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ALFA Green Energy Modules

What is ALFA Green Energy Module? ALFA Green Energy Module is a continuous producer of electric energy. This requires power supplies of energy, which are solar and/ or electric, generated by a diesel powered Genset.

ALFA Green Energy Module is composed by the following elements: - Base frame for stationary batteries with high capacity. - Electronic equipment for managing the charge of the batteries and the Genset parameters. - Solar photovoltaic plates. - Diesel generating set 1.500 1/min, depending on models. - Fuel tank with high capacity. - Soundproofed equipment, acoustically and thermally isolated, designed for inclemency conditions use.

Utility. ALFA Green Energy Module is designed to be used where the electric network is not available or where power cuts are frequent.

How it Works? The functioning of ALFA Green Energy Module is totally automatic. Thanks to its efficient electronic equipment, the machine controls the energy demand without producing any break of the electrical supply. ALFA Green Energy Module is provided with solar photovoltaic power as the primary source (with the possibility to install a wind turbine). The solar energy is collected by the photovoltaic panels and accumulated in high capacity stationary batteries. This energy is converted and supplies 230V- 50Hz through an electronic equipment inverter. When the power, which is needed by the user, is equal or less than the supplied by the solar panels and to the accumulated in the batteries, ALFA Green Energy Module work without the need to start the diesel powered Genset. When ALFA Green Energy Module starts the Genset it does a bypass in such a way that all the power required is obtained by the Genset without using the power accumulated in the batteries, and as the Genset is running, the power generated is used for charging the batteries if necessary, as the result of this, we obtain the highest energetic performance and saving of fuel. ALFA Green Energy Module will start the Genset in the following cases: - When a consumption pick of power is produced and the inverter-battery set cant supply, in this case the Genset will run automatically and will stop seconds after the excess of power needed is completed. - When, depending on different circumstances, the accumulated power in the batteries is emptied because the solar panels havent been able to recover the power consumption, in this case the Genset will run till the batteries have been completely charged.

Operating options for ALFA Green Energy Module Under request, the following modifications in ALFA Green Energy Module are available:

- Start and stop of the Genset in determinate hours. - Start and stop of the Genset via mobile phone. - Connections enabling the increase of solar panels to be connected. - Connections for wind turbine.

ALFA Green Energy Module Advantages - Availability of three power sources (Solar panels + Genset + Wind turbine) - The System is completely automatic to avoid manipulations. - Low cost of maintenance. - High autonomy. ALFA Green Energy Module is equipped with a large capacity fuel tank. - Easy installation, ALFA Green Energy Module can be used under inclemency conditions, as the result of this the installation costs becomes very low. - Maximum reduction of the atmospheric and acoustic contamination. - Easy to transport.

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