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As we have seen in the previous section, YHVH does not approve of people voting in

leaders or the inheritance of authority from one generation to another. YHVH’s will is
to choose specific people with humble characters to become His leaders.

The Fifth Judge – Abimelech - Overthrowing of Authority

Gideon had a total of seventy-two sons, one of them was from a concubine, and his
name was Abimelech, and his youngest was Jotham. Abimelech went to his 70
brothers and told them it is better for one man to lead than 70. Where do we find 70
“leaders” elsewhere in Scripture? Moses appointed 70 elders to help him govern and
judge the people. It seems these 70 sons governed the people and Abimelech was
not one of them and he used force to gain authority to rule the people.

Gideon is also a picture of Messiah Who anoints certain people to act on His behalf
in certain areas through the gifts of the Spirit. These are the “elders” who have the
anointing similar to Y’shua and they operate in most of the Gifts of the Spirit. They
are the people chosen to purify the doctrine inside the Assembly and operate in the
Gift of an Apostle. This is also the picture of the future leaders (144 000) that will lead
the people through the Wilderness in the time of the Tribulation. They will act in the
anointing of Moses and will be sealed by YHVH with a mark on their foreheads [Rev

Abimelech’s name means ‘father of the king’ and if Y’shua is our King. We find
people like Abimelech who come in the “authority of the Father”, who appoint
themselves over YHVH’s people and he was not chosen by YHVH. This is a very
arrogant act of someone to impose their will and agenda on YHVH’s people without
the blessing or approval of our heavenly Father. In other words they do not respect
YHVH or His appointed authority and take it over by force.

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The stone he killed his brothers on was the same stone Gideon sacrificed to YHVH
after he destroyed the idols in his father’s house. Drawing this story into our
perspective into today’s events, how do you kill the leaders YHVH appointed? It is
said by the Sages (Teachers) that you kill a man, if you “kill” his reputation or
character through slander. If you break down the reputation of one of YHVH’s
anointed leaders, then the people will no longer trust them or listen to them and it is
as good as if that leader has died in that community. Y’shua said the same about the
people in his hometown who ‘broke down His reputation’ through slander and He
could not do anything for them because they did not belief in Him.

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Do not speak against or slander those who do the work of YHVH because you will
make them ineffective and YOU will be the reason that YHVH cannot work through
them any more. If you have a problem with a leader, go, you and a witness, go tell
him his fault in private, so that you will not break down his credibility before the

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I have heard numerous stories of Assemblies who have divided because people
overthrew the authority of their leaders. This is wrong and if you do this, you are
doing the work of Abimelech and you act in the authority of the Father and you bring
a curse upon yourself and those who follow you.

The Curse of Jotham – The Curse of Thorns

Jotham means ‘YHVH is perfect’ and Jotham spoke these curses when he stood on
the ‘hill of blessing’, Mount Gerizim. This is the mountain in northern Israel in Ephraim
near Shechem from which the blessings were read to the Israelites on entering Canaan,
but this time a curse was uttered from this hill. This shows us YHVH’s displeasure
with the actions of Abimelech and the people of Shechem (means back or shoulder),
they turned their shoulders and their backs on YHVH. The curse starts with these

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The curse is in the form of a parable where the people are compared to trees. They
first asked the Olive tree to become king over them, but the Olive tree refused. Then
they asked the Fig tree, but the fig tree refused as well. Then they asked the Vine but
the vine refused. Lastly they asked the Bramble Bush and the Bramble bush
accepted but under a condition; they should trust in his shadow other wise they
would be consumed by fire.

1. Olive Tree - Othniel:

The first tree did not accept because he had to give up his nature.
The Olive tree said that it would have to give up its oil and its
fatness which are used to honour YHVH and man. Olive oil is used
to burn the Menorah in the Holy place in honour of YHVH and it is
also used to anoint priests who serve in YHVH’s House. To
become king would cause him to loose his function it was created
for. The olive Tree is a picture of the First Judge, Othniel. He
conquered the City of the Scroll and received the waters above
(anointed to understand the mysteries of YHVH) and the waters
below (anointed to understand the wisdom to live this life), the field
(nations) and the Bride (people who served YHVH). He was not a
king but a Judge appointed by YHVH. He was not chosen by man
but chosen by YHVH, and in this story he refused to be appointed by man.

