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Trade names associated with stainless steels

This list of trade names is for guidance only when trying to identify steel types from old or obscure drawings or specifications. The list does not attempt to list the trade names of BSSA member companies, but some that crop-up frequently are included. BSSA member company product data should be obtained from their own literature or web-sites. The list should not be considered to be totally comprehensive or complete. It is a historical listing and any contact details (company names and telephone numbers) given cannot be guaranteed to be current. No responsibility can be taken for its accuracy. Where shown, contact companies details may need to be rechecked.

Trade names table

Note, where 'Non-SS' is shown in the Nearest Grade column, this indicates that the trade name as not a stainless steel. Use the 'Ctrl' and 'F' keys to 'find' a particular name.
Trade Name 1925hMo 2205 253MA 254SMO 520B Nearest Grade Description 1.4529 Austenitic 1.4835 Heat Resisting 1.4547 Austenitic 1.4594 Martensitic-PH 1.4539 Austenitic Non-SS Non-SS 1.4713 Nitronic 50 Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS 20% chromium, 25% nickel, 6% molybdenum superaustenitic stainless steel (Krupp Thyssen Nirosta) 21% chromium, 11% nickel, 1.5% silicon heat resisting stainless steel (AvestaPolarit) 20% chromium, 18% nickel, 6% molybdenum superaustenitic stainless steel (AvestaPolarit) 13.5% chromium, 5.5% nickel, 1.5% molybdenum precipitation hardening grade

1.4462 Duplex 22% chromium, 5% nickel, 3% molybdenum duplex stainless steel

904L Abrazo Abro Alencoflex Alloy 160 Aluchrom Aquamet 22 Armourcote Battle Brightray Bundy Chemico Chichester

20%chromium, 25% nickel, 4.5% molybdenum austenitic stainless steel British Steel wear plates Wear plates from James Fairley Abra Service Division 0121-327 7522 Flexible hoses with stainless steel braid outer covers from Alenco Hilyn, Enfield 1.4713 Heat resisting grade 7% Cr, Al - Bohler UK 0121-552 2575 - See Sicromal 8 VDM Trade Name for Fe-Cr alloys Nitronic 50 type for propeller shaft applications - see Clements Engineering (St.Neots)Ltd for details PTFE stainless composite coating for reducing friction from Armourcote Surface Treatments Stainless steel holloware from GW Pearce, Birmingham Nickel alloys from Inco Alloys Brake pipe material from Armco also see Fulbraiz General purpose cleaner for stainless steel from The County Chemical Company, Birmingham 0121-744 2294 Stainless steel ware from Goodwood Metalcraft TEL 01243-784626 (also see Dexam International)



Prepainted mild steel strip from British Steel (Corus Strip products) Wear plate with Brinell Hardness of 555HB - Sleema Engineers TEL 01922408088 Mild steel strip clad with stainless steel Weathering steel from Corus Strip (British Steel) Weathering steel from Corus Plates (British Steel) US military abbreviation for "Corrosion Resistant" implies any stainless steel ie not grade specific Aciers Crominox, Luxembourg now merged with Cromweld Steels as a 3Cr 12 supplier

Compass B555 Non-SS Corrbloc Corten A Corten B Cres Crominox Cromweld 3Cr12 Cronifer Cronix Cunifer Damac DL12 Delcrome Deloro Dessox Duranel Durasteel Durbar Durehete E-Brite 26-1 EM 528 Esshete Ezeform FAK 223 FDP Fecralloy Ferralium 255 Ferritescope Ferro-Di FMB Fliteline Genklene Non-SS Non-SS -

1.4003 Ferritic 3Cr12 ferritic stainless from Cromweld Steels, Stoke on Trent TEL 01782-374139 Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS 304, 316 Non-SS Non-SS 2205 1.4541 Austenitic 1.4507 Duplex Krupp VDM Trade Names for stainless steels Krupp VDM Trade Names for Ni-Cr heating element alloys Krupp VDM Trade Names for copper-nickel alloys Spot test paste supplied by Broadway Products See Stellite - Product of Deloro Stellite, Swindon See Stellite - Product of Deloro Stellite, Swindon Oakite Ltd descaling compounds Clad plates involving combinations of stainless steel, aluminium and copper Steel sheet with organic coating over zinc-nickel plated surface, originally from Japan (Nissan). Cape-Durasteel, Wellingborough TEL 01933-440555 Floor or chequer plate - 304 & 316 now imported from Belgium (ALZ), stocked by Ancon CCL Heat resisting bar grades for bolting applications from Corus Engineering Steels, Rotherham Ferritic stainless steel with 26% Cr and extra low carbon (0.005% Max) from Airco Vacumetal, USA Rolls Royce specification for 448 type turbine blade steel Heat resisting steel grades from Corus Engineering Steels Patterned stainless steel strip from Atlas Steels, Canada for roofing applications Also see "FALC 223" Duplex Stainless of a 2205 type from Krupp "Firth's Decay Proof" (321) - see Firth Vickers 'Staybrite' Heat resistance wire, strip, bar grade 20% Cr, 5% Al,0.1% Y (yttrium) from Resistalloy, Sheffield TEL 0114-244 8634 Superduplex stainless steel available from Langley Alloys Ltd, Newcastle-underLyme Magnetic permeability meter calibrated to show percentage of ferrite in austenitic stainless steels. from Fischer Instrumentation Die casting process for stainless steel, GKN Crewe Technical Centre

