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A BYTE OF LIFE Thursday, March 19, 2009

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SOCIETY The veteran costumer of
Rescues homeless puppies and kittens black and white movies


ERGO CORRESPONDENT Mumbai in the beginning of 2008 after Asin started acting in the Hindi version of Ghaji-
ni. “He met with a motorcycle accident in
Actor Asin’s assistant, who was employed July 2008.
under her in Mumbai till the shooting of the I went to Mumbai and took care of him
Hindi Ghajini, has reportedly gone missing. and brought him back to Chennai as his
Police sources said the missing person condition was bad,” she said.
was Nalamuthu Kumaraswamy alias Muthu later went back to Mumbai upon
Muthu (23) of Karumari Amman Koil Street Asin’s request in November 2008 and didn’t
in Gandhi Nagar, Redhills, who was Asin’s return, she added.
assistant for over three years. As part of the investigation over Vadivu’s
On Tuesday afternoon, Muthu’s mother complaint, Redhills police contacted Asin’s
Sudalai Vadivu (46) met suburban Com- father for an enquiry. He informed police
missioner S.R. Jangid and lodged a com- that Muthu had quit his job in January 2009
plaint regarding her missing son. itself.
Sudalai Vadivu said Muthu relocated to Further investigation is underway. ■

Meet 12-year-old Ajay,
the youngest aspiring
racer in the Chennai
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02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Thursday, March 19, 2009

Israeli films
Aviva My Love and Big Eyes will be screened today as
part of the Israeli Film Festival at South Indian Film
Chamber Theatre, Anna Salai. The fest is open to all
and the screening will start at 6.30 p.m. For details
call 98401 51956

Say cheers! Founders of a better society

I t’s time to raise the spirits in you. Bamboo
Bar at Savera Hotel is hosting the ‘Shooter
Fest’. Shotter, an alcoholic beverage,
Tomorrow’s leaders have already gotten a kick-start in public
consists of one type of alcohol or a cocktail
of different alcohols often mixed with other
service and are powered by nothing but the will to make an impact
beverages. These can be shaken, stirred, SRIYA NARAYANAN and there was no looking back. work through social networking
blended or simply poured. TAGS (The Animal Guardian sites, word-of-mouth and house
The fest will have shooter experts from Society) was founded in Decem- calls, one of which involved a 30
around the world shaking up exotic

year ago, Nithya Pari was a ber 2007 as a voluntary organisa- km bike ride in the blistering
varieties of shooters in exquisite style. typical student, dividing tion. It has now grown to include heat. “One of our members is not
Kamikaze, Woo Woo, Ira, Lemon Drop, her time between studies, 12 members and has changed well-off but she does everything
Fourth of July, B-52...there are many more her department newsletter, dozens of lives. The group has an she can,” says Nithya when asked
to choose from. The fest is on till March 31. blogging and sketching. A grue- online presence and maintains what keeps them going despite
For details call 9710947363/ 28114700 (extn some accident she witnessed one an adoption system which is on no external support. “If you want
1937/1938) day was a turning point. While on par with international NGOs. The to do something, you can do it.”
her way to a printing press, she members whom Nithya describes Now in her final year at Anand
noticed an orphaned puppy on as “the best team ever” rescue Institute of Higher Technology,
the road and walked over to pet homeless puppies and kittens, 20-year-old Nithya has been
it. She was in for a rude shock as a foster them till takers are found placed in Infosys. The future’s
bike ran over the tiny dog, right in and then follow-up through looking bright for her, ditto for
front of her eyes the next second. phone-calls, emails and personal those being watched over by this
Nithya finds it difficult to tell this visits to ensure the pets’ well-be- team of 12.
story. “It died in my hands. There ing. Nithya reveals that it’s partic- To send them your wishes, log
was blood coming out of its ears.” ularly tough to find homes for onto or search
A few days later, she saw anoth- female puppies. One such puppy for “TAGS” in Orkut Communi-
er lost puppy and thought: “What found no takers, at which point ties.■
if it happens again?” Instead of she adopted it herself. Elsa, her
dismissing the thought, she rec- much-loved mongrel, is now two Founder of TAGS Nithya Pari
ognised it as a real possibility and years old. (seated, third from left) and her
took the pup home and began With no income, experience or gang of guardians
calling her friends one by one in funding, they pursue their volun- PHOTO: M. KARUNAKARAN
search of an owner. Her friend teer work amidst hectic college
Shiyamili eventually adopted him
Thursday, March 19, 2009

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line ‘Dial L fo

Stitches in time
Costumer G. Ethiraj at his tailoring shop.
Photo: S.S.Kumar

Actors A.V.M. Rajan and Sowcar Janaki

were among Ethiraj’s celebrity clients.
FILE PHOTO: THE HINDU Costumer G. Ethiraj is a veteran of 50-odd cameraman were in Ooty and we
were downhill. Suddenly, we got a
movies. A trip to the days when white clothes call at our hotel from the director,
informing that they were planning to
were a no-no in black-and-white films shoot a song there and they needed
V. HARIPRIYA done more than 50 films in several It was an unplanned shoot and it languages as chief costumer. was late night when we received the
The costumers’ union was started call. We started searching for textile