2. The Fig Tree - Ehud:

The Fig Tree represents the Torah and its fruits are the Mitsvots
(good works) and its leaves (offerings) are there to cover the
nakedness (sin) of man. If he accepted to be made king he would
have lost his sweetness. Sweetness = “mothek” – – It
consists of a “Qof” (repentance) and “math” (man). In other words,
he would have lost his teachable heart and his ability to stay
humble, trusting in YHVH’s Word alone. If you live a lifestyle of
repentance, you will have the ability to bear the sweet fruit of the
Torah. This is a picture of Ehud, the Judge who had the heart of
repentance although he was not skilled in the Word, understanding
everything in the Torah. His main drive was to repent from sin and
to overcome the flesh. He is a picture of a ‘Judge in training’. If he had accepted to
be made king, he would have lost his willing humble repentive heart and his sin
would not be covered. He would be diverted from learning the Torah and would not
learn to express the sweetness of YHVH’s fruits (Mitsvots). YHVH chose him
because of his willing heart to become a Judge, but not a king.

3. The Vine - Deborah:

The Vine’s fruit is in the form of a cluster hanging from one

stem and is different to that of the olive and the fig trees.
This confirms that the Vine represents Deborah or the
‘Collected Judge’. The vine produced sweet freshly pressed
wine and is a symbol of a constant relationship with YHVH.
Wine is first found in Gen 27:28.

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The wine is the produce of the fruit and dew waters it every morning. Dew comes in
small quantities every morning on regular intervals and feeds the vine to grow big
and strong. Water is a symbol of His Word and the dew is a little bit of water (word)
every day, which are the building blocs for a strong relationship with YHVH. The
Sabbath is the weekly rain that you need to get your roots to go down deeper into the
ground so that you can stand firm, but dew is the daily cycle that nourishes you and
help you not to wither by the end of the week.

If the Vine had accepted to become king over the people, it would have lost it’s
relationship of daily dedication with YHVH and would not be able to produce it’s wine
that will make YHVH’s heart glad. YHVH chose us to be the collective Judge and
Bride in this world and not to become a king appointed by man. Y’shua is our King
and He alone will be King and He will not share His authority with anybody. We are
subject to Him and He teaches us so that we can teach others. He makes the
decisions and rules in the Kingdom, not us. We need to learn the rules and do them
and teach them to others. Then you will produce ‘wine’ in your life that will make the
people’s hearts glad because you have helped them to know the Truth and to serve
the King.

4. The Bramble (Thorn) Bush - Abimelech:

They have also approached the thorn tree to become king

and to rule over them. The thorn tree accepted, but under
one condition; if they do not come in under his shadow
and trust him, he will devour them with fire. The irony of
this is that if you seek shelder under a thorn bush, you will
have to crawl in under it and you will be pricked by the
thorns because there is not a lot of space or shade under
it. If you choose the Thorn Bush to be your king, you will
experience pain in it’s shadow (covering) and
you have to pay the price. It states in verse What is Bondage?
20 that Abimelech is the thorn bush and the people appointed him as
their king and they had to bear the consequinces of their choice. Note Bondage is if you have
that YHVH did not appoint him but the people and that is why there will crawled in under the
be pain and not blessings as a result of his rulership. Thorn Bush to get
some shade and the
Thorns hold you back
A king makes the laws or rules for his Kingdom and if a man becomes and you are stuck and
king, he would have that authority to make or add laws as he sees fit. can’t get out.
This is what Satan does, he wants to be like the Most High, he wants to
have the authority and he wants to be the king. The reality is that the
world has “killed” YHVH’s prophets and appointed Satan as their king and he took
the authority and changed YHVH’s times (Sabbath/Feasts) and laws (Torah) [Dan
7:25]. This is the Catholic system where the Pope is seen as ‘God on the earth’ and
he is the king that can make or take laws away. The Pharisees did the same, they
have the same view admitting that they represent YHVH here on earth and they can
change His Word as they please. This attetute fits Abimelech’s name perfectly; ‘
Father of the King (Y’shua)’ and they do not acnowledge Y’shua as our King, and
stand in the authority of the Father.

