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Assignment Of Human Value

Topic : Trust

Submitted To:Lect. Pooja Kapoor

Submitted By:Seema Devi Roll No. 1275346 MBA 2nd Sem

Trust (Vishwas) according Human Values

Trust or vishws is the foundational value in relationship. The feeling of Trust (Visvsa ) in relationship is defined as: To be assured that each human being inherently wants oneself and the other to be happy and prosperous. After analysing we come on 2 aspects:

Intention (wanting to-our natural acceptance) Competence (being able to do) Intention (Natural acceptance )
1 a ) I w ant to be happy 2 a ) I w ant to make the other happy 3 a ) The other wants to be happy 4 a ) The other wants to make me happy Competence (Ability to fulfill) 1 b ) I am always happy 2 b ) I make the other always happy 3 b ) The other is always happy 4 b ) The other makes me always happy What we really want to be What we are When we are assured of the intention of the other and find that the competence is lacking, we become a help to the other. When we doubt the intention of the other, we get into opposition.

Do we have Trust today?

This is the most serious matter in all our interpersonal relationships-between husband and wife, father and son, between friends-this basic lack of trust, at the level of intention, is the basic issue. And we seem to be doing nothing to address this issue, to resolve this issue. This is a matter of fact that what is the trust you carry with others and how you evaluate it on the part of others. Why do people have poor competence? You may ask. It is because hardly anyone is paying attention to understanding the relationships. People are largely unaware. We can see that people keep doing things they dont mean to. Even each one of us. We dont want to get angry (intention), but end up getting angry (lack of competence).

What we mean by trust today?/How do we use this term trust today? Now, you may say,
1. How can I trust a stranger? 2. How can I trust someone who has bad intentions? (a) He has not paid attention to his own natural acceptance at all (no one, even in education, pointed this out to him) (b) Due to the unfavorable circumstances that he has grown up in, or lives in, he has assumed that robbing is right or the only way. So he goes ahead and does it. 3. I know someones character is not good. How can I trust someone like that? 4. If I trust everyone, wouldnt people take undue advantage of me? 5. This person can never be trusted. Be careful of that person 6. Never trust anyone blindly

To Summarize..

In all our relationships, trust is the foundation. A relationship without trust results in opposition, the relationship itself gets shaken up. Lack of trust is what ultimately leads to extreme situations like war. Trust is thus called the foundation value or dhra mlya. Our natural acceptance is to live with a feeling of relatedness to all and this means that we have the assurance in us at all times that each and every human being wants my happiness.