1.4401/1.4436 "Firth's Moly Bearing" (316, 2.25-3.0% Mo) - see Firth Vickers 'Staybrite' Austenitic Non-SS PTFE flexible tubing with stainless steel braided wire sheathing for steam & water tubes from Unitubes, Slough TEL 01753-34931 Solvent containing trichloroethylene (not advised for health & environment

reasons) Hadfields Manganese Steel Hastelloy Haynes Alloys Hexmetal Hi-Proof HR 3C HWT Hydroloy Hyform 409 Hyplus 29 Hypress Immac 5 Immaculate V IN744X Incoclad Incoloy Inconel Inox Jethete Kanthal Kromar D70 Kunifer 10 M153D Macalloy Meehanite MEK Meten 9 Monel Mu Metal Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS 316LN 310 430Ti Manganese steel, 12-14%Mn, for extreme wear resistant applications. Available from Corus Scunthorpe 01724-405779 Tim Peregrine Nickel based alloys Nickel based alloys, see Haynes Alloys brochures on shelf No2, cabinet No1 TEL 0161-223 5054 Armours for refractory linings from Causeway Steel Products, Gravesend TEL 01474-67871 Nitrogen bearing austenitics eg 316 bar for reinforcement, warm worked for 460 N/mm2 strength class 25Cr - 20Ni - Nb - N variant of 310 as sulphurizing resistant grade from Sumitomo Metal Ind. Hot Water Tank grade similar to 430Ti, with 19% Cr from Allegheny Ludlum Hydroloy HQ913 low erosion weld deposit austenitic grade available as weld deposit electrodes from Deloro Stellite Corus Plates product C steel strip grade from Corus Strip Products, Brinsworth Heat resisting 310 (25 / 20) type originally a Firth Brown trade name Heat resisting 310 (25 / 20) with vanadium Microduplex superplastic experimental stainless steel Nickel cladding alloys Nickel heat resisting alloys (Incoloy DS 37Cr - 18Ni , Incoloy 800 same as Esshete 800) Nickel alloys French (Spanish, Italian) general term for "stainless", not grade specific Nickel alloy with 36% iron zero thermal expansion rate Martensitic stainless steel for aircraft turbine blades & engine casings Heat Resistant & heating element alloys for furnace heating applications from Kanthal Ltd, Stoke on Trent TEL 01782-224800 Cobalt containing stainless steel used for cluster bomblet flights made by Hunting Engineering. Believed to be an obsolete application. Brake pipe grade from Yorkshire Imperial Metals TEL 01532-701107 Proprietary specification for a 316 free machining type with titanium additions type from IMI Witton Reinforcement bar from Allied Steel & Wire (McCalls) TEL 0114-242 6704 Cast Irons from The International Meehanite Metal Co, Reigate TEL 01737244786 Methylethyl ketone - solvent for removing plastic film & adhesives from stainless steel sheet Heat resisting stainless steel grade similar to Red Fox 34 from Mechanical Engineers, London Nickel-copper alloys Alloy of 77% Ni,5% Cu, 4% Mo & Iron - Soft magnetic alloy with a high magnetic permeability

1.4512 Ferritic AvestaPolarit 409 type with titanium for automotive silencer tubing etc Non-SS Non-SS 1.4845 Heat Resisting Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS 1.4828 Heat Resisting Non-SS Non-SS

Invar (Nilo 36) Non-SS

NACE Ni-Hard Nichrome Nicorros Nicrofer Nilo Nimar Nimonic Niresist Niroflex Nirosta Nitralloy Nitronic 50 Novamet Nu Eli t Nu Monit Nuovinox Oztelloy Pernifer Planclad Polaris Poral Prodec Red Diamond Red Fox Regaflex Remanit Rigitube Sanicro Sanmac Sea-Cure Sicromal 10 Sicromal 12

Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS 316 446 1.4742 Heat Resisting 1.4762 Heat Resisting