ife still revolves around the sew- in the early ’70s and to gain member- shops and almost everything was
ing machine for this veteran cos- ship one had to pay Rs.12 at that closed. We then went to the house of
tumer who entered Kollywood time. But now the same membership a textile shop owner, made him open
almost four decades ago. costs Rs. 1 lakh. “You have separate the store and purchased the fabric.
Septuagenarian G. Ethiraj was a membership cards for assistant cos- We stitched the clothes overnight
star costumer during his prime, the tumer and chief costumer. In order and by morning everything was
list of cine stars for whom he has tai- to get the designation of chief cos- ready,” Ethiraj recalls.
lored clothes being endless. tumer, you should have at least done Asked whether the entry of actors’
Making his debut in Kollywood as five movies,” Ethiraj says. wives as costume designers has af-
assistant of costumer Janakiraman in Though Ethiraj has not gone out of fected their work, Ethiraj says the star
the late ’60s, he first stitched cos- India for shoots, he has visited most wives are just designers who do not
tumes for actors S.S.R., A.V.M. Rajan of the spots in India. Along with the know to stitch. “They have to come
and Sowcar Janaki for the film Than- crew, the chief costumer and three to us for stitching the clothes. Nowa-
gadurai. assistants are taken to the shooting days, most of them buy readymade
They have to come to us for spot. “Though we would have clothes from shops and call them-
Down memory lane stitched the clothes and finished the selves costume designers.”
stitching the clothes. “I worked under chief costumer Ja- dress rehearsals earlier, we will be Ethiraj has retired from Kollywood,
Nowadays, most of them nakiraman in four to five movies. needed there in case of emergencies but he stills makes clothes for com-
Those days, it was the cameraman like alterations.” moners. His son, E. Loganathan, is in
buy readymade clothes from who used to finalise the colours of the field now.
shops and call themselves costumes. Pure white was not used Work is worship Following the steps of his father,
costume designers those days, though what was finally “Once during the shooting of Ja- Loganathan has also developed a
seen on screen was only black and nakaraj-starrer Pai Marakkappal, we penchant for tailoring, the latest mo-
white. So we used to dip white were all stationed in Mettupalayam. vie in which he worked as costumer
clothes in yellow dye and use them The plan was to shoot some scenes in being Dhanush-starrer Padikkatha-
after that,” says Ethiraj, who has Udhagamandalam. The director and van. ■
04 VILLAGE ERGO Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snake surprise
A Canadian woman was forced to call
emergency services after she woke up
to find a snake coiled next to her in

Cops ordered to forego Discovery docks with ISS

The space shuttle Discovery docked with the International
nightclub invites Space Station (ISS) on Tuesday for a construction mission
China has banned police from accepting invitations to that will allow the station to double its crew.
nightclubs, bars and other entertainment venues in a The Discovery will deliver the fourth and final solar panel
bid to thwart corruption, state media reported on that will enable ISS to double the size of its crew to six
Wednesday. astronauts. Three spacewalks will install the solar panels
Officers who accepted such invitations would be and conduct other construction projects. Two spacewalkers
suspended for even face criminal charges, the Xinhua will put the panels in place on Thursday with help from
news agency said. the station’s robotic arm.
The ban is one of ‘five prohibitions’ along with taking “Welcome to the Space Station, Discovery. We’re glad
bribes and helping family members run a business. you’re here,” the ISS crew said. The mission will also
Reuters deliver Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, who is to
officially join the permanent crew on the orbiting space
station later on Tuesday.
Leopard removed from German DPA

family’s home
A fully-grown female leopard that lived with a German
family for 18 months will be moved to a new home after
authorities said the owners held no licence to keep the
animal in their residential neighbourhood.
The family in the town of Weyhe, in northern Germany,
had built a 1,400-sq-metre leopard park without an official
permit, local authorities said.
“Keeping a leopard in a residential area is simply not
allowed in Germany,” said Heinz-Juergen Greszik,
spokesman for local authorities. Germany’s Tierschutzbund,
an animal rights organisation, said wild animals should not
be kept in private households.
Thai Air Force makes rain
The Royal Thai Air Force has launched an attack on
the weather this week, sending two German-made
Alpha Jet fighters and other aircraft into the clouds
to make rain, media reports said on Wednesday.
Air Force chief Itthaporn Subhawong said the two
Alpha Jets along with 13 other aircraft were deployed
as part of the annual rain-making mission for the
kingdom, the Bangkok Post reported.
The German-made fighters have been armed with
silver iodide bullets that release rain-making
substances when fired into clouds at 6,100 metres.


Humpback whale spotted in HK

humpback whale has been itoring the condition of the
spotted in Hong Kong wa- whale, along with the Marine Po-
ters, a government spokes- lice and experts from Ocean Park,
man said on Wednesday, in a city theme park and conserva-
the first reported sighting of the tion centre.
giant mammal off the southern “From our observations so far,
Chinese city. its health condition is normal and
The Agriculture, Fisheries and it is active,” she said. The spo-
Conservation Department said it keswoman said it was unlikely
received a report on Monday that the whale would stay long in wa-
a 10 metre (33 feet) whale was ters near the city because of the
seen swimming in the East Lam- busy sea traffic that flows to and
ma Channel, a busy sea channel from the major port.
to the west of Hong Kong Island. Humpbacks are found in
“It is the first time we have seen oceans and seas around the
a humpback whale in Hong Kong world, but especially in the Pacif-
waters,” the spokeswoman said. ic and Atlantic Oceans. ■
The department has been mon- AFP
Thursday, March 19, 2009
Website of the day Rip Van Winkle’s sleepless nights
Find out what films are coming out in the UK: A man named after the fictional character Rip Van Winkle who fell asleep for 20 years is seeking medical attention for his insomnia.

Row over renaming

‘Little India’
in Malaysia
‘Little India’ is a famous shopping enclave with 100 pre-
World War II shops on either side of Jalan Tengku Kelana

controversy over renaming exercise’.
‘Little India’ is brewing in this State exco member (minister) Xa-
Malaysian city where ethnic In- vier Jeyakumar, told The Star that the
dians are in large numbers and name change would defeat all the
have historic and sentimental ties. hard work that had gone into build-
A controversial move to change the ing ‘Little India’ into a tourist icon,
name of Klang’s famous ‘Little India’ and the move would also erase the
to Medan Kelana has sparked a pub- identity of the area.
lic outcry, The Star newspaper said Legislator Ng Suee Lim said he
on Wednesday. would bring this matter to the State
Elected representatives, business- Executive Council because it was
men, tourists and even a state exec- wrong to simply change the name of
utive council member want the name a place that could affect tourism.
‘Little India’ to be retained. It draws shoppers by the thousands
Despite the controversy, the mu- and is an important income gener-
nicipal council is soon going to re- ator for Klang.
move the name ‘Little India’ from two Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Indian
signboards here, and put up new Chamber of Commerce and Industry
ones declaring the place as Medan (Klang district) chairman N.P. Raman
Kelana. said changing the name would also
The name was chosen as the main erase the identity of Klang’s ‘Little In-
road in ‘Little India’ is called Jalan dia’, which had been built into a hou-
Tengku Kelana, the newspaper said. sehold brand known all over the
Klang municipal councillor Ho San world after 50 years of hard work.
Sang confirmed the name change, ■
saying it was part of a ‘rebranding IANS

Apple offers iPhone Saucy Start!

