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Trainer Forum Testimonials

Trainer Forum has given me tools to develop my own training and has challenged me to test my internal beliefs that will prepare me for my life as a trainer. The forum allows the dialog to get a deeper understanding of all distinctions that would define a trainer from a transformational trainer. I would do it all over again just to keep in the practice of training. --Nancy Layne, Trainer Trainer Forum 5 Graduate

Trainer Forum has supported me to develop transformation distinctions in my life, change the way I interpret the world and manifest myself powerfully in the transformation trainings I lead. I entered TF5 having lead transformation training for 6 years. I graduated being a masterful trainer and taking my students and myself to levels of manifestation I had never imagined before. I shifted from teaching to evoking knowledge in others. My TF5 team of trainers, my coaches, my master trainers and I created a unique connection of being ONE and supporting each other in a profound, joyous and responsible way. We exponentially grew from one weekend to another and graduated in a completely new level of consciousness. As a result of my participation in Trainer Forum, I created a company with some of the top transformational leaders in the world and have regularly been invited to participate with luminaries such as Don Miguel Ruiz and Gabriel Nossovitch. I also learned to market my own book and CD about transformation. --Kora Sanchez, International Trainer and founder of Transformation Trainer Forum 5 Graduate I have been a successful trial lawyer for over 20 years. When I took the transformational trainings (Basic, Advanced, LP), I realized that I wanted to bring something new to the field of law. As a result of my participation in Trainer Forum, I designed my own Win Win Negotiations training for lawyers. This training supported lawyers in shifting their consciousness around their work. I got this training approved by the Bar Association where I live, and now lawyers can take it for professional license renewal credit. --Jeff Davis, J.D. Attorney at Law Trainer Forum 1 Graduate

As a result of Trainer Forum, my relationship with life and everything in it has expanded beyond my wildest imagination. I have found myself living from a place of infinite possibilities and complete freedom. --Elizabeth Riordan, Visionary/Global Trainer, Los Angeles, California Graduate, Trainer Forum 5

Trainer Forum has created synergy among centers and trainers, besides unifying criteria of exercises and above all, to dignify the trainer and the income platform. Personally I have learned how to see myself, know me and how to handle my energy and that of the room in order to create the appropriate context for an exercise. I have also learned to look at the participant in an integral way, and take him/her to see something bigger for himself/herself and his/her life. I have fundamentally shifted my clarity and effectiveness in my communication during the training. I have learned how to understand my participants real needs and not listen to participants through my interpretations. I have become grounded in distinctions and how to deliver them masterfully to the group. I have learned how to move in the scenario, to dominate the space, and to have effective interactions. Finally, what the Trainer Forum has contributed for me is to understand the origin and dynamics of and to conduct key exercises of the first level of transformational training. I have also learned the purpose, vision and profile of the transformational training in each level of the training. One example of this is that I have learned to see and understand the "neutral event" and learned different formats of delivering it. --Gaby Guitterez, Trainer and Co-Owner of a Successful Empowerment Company, Mexico City, Mexico Current Participant, Trainer Forum 6

In general the TF has been a powerful seminar full of information and experiences that have enriched my view of the transformational trainings and of me as a trainer. I have heard comments from my peers that give me also different point of view and I see that there are common issues that we can support and share as professionals. This is definitely a profession not only a whole heart activity. In particular this third weekend gave me the chance to align my personal view and goals as person, center administrator, and trainer. It was a deeply profound experience, and one that I needed to move fast forward in my dreams, goals and reality. I found that I take some things for granted, doing only a minimum stretch and postponing and reducing the goals not only of myself but also of my partners and the center, and I have started changing that! I understood many things about operating a center, my handling as a trainer, and the value of each part of the training as part of whole process. --Jose (Pepe) Oviedo, Center Owner, Mexico City Current Participant, Trainer Forum 6

Trainer Forum is an opportunity to be anything you choose. To awaken yourself into the light that you are and create from that space the life of your dreams. To manifest yourself at your full potential, to have fun and enjoy the present moment!! TF--Its just the beginning, welcome to the place where dreams come true! When I participated in Trainer Forum, I had no idea what was possible for my life! As a result of being Trainer Forum, I am now training political leaders in Mexico to shift their consciousness. --David Ruiz, Trainer and founding member of GENERACIONES a successful transformation training company in Monterrey, Mexico Graduate, Trainer Forum 5

Trainer Forum represented the next big next step into my trainings. I polished my being in order to sharpen my trainer skills. Ray and Bettie created a space for us to excel and manifest as professional trainers. I can say it was much more powerful than I expected to be. --Candelario Tamez, Trainer and founding member of GENERACIONES a successful transformation training company in Monterrey, Mexico Graduate, Trainer Forum 5

I participated in Trainer Forum in 2003. At the time, I had been very involved as a graduate of a transformational training company, and had also taken the master leadership program, PhD, offered by that company. I was at the top of my game and had begun establishing a career as a successful transformational leadership trainer! Yet, I had no idea about the possibilities available to me that I could not even see. My view of who I was expanded tremendously. Through Trainer Forum, I came face-to-face with my talents and possibilities, and learned to expand my consciousness. I am now playing on the global field in our profession. Through Betties and Rays mentoring and the feedback and professional relationships I formed with other participants of Trainer Forum, so many doors opened up for me. Since that time, I have taken transformational learning into the public school systems, working with close to 8,000 teachers and other school leaders to date in my Visionary Leadership Training. I have trained leaders in the United Nations, and created Fortune 500 training and consulting clients. I have become a Founding Member of an international professional association of trainers, coaches, and consultants. I have partnered with master trainers in our field to put on large-scale training and seminars that attract people from all over the world. Finally, I am taking significant steps to establish transformational training as a respected profession. --Dawnelle Hyland, Trainer; Owner, Align Leadership, LLC; Founding Partner, Trainer Designs Global, LLC Graduate, Trainer Forum 1