National Association of Corrosion Engineers (US) Abrasion resistant castings 3.5/4.5 % Ni Nickel Chromium heat resisting alloys for furnace heating elements Nickel-copper alloys. VDM Trade Name for Ni-Cr-Fe & Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo alloys (TEL 01372-67137) - Nicrofer 3220=Incoloy 800,Nicrofer 3718=Incoloy DS,Nicrofer 4221=Incoloy 825,Nicrofer7216=Inconel 600,Nicrofer 7520=Nimonic75 Low expansion nickel alloy Maraging Steels from Corus Engineering Steels Nickel based heat resisting eg Nimonic 75, 80, 90 Nickel cast iron from Lennox Foundry TEL 01322-383281 Stainless steel safety clothing - CMT Industrial Supplies, Swansea 01792-798600 Krupp Thyssen Nirosta (KTN) trade names for stainless steels, use Werkstoff numbers for grades eg "Nirosta 4301" as 1.4301 (304) Old ESC trade names for nitriding alloys En 41A & B, try Henry Whitham,Sheffield TEL 0114-244 0744 Also marketed as "Aquamet" Metal flakes from Hart Coating Technology TEL 01384-291513 18/2 ferritic stainless, titanium stabilized ferritic stainless (low interstitial) - old Nyby Uddeholm brands Titanium stabalised ferritic stainless (low interstitial) - old Nyby Uddeholm brands Aberneath Industries clad stainless bar products TEL 01639-820666 Stainless steel plating on various substrates - Tri-Kem Ltd Wellingborough 01933-228877 Krupp VDM Trade Names for 36% nickel-iron low expansion alloy Ductile Planetary Mill Ltd clad strip 304L, 430 & 410 stainless on carbon steel substrate Polaris stainless steel reviver (cleaner-polisher for table ware, sinks etc) - Dexam International Porous sheet and strip (Pechiney Ugine Kulmann), not now available Avesta Sheffield free machining grades (Degerfors plate & bar) Wear resistant plates (Spartan Redheugh Ltd, Gateshead now closed) Corus Engineering Steels Heat Resisting types RF310, RF309 & RF34 (RF34 also known as Meten 9 - 1.4828) Flexible tube for flue linings in 316 type from Rega Metals Products Originally Thyssen trade name -- usually has werkstoff number added eg Remanit 4301 Patterned tube for vehicle handrails (grab rails) - Rimex (Rigidized Metals) Sandvik trade name eg Sanicro 28 (UNS N08028) Sandvik improved machinability bar Ferritic grade for seawater heat exchanger tubing- 26Cr, 3Mo, 2.5Ni UNS S44660 Heat resisting grade 17% Cr, AL - (Energy Alloys Rotherham 01709-788000) Heat resisting grade 24% Cr, Al - (Energy Alloys Rotherham 01709-788000)

Sicromal 8 Silver Fox Sistema Men Snaptite Sno-Trik SS (41,400) St (37,52 etc) Staballoy Staybrite Stavax Steelex Steelit Stellite Stelvetite Supatube SuperDux 64 Temet 25 Thyroplast Triclad Trinsul Triply Tufftriding Uginox UltiMet Uranus V2A V4A Waspalloy Waukesha Zalutite Zeron 100 Zintec

1.4713 Heat Resisting Non-SS Non-SS 420 304,316 Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Nitronic 50 304 316 Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS Non-SS

Heat resisting grade 7% Cr, Al - Bohler UK 0121-552 2575 as Alloy 160 or Energy Alloys Rotherham 01709-788000 Samuel Fox, later British Steel (Corus) Engineering Steels trade names Loose lay stainless steel floor tiles from Inova Furniture Contracts Ltd, London Quick fitting couplings for fluid transfer lines in stainless steel with teflon seals from Adflow International Tel 01734-713733 High-pressure stainless steel pipe fittings from Techmation Ltd (UK agents for Sno-Trik Co.) Tel "01-958 3111" Japanese Structural Grades German Structural Grades See BSEN 10025 UNS S28200 - 17 Cr, 20 Mn 0.55 N Generic trade names for Firth Vickers grades, such as FSL,FDP, FMB etc Tool steel type 0.38 C 13 Cr ie martensitic 420 type originally Uddeholm, later VEW Special Steels 0121-552 5681 Stainless steel roofing systems from Lee Steel Strip, Sheffield (now AvestaPolarit Strip) Complete Paint system for SS items from Stainless Steel Coatings Inc Cobalt hardfacing alloys - Deloro Stellite, Swindon TEL 01793-822451 Corus Strip plastic coated carbon steel strip products Welded SS Tube - weld bead drawn for hygienic & heat exchanger applications Stelco Hardy, Treorchy Superplastic duplex stainless from Nippon Yakin Kigyo Co 25 Cr, 6.5 Ni, 3.2 Mo Propeller shaft bar grade from Teignbridge Propellers Ltd, Newton Abbott TEL 01626-333377 FAX 01626-60783 Thyssen stainless steel generic trade name, Werksoff number used to identify specific grade Sandwich with mild steel core & stainless surfaces from Allegheny, USA - see Triply Insulated profiled stainless steel sheet from Precision Metal Forming, Cheltenham 01242-527511 Sandwich with mild steel core & stainless surfaces from Universal Cyclops, USA see Triclad Salt bath nitrocarburising. Improves wear, seizure and galling resistance of 304 and 316 austenitic stainless steels, available from Keighley Laboratories Ltd. ArcelorMittal Stainless Europe trade names covering range of steel grades 180 & 240 grit satin finishes from WS Metalstock Ltd Creusot Loire trade names examples Uranus B6, 50, 45N, 47 etc - stockist is James Fairley Athena Krupp (Germany) trade names covering 304 types Krupp (Germany) trade names covering 316 types Nickel-chromium alloys Nickel alloy for anti-galling applications from Dewramet Ltd, Glasgow AL, Zn Si coating on mild steel for car exhausts - Corus Strip Products Zinc coated mild steel from Corus Strip Products

1.4501 Duplex Super duplex stainless steel (Weir Materials)