:45AM each Sunday morning . For more info, Call Maureen @ 659-8622

+++++++++++++++++ Annual Pizza Sale of the First Congregational church is now on. One pizza is $7 and 2 pizzas are $13. Plain cheese or with pepperoni. Order by
April 10 . To Myra LaClair 659-8657, Joe Lantier 6595016 or Terry Chisholm 659-8360. (Payment is due at time of ordering.) The making and

Whats Up in Antwerp Antwerp Fire Dept. Fish Fries Come to the Fish Fry on April 5th and April 19th. (April 19th is the last for the year.) ++++++++++++++++++ Just a reminder to check out the Village Website. t ++++++++++++++++++ Safety- Spring is about here! Be careful with those heavy tasks. Ask for help. Village Spring Clean Up Dates will be in May this year , but you can start now, but put out piles only when week is designated. (Dates will be set in village meeting in April)

Look out for future dates

delivering of th pizzas will be April 13 .

Crosby Public Library Spring Fling on Saturday, April 20th from noon until 2:00. They will do the usual activities - planting, craft, Earth Day Scavenger Hunt (weather-permitting) and have a snack. Come join us and have some fun!

April 26th- Karaoke Night @ American Legion 9PM-1AM. (Open to Public) ++++++++++++++++++ Do you recycle?? Hours will be changing soon for the Town Recycle Center. Watch for them. The Village picks up recycle on the first and third Friday of the month with the regular trash pickup. Effective immediately the village will no longer pick up recyclables for residents who do not use the Village's trash service

May1st- IRIS Concert 7PM @HS Theater w/student art display. May 4th- Junior/ Senior Prom May 6th HS Academic Awards Ceremony May 8th HS Choral Concert 7PM May 8th Village Board Meeting @ 7PM. May 13th Town Board Meeting @ 7PM May 16th Antwerp Primary School Concert @ 7PM @ HS Theater w/ Student Art Display May 17th Middle School Talent Show May 21st Gr. 7th & 8th Concert- 7 PM @ HS Theater. May 27th Memorial Day NO SCHOOL Parade At Antwerp Main St.@10 AM
Hello Antwerp. Well, I heard some birds chirping the other day even with the snow, so spring may be around the corner.
As always, I am here for your news. Call me @ 659-8213 or email me @ laurahancock@earthlink. net Take care and God Bless you all.

Laura Hancock


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