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My decision to pursue graduate study in the United States is underscored by my desire to be a part of the graduate program at your institution. Purdue University offers the flexibility needed for such a vast and rapidly changing field. The research facilities and the faculty at the university are par excellent. Communications is an industry that has changed our lives. In a very short period it has changed the way we have looked at things since centuries. It is one industry that is going to shape our future for centuries to come. Hence my desire to do masters in electrical engineering with communications as my major. My interest in electronics blossomed during my high school years. It was the time when technology had begun to make an impact on the lives of people in India. Hence engineering with electronics as my major was the first choice for my undergraduate studies. Right since the beginning of my undergraduate study electronics is a subject that has fascinated me with its power of applications. The subjects that I have studied include Linear Electronics, Digital Electronics. These laid the foundation for my courses in Electronic Communication & Communication Systems at a later stage. My undergraduate studies already focus on the communications aspect of electronics. A masters degree in electrical engineering with communications as major field is the next logical step.

For the past four months I have been working as a project trainee at the Indian Institute for Advanced Electronics. I am working on the design and development of a "PC Controlled Digital Serial Data Generator". This short stint has given me invaluable practical experience. It has given me the confidence to pursue a masters degree and also kindled a desire to do research.

During the course of my work at IIAE, I have come across several scientists. Most of them work in different areas of communications. Interactions with them have made me realize the vastness and the scope of communications. My discussions with them convinced me that specializing in communications will suit me very well.

The subject of research which interests me very much is spread spectrum communication systems. Coding theory and combinations is another research subject which arouses my curiosity. The subject Communication Theory which I am studying at present introduces these topics in theory. I am eager to find out more about the applications of coding theory to spread spectrum communication systems. In addition I have been a student member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) for the past three years. Through its workshops/seminars and publications like the 'The Spectrum' it has exposed me to a lot of emerging technologies in the field of communications.

It is a strong belief in my family that the American education system has the best to offer in the whole world. This belief arises out of the experience that my parents had when they did their Masters of Science in the University of Pennsylvania during the years 1967-69. If I can get an opportunity to be a part of that intellectually stimulating environment, I am sure my talents will be put to optimal use.

India is a developing country with an enormous potential in the information technology business. To serve the needs of this developing industry and more important its vast population, communications is going to become of utmost importance. Thus conditions here are very conducive to supplement my aspirations when I return after completing my graduate studies.

Statement of Purpose: Sample II

I am a senior year undergraduate student doing my ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING in ________ INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY under the _____________ UNIVERSITY a pioneer university in ________ (country). After my undergraduate study I wish to pursue graduate study in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. In the foregoing paragraphs I have given brief descriptions about my academic background, objectives in pursuing graduate study and my career goals. As I have been brought up in a family which has strong inclinations towards science, I have developed a fascination for science from my childhood. This inclination towards science was further increased by my active participation in science fair and seminars in my school days. I had a special interest towards science and appreciated its innovative ideas. My good academic scores at school level and my penchant for science rightly guided me to take up the science stream at the pre university level from which I drew inspiration to imbibe the true spirit of engineering. I stood among the top 5% scorers in EAMCET-97, a state wide common entrance test for aspirants seeking admission in engineering courses. Given the choice I took up ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING as my undergraduate major as it had tremendous potential to becomes a dominate force in this Millennium affecting all walks of human life. Also Electronics Revolution ushered in an area that heralded the beginning of an all round progress. The four year undergraduate study has taught me that Engineering is as much as an art as it is a science. Creative instinct, excel fellowman ship and perceptiveness are the very gist of engineering. Engineering study not only imparts knowledge but also lays emphasis on the overall development of the individual. Besides broadening the range of my knowledge, it has given me valuable insight into practical aspects of study. I have acquainted myself with various subjects in my fled like PULSE AND DIGITAL CIRCUITS, ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT DESIGNING, POWER SYSTEMS, POWER LELCTRONICS etc. I have also obtained good software knowledge which includes operating systems like UNIX, WINDOWS, and programming languages like C, C + +, and packages like ORACLE which are necessary for my course work. During my undergraduate study I have participated in seminars conducted by my department and also by various educational organizations. These seminars provided me a platform to interact with intellectuals and eminent persons of my field who not only provided me with a valuable insight into the technical progress made by the electronic industry but also motivated me to pursue a career in electronics. This coupled with my thirst for knowledge and desire to remain associated with my field has motivated me in opting Master in this field. I am confident that the knowledge I gained at my undergraduate level serves as a base for my career advancement in this field. I want to be part this Electronics revolution and contribute my share in its advancement. My fields of interest range over a wide spectrum of areas; however I am especially fascinated by VLSI designing, POWER ELECTRONICS, ELECTROMAGNETICS & CONTROL SYSTEMS. I am confident that my undergraduate study has provided me with sufficient knowledge of fundamentals in order to take up any one of these as my specializations in my graduate study.