cut and paste
A pple unveiled its proposed
new software for its genre-de-
fining iPhone and gave acolytes
of the world’s most popular
smartphone the feature they
most wanted: the ability to cut
and paste text and pictures on the
Lack of the cut and paste facil-
ity had been one of the main
drawbacks of the device, com-
pared to competitors like the
The new software also allows
iPhone users to send multimedia ware, which will be officially
messages to other phones, and released in the summer.
will enable users to receive turn- “The new iPhone OS 3.0 is a
by-turn instructions for driving major software release packed
similar to those in use on GPS with incredible new features and
navigation devices. innovations for iPhone custom-
iPhone users can also now link ers and developers alike. It will
to other phones via Bluetooth keep us years ahead of the com- 쒀 Brazilian samba dancers perform during the Soccerex Brasilia Forum 2009 opening
and automatically be connected petition,” said Philip Schiller, Ap- ceremony in Brasilia, Brazil. The Soccerex Brasilia Forum is part of the Soccerex
to Wi-Fi hotspots. Voice memos ple’s senior vice-president of Convention, which offers the football community worldwide business,
and other audio recording will al- Worldwide Product Marketing. ■ networking and conference forums. AFP PHOTO/JOEDSON ALVES
so be possible with the new soft- DPA
06 SPORT ERGO Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dharamshala ready for IPL

High on spirits after getting the nod to host this season’s Indian Premier League matches, the
Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) said the cricket stadium in the hill town of
Dharamshala would be ready for the cash-rich Twenty20 tournament by April 15. HPCA President
Anurag Thakur, who played a key role in bringing the IPL to the hill state, said the up-gradation
of the stadium will be done as per international guidelines and the installation of floodlights
would be completed within next 15 days.

India holds the edge petitive score on the board but

certainly below par,” he said.
“We created momentum through
our partnership, but if you erase
that and look at the scores you’d
say India’s on top.”
hed eight before he was stumped
by Dhoni off Harbhajan. His de-
parture, with New Zealand 275
for nine and Ryder on 98,
brought out Chris Martin, who is
recognised as one of the worst

defiant captain’s century At times the match was a battle Test batsmen in the world. The
Ryder, Vettori by Daniel Vettori and a
maiden ton for Jesse Ryder
of wits between the captains,
with Vettori looking for runs and
look of consternation on Ryder’s
face was evident as Martin prod-
tons spare NZ the
rescued New Zealand on
opening day of the
forcing Dhoni into frequent field
adjustments. Ryder, at the other
ded at the five remaining balls in
Harbhajan’s over. Ryder then
blushes first Test in Hamil-
ton on Wednesday
end, showed his versatility,
shelving his big-hitting one-day
made sure of his century, hitting
Ishant Sharma to the boundary
but India finished on role to play a watchful knock. Be- and was out caught by VVS Lax-
top. The home side were dis- tween them they blocked out the man off the next ball. It was an
missed for 279 on a batsman- spin of Harbhajan Singh at one innings delivered with class and
friendly wicket and at stumps end while picking off the quicks determination, something that
the tourists had reached 29 at the other as the afternoon sun was missing from the relatively
without loss off seven overs baked the wicket, the ball aged, inexperienced top order, who ap-
with the explosive Virender and conditions became more peared to lack the resolve to bide
Sehwag not out 22 and fellow batsman-friendly. their time in the middle.
opener Gautam Gambhir on
six. Crawling through Early damage
Indian captain Mahendra Vettori brought up the New Zaheer Khan did the early
Singh Dhoni won the toss and Zealand 100, hooking Zaheer damage, removing Martin Guptill
elected to bowl, gambling on his Khan for six, and in the first hour (14) and Daniel Flynn (0) in the
bowlers capitalising on the over- after tea the home side raced space of three balls. Sharma add-
cast conditions and a green- along at more than five an over ed the scalps of Tim McIntosh
tinged wicket. His choice paid with the skipper belting Sehwag (12), Ross Taylor (18) and James
off, with New Zealand in dire over the ropes. Vettori’s im- Franklin (0). Munaf Patel claimed
straits at 60 for six just before mense effort came to an end af- the sixth wicket when he sent
lunch when Vettori joined Ryder ter 197 minutes at the crease Brendon McCullum back to the
in the middle to begin the fight- when Dhoni moved smartly to pavilion for three shortly before
back. The pair produced a rec- take an inside edge off Munaf Pa- lunch. In contrast, Indian at-
ord-breaking 186-run tel. The 164-ball innings pro- tacked from the start of their in-
partnership to take the score to duced two sixes and 14 fours, nings, with Sehwag continuing
246, and New Zealand added just with his century arriving off a the form which saw him star in
Jesse Ryder 33 more runs before they were all single when he top-edged Harb- the one-day series, in which In-
celebrates his out. hajan to fine leg. He survived two dia beat New Zealand 3-1. Seh-
maiden century close calls, diving to make his wag hit five boundaries in his
during the first Captain’s knock ground when sent back by Ryder unbeaten 22, while New Zealand
day of the first The skipper’s 118 was his third two balls before tea and then on new ball bowler Mills conceded
Test match century in 90 Tests, while Ryder’s 77 he was dropped by Rahul Dra- 18 runs off his two overs.
between India and 102 was his maiden ton in his vid off Harbhajan. Vettori’s dis-
New Zealand at the seventh Test. But that partner- missal brought to an end the Brief scores
Sedonn Park ship aside, the day belonged to record seventh-wicket partner- New Zealand 279 all out (D.
Stadium in India and Vettori was the first to ship in New Zealand-India Tests Vettori 118, J. Ryder 102, I. Shar-
Hamilton on admit it. “Our first thoughts were and the Indian bowlers were ma 4/73, M. Patel 3/60) lead by
Wednesday. to get through to 150. It would quickly back on top. 250 runs against India 29 for 0 (V.
PHOTO: AFP give us something to play with. Kyle Mills was yorked by Patel Sehwag 22 not out, G, Gambhir 6
Fortunately, Jesse and I batted first ball, while Iain O’Brien not out). ■
for a long time and put a com- avoided the hat-trick and reac- AFP