The people asked Satan to be king over them and he accepted. Man chose to follow
in the ‘man made’ Satan inspired ways in stead of YHVH’s Word. Your obedience
reveils your king. All those who serve Satan through the religeous System, will bear
the pain/curses (thorns) that comes with the package. The religeous System is a
copy of YHVH’s authority but with a twist so that it will not be obveous to the
untrained eye. Many people entrapped in this system thinks they serve YHVH but
they are blined and bound by Satan’s ‘shadow’ and they follow him being ‘sincerely

If you rebel and overtake the authority YHVH had put in place through the Gifts of His
Spirit, you will bring this Curse of Jotham upon your self because you are killing
YHVH’s anointed people through slander, advertising your views of disagreement.

5. The Cedars – People of Shechem – People who turned their backs

Shechem means – ‘back or shoulder’, ‘to rise or start early’, ‘son of the
chief of the Hivites (false teachers/prophets) in the time of Jacob’,

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These people made a commitment to Abimelech and he holds the power to destroy
them if they do not submit under his ‘shadow’. What does shadow mean?

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Shadow in Hebrew is “tsale” and forms the root of the word “tselah” that means ‘to
pray’. “Tsalah” also means ‘to roast’ and has to do with offerings or presenting gifts in
worship. To sit in the shadow of someone is to give them gifts or offerings in worship
and to pray to them. These are the attributes of worship that YHVH desires from us.
The people had to sit in the shadow of Abimelech and worship him as a god and
king. This is what Satan wants, he wants to bind people and to force them to submit
to him and worship him, believing they are worshipping YHVH. This will make him as
the Most High, the dream he had before he was kicked out of YHVH’s presence.

The Curse of Jotham

Jotham’s curse is linked to the symbol of thorns that is

found in Isa 5:6 that we have discussed in the previous

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This is the curse you will bring upon yourself if you rebel and talk against YHVH’s
Anointed people (kill the 70 brothers / leaders). YHVH will cause these things to
happen in your life:

• No more Blessings: Take away the Hedge of the Garden – the Blessings
are associated inside the Garden, on the outside there are only curses.
• No more Torah: Break down the wall of protection – He will take the Torah
away from you and you will be exposed to the enemies. You will no longer
have the Drive on the inside to do the Torah and will reason your way out of
keeping certain Commandments until there is nothing left. YHVH’s Water will
make you thirsty, if you stop to drink His Water, you will also loose your thirst.
• No more Pruning: He will no longer prune the vine – you will have ‘delayed
consequences’ of your sin and your conscience will die without the ‘wake up
prompts’ from YHVH. You will go into extremes until you are overwhelmed by
sin as stated in Rev 22; “… ! …” This
will cause a separation between YHVH’s people and these rebels.
• No more Rain: Rain is associated with the Spirit and He will no longer
confirm His Word through His Spirit - no more signs and wonders (answered
prayers), no more conformation of the Truth. (The Word will not work for you)

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Those who rebelled and those who followed rebellious leaders will be under this
curse and YHVH will bring a division between His people and Satan’s rebellious
people. This is the purpose of this curse, to separate the sheep from the goats and to
take away the wolves from among his sheep.

