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Your address Name of Headteacher School address Dear RE: Teacher of Science Date

Paragraph 1: Where you saw the advert and what you have enclosed I was very interested to read your advertisement for the above post in (source of advert) on (date) and I enclose a C.V. and application form (and/or other documents) as requested. Paragraph 2: Why you have applied for this particular post The post at (institution name) would be of interest to me, because it would give me the opportunity to teach (science throughout the 11 - 16 year age range and join a thriving department within a large successful school - complete this sentence as appropriate).

Paragraph 3: Your undergraduate and/or postgraduate degree experience I believe that my degree in (degree title) has developed my scientific knowledge and laboratory skills to a very high level. Subjects studied during my degree course included: (give a brief synopsis). I have recently completed a P.G.C.E in Science Education at (insert institution) with specialism (in Chemistry and Biology, although I am confident of my proficiency to teach all of the sciences to G.C.S.E. Also I am very interested in information technology and its wider applications within schools, including its use in science insert your specialism and interests here).

Paragraphs 4 to 8 (in this letter): Your teaching experience N.B. These are the most important paragraphs of your letter, and so give some detail. My advice is that this should take up at least one of the pages of your letter My teaching experience to date has been at (insert name of school/college) and (insert name of school/college) (insert any additional experiences here). I have found my time at these establishments both enjoyable and rewarding. At (school X), I have been fortunate enough to have experienced a wide range of 11 to 16 mixed ability teaching, which included general science to years 7 to 9 using the (name of) scheme. In addition I was involved in the earth science,

The difference in ability between higher and lower band groups was extremely interesting and I used differentiated material to cover the subject matter to meet the needs of the pupils. I set a test at the end of a Year 9 Materials unit, which showed that most pupils understood the work. This gave me some very positive feedback regarding assessment, on which to act further during my final practice in the summer term.

weather and sound and music units as part of the coordinated science scheme for G.C.S.E (exam board). I have been able to develop assessment techniques through the setting of homework questions, end of module tests and scientific investigation. The results of these have been very encouraging.

Paragraphs 9 to 11 (in this letter): Your teaching philosophy For me science is a dynamic and stimulating discipline of extreme relevance to everyday life, and as such, I would welcome the chance to motivate and encourage all students to develop investigative and exploratory skills including practical and fieldwork. Science is the ideal means by which to inspire pupils and to stimulate their interest and imagination. I believe that all pupils should be afforded the same opportunities to study science and to fulfil their potential irrespective of aptitude or ability. I demand a high standard from all my pupils and would promote co-operation through active participation in the pursuit of excellence. I am fully aware of the importance of effective classroom management. Careful preparation of lesson plans incorporating a wide range of interesting activities is a prerequisite of success, no matter how highly motivated the pupils.

At (school Y) I gained further experience in an 11 to 16 context especially with Years 7 to 10 teaching both Chemistry and Biology at KS3 and KS4. I took on a full teaching role within the department, assisting teachers in marking, supervision and recording of examination work as well as in the preparation of a variety of original worksheets some aimed specifically at the less-able pupils at KS3. This gave me further opportunities to produce a differentiated scheme of work. I was also involved with extra-curricular activities within the school including the supervision of Year 8 pupils on an ecology beach study, a school summer fair and a visit to Alton Towers.

Additionally, at (school X) I organised a twice weekly P.S.E. programme for Year 7 pupils. Topics covered included: understanding disablement, dying for a smoke and European awareness. I would be very keen to continue my P.S.E work at your school and would be interested in taking pastoral responsibilities particularly as I consider the pastoral role of the group tutor to be vital.

However, I believe that this success also depends on human qualities, of consideration and fairness to build positive relationships. This reminds me that

Paragraph 12: Relevant work experience (you may need more paragraphs if you have extensive work experience, but remember that you are applying for a teaching post and need to keep this section relevant and brief) Relate your work experience to the development of skills such as: Management skills Team-working skills Time-management skills Organizational skills Communication/liaison skills

teaching is centred on people and that I am entering the profession because I want to work with young people and be instrumental in their education in the widest sense. I would be extremely grateful for an opportunity to prove myself as a valuable asset to your teaching team and would wish to play a full and active part in the whole life of the school.

Paragraphs 13 and 14: Other qualifications I was appointed as an assistant examiner for (exam board) in (date) and I am also an active member of the Institute of Biology/Royal Society of Chemistry/Institute of Physics and the Association for Science Education (expand on this if you are on any committees or have given any presentations at any of these associations conferences etc.

I have a number of professional qualifications and certificates and these include (give examples e.g. First Aid, coaching awards, grade exams in dancing, music etc.). I feel that these engagements have provided good opportunities for me to develop out of school contacts, as well as a range of skills, which I could contribute to your school.

Paragraph 15: Personal interests and hobbies I take part in a variety of activities, especially (insert). My other interests include (insert).

Concluding remarks: I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my application further at interview. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully To note:

1. Your letter should be about three A4 pages long, using 12 point font and single or one and a half line spacing. 2. If you get a job or person specification with the information that you are sent from a school/college, MAKE SURE THAT YOU BASE YOUR LETTER AROUND GIVING EVIDENCE FOR HOW YOU MEET THIS SPECIFICATION!