Stress on IPL performance SLC to review security situation

Performance in the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) will be taken into consideration In the wake of the unprecedented terrorist attack on its team
for picking the Indian squad for this year’s ICC World Twenty20, chairman of selectors in Lahore, the Sri Lankan Cricket Board has made it clear that
Krishnamachari Srikkanth said in Cuttack on Wednesday. “We all will be it will review security situation in India
watching the IPL. The performance there will be the benchmark (to pick before its players head to play in the
the Indian squad for second edition of the T20 World Cup),” said the lucrative Indian Premier League. D S De
former India captain, who is here to watch the final of the Deodhar Silva, new chairman of Sri Lanka Cricket,
Trophy between West Zone and East Zone. on Wednesday said the board will talk to
India will defend its title in the second edition of the ICC World the India-bound cricketers to take stock
Twenty20 to be held in England in June this year and Srikkanth said the of the security situation during the
selectors job would be to improve the bench strength. “We are tournament.
watching the domestic matches closely. This (Deodhar Trophy) being the “We will be discussing all these matters.
season-ender, it’s a very important tournament. We have a very good We will be talking to our players to elicit
bench strength in batting. There’s good balance in bowling. The main idea is to watch their views on the security situation in India for the IPL
more domestic matches and create a pool of youngsters,” said Srikkanth, who was matches,” De Silva said. The Lankan cricketers who have been
accompanied by fellow selectors Yashpal Sharma from North Zone and East’s Raja Venkat. signed up by the different IPL franchises include skipper
Asked about Sachin Tendulkar’s recent comment, which described the present Indian team Mahela Jayawardene, left-arm pacer Chaminda Vass, spinners
as the best ever, Srikkanth, a member of Kapil’s Devils that won the World Cup in 1983 Ajantha Mendis, Muttiah Muralitharan and Kumar
said, “This team indeed has the best batting line-up. They are good in all departments.” Sangakkara.
Thursday, March 19, 2009

The last I heard was yesterday morning they submitted a revised schedule. The revised schedule
has been sent to all the state governments concerned. We’ve asked them to give their comments
and views as early as possible. Once all the state governments concern gives their comments and views,
especially with regard to security then we will take a view.
Union Home Minster P Chidambaram

W Seeds sail
orld number one Rafael Na-
dal and defending cham-
pion Novak Djokovic
stayed on course for a semi-
final showdown with third-round
triumphs in the Indian Wells Mas-

ters series on Tuesday. Top-seeded
Nadal triumphed 6-3, 6-3 in a tricky
encounter with Russian Dmitry Tur-
sunov, while third-seeded Serbian
Djokovic beat German veteran
Tommy Haas 6-2, 7-6 (7-1).
“It wasn’t one of my best match-
es, true. It was tough to play against
him,” said Australian Open cham-
pion Nadal, who had to save a break Nadal, Djokovic stay on course for semi-final clash
point in the final game but won the
next three points to secure the win.
“He didn’t give me a lot of rhythm. rallied for a 3-6, 6-4, 6-4 victory over ria Azarenka of Belarus, who downed
He played good shots, but at the unseeded Frenchman Jeremy Char- Israeli Shahar Peer 7-5, 6-4.
same time made mistakes. I had dy while del Potro will face Amer- Defending champion Ana Ivanovic
more mistakes than usual.” Nadal ican wildcard John Isner, a 6-4, 6-4 booked a quarter-final berth, the
had little time to savour the victory, winner over former world number fifth-seeded Serbian downing Italian
which earned him a fourth-round one Marat Safin of Russia. Flavia Pennetta 6-4, 4-6, 6-4. She’ll
match on Wednesday night against face Austrian Sybille Bammer, a 6-3,
Argentina’s David Nalbandian, who Women’s draw 6-2 winner over Slovakia’s Daniela
hasn’t dropped a set against Nadal Meanwhile Safin’s younger sister, Hantuchova. Rising Russian Anasta-
in two career meetings, both in 2007 top-seeded Dinara Safina, led the sia Pavlyuchenkova, 17, continued
before the Spaniard’s rise to num- way into the women’s quarter-finals the run of success that saw her oust
ber one. with a 7-5, 6-4 victory over US veter- second-seeded Jelena Jankovic in the
“The first thing is to play well,” an Jill Craybas. Safina, who can second round, advancing to the
Nadal said of what he’ll have to do seize the world number one ranking quarter-finals when opponent Nuria
against Nalbandian, who beat Ser- from the absent Serena Williams if Llagostera Vives retired in the sec-
bian Viktor Troicki 6-4, 6-2. “Sec- she reaches the final, lined up a ond round with a left hip strain. ■
ond, I have to play really aggressive, meeting with eighth-seeded Victo- AFP
because if he has control of the
point it is nearly impossible.”

Easy game
Djokovic, who beat Nadal in last
year’s semi-finals en route to the
title, started strong but would
have preferred to finish off
Haas more quickly. Overall,
however, the 21-year-old was
satisfied that he was moving
in the right direction. “Better
than the first match,” was his
assessment. “I played really
well in the opening set, and
then could have done the job
a bit earlier. I had some break
chances and didn’t make a
couple returns, and gave him a
chance to come back into the
Djokovic next plays Switzer-
land’s Stanislas Wawrinka,
who saved two match points
in the third-set tiebreaker to Novak Djokovic hits a shot
claim a 2-6, 7-5, 7-6 (10-8) vic- during the BNP Paribas Open
tory over American Sam Quer- at the Indian Wells Tennis
rey. Sixth-seeded Argentinian Garden on Tuesday. PHOTO: AFP
Juan Martin del Potro advanced,
beating Austrian Jurgen Melzer
6-2, 2-6, 7-6 (7-2). Seventh-
seeded American Andy Rod-
dick edged Germany’s Nicolas
Kiefer 6-4, 7-6 (7-4).
Roddick will face 12th-seed-
ed Spaniard David Ferrer, who
08 ROADSTER ERGO Thursday, March 19, 2009

More power
Electric cars and laptops may soon benefit from a prototype
capacitor that can store power as densely as a supercapacitor,
and release it rapidly. The novel capacitor has been developed
by a team of scientists from the University of Maryland and the
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Kid on t

hen most 12-year-olds hit the play-
ground after long hours of classes at
school, this boy heads to the race
Meet L. B. Ajay Kumar, a class VIII student of SBOA
School, Mogappair, who is the youngest motorcyclist on
the Irungattukottai race track in Sriperambudur.
Perhaps the youngster rider in the country, Ajay can be
spotted racing his customised Yamaha RX 135 alongside profes-
sional men on the circuit, while his friends ride pocket bikes in the
vicinity. “My dream is to become the national champion and I’m
practising really hard,” says Ajay, whose favourite is MotoGP champ
Valentino Rossi.
The boy biker’s inspiration has been his supportive dad, who hap-
pens to be a great fan of automobile racing. “Coincidentally, the day

"Ajay, who clocks

2.32 minutes on the
3.7 km race track
now, is attempting
to close in on the
2.14 minutes track
record timing."

