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An Integrated Marketing Communication Project report on 3G Campaigns of Vodafone 3G and Idea 3G Presented By (Group 7) Rohit Matani Roll No.

o. 7 Amit Jaswani Roll No. 74 Bhupesh Bhute Roll No. 94 Jitendra Sharma Roll No. 118 Bhavin Mehta Roll No. 125 1.India 3G Market Forecast 2010-2014

Bids running into thousands of crores made the Governement happy and Telecom ope rators sob. This is what all the story is about, the numbers. The latest Wireles s Intelligence Report portrays quite satisfactory growth of Indian 3G subscriber base over next half-decade. According to the report WDMA i.e. 3G will account f or 13% of total mobile connections by 2014 in India. The report also predicts th at 3G connections will surpass mark of 10 million by Q1 2011, will reach 100 mil lion by Q1 2014, and will hit mark of 150 million by 2014 year end. Lets highligh t key findings of the report here: By the year end BSNL will account for two thir d of 3G sub base in India ( Due to First Movers advantage), while its counterpart MTNL, which operates in Delhi & Mumbai only, will account for 10% of 3G sub bas e. By 2014, top three Indian Telcos namely Rcom, Airtel & VodafoneEssar will acc ount for 43% of WCDMA market share, while tier-II operators Idea, Aircel, STel & Tata Teles combined market share will stand at 32%. At the same time BSNL & MTNLs combined 3G market share will drop to 22%. India Telcos are expected to rollout 3G network by year end i.e. within span of 6-8 months after spectrum auctions. Metro circles will initially charge up the subscriber additions, which will be o utpaced by Category A & B Telecom circles soon. is er 30 Current. connections ac market share 96} circle licences covered by ac licences

The report also analyses the developments in Indian Telecom Market during last o ne year period. According to the report, in last 10 months, Idea & MTS launched operations in 6 new circles, DoCoMo took its GSM presence tally to 17 circles, C heers in 9, Videocon in 6 & STel in 3. Report also forecasts that by 2013 Indian 2G subscriber base is likely to cross 1 billion mark. By 2014, Category A & B c ircles will comprise of more than two third of 3G connection base, while Metro c ircles namely Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata will account for 10% of connection base. O utside Delhi & Mumbai, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Haryana, West Bengal, Assam & NE are likely to be most competitive 3G telecom circles. 95 of 3G connections Circle A - 38 Circle B - 3? Circle C - I6 Metros - S 96 of connections

1.VODAFONE 3G Video Calling, Mobile Newspaper, HD gaming, Live Streaming, Vodafo ne TV, Video Blogging, etc. Can be enjoyed using 3G. All this isnt for attractive prices. Though it is the time for price skimming, as most early adopters would help Vodafone recover a part of licensing fee; it is expected that the rates of all telecom providers will normalize in near future. The rest is yet to be exper ienced. 2.1 Target Audience The target audience for 3G is SEC A Male (prominentl y) and Female between the age group of 20-35. Essentially, people who would be e arly adopters of this technology, who use the internet every day but avoid using so on their mobile due to slow speed and high charges on download, will be our target market. 2.2 Positioning Vodafones strategy is to position Vodafones 3G serv ices as Faster, Smarter & Better. Through our initiatives, we will strive to sim plify 3G for our consumers by making the 3G experience more interactive & engagi ng through trial offers, Vodafone 3G experiential zones set up at Vodafone Store and the Vodafone Zoo zoo world our mall activation exercise. 2.3 Vodafone 3G in India The current base of 3G devices in the country is less than 4-5% of the to tal installed base. At this stage, it is important to drive adoption. Vodafone h as acquired 3G footprint across 10 circles Delhi, Mumbai,