Abimelech killed at the Tower of Thebez

Abimelech went and fought against Thebez. In this City

was a strong “Tower”. He burned the door of the Tower
and got in and fought against the people. A woman took
a piece of ‘milestone’ and threw it down on his head and
it broke his scull. He did not die from the blow and called
his young armsbearer to draw his sword and thrust him.
This he did so that no one may say that a woman killed

Thebez means ‘whiteness’ and is a sign of righteousness. Tower is the word

“migdal” and consists of two parts “mighed” that means ‘excellence’, and “dal” that
means ‘low or humble’. These are two qualities found in a follower of Y’shua; you
should be humble in spirit and you should pursue excellence regarding holiness or
set-apartness. The City of Thebez is a picture of YHVH’s people that are under
attack by Satan and his followers. Abimelech burnt down the door (rebel and
overthrow authority). Door is first found in Scripture in Gen 4:7:

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Y’shua is known as the ‘Door’, the ‘Way’ to the Father. He is also the One who
shields away the Enemy and keep him out of your house. YHVH told Cain that Satan
is at his door and wants to come in and take control over him. We see the same with
the Tower of Thabez; Satan is at the door and will burn it down to try to take over
your life. If you do not have Y’shua (Door/Word), the enemies will come into your life.
Some people in Thebez allowed him in (did not apply the Word) and he overpowered
them, but there was one woman in the city that stood up against him.


Sounds familiar?

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The seed mentioned in Genesis is referring to Y’shua who came from the seed of the
woman. The woman mentioned in Judges is the seed of Y’shua, those who are part
of the Bride who stand up against Satan.

The Tower of Thebez depicts all the righteous people that belief in Y’shua (Jesus)
but their door is burned down because of their “arrogance” and “mixing” with Babylon
(Tower of Babel). There is only one woman among them, the Bride, who chose to
follow YHVH the way He prescribed and she had the ability to crush Satan’s scull
because she has a testimony of Y’shua and followed His Commandments [Rev

This follows the pattern where YHVH formed man outside the Garden and took the
woman out of ‘this body’ (man) inside of the garden. The Body of Y’shua is called
“outside the Garden (in the world) and he brought the Body into the Garden and
removed the Woman (Bride). This woman is the Bride that will rule with Y’shua
(Head). Are you part of the Bride or do you just want to be part of the Body? Y’shua

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If you do the least of the Commandments and teach others to do so, you are part of
this woman, who is His Bride (Deborah), and you will teach and lead others. But if
you disregard His commandments and hang on to Grace alone, then you will be least
in the Kingdom and be part of the Body that will need guidance. Just food for thought,
what is the least of the Commandments? Tzit-tzits, they are the blossoms that bloom
in your life to proof that you bear the fruit of doing His Commandments and that you
are a ‘watchman’ that guard His Commandments. (Read more about this is the study:
Tzit-tzits, Tassels or Fringes).

We read in Judges 9:53 that the woman (Bride) took a milestone and threw it on
Abimelech’s head. Millstone in Hebrew is “rekeb” and it also means ‘vehicle, team
and multitude’ and this shows us that the ‘team’ of Unified believes that form the
Bride forms the ‘milestone’ that will crush Satan in your midst. We have seen this
previously were the Full Stature of YHVH’s presence manifest when His people are
in Unity and this will overcome our External enemies of which Satan is the greatest. I
cannot stress the point of UNITY more and this is a common theme throughout the
Book of Judges and YHVH wants us to know this in order to defeat Satan.

It was not the milestone that killed Abimelech; we saw in the end that it was his
armsbearer. He asked his armsbearer to draw his sword and thrust him so that no
one will say that a woman killed him. Satan perverted YHVH’s Word and this is the
System of Babylon (mixing and confusion). It is THIS System (his sword) that will
destroy him in the end. We saw the same situation in Chapter 5 when Gideon’s men
blew the Rams horns and it caused confusion and they killed each other.

How do we overcome Satan?

• Being in Unity with our fellow Believers (Bride). (Blow shophar)

• Being a broken Vessel He can use (Being Humble and teachable)
• Living a set apart life shining His Light (Truths)

We see the same truths in a different event and this proofs and confirms that this is
the way YHVH will fight and overcome Satan.