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NGN Voice Routing Solutions for Mobile Companies


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A Platform for Mobile Global Call Routing Services

A Game Changing Environment
TeleDynamicX Global Voice Solutions manage all Processes, Policies and Reporting, and lifts the Routing Layer above the Switching Fabric by interfacing in real-time with all Legacy and Next Generation Network Switching Architectures at the signaling level. Routing decisions can now go beyond historical cost, quality and destination area dial codes, to include decisions based on LRN, vendor / trunk load balancing and millions of individual peering partner or subscriber originating and dialed numbers. This dynamic capability to manage provisioning and routing, integrating both business and NOC requirements, provides Mobile Companies with an opportunity to: Reduce Operating and Terminating Costs. Creating New Business Opportunities and Market Differentiators. Sell New Services to Operating Partners.

All within a Single Global Delivery Services Platform


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TeleDynamicX Next Generation Architecture

TeleDynamicX Carrier Grade Voice Solutions are highly-scalable, meeting any and all performance and functionality requirements of National, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Carriers, Mobile Companies, Cable Operators, CLEC's, ILEC's, IXC's and Wholesalers.
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Unique to TeleDynamicX, SCP based dynamic routing layer seamlessly interfaces to ALL Legacy and Next Generation Network Switching Architectures providing connectivity to ANY TDM and VoIP switch, Gateway, SBC, IP-PBX, Mobile Switch, etc., using ANY signaling protocol. With rich in-call US Domestic and International routing feature sets, TeleDynamicX supports multiple global routing paradigms including, LCR / QoS destination based routing, ToD / DoW routing, vendor and trunk level load balancing, routing by millions of subscriber ANIs / CLIs and dialed numbers, support for millions of peering partner numbers, local call determination, on platform LNP and CNAM dipping, fax screening.. and much more. Supported by our BSS/OSS Solutions, TeleDynamicX provides standardization and optimization for all key Telecommunications back office processes, improving completeness, accuracy and time to perform all operational and management tasks. Routing can be centrally managed, changed on the fly and pushed to in-country Service Control Points that interface using the signaling protocols of the associated in-country switches. This unique capability overcomes many of the issues of optimally managing and controlling diverse operations and at the same time generates cost savings significantly greater than implementing our solutions.

New Routing Paradigms for Voice Calls

TeleDynamicX network-wide, intelligent routing allows operators to go beyond static, priority order, destination based routing and implement unique features and benefits including: Management of the entire networks routing policy from a single location. Creates a platform for future centralized access to third party databases. Incorporation of legacy and/or lower cost switching platforms. Overcomes routing limitations within existing switches. No limitation with respect to network switch types deployed. Faster time to market with new and/or improved routing products. Vendor call throttling by routing table. Network-wide vendor load balancing. Network-wide trunk level load balancing [Priority Order, Round Robin, and %]. Trunk output limitation and trunk level ToD / DoW availability settings. Direct NOC interface to A-Z routing table with over-rides and cost impact visibility. Immediate ingress and egress path blocking at a carrier and trunk level. Call process blocking for invalid number lengths.


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Special routing for video calls and local call routing. Unlimited routing tables / products. True least cost destination routing [LCR] / up to sell rate / with margin protection. Destination routing by LCR and QoS / a mix of both. Routing based on local routing number (LRN) or dialed number. Automatic QoS / price routing provisioning without manual intervention. Jurisdictional screening with custom treatment of invalid ANI / CLIs. Time of day / day of week routing. Round Robin routing for all or selected destinations. Percentage routing for all or selected destinations. Combined routing types, LCR, Round Robin, %, within one routing table. Manual and scheduled synchronization to all switches with call simulation. Support for 100s of millions of individual peering partner or subscriber originating and dialed numbers or number patterns.

Call Flow Simulation

Whilst the benefits of intelligent routing with rich in-call routing feature sets are evident, we also understand that network operators need an ability to simulate call flow in order to track the many call routing possibilities. Accordingly, to support Network Operations testing of world-wide call routing, a full call simulation module is also provided detailing call flow logic.


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Mobile Operator Voice Call Routing Issues to Overcome

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Mobile operator investments in countries outside of home base has led to improvements in service offerings, customer data mining, marketing and billing systems, but typically a hands off approach has been taken to establishing a global platform for the management of Dial Codes, Vendors, Peering Partner Numbers and optimal Call Routing. This is primarily due to the fact that legacy back office support and routing systems have not been capable of being globalized with remote interfaces to diverse mobile switching platforms. The historic devolved approach to the management of these functions duplicates efforts, builds inconsistencies into the system and leaves margin on the table. Where operations are terminating all out-of-country calls to a single vendor substantial margin that could be retained in-house is passed on to the terminating vendor. Where operations are terminating all out-of-country calls to multiple carriers in priority order with little or no trunk management there is no: o o Optimization of termination price and quality. Effective management of vendor relationships.