I have always though of pursuing a research oriented career after my graduation. I am of the opinion that a career in research requires high level intelligence, strong determination and a lot of hard work. I am confident that your university with its highly qualified and experienced faculty along with the extensive research programs is the best place to achieve my goal. I am confident that given an opportunity to undertake my graduate studies at your university, I will strive to live up to the high standards set up by your graduate community. My future plans are to take part in research activities in your university and put my hard work and resources and succeed in my field. An assistantship will surely go along way in furthering my motivation and will give me direction of purpose to achieve my goals. I am confident that with my graduate program in USA I will reap the benefits of exposure to a fast changing scientific environment. I thank you for giving me an opportunity to express myself.

In the entire process of my growing up, I have been influenced by the accomplishments of many great people. But I am most influenced by the deeds of an ordinary American called Bob. He is a veteran and his story is carried in many Chinese newspapers. He lost both of his legs as a result of striking a mine during the Vietnam War. Being a handicapped person, Bob can only rely on his hands to move about. Although he suffers from such severe bodily confinements, he refuses to be overwhelmed by despair. He "walked" from the West coast of the United States to the East coast on hands and proved to the world with his action that courage, perseverance, determination and optimism can conquer all forms of difficulties. The story has profoundly moved me. I think that as a person in sound physiological conditions, I should be able to surmount all obstacles as long as I make strenuous efforts the way Bob did. My course of life is not as twisted as Bob's, but his spirit has become my constant encouragement. Born into a family of musicians, I graduated from high school with distinction and was admitted into the Electrical Department of Tsinghua University without being required to take any entrance examination. I chose Biomedical Engineering as my area of specialization and has since embarked on the sustained study and exploration in this field. University education is like a paradise of knowledge replete with precious academic treasures. In it, I greedily absorbed all kinds of "nutritious" knowledge. Biomedical Engineering is a newly emerged cutting-edge discipline that synthesizes a multiplicity of subjects including physiology, electric and electronic engineering, computer science, and material science. The multi-disciplinary nature of Biomedical Engineering made it possible for me to simultaneously study a variety of subjects. It was an immense challenge, but this challenge also constituted a constant impulse toward the pursuit of diverse new knowledge. In studying all the subjects related to Biomedical Engineering, I could not only experience the complexity and difficulty of fundamental biological theories but also perceive the joy of the pragmatic knowledge derived from electronics and computer science. On account of my deep interest in Biomedical Engineering and my devotion and industry in coursework, I performed extremely well academically. Apart from academic excellence, I paid much attention to improving my comprehensive qualities because I believed that the real success of a person does not simply depend on his or her professional expertise but also on many other related factors. As an undergraduate, I launched the Pop Music Association of xxxxxx University in which I served as deputy chairman. I was the chief oboe player of xxxxxxxUniversity Orchestra. My experience in this regard has not only enriched my imaginative thinking but also cultivated in me a unique humanistic sensitivity. In addition, I was responsible for the successful organization of xxxxxxxx University's basketball league match for two years. These experiences enhanced my organizational and cooperative abilities while making me increasingly understand the importance of effective communication and collaboration with other in the modern world. I believe that the same holds true for scientific research. Most scientific discoveries are made not on the basis of the individual efforts of a particular scientist, but on the accumulative and concerted coordination and cooperation of a group of scientists. I concluded my undergraduate studies with a well-written and solidly-founded thesis which was rated as Excellent. After completing my undergraduate studies, I pursued a Master's program at xxxx University. During this period, I participated in a major research project undertaken by a State Key Lab based in xxxxxxx University, a lab which is especially devoted to projects commissioned by China Foundation of Natural Sciences. I was responsible for a large part of the project, which was the calculation design in the construction of the brain's three-dimensional model. In this project, I proposed the division of nuclear