Chennai, Kolkata, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (E) & West Bengal. We shall ensure that these markets are fully serviced; post which we would like to penetrate to smaller towns, once the infrastructure is in place . We expect over 10% of our users in urban areas to use 3G services a year after the launch. The Indian population should be well-served by 3G technology. It is the only realistic chance for broadband internet services in rural areas. It wi ll prove beneficial in delivering economic and social development, education & g overnment services. 2.4Advertising Agency Ogilvy & Mather Advertising 2.5 Vodafo ne ZooZoo 3G Campaign - Integrated Marketing Communication campaign Vodafone is on a roll. They have been the highest gainer in terms of the people who have dec ided to port out of their existing operator and switch to Vodafone. But as predi cted earlier, MNP has not been a game changer. Less than 1% of the total subscri bers have decided to switch their operator. But this post is not about MNP, its about the 3G campaign featuring Vodafone Indias brand ambassadors "The ZooZoo c ommunity" and their hero "Zoo 3G". If the tales of zoozoo werent enough on tele vision you will still not miss the ZooZoo 3G avatar. If you fare high on the gee k meter (a nerd like me), youll catch him on YouTube, Journal websites, Google ads and news portals. If you toil through the streets like a bus driver or a ric kshaw puller, youll catch him on almost every second billboard. If you are a fr equent flier, youll not miss on the airport. If you happen to be at the Delhi a irport around this time, youll see a Zoozoo city out there. Every aesthetically sound corner for advertising has a Zoozoo banner. And if thats not enough, the community kids are spreading the most popular form i.e. Word-of-Mouth. The impo rtant thing to note is that the whole campaign is "Integrated". The term IMC (In tegrated Marketing Communications) is literally engraved in all books and resear ch papers on promotional strategy, but sadly very few practitioners adopt it. Vo dafones 3G -ZooZoo campaign is an immaculate example of an integrated marketing communication (IMC) campaign. If CocaCola gave shape to the santa, the future

generations will remember vodafone for zoozoo. About ZooZoo

The egg headed white creatures with big ballooned bodies are characters promoted by Vodafone since the second season of Indian Premier League (IPL). Vodafone ha d asked Ogilvy & Mather to create a series of 30 advertisements which could be a ired each day during the IPL Season 2. They are used to promote various value ad ded services of Vodafone. Although they look animated, they are actually humans in wearing "ZooZoo" costumes. These ads were created by Ogilvy & Mather, the age ncy handling Vodafone advertisements. They were shot by Nirvana Films in Cape To wn, South Africa. The Idea was conceived by Rajiv Rao, the national creative dir ector at Ogilvy India. The characters were named ZooZoo because Rajiv and his te am "wanted something that sounded cute, lovable and a bit mad like the character s. Rajiv also "wanted to make real people look as animated as possible". The char acter The Zoozoos are thin small-bodied women covered in layers of fabric. Each facial expression of the character is made of rubber and pasted on the actors to reduce the time and cost for shoot. The effect was achieved by a variety of met hods including reducing the footage frame-rates, using the right material for th e body suits to ensure a wrinkle free outer layer when the characters moved, and keeping backgrounds simple in terms of detailing color (grey). The sets were ma de larger than life to make the characters look smaller. The whole of first seri es was shot in a record time of 10 days. ZooZoo ad campaign also won the PETA (P eople for Ethical Treatment of Animals) glitter box award for replacing the pug (remember Hutch) with ZooZoo (considered to be a more humane alternative). The r esponse by Indian audience was phenomenal. Although experts claim that the ads d id not achieve the target of increasing VAS usage. ZooZoos have become a brand i n themselves with ZooZoo Tshirts and other accessories being sold at retail chai ns apart from thousands of visits to their YouTube advertisements and over 2 mil lion fans on Facebook pages. 2.5 Building awareness and preference To create awa reness for 3G, we have outlined a full 360-degree campaign that includes a mix o f print, television and outdoor. We

have used the much loved Zoozoos to create the initial communication blast durin g the World Cup to communicate that Vodafone 3G is here. Our outdoor

