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html The Seven Rays Stand outside in the darkness of night, look up into the sky and locate the Big Dipper. The seven stars in this configuration are called The Seven Rays and it is from here that all of life is impulsed. Each of the stars has a responsibility to aid humanity in its evolution. Each individual, country, nation, mineral, and plant works with one or two primary Rays both on the personality and Soul levels.

Following is a chart of the Rays and their influence.

Ray 1 is Will and Power Ray 2 is Love/Wisdom Ray 3 is Active Intelligence Ray 4 is Harmony Through Chaos Ray 5 is Concrete Science Ray 6 is Aspiration, Devotion, Faith and Religion Ray 7 is Synthesis and Ceremonial Ritual History is a result of one or more of these Rays being poured down onto humanity. For example the past 2,000 years has been influenced by Ray 6, (the Ray of devotion, religion and aspiration). Ray 6 began to withdraw at the time of the Renaissance.

Ray 5 (concrete science) was in full force prior to World War II and resulted in the atomic bomb. Presently with the advent of the Aquarian Age Ray 7 (synthesis through the mind and use of ritual and ceremony) is being poured down onto Earth and is working with Ray 5 in order to include heart with science. This will lead to Ray 2 of Love and Wisdom.

The 5th Ray is also called The Revealer of Truth, The Door into the Mind of God, The Guardian of the Door, The Dispenser of Knowledge, the Keeper of the Secret and the Master of the Hierophants. The 5th Ray works with lasers, rockets, other solar systems, communications sciences, light and electricity. It has been said that science will reveal the existence of God, the originating Energy. The 7th Ray is the ray of Synthesis. Organized knowledge will require ritual and ceremony. These activities provide a chalice for the Soul to enter matter. Ceremonies and rituals will be reconstructed to

reflect the cycles of the solstices and equinoxes, the new and full moons and the entrance of our Sun into a different constellation each month.

Further reading can be found in Alan Oken's Soul Centered Astrology and Burmeister's Seven Rays Made Visible.

Initiation Initiation means beginning. Spiritually it means passing into higher levels of wisdom. Esoterically, initiation means an ever increasing entrance into the mysteries of creation, an understanding of causation, and entails an understanding of unity and essential oneness. Initiations mark a point of spiritual attainment and ever increasing enlightenment. Initiation is not a secret but an experience open to all of humanity. The Masonic Lodges understand this information and use ceremony and sacred geometrical formations to mark passages of initiations. The Catholic Church has initiation information embedded in their daily Mass ritual. Both organizations have forgotten the inner mysteries while still enacting the outer form.

While living in the Earth's sphere humanity must pass through five major physical initiations. These are reflected in the five aspects in the life of Jesus the Christ. The five initiations of Jesus (and of humanity) were: 1) birth, 2) baptism, 3) transfiguration (flooded with light), 4) crucifixion, and 5) resurrection. Each initiation is governed and influenced by one or more planets, by a note, a color, and a Ray from a star in the Big Dipper.

After each initiation the aspirant moves up the ladder (Jacob's ladder in the Bible) of evolution and eventually off the wheel of rebirth. Further initiations offer the choice to either stay and work within the realms of Earth or inhabit other planets, stars or solar systems and different fields of evolutionary endeavor. Several advanced Souls, when selecting the place for their further initiations, chose Planet Earth, staying and helping until humanity's complete liberation is achieved.

Sound from the Galactic Center Deep silence emanates from the Galactic Center of our universe, located at 26 degrees Sagittarius. From this silence came forth the root tone of all creation. "And the Word was made flesh" means sound was clothed in physical matter in the form of earth, air, fire, water, humans, birds, beasts, flowers, trees, and all things that creep. We experience sound all around us -- in the organized tones of music, raindrops, a dog's bark, and our own heartbeat. All sound has tone. Tone creates vibration (movement) and vibration has a rhythm (beat). At the core of esoteric philosophy lies the premise that one root sound permeates the entire universe. This root sound or tone, too low for the human ear to hear, is in a state of continual

transformation. The result is a universe that thrives in a constant state of variation and motion and there is never a depletion of energy.

Sound creates light, color, form and matter, all of which have tones. Every atom, neuron, electron, and cell has its own individual tone. This includes animate and inanimate objects. Our physical, emotional and mental bodies are comprised of millions of combined tones.

Tone, or sound, has a mathematical interval system that creates harmonics (higher or lower notes) to the originating tone. The systems within our bodies are always in a state of balancing the different tones. Disease means that our tonal (harmonic) system is out of balance. To heal, we must bring our harmonic system back into balance. Sound creates and heals, but it can also destroy. Harsh jarring sounds, loud music, the constant barking of a dog, an angry voice are some of the sounds that can make a person ill and out of balance.

Sound and music have been effective healing tools since ancient times. Although sound/vibrational healing is still practiced in many indigenous cultures, it has only recently begun to reemerge in today's healing modalities.

Constellations and planets have their own tones. The tone for Sagittarius is F major, and its opposite, Gemini, is F sharp major. The ruling planetary tones are Jupiter-F sharp major, Earth-C sharp major, and Mars-D major. The planetary tones for Gemini are Mercury-D major, and Venus-A major. Listening to music written in any of these keys will be very balancing for Sagittarius, especially classical strings and flute. Another suggestion for Sagittarius would be Mozart's Symphony No. 42, also known as "Jupiter".