magnetic resonance image by applying the approach of temporal field division, thereby separating different tissues of the human brain and then reconstructing them into a three-dimensional image. This approach was highly positive comments from my advisor for its remarkable originality. The research findings were subsequently published in xxxxxx University Journal. As I delved deeper into my research, I have discovered that, in the field of therapeutic instruments, a large number of theoretical and technical problems still remain unsolved, among which the processing of medical image fascinates me most. Although recent research has achieved considerable progress and breakthroughs in this field, there are still some problems that demand urgent solution. In particular, there is the problem of poor practical applicability of medical images, resulting in the failure of those images to provide sufficient medical information for the medical personnel during their clinical practice. The key for working out this problem lies in the method of processing electronic signals. On this issue, although I studied many undergraduate courses related to electronics and have laid a tentative foundation for undertaking research on electronic signals, my existing knowledge is far from enough for reaching a relatively complete solution. My conclusion is that I have to seek more advanced studies in the field of electrical and electronic engineering in order to make important achievements in the future. Based on this recognition and in view of the relatively backward conditions of China in this field, I am determined to pursue further studies in the United States. I wish that my further studies could strengthen me in terms of the advanced knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering. By combining the basic knowledge and the research experience that I have accumulated in the area of biomedical engineering over the past few years, and by utilizing the multi-disciplinary advantages, I will endeavor to address some of the existing problems in the field of medical instruments. The 21st century is the century of biology. Biological developments have provided theoretical foundation for achieving medical progress. But medical progress also depends on the development in other categories of technology and electrical and electronic engineering is one of such technologies. It has made the invention of many important medical instruments possible. Nevertheless, mankind still urgently needs the invention of much more sophisticated instruments. This will be a hard process. Now that modern biology, electronic engineering and other relevant sciences have created possibilities for realizing this objective, I wish that I could become involved in this historical process and that I could make my due contributions to this process.

Statement of Purpose (Statement of Intent/ Personal Statement)

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Sample 1
Preface As a 20-year-old graduate student, I have had the definite academic goal as to be a highly successful scientist. My undergraduate and Master-oriented graduate studies have given me well knowledge in both Electronics and Physics. Electronics is the foundation of modern industry, while Physics is the foundation of science. My doctoral graduate study in Engineering School of Stanford University, if admitted, will be devoted to interdisciplinary study in about Electronics, Physics and some other topics. Past Years My parents had enlightened me since I was born. With strong desire to study I entered the primary school when 5-year-old and finished its 6-year program in 5 years. I studied hard and entered the high school when I was 10 and finished the 6-year program in 4 years. In my high school years I was very interested in mathematics and physics, and obtained many honors in related contests. Six years ago, I, a 14-year-old boy, enrolled in the Special Class for Gifted Children (SCGC) at XXX University as the youngest student. SCGC is the most selective and competitive class in XXX Univ., yet I kept the highest GPA and was the monitor of the class. The aim of SCGC is to give the young gifted students formal and strict training in mathematics and physics that is more advanced than that of normal undergraduate students. My study at SCGC bestowed me a competitive spirit toward challenges and an intense curiosity in Electronics.