National and International Subscriber to Subscriber calls are often off loaded for termination via intermediaries, increasing costs and reducing voice quality. Peering arrangements are limited in scope and delivery capability.

Moreover, whilst mobile operators generally offer a wide variety of pricing packages [All you can Eat for $XX / Call Family and Friends for Free / etc] they are typically routing ALL calls in the same way, irrespective of the pricing package offered. This one routing for all has historically arisen because legacy mobile switch routing systems have been country / area code destination based routing for off-net calls. One routing for all, based on vendor commitments to terminate every call and maintain quality standards, has historically been seen as cost saving compared to the high costs of dealing with customer complaints, particularly in markets where customers are quality conscious and prone to report issues, for example in the USA. However, emerging markets may well be more price sensitive than quality sensitive and it is hard to compete and or differentiate with one routing for all. Whether the terminating call is National or International, one routing for all gives rise to a number of issues: Common routing restricts operators abilities to offer quality graded services to customers at different price and associate cost points. Class of Service offerings cannot be made to business customers wanting to differentiate between executive and other users for quality and availability, e.g. restricting calls for certain users at particular times of day and / or to high cost destinations.
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Cost Reduction Opportunities

By implementing TeleDynamicX Solutions within subsidiaries that the mobile operator controls, we consider that the following operational improvements and cost savings can be achieved:
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All National and International Subscriber to Subscriber calls, irrespective of the call originating country, could be retained On-NET. This would eradicate the high cost of traffic off-load to intermediate vendors.

Off-NET International calls from any Subscriber in any originating country to third parties can be routed On-NET to the most cost effective International gateway.

Third party operators could be offered local interconnect points for calls to Subscribers worldwide, providing opportunities to negotiate reduced charges for inbound calls.

Network utilization can be increased by eradicating port clogging from short dialed numbers, and by load balancing vendors and trunks. Lower rates could be negotiated with National and International peering partners by providing guarantees with respect to the accuracy of dialed numbers forwarded matching peering partner number requirements.

Costs can be reduced and revenues increased by the implementation of a single Global Back Office and Operations Support System, and to effect Global routing in Minutes not Days, from a centralized or decentralized platform.

Centralized International voice termination route procurement can improve quality and reduce termination rates as well as allowing the opportunity to take advantage of Time of Day rates by Time of Day / Day of Week Routing.

The TeleDynamicX C-SCP architecture reduces reliance on single vendor switching solutions and the required level of intelligence within switches, thereby reducing CAPEX and extending the life of legacy switches.

The TeleDynamicX Number Portability Platform provides access to a local copy of number portability data from one or more country-specific data sources. By enabling mobile operators to properly identify, route and rate traffic based on the actual terminating carrier, margin exposure to cost differences between carriers is significantly improved.

Originating and / or Dialed Number based special routing can be implemented for faxes originating from fixed line operations.


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New Business Opportunities and Market Differentiators

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Subscriber CLI / ANI and /or subscriber dialed number based routing provides a number of opportunities to offer differentiated quality based termination and pricing, including the ability to offer: Consumer groups quality graded termination services at different price points and associate cost points. IP-PBX business customers guaranteed Gold / Silver / Bronze Products without reference to Ingress Trunks i.e. route VIPs differently to other parts of the business. IP-PBX business customers additional fraud protection by automatic call termination prevention depending on destination, CLI / ANI and / or Time of Day / Day of Week. 0800 POTs number translation services with route forwarding based on Time of Day / Day of Week. In addition, with the explosion of both fixed and mobile smart phones offering video as well as voice calls, back end routing challenges can also be assisted by screening for video calls within the TeleDynamicX platform and applying appropriate routing, improving call network management and cost.

Opportunities within Partner Operations

Depending on the extent of the TeleDynamicX Solutions deployed by the primary mobile operator, there are many possible additional services that could be offered to Partners: If the TeleDynamicX C-SCPs are deployed in partner networks or are remotely accessible by Partners, the cost savings and new business opportunities indicated above can be passed on to Partner operations, either as a managed service (provided by the primary mobile operators services teams or by TeleDynamicX Global Services Teams on their behalf), with fixed or transaction based charges. If Partners wish to remain independent, the TeleDynamicX Solutions could be offered to Partners (either as a hosted service or network deployed) at special pricing and potentially with corporate branding. If Partners do not wish to deploy TeleDynamicX Solutions, with the lower termination rates available to the primary mobile operator from implementing centralized voice termination route procurement and peering partner number management, special wholesale rates can be offered to Partners.


