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for beauty between levels

Need help designing a unique, personalised staircase?

Are you looking for a beautiful addition to your office, home or shop? Luxurious, business-like, modern or extravagant? EeStairs can supply a custom made staircase tailored to suit your requirements. Our designers explore the boundaries, pushing them back where possible to deliver exceptional results. Our knowledge of materials and innovative technologies enables us to rise to any challenge and satisfy any design brief. We are committed to supplying beautiful staircases and exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Looking for an affordable design solution?

Ask EeStairs what the options are. We have a wide selection of interesting standardised staircases that will enhance your home, shop or development project. Our designers have created a range of staircases that combine creativity and functionality to bring you practical, beautiful stairs suitable for any interior. Our elegant standard designs introduce added architectural interest to the journey between levels.


The design is ready but you need help from specialists to produce it?

Then youve come to the right place. EeStairs has the know-how, attention to detail and focus on quality required to turn your design into a production reality. When realising your staircase design we offer advice on geometry, materials and construction. You benefit from our extensive experience and enjoy the security of a perfectly resolved staircase installed by highly skilled fitting teams. No surprises, no risks, just your design delivered exactly as you intended.

for beauty between levels

We walk up and down stairs almost every day without giving it much thought. Yet a staircase has the potential to make a space so much more attractive; whether in your home or shop, or a unique design element within your development project. EeStairs appreciate the basic function of a staircase,


but to look beyond that to focus on the potential for exceptional design. We provide unique design solutions developed specifically to suit your style. Our Custom Design staircases add beauty and drama to a space and in doing so create an environment in which it is more pleasant to live or work.

An eye-catching staircase does more than take you upstairs or down. An unusual design is enticing; it makes people curious about what is on the next floor. An area with an impressive staircase comes to life, complementing the architecture perfectly. When EeStairs is supplying your feature staircase we are involved from concept stage all the way through to production and installation. From the very first design meeting your wishes will guide the entire process. We offer photo realistic computer visualisations at an early stage in the proceedings to show you what is possible.

This is the perfect way to enable you to fully appreciate the added value that your staircase will bring. Perhaps you already have a rough idea of what the staircase should look like, but are not certain? No problem, EeStairs will be delighted to contribute some ideas. Almost anything is possible when it comes to design, materials and implementation. We are ready to deliver your dream staircase.

design and c r e at i v i t y

We challenged EeStairs to design a feature staircase that would satisfy our sustainability requirements, evoke a positive reaction and harmonise with the bold architecture of our Headquarters. They exceeded our expectations by delivering a striking, all-bamboo staircase that brings the lobby to life and inspires our visitors. It was a joy to work with a design led specialist at the top of their game. Jeremy Way
Director, Greenpower Arundel (UK)


A like minded partner delivering exciting, realistic designs

An unusual staircase sparks attention; makes people curious. Whats up there, what will I find? Having to overcome a height difference is of no longer of consequence. EeStairs is ever mindful that a staircase is a functional item yet at the same time embraces every opportunity to give creativity free


rein. This commitment to good design ensures that each staircase is a work of art, bound to fascinate. Modern or business-like, streamlined or quirky, it all depends upon what you want.

So many styles, so many wishes. EeStairs appreciates variety, which is why we offer an extensive selection of exceptional staircases to suit varying tastes and styles. Our expertise using a wide range of materials and processes combined with an appetite for pioneering manufacturing techniques enables us deliver almost any staircase imaginable. You may be looking for a staircase that emphasises the professionalism of your office or communicates your corporate identity? Perhaps you are interested in an exclusive model to enhance the appearance of your home or shop? Or are you looking for

a fascinating addition to your development in which the staircase and balustrade will merge seamlessly with the architecture? Whatever you are looking for, feel free to share your ideas with us. EeStairs can deliver results or help to seek solutions. You can be sure that we have the capabilities to deliver a product that perfectly matches your wishes.

All the colours, all the curves, all the details: the entire plan was just right. The artistic design almost made you forget that a staircase originated as a functional object. Prof. Jose A. Feijo
D. Biologia Vegetal, Fac. Ciencias, Univers Lisboa Lisbon (P)


seeing infinite possibilities

EeStairs thinks in terms of fitting solutions within the available budget and that is something few can do. Mark Gumienny
Architect at David Hu Architect PLLC New York (USA)

Making your dreams come true

Whether you are an architect seeking to make your design a production reality or contractor committed to meeting a specification, you will appreciate the added value in collaborating with a professional partner who understands your requirements. Look no further than EeStairs. Our specialists are


world-class experts in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke feature staircases. One less thing for you to worry about.

As a professional you demand quality. You expect others to deliver the same level of quality that you are committed to providing. The EeStairs specialists understand and appreciate this. We have all of the know-how in house to take your staircase from concept to reality and are equipped to give you the right advice without losing sight of the spirit of the design. We are mindful of your budget and pride ourselves on good communication. Throughout the supply process you can rest assured that EeStairs have your best interests at heart and will keep you well informed. We deliver on

our promises and provide a complete service with no surprises. From the outset you know what to expect from EeStairs, we do what we say we will do, in other words, a deals a deal. When time-scale is a factor you can rely upon EeStairs, drawing upon our extensive experience we are able to deliver high quality products, without compromise and without rushing. You will find us to be a reliable partner, only too willing to collaborate with you in realising the finest staircases and balustrades.

The end result left nothing to be desired. The staircase is more than wed ever imagined. Familie Dijkman-Dulkes
Castricum (NL) and Girona (S)


knowledge of m at e r i a l s a n d c o s t s

EeStairs is capable of constructing the staircase I have in mind in such a way that it comes to life, so to speak. Igor Falkovsky
Architect at Studio DAR Architects London (UK)


A like minded partner delivering exciting, realistic designs Making your dreams come true Professional Visualising designs before production Experienced Stress free Clarity A deals a deal

Have you ever thought about all of the things you can do with a staircase? That there is more to it than just walking up and down? An exceptional staircase arouses curiosity, fascination and admiration. A perfect combination of functionality and design, whether in your home, shop, or office cannot fail to attract attention. By relentlessly pushing the


boundaries and rising to the challenges that others decline, EeStairs stands out as supplier of unique, extraordinary staircases.

EeStairs has the in house know-how to supply your special staircase; from design and engineering to production and installation, we have the skills required to provide a complete service. Throughout the entire process you will work with specialists who are experts in their field; capable, efficient and hugely experienced. Our team thrive on custom design projects; bespoke solutions tailored to suit your specific wishes. We use visualisations at an early stage in the proceedings to illustrate what your design will look like. This is an excellent way to quickly illustrate how a feature staircase

will enhance its environment. We also offer a wide range of standard designs; attractive, affordable staircases developed by EeStairs to cater for those looking for an exciting product without taking the step into custom design. In addition, EeStairs regularly collaborates with architects and contractors as a production and installation partner guaranteeing a high quality, engineered product, realising designs prepared by others.

I would like to thank you and your team for delivering a fantastic job. The project was very, very challenging from the beginning to the end. Your attitude from the outset was second to none and I wouldnt hesitate in using EeStairs again in the future. Thank you very much. Phil Hodgson
Contracts Manager, bw interiors limited London (UK)


visualising designs before production

Parties who view complicated projects as a challenge are always able to find each other. That is an important reason why I enjoy working with EeStairs. Erick van Egeraat
Owner and architect at (Designed by) Erick van Egeraat Rotterdam (NL)

Stress free

A deals a deal

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for beauty between levels

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