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(1) Political factor:Government focus a tourism industry e.g.ATITHI DEVO BHAV opening up opportunity for the hotel industry.

In the govt of Indias Incredible India destination campaign have also helped the growth of domestic and international tourism and consequently the hotel industry. The govt decision to treat convention centres as port of core infrastructure has also fuelled the demand of hotel room. For past few years the boom in Indias hospitality industry has been fuelled by favourable political situation. (2) Economical:The hotel industry in India is going through an interesting phase one of the major reason for the increasing in demand for hotel room in the country seen till recently is the beam in the overall economy and high graph in shelter like information technology. Now slowdown fear is hovering on the sector. In India form medium to long term the fundamental are very perishing. The continued economic or with increased in test in the India market and improved international access. The heat of global economy melt down is being felt by upcoming hotel project in India some of these venture are like to be delayed or put a hold. The hotel industry in India going though on interesting phase one of the major reasons for the increase in demand for hotel room in the country seen will recently boom in overall economy and high in sector, like information technology, telecom, retail and real estate. (3) Socio-cultural factor: (a) Socio factor: It include the demographical factor like Population:India is the second largest population country of the world more than 110 crore population is there. So because of high population it is the positive effect to wards the hotel industry because as population are more hotel industry get more traffic & also occupancy rate is increase at the time of marriage season. Male-female ratio: In India male ratio is more than the female ratio so it affects the marriage. And if there are only male people in the society than it effect the marriage and if marriage is not there than it is negative affect to

wards the hotel industry. And if there are female are not there than how male enjoy the life with out life partner so it affect the hotel industry so you have to check out the male & female ratio in the society. Domination of male & female: In India male are taking maximum decision than the female but in European country the decision is taken by the female so also it affects the hotel because if female want to go for some enjoyment in outside with her life partner & if life partner is not ready than how she go outside so it affects the hotel industry. Literacy level: Literacy level is law in India compare to western country but literacy level is high compare to neighbor country like shri-lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc. so if education level is high than students are go to study in other state & or in other country also other countrys students come to India so they have stay in hotel so it the positive effects to the hotel industry so industry have to show that what is the literacy level in country. Income level: Now a days the income of a people increasing day by day so if income will increase than people want more enjoyment so it is the positive affect to the hotel industry. Average age of society: In India there are teenagers & youngster are more than the alders people & in America the mature people are high than the youngster so in India teenagers & youngster people want more enjoyment by going in hotel & picnic etc so it is the positive affects to the hotel industry. Occupation are developing: Now a day in any country the business are developing at a very faster rate so business people have go for do some business deal in outside country or any other state so in other country or outside state they have to stay in hotels so it the positive affect to the hotel industry. For example:Recent vibrant Gujarat was over at that time many corporate people are came into ahmedabad at that time the occupancy rate of every hotels are 100%. So it is positive affects to the hotel industry. (b) Cultural factor: Culture means it is the set of Norms, Value of ritual, Philosophy of country is the highest important to any industry. If you are not know the culture of any country than you can not do the business in that country For example: -

When Mc Donald newly came in to the India at that time they sale the meat of cow all the Indian people were angry because in Indian culture cow is a holiest animal of the country Neelkanth hotel also they are not providing any non vegetarian food because they believe in swaminarayan religion so before launching any product every industry have to know the culture of that country. In Gujarat also most of the people want Gujarati thali so that you have to keep in mind. In Italian country suppose any hotel want to launch the product than they can not launch cone product because they believe that cone is only food for peacock. (c) Language: Language is also play an important role in any country. Because whatever you communicate in your language it may be some different meaning in other country. For example:Suppose any people want to open hotel in any country they have to the language of that country. Because he has to work with other countries employee, customer so that is also known by the any industry people. Only verbal communication is not important but nonverbal communication is also important For example:Suppose in America you open your hotel but if you communicate with the person or employee of that country with eye to eye than he feel that you threaten from him. But in Japan if want to communicate with eye to eye than he feel that you are insulting that people. So language is very important in any industry.

(4) Technological factor: Technological factors include following factor. (a) Status of technology: Status of technology includes Advance technology

Moderated technology Suitable infrastructure for technology Hear hotel industry have to check out that what technology they are using right now whether it is advance, moderated, or outdated technology. In hotel industry they are using moderated technology For example: In any in any of the hotel customer are checked when he enter into the premises of hotel by electronic checker machine. In neelkanth paradise they are using kitchen order ticket for serving the customer. In every hotel they are keep the C.C. T.V. Camera for watching the activity in the campus, many hotel in India they have adopted the technology of automatic car wash. In taj hotel there are swimming pool is clean automatically. So some how in Indian hotel industry have adopted the technology but still they are far behind so we can call that as moderated technology.

(b) Pace of technology: Pace of technology means how fast technology is changing in the country. In the country like America, china, Japan, India the technology is taking change at very fast rate as compare to china, Japan, & American technology the Indian is not fast growing as in that country so it is the backward point to hotel industry in India. (c) Cost of technology: Cost of technology means what is the cost of adopting technology. For example:In hotel industry if hotel want to adopt new technology like underground swimming pool, underground hotel in the sea. Technology of automatic cleaning of room so it is very costly in India so it is backward point to the hotel industry in India. (d) Suitable infrastructure for technology: Suitable infrastructure for technology means in this govt. support & physical infrastructure availability is very important.

In India govt. support is good for hotel industry like build the building and next coming years the more hotels also will come so govt. support is in favor of hotel industry. And also India have high no. of professional like M.B.A. so there are a good infrastructure support by the govt. to the hotel industry.