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About TeleDynamicX
TeleDynamicX is a global provider of advanced solutions for telecoms operators in Back Office Management, Centralized Dynamic Routing and Number Translation Services, improving completeness, accuracy and time to perform all operational and management tasks - generating
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cost savings greater than the cost of implementing our solutions.

Who and Where We Are

TeleDynamicX has a 12 year history of technical expertise, growth and profitability. We have regional bases in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Cyprus, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and our solutions manage over 35 Billion Minutes of voice traffic annually.

TeleDynamicX Core Applications

TeleDynamicX core applications have been developed for and implemented to a wide variety of telecoms requirements; both as off the shelf solutions and tailored to meet individual requirements. The core applications are:

TeleDynamicX International provides feature rich management of International Dial Codes,

Buy Rates, Sell Rates, Least Cost / Best Quality Routing, Billing & Accounting, Traffic flows and Profitability.

TeleDynamicX US Domestic Offers comprehensive management of US Domestic LERG Dial

Codes, LATA/OCN, NPA NXX X Buy and Sell Rates, NPA NXX X Least Cost Routing, Traffic and Profitability visibility.

TeleDynamicX Dynamic Routing provides advanced In-Call routing feature sets, including
Vendor Call Throttling, Network-wide Vendor Load Balancing, Vendor Trunk Level Load Balancing, NOC over-rides, Peering Partner and Subscriber Number and Pattern routing; and much more..

TeleDynamicX InSight provides access to prebuilt data visualization Business Intelligence

tools including digital Maps, Charts, Gauges, Dashboards and drill down data displays, helping decision makers to reduce costs and increase profitability across their networks.

TeleDynamicX AnalyticX Is a highly scalable Business Intelligence application that very

quickly enables telecom analysts, managers and executives to navigate data, finding trends, spotting patterns, 'drilling down', 'slicing and dicing' enterprise data without the need for specialist IT staff.

TeleDynamicX Converged Service Control Point (C-SCP) provides a highly efficient

and scalable cost-effective infrastructure for centralized routing and number translation services, representing the core of an operators next-generation multi-signaling, multi-switch routing infrastructure.


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TeleDynamicX Solutions Implementation, Roll Out, Training and Support

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Our solutions implementation and roll out strategies utilize the same quality assurance processes and project planning tools that we apply to our software development in order to ensure the highest quality as well as real time customer involvement with a focus on testing.

Our Approach
Every client implementation is different, has different objectives and will have different strategies to achieve them. The TeleDynamicX platform is massively scalable and flexible; this enables solutions to be fit to any shape or size of problem. This flexibility requires us to be expert in helping you to understand what is possible and to document what you want to achieve.

Our Experience
At TeleDynamicX we have 100s of man years of experience ranging from a deep understanding of all signaling protocols to business strategies. The founders of the company gained their experience from long careers in telecoms including the privatization of National Telecommunications Companies to the creation of over a dozen telecoms based companies, two of which have gone public.

Sample Implementation Plan

Deploy On-Site TeleDynamicX Consulting Staff A senior project manager would be
based with the Mobile Companys core team to fully disseminate knowledge of the TeleDynamicX Out of the Box Solution s and to determine additional business and interface requirements.

Planning & Proof of Solution Generate a detailed plan and specification documents. At
this stage utilizing the TeleDynamicX hosted platform to demonstrate, aid discussion and to test development against.

Additional Development Create and test additional business requirements and interfaces to
in-house systems.

Build and Test Lab System Build a scaled down version of the system to be installed in the
onsite Lab to effect initial testing of call request from the switching fabric to the C-SCP, the return of a route and the collection of CDRs.

Test Developed Interfaces Load manually and via developed interfaces the Lab system with
initial data required for BSS/OSS Lab functionality testing. Use traffic generators to load test the TeleDynamicX C-SCP.

Business Requirements Review Requirements change over time especially in the light of
new information. Work collaboratively with client to fully explore previously unseen requirements.

Live Traffic Pilot Test System Build a subset of the full system to test live traffic. At this
stage the Lab system is moved to production while building out to cluster the key components of the system.