Twelve-year-old Ajay
Kumar with his racing
motorcycle. PHOTOS: K.
Thursday, March 19, 2009
Born tough
Auto major Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) on Tuesday
inaugurated a defence-vehicle manufacturing plant in
Haryana. The factory will initially build armoured version of
Mahindra’s Scorpio and Bolero SUVs.

Swedish car maker to

build all-electric super
the race track sports car
The car, with an output of 512 hp, can clock a top speed
Ajay was born I bought my new car. He has a passion for bikes and cars
right from a very young age and he even started to drive my car when of 275 kilometres an hour
he was in class IV,” K.R. Balaji Rao says about his son.

Ajay is now undergoing rigorous training on the circuit under the wedish sports
supervision of John Elias Kennedy, a former racer from Teynampet. car maker Koe-
“The boy is very talented and picks up riding lessons quickly. He races nigsegg has
on par with senior racers and has clocked very good timings on his joined forces
bike on the track,” says Kennedy, who also tunes Ajay’s bike. with the Swiss NLV to
Kennedy feels Ajay, who clocks 2.32 minutes on the 3.7 km race track build an all-electric,
now, is attempting to close in on the 2.14 minutes track record timing. high performance su-
The trainer also says that unlike on city roads, there is no age limit to per car with an out-
racing on the circuit, but complete racing gear for safety and a racing put of 512 hp and a
licence is a must. top speed of 275 kilo-
Ajay rides with a full racing suit worth Rs. 45,000, boots worth Rs. metres an hour.
22,000, helmet costing 11,000 and gloves priced at Rs. 3,500. “We got At the heart of the
him the best gear in racing as his safety is our primary concern apart power package is the
from making him a professional,” Balaji adds. FAES battery system that can be three-zone air conditioning system
The boy wonder is all set to leave for Malaysia for a race track charged from any electric plug in just provides the necessary comfort while
training session during his vacations. And upon return, he plans to 20 minutes with a range of 500 kilo- three flat screen televisions offer
customise a Yamaha R 15 motorcycle to compete in the Group D metres. The battery pack is positioned entertainment.
(unmodified category) class. ■ in the centre of the carbon-fibre The safety system includes six air-
monotube chassis. Energy is supplied bags, ABS (anti-lock brakes) and ESP
additionally by a recuperative braking (electronic stability programme). The
system. An invisible, wafer-thin sheet car shown at the Geneva Motor Show
of solar cells covers the entire body- is not a roll-out model, but works on
work, providing additional solar ener- prototypes and current serial produc-
gy for the battery. tion. However, Koenigsegg has yet to
Despite its sporty character, the name a price saying it will be an-
Ajay along with his Quant provides space for four people nounced at a later date.
father K.R. Balaji Rao and includes room for luggage. A DPA
(left) and trainer
John Elias Kennedy
Netherlands to introduce
alcohol lock in cars
L.B. Ajay Kumar T he Dutch cabi-
net has ap-
To start the engine, Dutch
proved a plan to Drivers have to blow
is a regular have alcohol locks into a small apparatus
Minister Ca-
miel Eurlings
fitted in the cars of expects the
sight on the convicted drunk fitted to the dashboard lock to be in
drivers, Dutch pa- use in 2010 if
Irungattukottai per NRC Handelsblad reported at he gets parliamentary approval
the weekend. for the scheme.
race track. And To start the engine, Drivers Some 200 people are killed on
have to blow into a small appa- the Dutch roads every year in ac-
ratus fitted to the dashboard to cidents involving alcohol, ac-
he is 12 years old prove they have not been drink- cording to the reports. ■
ing, the report said. XINHUA
10 FLICK ERGO Thursday, March 19, 2009

h i s y e a r I w o u l d
like to a l l o c a t e
m e t o b i g fi l m s ’
t i s in g o n tw o ‘d ifficult films’
Katrina K aif focus
e past.
out and out aran in th intelli-
fter a slew of sh Jha is highly

ne r, ra ka
e Pa rt “P sted in his
comedies lik Singh Is gent and highly intere
an d jn eeti is not
K ai f is no w project. A film like Ra just jump
Kinng, Katrina cult” films something where I can
two “diffi is done, my
wor ng on
ki dr am a an d sa y ‘Sir, my hair y’,
a’s polit ic al and I’m read
– Prakash Jh Ra jk um ar San- costume is done m os t fi lm s
d in
Rajneeti an m ed y A ja b something I can do e sa ys .
toshi’s roman Kahani.
tic co capers,” sh
b th at are comic s, on e ha s to
Prem Ki Gha
za e hi
ould like to al
lo- “For films lik can’t decide
“This year I w lms. The kind research clothes. I
bi g fi I w ant to wear
cate time to Ra jn ee ti on my own what to
doin g – prefer. I have
of films I am ... – are a little or what I would r I am pl ay-
em te
and Ajab Pr time follow the charac ed,
lt. They need very ground
more difficu e more thought ing. Rajneeti is a an d so I am
tl ,
and also a lit atrina. The films a very rooted film ting a little
K dedica
process,” says lease this year. going to be re-
e sl at ed fo r re
ar es ti m e as the project
ar K at ri na sh m or e
In Ajab Prem Ranbir Kapoor quires it.” a
with rina sports
sc re en sp ac e
hi le in Ra jn ee- In Rajneeti Kat ri se d lo ok
tel, w lamou
and Upen Pa vy of simple and de-g h
sh e st ar s al ongside a be y is p co tt on sari and wit
ti Ra nb ir , A ja in a cr a po ny ta il.
ing ed in
actors includ a Pa- her hair neatly ti -
Rampal, Nan bears a resem
Devgan, Arjun Ba jp ai . Th ou gh th e lo ok
ch ie f So ni a
anoj hi’s blance to Congre
tekar and M that Santos has denied
Katrina says nack for mak- Gandhi, the director hing to do
d “k anyt
dedication an ional her role has
rs win Nat at that leader.
ing his acto th wit h th e se ni or
has mostly
something gh Katrina
Awards” is w or k ha rd Th ou ngh Is
makes her w
ant to medies like Si e in
starred in co W el co m
for his film. r, and
... is a ve ry differ- Kinng, Partne ea r- ol d career,
“Ajab Pr em -y
ter on r over five t be do-
i is a taskmas vis- he she “might no masti
ent film. Raj-j lt s ar e sh e sa ys
the sets and
the resu medy, fun,
de di ca te enough ing another co tedly any time
to ca
ible. I need is film film very dedi
tention to th
time and at is go - on .”
k the movie so Rajneeti
because I thin special and very Apart from
ve ry ... , Katrina
ing to be thing and Ajab Prem
rt an t fo r me. It’s no h Ra j Fi lm s’ New York,
im po re ,” sa ys ha s Y as d al-
like I have
done be fo za’s Blue an
d ac tr es s. A nthony D’Sou w it h pr od uc-
the 24-year-
si m ila r se nti- so a two-film deal ki tt y. ■
Katrina shar
es in her
lmed on house UTV IANS
en ts fo r Jh a, who has he h- ti
m al an d A pa
films like Gan