I took specialized study in the Department of Electronics at XXX Univ., the only department founded for BsMajor in China. I also took physics major coursed in the Physics Department, many of them were taught in English and used the best books. With the physics foundation I received, it was easier

for me to grasp the essential concepts in BsMajor and faster my study. I was the first student who finished the 4-year undergraduate program in 3 years. Although the grading system is strict, my GPA was top 1among 50 students. My under-graduate study brought me many honors, such as the Huawei Prize, awarded to most brilliant and diligent students only. In 2000 I was among the 10 most excellent university students who received Wusi Prize. In 2001 I graduated from XXX Univ. with the Bachelor of Engineering degree,. I won the honor Most Outstanding Graduate that is awarded to top 1% students only.

With the intention of studying further Physics in an applied viewpoint, I enrolled in the Department of Physics at XXX University Graduate study here emphasizes independent learning and research, and I tried to study Physics using my knowledge in BsMajor. Besides the course study in the first year, I studied by myself much knowledge in MsMajor and BsMajor, and engaged in research positions in several different groups. I participated in many experimental and theoretical research projects and enjoyed the UNIX scholarship as well as many other prizes for my research. I tried to include extensive research topics in my graduate research, ranging from this to that. I have had much experience to do independent research while cooperate with others closely. I will get the Master of Science degree in June 2004 when I am 20 years old.

Research Aptitude A successful scientist is firstly a successful researcher. In view of this, I have particularly noticed to develop my own ability of independent learning and research in my past years of study in physics and engineering science. I have had research experiences in various fields, such as mesoscopic physics, condensed matter theories and experiments, optical physics, laser technology, quantum optoelectronics and microelectronics. It is in my done independent work that I felt for the first time the thrill of discovering things known to no one else in the world.

My research career started from the projects of optoelectronic device design and optical fiber communication under the direction of Prof. De Liu, Chair of the department of electronic engineering at XXX University. I studied the band structures of optoelectronic materials and the setup of low-loss optical amplifiers. I applied well the physical concepts I know to optoelectronics in these projects and designed the practical fiber communication system. My performance enabled me to be among a few excellent students who were admitted to join the National Laboratory of Laser Technology. The Vice director of this lab, Prof. Zhenhua Lu, instructed me to do research in highpower laser radiation and interaction with matter. This research resulted in my Excellent Bachelor degree dissertation and a number of honors (refer to my resume please) as well as nice application to the perforation techniques. The 9 months at this lab game me a comprehensive training in laser technology, including experiments in laser spectroscopy and various kinds (solid-state, gas, semiconductor, etc.) of lasers.

My study in quantum electronics continued after I arrived to XXX University. I took the course <Laser Technique and Application> and my A score brought me access to the National Integrated Optics Laboratory, where I tracked the newest progresses in optoelectronics. Particularly I took study in high-speed optoelectronics and optical wave guides. I was an assistant engineer at the HuaWei Technology Co. Ltd. (Shenzhen, China) in summers of 1995 and 1997. the research I did there in VLSI design and microelectronics is part of the related National project. I have been a research assistant in applied electronics, system science, and electrical engineering under the direction of Prof. Qiang Qian. He gave me systematic training to do complex experiments. I tried my best to apply my physics knowledge to these experiments and arrange things in order.

While my research in optics and electronics was in progress, I paid more attention to condensed matter physics for my Master degree thesis, which will include two main subjects: mesoscopic physics and physics of nanoscale materials. I read many references in the field of transport and cooperative phenomena in low-dimensional systems. I learned by myself the standard methods to analyze highly correlated quantum many-body systems, including the renormalization group method and the random matrix method. My advisors, Prof. Qi-Sun Ye and Prof. Ji-Jiong Xia, encourage me to study solid-state physics, I did much work in mesoscopic physics at the YYY Laboratory (XXX Univ.) under the direction of Prof. Bei-Yi Tang. I studied the transport phenomena, single-electron transfer, strong electron-electron interaction, and persistent currents in mesoscopic systems. Being very interested in studying properties of carbon XXXs and other promising new nanoscale materials, I studied the electronic transport phenomena in carbon XXXs and the impact of impurities. A recursive Greens function method is set up to analyze such low-dimensional systems. I also did many experiments in spectroscopic determinations of transport in nanostructures, and fabrication of carbon/boride/nitride XXXs. Other topics I studied include quantum interference effects, physics of quasiperiodic series, fractional quantum Hall effects, electronic wave scattering on superconductor surfaces, etc. my research in highly correlated systems, quantum dots, and quantum well optics is now in progress. My specialized knowledge in biomembrane physics comes from the research discipline I received at the Biophysics Laboratory.

