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On-Site Power

On-Site Power Generation Systems

Pre-Integrated. Reliable. Efficient.


Our 7.5 to 25 kW liquid-cooled diesel generator sets offer our traditional rugged designs, durability and reliability for applications ranging from nursing homes to wireless services, to prime power for small, remote, unattended sites. User-friendly operation and maintenance features include: Heavy-duty engines and high performance alternators Mechanical or electronic governing systems, and electronic voltage regulation
Power Output Rating Standby (kW) Prime Power (kW)


Our spark-ignited generator sets, 6 to 150 kW, are available with natural gas, propane, and combined fuel systems. They can be used in a variety of life-support and related applications, including small health care facilities and retail businesses. Installation and hookup to the fuel source lines is both basic and convenient. As with our diesel generator sets, a complete selection of voltages, accessories, generator set, and control options are available for customizing to your specific needs. Major features include: Multiple control system options including those that are NFPA 110 compliant Natural Gas, Propane, or combination fuel systems Weather protective and sound attenuated enclosures (steel or aluminum)


Optional control systems for automatic, local, or remote start applications Optional weather-protective and sound attenuated enclosures, coolant heaters, and other features to enhance performance and reliability in extreme ambient environments Complete set of accessory devices designed for use with the generator set to simplify installation and enhance reliability Cummins-powered diesel generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 35 to 2700 kW. Whether your application is for prime or continuous power, or if reliable standby power is critical to your business, Cummins provides standard features that have no equal. Heavy-duty Cummins engines are known for their stingy fuel efficiency, responsive transient performance, and rugged reliability. Each generator set includes a cooling system that is designed to provide guaranteed performance in high ambient temperatures, so you get all the power you pay for. High performance Cummins-manufactured alternators offer optimum performance in demanding applications, such as data centers and industrial plants.


60 Hz 50 Hz 7.5 6.0 11.5 9.0 15.0 12.5 16.0 12.5 20.0 16.0 20.0 16.7 25 20 35 28 35 28 40 32 40 32 50 40 50 40 60 50 80 65 80 N/A 100 85 125 100 150 140 175 150 200 176 230 200 250 220 250 220 275 250 275 250 300 275 300 275 350 310 350 318 400 330 400 330 400 N/A 450 400 450 400 500 450 500 450 600 550 750 620 750 N/A 800 700 900 800 1000 880 1100 N/A 1250 1120 1500 1290 1750 1500 2000 1650 2250 2000 2700 N/A N/A 2660

60 Hz 50 Hz 6.8 5.4 10.4 8.1 13.5 11.0 14.4 11.25 18.0 14.5 18.0 15.0 23 18 32 25 30 25 35 29 36 29 45 36 45 36 55 45 72 60 72 N/A 90 80 113 90 135 125 160 135 180 160 210 180 225 200 225 200 250 227 250 227 270 250 270 250 315 282 N/A N/A 350 300 360 320 N/A N/A 410 360 410 365 455 400 455 400 545 500 680 560 N/A N/A 720 640 818 725 900 800 900 N/A 1100 1000 1250 1100 1600 1350 1825 1500 N/A N/A 2435 N/A N/A 2400


Quiet Site provides two levels of sound attenuation to comply with stringent noise requirements. Steel or aluminum sound attenuated enclosures can be factory installed or up fitted on existing generator sets by the local distributor as requirements emerge. All features, options, and accessories of Cummins Power Generation diesel gensets up to 500 kW and spark-ignited gensets from 6 to 150 kW are available with Quiet Site enclosures. And Quiet Site can be configured for other stationary or trailerized applications.
Model Power Output Rating Standby Fuel (kW) Prime Power (kW)



Only Cummins generator sets are available with the industry-leading PowerCommand Control. This unique, field-proven control system offers features, performance, and reliability. A dazzling array of standard features includes not only integrated digital governing and voltage regulation, but also: both analog and digital metering; digital engine monitoring systems; smart-starting systems that actually regulate the fuel system based on engine temperature to improve stability, starting time and limit smoke; battery monitoring systems that test the genset batteries; AmpSentry true alternator protection; and more. PowerCommand controls offer the capability of integrated digital paralleling substituting less reliable, complex, and expensive paralleling equipment with simple, off the shelf solutions.