A film like Rajneeti is not something where I can just jump

and say ‘Sir, my hair is done, my costume is done and I’m
ready’, something I can do in most films that are comic capers
Thursday, March 19, 2009
Actor enters wine business
Actor Antonio Banderas is making his debut in the
wine business by acquiring half the shares of Anta
Bodegas, which produces wines under the Ribera
del Duero label, as well as extra virgin olive oil.

Luck by chance Cine City

Rubiana Ali and Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail of ‘Slumdog
Millionaire’ fame will be seen in a Bollywood flick soon

We never
imagined facing
the camera once
again so soon

Vijay’s son to do cameo

If Internet buzz is to be believed, Vijay’s son
Sanjay will be making a special appearance in
his father’s upcoming flick Vettaikaran. The star
kid would be shaking legs with his father in a
song scored by music director Vijay Antony. The
song, for which the lyrics are written by
Kabilan, is reportedly Vijay’s introductory song
in the movie.

The lead actor of Kal Kissne Dekha, Jacky Bhagnani, and his father Vashu Bhagnani
with child actors Rubiana Ali and Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail during the shooting
of the film in CSI Airport, Mumbai.

DEEPA VENKATRAMAN “They celebrated in pomp and than outside beauty. Their role
show when we came home is really interesting and there

t such tender age, with- after winning laurels and now are also some surprise ele-
out any celebrity family they are even more excited ments attached to their char-
background, they have about our new movie. They acters for you all to wait and
walked the red carpet at are our strength and we will watch.” He has also assured
the Oscars this year. For Az- be in touch with them them arrangements for their
haruddin Mohammed Ismail forever.” shelter and education.
and Rubiana Ali, who rose The roles of the children in Debutant and son of Vashu,
from rags to riches overnight this movie, which revolves Jacky Bhagnani, who plays the
due to Slumdog Millionaire’s around a small town ambi- lead role, enjoyed the compa-
super success, Lady Luck has tious boy who faces challenges ny of the children. He says,
knocked their door once more. in Mumbai, are different from “Every shot I had with them, I
They have both bagged cameo their previous ones and here relived my childhood. They
roles in producer Vashu Bhag- they are shown in a scene have gained a special place in
nani’s upcoming Bollywood where they are returning from the heart of the entire unit.”
flick, Kal Kissne Dekha. the Oscars. Ask the star kids who their
Ali and Azharuddin, con- Bhagnani took the kids in role model in Bollywood is
fessing that their dream of act-
ing in Bollywood has turned
the movie as they did a re-
markable job in their earlier
and they tell you, “The indus-
try is full of talented actors
Jayam Ravi to wed in June
into reality, exclaim, “We nev- one. Bhagnani, who feels that and, hence, we don’t have Actor Jayam Ravi will tie the knot with his lady
er imagined facing the camera they have good knowledge of any. But someday, we would love Aarthi on June 7. The marriage will take
once again so soon.” acting and dancing too, says, definitely like to work with place at Ramanathan Hall. Aarthi is the daughter
Ask them what their friends “They are real masters in pre- Shah Rukh Khan as he is a of popular television producer, Sujatha
have to say about their sud- senting themselves with grace superb actor in the history of Vijayakumar who had also produced the film
den stardom, and they say, and that’s more important Indian cinema.” ■ Veeraappu with Sundar C. in the lead. Aarthi
holds a management degree from Switzerland.
12 ERGO Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday’s Query:
What filmy gyan would you give to
cool your short-tempered friend?
■ Inaiku sethaa naalaiku milk
Anukarthika (CSS)
■ "Sogangal enakkum nenjodu irukkum sirikkaadha
naalillayae...” in Kalyaana Maalai Kondaadum Pennae
song from Pudhu Pudhu Arththangal. Try refreshing
tuning in to this song. I at least have got positive
Oviya.Vijay RRD (Team: ACE-BCG)
■ Evvalavo Pannitom. Idha Panna Maattoma
Vijay, Deepa (RRD), Kuppusamy Nattudurai (CSS), Nirmal (TCS),
Jai (Perot Systems)
■ Bade bade desho mein, choti choti baatein hoti rehti
Sana (Wipro)
■ Maapu vaalkaina sila adikal vila thaan seiyum Karthik from Sagitec Solutions, Tidel Park has nominated his friends as Partners in
Lexsminarayanan (TCS-eServe) Crime. The picture was clicked at their friend’s wedding and they title it ‘Stepping
■ You are really a dubagoor machi. Don’t get tensed into well’. That’s what this bachelor group of friends think about marriage.
for silly matters
Thara (Wipro)
■ Adhigama aasai padra aambalayum adhigama kova
padara pombalayum nalla vazhndadha sarithramae illa
Deepak Vasudevan (Verizon), Ahalya, Rajasekar (TCS),
Sivakumar (Allsec), Senthil (Wipro)
■ Thaniya kudi, thaniya kudi
Levi (Infoview Technologies)
■ Quarter’e dan venuma. Inda cutting kudutha othukka
maattengala. Kova padravangalukkellam quarter
Mukund (SCB Scope International)
■ Neenga Nallavara Kettavaraa
Rajeesh (Perot Systems)
■ Life la nee romba peria aala varuva da
Joshua (TCS)
■ In Vadivelu style: cool down, cool down, cool down.
Don’t cry. Be happy. Hey money comes today, goes
tomorrow ya. Yenga siri. Hmm, Yippa Yeppadi yirukku
Suresh (TCS)
■ Risk edukkirathu namakku rusk saapdra maathiri Govindaraj D of Wipro and his team had a whale of a time in Wayanad.
Hashim (Allsec)
■ Piyo thanda mathalab Coca Cola aur laghao Dermi
cool thake tum raho thanda thanda cool cool
Dhanavelan Jegadeesan (Verizon)
■ Santhosamo kobamo ethva irunthalum oru anchu
nimisam thalli podu, slightly modified kadalan dialogue
Revathi (lnautix)

