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Great Quotes from Oneness Believers "In the First Century a basic faith was established.

lt was not to be changed but rather sought after (Jude 3)." ~Thomas Weisser "If someone misses either Jesus' divinity or humanity, then the person will invariably have the wrong picture of who Jesus is." ~David S. Norris (Big Ideas, pg. 160) "Covenant requires a lived experience of walking with God intentionally and passionately...we love God "in the superlative", with our thoughts, actions, and with the very core of our whole being." (Big Ideas, Davis S. Norris, pg. 57) "Bethlehem was God with us, Calvary was God for us, and Pentecost is God in us." ~Robert Bayer (1977)

"The Church of Christ is built on a revelation from the Father of the identity of the Son." Frank Ewart (The Name and The Book, pg. 128) "Jesus was not just a man filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, or blessed with the presence of God, like the prophets of the Old Testament. The fullnesss of that wonderful presence of the Lord's Spirit Being, not just a part of it, was incarnated in the body of Jesus Christ and flowed out from Him." ~ S.G. Norris (The Mighty God in Christ, pg. 21) "We don't face tests only because God needs to learn about us. We face tests because we need to learn about us." (Daniel L. Segraves. If God Loves Me, Wh Am I Hurting? pg. 202) Faith cannot be conquered by pain and suffering. Faith endures even when there is no answer. Faith longs for God more than it insists on reasons. ~Daniel L. Segraves (If God Loves Me, Why Am I Hurting?) "The very essence of Oneness Pentecostal theology and experience is, in fact, "God in Christ," or God as man. To know Christ is to know God." ~Talmadge French. M.A. (Our God Is One, pg. 183) "The doctrine held as the supreme theological feature of Oneness Pentecostalism is, unequivocably, its belief in the absolute, unqualified Deity of Jesus Christ." ~Talmadge French. M.A. (Our God Is One, pg. 161) To say that before His incarnation Jesus was actually (temporally) God and only the Son

prophetically is somewhat problematic in that God is extratemporal. He created time and stands outside of or above time. Thus past, present and future do not affect Him as God in the way they affect His creation. ~Raymond Crownover Ph.D "The reason why Cliff Notes of the Eternal do not work is because we have a Big God." (Norris, Big Ideas pg. xiii) Mary was a virgin and he Bible says that she found favor that means there must have been others in the race. What quality did she have that made a depository of the royal seed? She was a virgin a clean place - he looks for clean places to deposit truth & she was open to this unique & unusual move of God. ~T.F. Tenney If the women of the early church were concerned about covering their head, how much more would you suppose they covered their bodies? ~ Roger Perkins We are not only to be the church universal but the church triumphant. ~Billy Cole The church is the only institution authorized by God to give the moral direction that the world so greatly needs today. ~J.T. Pugh, The Wisdom and The Power of The Cross. pg. 255 Never in the world's history was there a more ambitious attempt to establish total control over both the body and soul of humanity. ~J.T. Pugh, The Wisdom and The Power of The Cross. pg. 255 It is apparent, however, that in order for a global power to effectively lead, it also must be guided by moral values itself. J.T. Pugh The Wisdom and The Power of The Cross, pg. 256 Whatever is in the heart of the pastor will come out in the congregation. ~J. T. Pugh It has been said that you can't buy love, and that is true. But understand that when you start loving, you WILL start paying. Love is a sacrifice, and you'll be glad to pay any amount. ~J. T. Pugh I would be true for there are those who trust me, I would be pure for there are those who care, I would be strong for there is much to suffer, I would be brave for there is much to dare, I would be friend to all, the foe of friendless, I would be giving and forget the gift, I would be humble for I know my weakness, I would look up and laugh and love and lift. ~J. T. Pugh The will of God is both doable and affordable. ~Gary Howard

One of our movements greatest needs is for a responsible eschatology. We need to study Bible prophecy in a methodical, exegetical way, based on sound principles of hermeneutics, not on that day's newspaper, nor on some prophecy teachers speculations. Brethren, our only infallible guide is the Word of God. ~G. Jorge Medina, D.Min Follow the slouchers and Emergents, look like the slouchers and Emergents, talk like the slouchers and Emergents, worship like the slouchers and Emergentsbut dont slam someone if they happen to mistake you for one. ~Jerry R. Ensey Patience tells us that nothing of value materializes quickly. Toadstools spring up overnight, but it takes years to grow an oak tree. ~Jerry R. Ensey I have always been wary of perceived national saviors. I can think of a few who filled the role and rescued a nation from tyranny, but outnumbering them by far are the many tyrants who saved the resources of the nation and its people for themselves only, leaving naught but a legacy of ignominy. ~Jerry R. Ensey Let me be clear: We love all people, including Muslims, enough to tell them the truth about salvation in Christ. We love them in the ways prescribed in the Bible, and invite them to be born again into the family of Jesus Christ. We pray for them and witness to them. We are no threat to them. We just ask for reciprocity. ~Jerry R. Ensey "Surveys show that the number one interest of Americans is supernatural phenomena. That is why the supermarket tabloids keep selling, and that is why sensationalists will pack the pews, but folks might choose to go shopping on the night when a Bible teacher is announced." ~J.R. Ensey (The Word of Knowledge) The Bible is clear that Jesus, the Son of God, prayed to the Father. By portraying the Son as praying to the Father the Bible is making a distinction between the Father and Son The Bible makes a distinction between the Father and Son hundreds of times, so this should be no surprise. We cannot and should not deny these distinctions. To recognize and affirm them in not an affirmation of Trinitarianism, for both Trinitarians and Oneness believers alike confess these distinctions, but understand their nature and origin differently. ~Jason Dulle When Truth no longer means everything it does not mean anything. ~M. E. Burr It is possible to believe a lie but it is impossible to know a lie. ~Clifford Readout ASK SEEK KNOCK (Matt 7:7) is only profitable if you ask the right source, seek in the right place and knock at the right door. Science, Money, Philosophy will not reveal or deliver what belongs to God alone (Deut. 29:29; Proverbs 25:2). It is His glory to conceal and yours to discover. ~Kelsey Griffin Holy-Holy-Holy was not praise to the Trinity but to Him which was and which is and

which is to come. ~James Groce

The Bible nowhere states that people before the law observed the Sabbath as a day of rest or worship. ~ Dr. David K. Bernard (Apostolic Life, pg. 77) The specific and exclusive sign of the Sabbath keeping is for Israel alone as a sign and remembrance of their deliverance from Egypt. ~Jorge Medina, D.Min ("Lifting the Veil: YHWH's Covenants, The Messiah, and The Sabbath Question", ATF) "Grace is possible because of the work of Christ, a work that is freely given. Grace empowers any who believe to respond to God's call. It empowers those who respond to live a full and victorious life in abundant covenant relationship." (David S. Norris, Big Ideas. pg. 106) "The church and university can kiss and make up. Not Naturalism and Theism...Genesis 1 cannot be made to teach evolution--period. We may argue how long the creative days actually were, but the language of the Bible will not allow evolution to be causal for the world in which we now live." ~David S. Norris, Big Ideas.

What Jehovah was in the Old Testament, Jesus was in the New. Jehovah was the I AM, Jesus is the I AM. Jehovah was the King of Kings, Jesus is the King of Kings. Jehovah was the Redeemer, Jesus is the Redeemer. ~Billy Bass