My past research experiences has given me an unwavering spirit to overcome difficulties I might face in the future. Up to now, I have participated in 3 national research projects, and have written 7 papers in the past one year. As I am very young, I am mostly interested in doing important research work with my vigor and creativity in science. I wish to go ahead and study further fundamental physics problems that have nice application prospects.

Prospects at Stanford

The xxx Department at Stanford attracts me as my best choice to do doctoral research in the area between physics and electronic engineering. Stanford University ranks the first in electrical engineering, and has Nobel laureates in physics for three consecutive years. What attracted me more is that my major research interests have a good match to so many Stanford faculty members. It is indeed stimulating to find the opportunity for new students to join at once the first-class research projects at Stanford. With my past research experience, I am confident that under the direction of distinguished Stanford professors, my potential can develop into advanced knowledge and ability in xxx. If possible, my main interest in the future will be focused on lasers and quantum electronics, condensed matter physics (theory and experiment), and biophysics at Stanford. In these areas, I have been familiar with the first-class research work done by corresponding Stanford professors, and willing to do further research under their direction. As a tentative list, my background in solid-state physics, optical physics and electronics seems perfectly fit these research topics at Stanford: Condensed Matter Physics: synthesis of new materials and study of electronic structures, mesoscopic physics, nanometer-scale science, transport phenomena, cryogenic physics, biomembrane physics, superconductors, correlated systems, quantum Hall effect, etc. Laser technology: solid-state laser devices, laser spectroscopy and laser physics, quantum electronics, QED theory of microcavities and trapped atoms, ultrafast lasers, nonlinear optics, lasers without population inversion, laser biomedicine, etc. These topics are only the topics with which I have been very familiar. As I have already had various research experiences, if you feel that I am more suited for some other topics, I would like to take endeavors in them as well. I feel that I am qualified to study Physics both theoretically and experimentally. It is my plan to engage in research at Stanford, and prepare for myself both the most advanced theoretical methods and the newest experimental skills in Physics. I wish to be a recognized versatile researcher upon graduation from Stanford when I am roughly 26 years old. I will then take my best efforts to contribute to the advancement of Electronics and Physics. This is my dream as a successful scientist, and I wish to actualize it step by step at Stanford.

Signature________ Date_________

Sample 2


Born in XXX, 19XX, I grew up in XXX, a pretty old city famous for its private gardens and natural river systems in XX Province. Few cities in China, or even in the world, can match it in the cultural richness and history. The unique architectural style - whitewashed walls with dark gray tiles and the winding brooks create a fascinating scene and gave me indelible impression. Although I lived there only my childhood and most part of the old city are under reconstruction today, I still often recall the little paths paved with bluish pebbles, the old houses beside the rivulets, and especially, those beautiful exquisite gardens in my mind. This experience fostered my first, though naive, understanding toward urban and architecture.

Later I moved to Beijing with my family. As a contrast to XXX, Beijing is a big city with many new buildings, most of which are of modern styles. Here one can see clearly the impact between old and new, eastern and western culture. Also in this period, I began to interest in drawing. Through 5 years exercise of Chinese painting, not only did I won many honors ( both national and international, some of my work was exhibited by UNESCO in 1983 ), but what was more important, I got to realize that there are professions of creative work that calls for imagination and craftsmanship.


With the interest toward creative art, I chose architecture design when I graduated from senior middle school in 19xx. I entered the Department of Architecture in XXX University, the leading institute of this kind in China, with an outstanding record in the highly competitive National University Entrance Examination.