Today’s Query:
Freida Pinto of ‘Slumdog
Millionaire’ fame is being
considered for the next Bond girl.
Who would have been your pick
for the role? Come up with some
lesser-known names (no Asins and
Aishwaryas, please) with a witty
Arun from Infosys has nominated his friends as Partners in Crime. Location: Singapore
reason to support your choice. River, near the Flyer
Thursday, March 19, 2009

■ Anbu thozhli Sindhu Ratha... Best Wishes from, each day. We hope you enjoy your
Indru unn pirantha naal. Aam N.Deepan(LTSB), TCS birthday. All the pleasures it has in
naangal makizhnthu kondada indru ■ Dear Sister Sindhu Radha store. And because we appreciate
oru nannaal.Yengal Anbu thozhiku Mantharachalam (TCS) , you we hope you have many more!
Iniya piranthanaal vazhthukal. Wish You Very Very Happy Birthday ORAYIRAM
Best Wishes from iRonicz Spiders Team, Sister. May God Bless Your Future JANMADHINASAMSAKAL....
TCS, iNautix, Fidelity(Chennai), Musigma, With everlasting happiness and With lots of love,
NSN, Tata Elexi, EMC(Bangalore), Juno, success in your life. Enjoy Ur Mathew John & Sheeba, Infosys
Deshaw, Commvault- Hyderabad) Birthday.Take Care. Technologies Ltd
■ Dear Preetha, From your Brother , ■ Hi My dear Sister(Bujji),
Just a simple acrostic for you my Purushothaman Balasubramniam ( TCS- Wishes you many more happy
friend, one that comes straight from eServe) returns of the day da....
my heart. Hope your birthday was ■ Dear Mokkai (Ismail, Kone You are my most precious wealth i
filled with joy, nothing but happy Elevators) have earned.I wish you a peaceful
wishes do I impart. Reach for the Wish you a Happy Birthday. and happy life.
stars that shine tonight, dream of Regards, I thank god for blessing me with
Diwakaran from Cognizant your love who warms your arms. Muhammad Ashik S, Abdul Raheem .K.A, such a loving and caring girl like
Technology Solutions has Always know you are special to Nasirudeen. K, HCL you da.....
been nominated as office an- many, very endearing with all of ■ Dear Dhinesh Pandian, Many more happy returns of the
gel by Anand S. and team your charms. I’ve been blessed to Wishing you a many more happy day da. Always keep smiling.....
members. have come to know you. returns of the day. May this year Yours only loving Brother......
He is a jovial person and Exceptional is your talent that you bring with it all the success & Vignesh, Wipro
never gets tensed.A great lead- share. So glad to know your fulfilment your heart desires. Hope ■ Dear Balaji V Thesma,
er to follow! friendship is there. Although these our little B’day wishes will make u We wish you a wonderful
birthday wishes will arrive a little smile.. Have a great year ahead. Birthday!!!
late You’re always wished much With luv, ITS & RDS Testing Practice, MindTree Ltd
happiness no matter what the date. Hashini, Bhavani, Venki, Saravana, ■ Dear Sandy,
Loads of Wishes, Sasthan.. Have a Happy Birthday. Because
Senthil,Wipro R Systems international you’ll never be this young again.
■ Dearest Anila, ■ Hi Santhosh Kumar & But be careful because you’ve
Here’s a Birthday greeting, Dhuvarakesh Never been this old before..!!
especially to show how much you May each and every passing year Huttida Habba Subashayagalu! J
mean to us. Although you surely bring you wisdom, peace and Cheers,
must know cheers. May this day bring to you all Rajendra, Sunil, Chethan, Rohini, Aruna,
that without a doubt there’s no-one things that make you smile! Habeeba, Monisha, Sakthi
nicer than you or anyone dearer, to With Cheers, Coastal Training Cognizant
wish Happy Birthday to… Technologies India (P) Ltd, Chennai ■ Dear Vicky( Don of Mokka),
Art featured in this column will May God be with you always. With Loads ■ Dear Arun Babu, We have enjoyed a lot from the
receive gift coupons from Fruit of love, prayers and wishes Wish u many more happy returns of time when we joined our iRonicz
Shop on Greams Road. Send in Ramz & Shees, Wipro the day, let all ur dreams come Team.
your addresses so that we can ■ Dear Friend RG ji, true. Have a great year ahead. Every minute and every moment we
post the coupons. Wish you a many more happy HAPPY BIRTH DAY. Keep rocking. spent together will be memorable
returns of the day. Time and again With Luv, in our hearts.
I’ve been ever so grateful for having Gershom, Srini, Kevin, Praveen, Vinoth, We are glad to celebrate ur
a good friend like you. A friend for Sushma, Serena, Sai & Rafia , birthday and wish u Many More
all times, to confide in, to count on, (ATG-ROKERZ)-ALLSEC TECH Happy Returns of the Day.
and treasure a whole lifetime Happy Birthday to u da Machi..
through. Because today’s your
birthday, and because you’re extra Belated wishes Enjoy.
Best Wishes fromiRonicz Spiders Team,
nice, one wish is not enough for ■ Hi Priti, TCS, iNautix, Fidelity (Chennai),
you. And so here’s wishing twice. Iniya pirantha naal vazhthukal… Musigma, NSN, Tata Elexi, EMC
Hoping your Birthday’s wonderful. Many many more happy returns of (Bangalore), Juno, Deshaw, Commvault
In every single way and next year the day…. (Hyderabad)
brings happiness for you day after Hearty wishes from, ■ Hi Karthi (Uyarntha Manithar),
day. Happy Birthday!!! Infosys Gang(June 26,2006) Belated Birthday Wishes. Thappa
Best Regards, ■ Dear Yaseen Taj, Nenachukathinga Makkale, avan
Archana J, Cognizant Wish u a many more happy returns BDay koncham munna pinna agi
■ Dear Amarnath Sainath, of the day. Sing a song of Birthdays, poiduchu. Karthi Koncham complan
Wishing you a day soft as Silk, full of fun and cheer. sapidratha korachuko, erkanve light
white as milk, sweet as honey and And may you keep on having them house light fit panravan madhiri
Mili Krishnan from RR full of money. May all Your dreams for many a happy year. irukka. Netru Pol Endrum
Donnelley doodled this. come true. Best Regards, Punnagaiyodu Iruppayaga. Have a
Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Umamaheshwari, Archana, Swathi, wonderful year ahead…
Gourisankar T S, Hexaware Technologies Dhana, Chithra, Divya, Vijayanthi, Ippadiku,Muthu, Laavanyaaaaaaaa,
■ Dear Sweety Pradeepa & Terror Jayram, Hari, Jude, Sujesh Saravanan, Madhu,
Gangs, Vasudhara, Aswini Sindil, Siva, RJPal,
I have no yesterdays, time took ■ Hi Kiran, Laks, Gopi, Anne,
them away.T omorrow may not be Wish you a many more happy Patti, JP, Jasmine, Padma Prasad,
mine, but I have today. So wish you returns of the day. Each year of Target, Ramya, Lavnaya,
all my cute friends a Very Good your birthday reminds us that we Varalakshmi, Deepti,
Day. All the very best for your really want to say we are very much Anbil, Vinoth, Venki, Beulah...
project too. glad we know you. We think of you Wipro Technologies
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweet good-bye
An American man announced he
was quitting his job by writing a
resignation letter in icing on a cake.