campaign centres around the Super Zoozoo where we have used glass facades, 3D cu t-out hoardings and large 3D models of the Super Zoozoo. Vodafone has launched 3 G services in all the circles where it has acquired footprint and we are invitin g our customers to try out Vodafones 2G services. We have around 67 stores where consumers can go and experience 3G services and we will increase that number as we go along. We have also created special Zoozoo worlds in a few malls in Delhi an d Mumbai, which will give fans an opportunity to experience 3G services. Fans an d visitors can also get pictures clicked with their much loved Super Zoozoo, pla y fun games, take home Zoozoo goodies and win exciting prizes. 1.IMC TOOLS FOR V ODAFONE 3G 1.1 Vodafone 3G Ad: The newspaper launch Newspapers, with 26 percent of total advertising volume, are the largest of the advertising media. Because n ewspaper advertising can be tailored for individual communities, local advertisi ng is common. Newspapers also reach nearly everyone in the community. Other adva ntages are that readers can refer back to them, and they can be coordinated with other advertising and merchandising efforts. In fact, advertising is considered the third most useful feature in newspapers, after national and local news. A d isadvantage is the relatively short life span Feb 27th 2011, Vodafone launched n ew avatar of zoozoo, an eggheaded zoozoo superman via print. Vodafone has always been innovative to attract users; this time also they have launched it big time which came along with sweat of other telecom companies of the country. The news paper ad generated curiosity where they said, Fact or Fiction? Mystery unfolds to day; Find out during the India-England match in almost all leading newspapers fron t page. 1.2 Vodafone 3G Ad: Internet Marketing and Online Promotion

Internet marketing, also known as digital marketing, web marketing, online marke ting, search marketing or e-marketing, is referred to as the marketing (generall y promotion) of products or services over the Internet. iMarketing is used as an abbreviated form for Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is considered to be broad in scope because it not only refers to marketing on the Internet, but also includes marketing done via e-mail and w ireless media. Digital customer data and electronic customer relationship manage ment (ECRM) systems are also often grouped together under internet marketing. In ternet marketing ties together the creative and technical aspects of the Interne t, including design, development, advertising, and sales. Internet marketing als o refers to the placement of media along many different stages of the customer e ngagement cycle through search engine marketing (SEM),search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads on specific websites, email marketing, mobile advertising, an d Web 2.0 strategies. Vodafone online promotion was about zoozoo facebook fan pa ge how they had promoted the launch. Look at the pictures before launch and afte r launch (on TV). Promotions on fanpage - before Launch 1.3 Online, after launch After the ad was aired on TV, the fanpage had a new visual. The new avatar is l oved by all and the advertisement is very catchy. After a long wait, during the awesome cricket match between India and England, Vodafone has revealed the much awaited New Avatar of Zoozoo (their Brand Ambassador) and they officially has re leased a TV commercial where the version 2 of ZooZoo with a vodafone 3G logo on it! The Zoozoos 3G character resembles that of Supermans and RajniKanth which does lots of super power activities! Vodafone 3G is here Faster. Smarter. Better. po wer to you

It shows superman zoozoo, who is Faster (21.1 Mbps), Smarter and Better showcasi ng services on Vodafone 3G, but definitely not cheaper! 1.4 VODAFONE 3G LOGO 1.5 VODAFONE WITH MOBILE COMPANIES AD(CO BRANDING ) 3G Co-branding refers to severa l different marketing arrangements:Cobranding, also called brand partnership, is when two companies form an alliance to work together, creating marketing synerg y. Co-branding is an arrangement that associates a single product or service wit h more than one brand name, or otherwise associates a product with someone other than the principal producer. The typical co-branding agreement involves two or more companies acting in cooperation to associate any of various logos, color sc hemes, or brand identifiers to a specific product that is contractually designat ed for this purpose. The object for this is to combine the strength of two brand s, in order to increase the premium consumers are willing to pay, make the produ ct or service more resistant to copying by private label manufacturers, or to co mbine the different perceived properties associated with these brands with a sin gle product.

1.6 VODAFONE 3G VIDEO AD MESSAGE Advertising is a form of communication used to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to take some action with re spect to products, ideas, or services. Most commonly, the desired result is to d rive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering, although political and ideological advertising is also common. Advertising messages are usually pa id for by sponsors and viewed via various traditional media; including mass medi a such as newspaper, magazines, television commercial, radio advertisement, outd oor advertising or direct mail; or new media such as websites and text messages. Television ranks second overall to newspapers with 22 percent of all advertisin g volume, but it is the leader in national advertising. Television advertising c an be classified as network, national, local, and cable. Television has a