Quiet Site enclosures silence and protect the complete generator set, optimizing both genset performance and sound treatment to achieve low noise performance. Major features include: Level 1: 65 to 85 dB(a) with full load at 7 meters Level 2: 61 to 74 dB(a) with full load at 7 meters Compact footprint, low profile design Easy access to all major generator, engine, and control components for servicing Upgrade kits Enclosed, protective exhaust systems


Natural Gas Propane (Vapor) Natural Gas Propane (Vapor) Natural Gas Propane (Vapor) Natural Gas Propane* Natural Gas Propane* Natural Gas Propane* Natural Gas Propane* Natural Gas Propane* Natural Gas Propane* Natural Gas Propane* Natural Gas Propane* Natural Gas Propane* Natural Gas Natural Gas Natural Gas

60Hz 50Hz 6.0 4.7 7.0 5.5 10.0 7.8 11.5 9.0 14.0 10.9 16.0 12.5 20 16 20 16 35 N/A 35 N/A 42 30 47 35 60 N/A 60 N/A 70 55 75 60 85 N/A 85 N/A 100 75 100 75 125 105 125 105 140 110 140 110 150 115 125 N/A 150 N/A

60Hz 50Hz 5.4 4.2 6.3 5.0 9.0 7.0 10.4 8.1 12.6 9.8 14.4 11.3 N/A N/A N/A N/A 30 N/A 30 N/A 36 25 40 30 51 N/A 51 N/A 60 47 64 51 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 115 95 115 95 125 100 125 100 135 105 100 N/A N/A N/A

* Liquid or Vapor

Available with EPA Nonroad TPEM Program * Available with EPA Nonroad Emissions Certifications (60 Hz)
Most models UL 2200-listed. See your distributor for specific details.


Cummins lean-burn gas gensets are designed to provide premier performance,
Lean Burn Technology is Clean-Burning Technology
1 bar = 14.5 PSI 20 NOx Efficiency

Cummins Microturbines are compact, ultra low emission, virtually maintenancefree power generators that allow either grid-connect operation, stand-alone, or automatic grid/ stand-alone switching options. The product features only one moving part: the integrated turbine/alternator shaft and patented foil air bearing; requires only one scheduled maintenance per 8000 hours, and delivers ultra low emissions (NOx < 9 ppm). The microturbine can operate on a wide range of hydrocarbon-based gaseous, liquid or low-BTU fuels. In addition, the machine is air cooled with no liquid coolants or lubricants to maintain or leak and they are built on the same no rust aluminum frame and enclosure with air inlet and outlet silencing that results in the quietest, standard production microturbine available. Applications favorable to Microturbines usually exhibit one or more of the following characteristics: High hour usage requirements over 4000 hours per year Poor quality fuel energy content as low as 500 BTU or sour (up to 7% H2S) Ultra low emissions requirements NOx < 0.15 g/hp-hr Combined Heat and Power (CHP) heating or absorption chilling High reliability and power quality for critical electrical loads Remote locations where scheduled maintenance events are costly Quiet operation Low cost fuels
Model Power Output Rating

fuel efficiency and low emissions for high-hour peaking baseload and CHP applications. Using a lean mixture of fuel and air, combustion temperatures are significantly reduced, which minimizes the production of nitrogen oxides. The result is high power output with maximum thermal efficiency and minimal emissions. Already proven in over 500,000 hours of continuous duty operation

Combustion Turbines
Cummins Power Generation combustion turbines range from 1.4 MW to 6.5 MW. With natural gas and liquid fuel capabilities, these prime movers are well suited to applications requiring low emissions, small foot print, high reliability and low vibration. Each turbine/generator set is designed for long service intervals, rapid installation and low maintenance thereby achieving high annual availability. Dry low emissions (DLE): mitigated as low as 14 ppm NOx, 50 ppm CO Catalytic combination emission 3ppm NOx, 10ppm CO Fuel transfers on the fly capability Weatherproof, sound-attenuated enclosures Low installation costs (less concrete, no cooling circuit, smaller crane required) Included packaged operational auxiliaries and advanced control system Powered by Kawasaki As distributed generation, base load applications are diverse ranging from factory manufacturing facilities to heath care and government facilities to university campuses. Cogeneration installation supplying steam for facility process Combined Heat & Power (CHP) heating or absorption cooling Combined Cycle installation increased overall electrical efficiency

18 16 14 12 10 8 0.6

around the world, these generators meet most federal, state, and local emissions

BMEP (bar)

requirements. SCR after treatment options reduce NOx levels (as low as 0.15 grams /BHP-hr or less) to the most stringent air quality standards. Capable of running on variable quality gas from pipe-line natural gas to field gas or bio-gas with a methane number over 45, Cummins gas reciprocating engine technology and standard PowerCommand controls provide maximum operational








flexibility for power generation applications.