Roll Out TeleDynamicX has established relationships with numerous third party telecoms and
TeleDynamicX knowledgeable consultants who are drafted on to our team for multi location implementations to augment our centralized implementation and training structures.
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Training On Site/Remote
We fully understand that without proper training even the best designed systems can under perform. We also understand that no one training method meets all needs. That is why we implement training from onsite to across the wire, one on one and in groups.
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Online Training
A key tool in the support for our training environment is the utilization of the latest conferencing technology that enables on-line, interactive training to be delivered direct to the trainees desk. Training can be provided on a one to one basis or on a remote group basis with participants on individual computers and even in separate locations worldwide. Benefits of our remote training approach include: Travel time and costs are eradicated and schedules can be established to fit in with existing workloads and the TeleDynamicX implementation process. Our experience has shown that providing short training sessions of up to an hour over a period of time increases the effectiveness of the training. This many and often approach is greatly facilitated by the online approach. Training small groups of staff who perform the same role together has knowledge retention benefits. In many multi-location firms there are often staff members in the same functional role but in different offices. As new features are added and additional modules implemented, staff can get up to speed very quickly, thereby helping them to be more productive.

Key Process Training

Some processes are very important to an organization so training has to reflect this. In certain cases we would shadow a member of your staff and guide them through each process a number of times to monitor their progress and ascertain when they have reached a level of proficiency to continue unaided. This could include, for example, the provisioning of switches, trunks, customers and vendors or, for example, the import of vendor / customer tariffs, import / insert of dial codes and the administration of routing.

Training Materials
We maintain a centralized team of dedicated experts whose primary role is to test and document new and updated functionality, as well as changes to the TeleDynamicX GUI and user experience. All documentation is published in Help file format, as well as HTML documents, PDF documents and WORD documents. This enables us to deliver training and help where it is required.


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24/7 Support
TeleDynamicX is committed to providing the very best 24-hour customer support experience and adapting to meet the changing needs of business.

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Telephone/Email/Online Support
Regardless of what media you use to contact support, we have the systems to be able to effectively manage your issues. Customers are provided with web based access to our support ticketing system where they can open a ticket/set the severity level/access and annotate previous tickets, use the Knowledge Base and FAQs section, download documentation and check on release and patch availability. Hotline telephone numbers are also provided to customers for serious issues.

Centralized Support Personnel

We have support personal in the USA, Cyprus, Germany, India and Kyrgyzstan. Our support personnel are embedded within the development, documentation and training teams so they have seen the product from the ground up and can assist with support requests efficiently and effectively.

On-Site Support Personnel

For larger customers, we would propose extending the role of the on-site implementation and training consultant to include front line support, as well as the on-site period. The on-site period could be, for example, for one year or a permanent role.

Automatic Monitoring Systems

Embedded software routines constantly check critical events e.g. continual receipt and processing of CDRs. With respect to the TeleDynamicX Production Servers, we deploy the NMS package Zenoss to monitor SNMP traps as well as running customized monitoring scripts on guest servers. We detect most hardware/software issues on the deployed platforms. As events occur that weren't trapped we develop new monitoring scripts to catch them. To detect total power failures and site isolation due to fiber cuts and access gear failure, we launch periodic SNMP polls and/or call queries (from platforms in Dallas, Manassas and San Antonio) to verify that we get a valid response. For the TeleDynamicX C-SCPs, we also use the vCenter Server Alarm process to trap any of the nearly 200 alarm conditions detectable by an ESX/ESXi host or by vCenter Server.

Hardware and Operating Systems Support

Because of the critical nature of the TeleDynamicX platforms, four hour critical response time support from the hardware vendor is included to ensure that if, for example, a server ethernet switch or iSCSI SAN component fails, the hardware vendor will be there within four hours with replacement parts.


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Our web site provides further information about the capabilities of our TeleDynamicX Solutions and the following PDFs can be downloaded or forwarded to you by email on request.
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TeleDynamicX Overviews
Lift the Routing Layer above the Switching Fabric The Next Generation Centralized Routing Architecture TeleDynamicX Corporate Profile TeleDynamicX Overview

TeleDynamicX International
AnalyticX Carrier Management Customer and Vendor Billing Customer Tariffs Dial Code Management InSight Reports and Dashboards Network Operations Support Routing Paradigms Subscriber Number Management Traffic Agreements Traffic and Margin Monitoring Vendor Tariffs

TeleDynamicX US Domestic
AnalyticX Carrier Management Customer and Vendor Billing Customer Tariffs Dial Code Management InSight Reports and Dashboards Network Operations Support Routing Paradigms Subscriber Number Management Traffic Agreements Traffic and Margin Monitoring Vendor Tariffs

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information or wish to initiate initial discussions and demonstrations. We look forward to hearing from you.


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+357 26 813753 +1 210 380 0458