At XXX Univ., I went through five years of vigorous training and thus acquired exquisite skills in drawing and design. During the course designs, I got to familiar with many modern architecture theories and tried to synthesize the understanding of space and environment in my early years with these modern thoughts. This progress was reflected in two projects I took part in - the XXX Residence Area of Higher Education Bureau and the College of Science, XXX University. In those designs, I successfully solved the problems of environment, context and space arrangement.

Meanwhile, I learned how to cooperate with colleagues and communicate with the client effectively.

At the same time, I further developed my interest in various kinds of art such as music, painting, planar design, advertisement, animation, and so on. All of them, whether classic or modern, native or foreign, helped me understand different cultures comprehensively.

In 19xx, I got my Bachelor's Degree in Architecture with excellent record (top 15% among some 80 students ), and entered graduate program in the same university.


After the first year core course of graduate study, I received a GPA of 3.7 and ranked the 2nd among the graduate class of more than 40 students, who were all very smart and diligent and entered our graduate program through highly competitive examinations.

In choosing my research topic, I realized that although architecture design is a kind of imaginative and creative work as defined as an art, it calls for rigorous scientific approach at the same time. Furthermore, it's also important to combine modern technology and science with architecture design. In order to develop my scientific mode of thinking, I decided to do some research work that can fulfill these requirements. My graduate research was engaged in the acoustic and interior design of XXX Theater. Here I learned systematic research method and developed the ability of working independently. In the acoustic model test, not only did I helped the workers in making the model, but also installed the whole set of instrument for the experiment and finished the test with satisfying result all by myself. Through these research and design practice, I learned how to integrate art with science, and my understanding toward architecture and technology went one step further in the progress.

All these experiences had left an indelible mark on my intellectual development. Now I feel confident of my skill of design and doing relative research and can appreciate a society's culture, which is also reflected in its architecture. But I feel it still important for me to reflect my own cultural and social background in my own designs more skillfully, and with advanced methods. I am convinced that the further development of my professional qualifications requires more advanced training like yours, and the advanced study under your seasoned guidance will endow me with a

broader vision and more profound insights. I also believe that I am well qualified for entering your graduate study, my experience and broad interest will definitely make a considerable contribution to your program.


Although one can say its development is fast indeed, the problems related to architecture are serious in China. For instance, Beijing, which is defined as a modern metropolis, is losing its feature. If you come to visit the Chang'an Street, the central area of Beijing, you'll find unreasonable largescale buildings and constructions with different styles standing beside the street, few of them has good relationship with the overall environment and their neighbors. This is because many designers hadn't taken environment into account, and also many lack the ability of solving complex problems in such important area.

To change the current unsatisfying situation, I feel it necessary for me to learn more advanced method and skills in design. If possible, my major interest will reside in the research of the relation between architecture design and environment, culture, human behavior and psychology. That is, how architecture design can create cheerful environment and living condition for people, through what means can new construction get along with existing ones and fulfill the requirements of providing good environment for civilian, and how can architecture design reflect a society's cultural background.

With my broad interest and knowledge in culture and art, together with my academic experiences and record, I believe I can accomplish the research work perfectly. It is an architect's responsibility to provide amenity and convenience for people. Through the study and research in your group, I hope I could be a qualified designer and master the advanced methods and ideas about architecture, space, environment and culture, thus can improve the condition for the people in China. Applicant: XXX Signature: Date:

Sample 3
My name is XXX. I was the youngest child in a well-educated family. My parents are both engineers and my mother began to teach me Chinese poems when I was still a little boy. As time went by she not only inculcated knowledge to me but also instructed me how to be an honest, upright, sympathetic person. I must show my respect and acknowledgement to her for what she has done for me. If there was a little achievement on my career up to now, she is the first one I should send my thanks for.