Air Excess (lambda)

Model Power Output Ratings Continuous (kW)

30kW 60kW

50Hz & 60Hz 50Hz & 60Hz


334GFBA 315GFBA 1160GQKA 1400GQKA 1100GQMA 1250GQNA 1370GQMA 1540GQNA 1570GQMB 1750GQNB 1750GQPC 2000GQRC 2000GQTC

60 Hz 334 1400 1100 1250 1750 2000

50Hz 315 1160 1370 1540 1570 1750 2000

59F Ambient Temperature Required Electric Steam Electrical Overall Gas Pressure Output Production Efficiency Efficiency psig kW lb/hr* % %(kW)



1,423 1,434 5,265

11,100 11,216 32,139

23.4 23.6 28.9

77.1 77.4 80.7

Electric Power 1.4MWe, Steam 5.5t/h, Dry Low Emissions

GPB15 DLE 206 GPB60 DLE 242

Electric Power 1.4MWe, Steam 5.5t/h, Dry Low Emissions Electric Power 5.3MWe, Steam 16t/h, Dry Low Emissions Sea level, intake/exhaust pressure loss: 4/10 inches of water Generator efficiency: 95%

GPB70 DLE 300





Electric Power 6.5MWe, Steam 18t/h, Dry Low Emissions Sea level, intake/exhaust pressure loss: 4/14 inches of water Generator efficiency: 97% Fuel is natural gas with LHV=905 BTU/scf * Steam production is based on deaerated feedwater temperature of 228F, 2% continuous blowdown, 125 psig saturated steam at non return valve outlet.


Paralleling is an integrated function of our microprocessor based genset control, PowerCommand. In addition to monitoring, protection, governing, and voltage regulation functions, this single control provides paralleling control functions, including synchronizing, load sharing, and paralleling protection. PowerCommand controls even provide utility (mains) paralleling functions such as import/export control and var/power factor control. The same microprocessor-based control technology is also found on our full line of transfer switches; optimizing performance and simplifying operation and service. Only with Cummins Power Generation can you get a pre-integrated digital power system systems that are designed, built, tested and serviced by one manufacturer.
Digital MasterControl Open Transition Transfer Switches

Our open transition transfer switches incorporate a range of controls for utility-to-utility, utility-to-genset or genset-to-genset applications. They employ many standard and optional features, including a front panel digital display, bar graph metering, programmed transition, phase check, and optional simultaneously switched neutral. Major features include: UL 1008 listed withstand and closing ratings up to 200kA High visibility LED-indicating lamps provide at-a-glance source and ATS status for quick summary of system conditions Convenient front panel digital display provides easy access to review power and load conditions, make adjustments, review events, and check network status Designed to be configurable through the front panel or InPower, a PC-based service tool (OTPC)
Bypass Isolation Transfer Switches

Open Transition ATS # of Poles

Size (Amperes)


3 3, 4* 3, 4* 2, 3, 4 3, 4

30-260 A 40-1000 A 40-3000 A 125-3000 A 800-3000 A

Contractor pair, light duty transfer switch Basic feature package, heavy duty switch Fully featured, heavy duty switch Premium featured, high withstand rated, heavy duty switch Open transition, breaker pair (MCCB) switch * OT switches in 40A, 70A and 125A sizes available in 3 pole only.

The PowerCommand Model 200 and 300 Digital MasterControl, with its unique industrial PC-based touchscreen operator interface and software-based design, is a perfect complement to the PowerCommand generator set control for applications that demand maximum ease of use and extensive control capabilities. Major features include: Internet/Intranet capable for remote monitoring and alarm dialout Broad range of master control products to suit any application Isolated and infinite bus (utility mains paralleling) designs Easily integrates into other building control systems Suitable for applications up to 15,000 VAC, ANSIC 37.2, UL-1670 listed Power sections available using either stationary or drawout breakers, in UL-891, UL-1558 CSA or IEC type medium voltage designs, UL-1670 listed Front only or front/rear access switchboard designs
Model Closed Transition ATS # of Poles Size (Amperes)