For good tidings: A

fisherman mending his
boat before venturing out
in to the sea
Clicked by Vasantha
Jagadish of Wipro Infotech
Hobbies: Collecting
inspirational quotes,
travelling and photography

Preference this month is being

given to photographs that talk
about ‘happiness’, which you
need to tell us in a line or two.
Please do not repeat any of
your previous pictures and also
make sure that the photograph is
people-oriented. Happiness is not
always a smile, so put on your
thinking caps and keep clicking!
Winners can collect their gift
vouchers on Sundays, between 3
p.m. and 5 p.m. at Ergo office
So you think you would make a terrific photographer but never really had the
platform? Mail us your best work and we’ll publish it in this space, with credit.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009
Struck by an arrow Word’s worth
A woman was rushed to the hospital “Fistiana” (fis-tee-ann-uh) a humorous word
to undergo emergency surgery after meaning ‘of or relating to the fists or boxing.’
she was wounded by an arrow while Synonyms are fistic and fistical; the OED haughtily
walking along a New York City street. remarks that these words ‘are not in dignified use.’



This is a good time to travel, especially to places
you have never experienced before, where you will
be exposed to new ideas and different ways of
looking at the world. Studying new concepts is also


At this time it easy for you to express yourself
boldly and confidently. You seem to care less about
outside approval and this frees you to act on your
own behalf. Your health and vitality are quite good,
and you need physical outlets for your energies.


There is much activity; you move rapidly from one
BORN LOSER thing to another and a hectic, somewhat stressful
pace is likely. Many errands, phone calls, letters
which require a response, and other busywork is on
the agenda.
This is an excellent time to be out and about. There
are significant opportunities to make connections,
exchange information, and to learn something
through a meeting. Letters, phone calls, and
conversations that you initiate are productive.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
You feel temporarily blocked now. Resistance and
challenges from others or from outside situations
suggest this is not a good time to try to force your
will and desires onto the world, as friction is the
only likely result.
Fast pace, with many letters, phone calls, errands,
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT meetings, or discussions, is on the agenda. You may
feel mentally restless, impatient, and overly eager to
get your own ideas across. A situation may arise
which requires you to say what is on your mind.
Doors open and new opportunities for personal and
professional growth present themselves. Any
initiative or action you feel inclined to take at this
time is likely to lead to a positive outcome for you.
Your energy level is high today.
You are very impulsive and restless now and you
are likely to act or speak too quickly without
sufficient forethought for the consequences. You
tend to be verbally aggressive, starting fights with
people who do not agree with you.
You have a very realistic and no-nonsense attitude
at this time, and are rather critical, sceptical, or at
the very least, cautious about new ideas. Deep,
quite study and solitary reflection is favoured.
Frivolity holds no appeal for you now.
Your usual routine is likely to be disrupted now,
either by "freak" accidents beyond your control or
by your own impatience with the status quo.
Sudden unexpected events, and breaking free of
confining situations and relationships are very likely.
Flexibility, thinking on your feet, and the ability to
accommodate the unexpected will be called for
PREVIOUS now. The pace is very quick. You will be pulled in
many directions at once, and tend to scatter your
ISSUE’S forces, jumping from one thing to the next.
SOLUTIONS At this time you really enjoy art, theatre, music, and
your own inner world of fantasy. Your imagination
is vivid. If you have an interest in spiritual matters,
these interests come to the fore now. Also you can
be quite lazy now.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Thursday, March 19, 2009

Competitive eaters (L to R) Pat Bertoletti, Joey Chestnut and

Juliet Lee face off in the first-ever Stroehmann Sandwich
Slamm, an eating contest featuring corned beef and rye
sandwiches ahead of St. Patrick’s Day, on Monday in New
York City. Winner Pat Bertoletti consumed 16 3/4 sandwiches
in 10 minutes to win the contest at Gallagher’s Steakhouse.

Discovery crewmembers are welcomed aboard the

International Space Station on Tuesday. AFP PHOTO

The largest helicopter carrier, the Huga of Japan

Maritime Self-Defence Force, is seen at a pier in
Yokohama, suburban Tokyo, on Wednesday. The
Japanese navy commissioned the ship, which is 197
metres, as the defence ministry argued it is only for
defence purposes and does not violate the pacifist

Actor Jack Black arrives with his wife, actress Tanya Haden,
at the premiere of I Love You, Man held at Mann’s Village
Theater on Tuesday, in Westwood, California. AFP PHOTO /