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Self-Appraisal of Date Subject


Please assess your performance this year in each of the areas indicated. Provide bullet comments to support your assessments. Identify 2-3 goals for the coming year. Send to your principal. Your principal will add comments and will discuss the appraisal with you.
Key: Distinguished 1 Basic 3 Proficient 5

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation

A. Demonstrates knowledge of curriculum content and pedagogy B. Develops appropriate daily, weekly & unit plans C. Demonstrates understanding of standards and benchmarks adopted by SSIS and identifies these in units D. Uses a variety of assessment strategies E. Uses formative and summative assessment to improve learning Comments:

Domain 2: Classroom Environment/Management

A. Creates an environment of respect and rapport; models the ESLRs B. Establishes a culture for learning that encourages risk-taking C. Maintains appropriate expectations of behavior D. Demonstrates consistency with enforcement of school rules E. Motivates and challenges students to achieve to their full potential Comments:

Domain 3: Instruction
A. Communicates clearly and accurately B. Uses questioning techniques to encourage critical thinking C. Makes appropriate connections to real life situations; follows a logical lesson sequence D. Provides extra help to those student in need E. Integrates technology into instruction where appropriate F. Employs a variety of teaching styles including group work, cooperative learning G. Develops and implements assessments to support student learning H. Designs assessments that reflect the curriculum documents I. Provides formative and summative feedback to students in a timely manner J. Demonstrates flexibility & responsiveness to the students needs; differentiates K. Modifies instruction as a result of feedback from assessments (considers ESL, special needs in the wide spectrum, etc.) Comments:

Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities

A. Models the ESLRs (Expected School-wide Learning Results B. Handles school policies and procedures in a professional manner C. Maintains accurate records and meets deadlines D. Contributes to school initiatives. List committee work in comments E. Grows/develops professionally. List PD workshops & books read in comments F. Plans collaboratively with colleagues G. Maintains and modifies curriculum maps & develops unit plans in UbD format H. Works with other colleagues to initiate integration across the subjects I. Establishes positive relationships with colleagues J. Shows professionalism Committee(s) served on this school year: P.D. Workshops Attended: Comments:

Principals Comments: Principals Signature: Teachers Signature: A copy of this appraisal will be given to the Head of School. Date:

The signature of the teacher means that she/he has read this document. The teacher may attach a personal written statement, provided it is done within five working days and that this evaluation report has been signed.