Our bypass isolation transfer switch combines an open transition transfer switch, a two-source manual bypass switch, a closed door drawout isolation mechanism, and microprocessor-based controls. The switch allows maintenance, service and testing of the ATS without disrupting power to critical loads. For environments with critical power requirements, such as healthcare and data center facilities, the bypass isolation switch will combine safe reliable service with simple operation. Major features include: Non-load break bypass operation maintains service to critical loads when the ATS is drawn out of service External manual operation capability for the ATS Dead source interlocks prevent the operator from connecting loads to a failed utility or generator source Full mechanical interlock system prevents accidental interconnection of the power sources


Bypass Isolation ATS # of Poles

Size (Amperes)


3, 4

150-3000 A

Fully featured, bypass isolation, heavy duty switch


2, 3, 4 3, 4 3, 4 3, 4

125-800 A 800-3000 A 800-3000 A 800-3000 A

Digital Paralleling Transfer Equipment and Closed Transition Transfer Switches

Closed Transition, 100ms, high withstand rated, heavy duty switch Closed Transition, 100ms, breaker pair (MCCB) switch Closed Transition, soft load, breaker pair (MCCB) switch Closed Transition, extended paralleling, breaker pair (MCCB) switch

Closed transition transfer switches from 125 to 800 amps operate either open or closed hard transition with enhanced specific breaker ratings and 3 cycle ratings. Closed transition includes sync check or optional active sync for short duration paralleled source operation (50 70 msec). For installations rated from 800 3,000 amps, our digital paralleling load transfer (PLT) equipment, specifically designed for closed transition transfer, transfers power between a generator set and utility service without interrupting power to critical loads. Service entrance rating, ground fault protection, and utility protective relaying are available. UL-891, UL-1008 listed.


Non-Automatic Transfer Switch # of Poles Size (Amperes)

Non-Automatic Transfer Switches


3, 4*

40-3000 A

Our non-automatic transfer switches are operated electrically through a front panel mounted control switch. They are available from 40 to 3,000 amps.

Non-Automatic, heavy duty switch * OT switches in 40A, 70A and 125A sizes available in 3 pole only.


The Power Suite, on CD-ROM, is available from your local Cummins distributor.
PowerCommand Network
PowerCommand Network is an innovative, Windows-based, distributed system for operating and maintaining emergency standby or prime power systems. Regardless of the equipment manufacturer, this microprocessorbased network system allows: local or remote monitoring and control, real-time data collection, retention, and report generation on generator sets, transfer switches, paralleling controls, switchgear, and other related power generation and distribution equipment. We also have standard interfaces with all leading building management systems and automation packages that allow you to communicate effectively with your energy management operations.

This tool contains easy-to-use generator set sizing software, product specification and data sheets, key drawings in both viewable image and CAD formats along with other application technical information. This comprehensive set of product information and software tools is designed to assist the user in selecting appropriate power generation products and identifying facility design and installation requirements. The Power Suite includes:

A comprehensive, easy-to-use generator set sizing software that allows the user to quickly determine the optimum Cummins generator set required for power generation applications. Simply enter project requirements and electrical loads and GenSize calculates generator loading, required generator performance, and provides product recommendations.

This is the electronic version of our Power Systems Manual containing all product specification and data sheets plus much more. The Library also contains outline and schematic drawings, even in CAD format. After using GenSize to determine which Cummins generator set best meets project requirements, the Library can be used to acquire documentation containing information needed for facility design. Also included are application manuals and technical papers on a variety of power generation topics.

Contains software tools to assist in generator set installation design including alternator decrement curves for short circuit studies and tools to aid in sizing fuel and exhaust system components.
Minimum personal computer requirements:
Hardware: 64 MB Ram and 70 MB free Hard Drive space Software: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, or 2000 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01, Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0


Includes a series of product Sample Specifications in Word format that can be used as a source for power generation project specifications.

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Cummins Power Generation and PowerCommand are registered trademarks of Cummins Power Generation, AmpSentry and The Power of One are trademarks of Cummins Power Generation Corporation. Cummins is a registered trademark of Cummins Inc. All other trademarks are owned by their respective companies. Backfeed to a utility system can cause electrocution and/or property damage. Do not connect to any buildings electrical system except through an approved device or after building main switch is opened. Specifications are subject to change without notice. 2004 Cummins Power Generation Printed in the U.S.A. Bulletin F-1186 Rev 07/04

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