Before entering XXX University I had first studied in Beijing middle school. There, when I was just 10 years old in 1900, I took part in SAT-M and scored 740. only 1out of 10,000 of my agemates in USA met the criterion of getting 700 or more. I was awarded as Mathematically Precocious Youth by the SMPY of Johns Hopkins University in the same year. One year later, at my age of 11, I came to the Youth Class in BSUniv (Kunming, China) and began my undergraduate studies. My undergraduate advisor was Professor Minhong Yu (standing member of executive committee of Chinese Society of Computer Science). He has also been the advisors of Jiguang Huang hang Shaoyun Qiu who by now are both well-known young scholars and excellent Ph.D. holders from Stanford University. After five academic years in Kunming, I entered XXX University, one of the best universities in China and continued my study under the direction of Professor XXX (member of Chinese Academy of Sciences). I expect to get my Masters degree of Engineering in March 1999.

I have been majoring in Computer Science throughout recent years. It can be seen from the development and tendency of this subject that Computer Science may exhibit its great vitality only when it combines with mathematics. I wish to work in the area between computer science and mathematics, one of the most promising areas in the future. The research activity in mathematics and computer science at Stanford is the most famous in the world, there are many celebrated scholars from these two areas working together at Stanford. As point out by Professor Bill Gates, an ideal talent must be proficient in both computer science and mathematics; those who major in computer science should know mathematics and vice versa. That is why I am applying for Ph.D. study in the famous computational mathematics program at Stanford. I wish to study and work in such a top-level group; I wish to enhance my knowledge in mathematics, while my strength in computer science is also a big asset for a mathematics researcher; I wish to be the kind of talent proficient in both computer science and mathematics as described by Professor Bill Gates.

During recent three years, I have worked in the area between C.S. and mathematics already. I have studied many elementary coursed of mathematics by myself (these coursed are listed in my resume), and I have tried to integrate them with my knowledge in C.S. during my researches. In my

undergraduate program, I have successfully combined the ideas from economics, mathematics and C.S. together and applied them on computer-based prediction of stock market. The experiment I have done had received high comments from an US professor and now is the basis of a big research project on Smart Moneymaker in China. My graduate program is the constitutive studies of WWW homepages. I have read a lot of papers about the mathematics and physics of WWW homepages during this research, and got many inspirations from my mathematics knowledge. From these inspirations I have made some creative progresses in my approach that were highly praised by my advisor and other professors in our group. These achievements in included a new set of this method, the utilizing of that theory to describe the evolution of a topic, and the application of the makepower theory to solve the lackpower problem. In these works, I have developed my skills to find, analyze and solve problems, and I am sure I can continue my doctoral studies in the area between C.S. and mathematics without difficulty. In the future, I hope I can engage in the researches on mathematical behaviors of computer software. I wish I can reveal the course of the compile and failure of software through an integrated human-keyboard-screen analysis. This is a big challenge for scientists and currently has not been well solved. The Ph.D. study at Stanford University will give me the indispensable education in materials science and enlarge my knowledge in mechanics, as well as enhance my ability to integrate these two areas, which can ensure me the strength to face this challenge. I am truly interested in Science and Engineering, though I know that the study in top universities like Stanford will be hard and the reward may not always be obvious. But I am still willing to enroll in Stanford because the Ph.D. study in Engineering Science at Stanford will give me a systematic training in both Science and Engineering, and can help me realize my dream. I have met Professor Bill Gates in Beijing in this September, his introduction about Stanford and encouragement to me confirmed my wish of entering your department. I must show my gratitude to Professor Gates for his kind help. My undergraduate advisor, Prof. Minhong Yu has named me as one of his three most outstanding students; he thinks that I am comparable with Jiguang Huang and Shaoyun Qiu. I also admire them very much and hope maybe one day, I can come up to or even exceed their achievements. To realize this, I must go through the same way as they did, that is, getting the Ph.D. degree from Stanford should be my first step. Stanford is the best university in the world and Stanford people have played important roles in C.S.; I had been dreaming of study in Stanford since my childhood. It will be the biggest honor for me if I can have the chance to study in Stanford and work with so many world-famous scientists. No matter how much interest other institutes may show to me, Stanford University will be my first choice forever. I would be the most glad if I can be admitted by Stanford University. Thanks. Sincerely yours,