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M e e t i n g To d a y s T h r e a t s . O u t p a c i n g A d v e r s a r i e s .

Mike Gibbons Vice President F/A-18 and EA-18 Programs April 8, 2013

Warfighter needs drive innovation

Evolutionary Effects based

Low-risk approach to meet emerging mission requirements Rapid integration of new technologies & capabilities

Modular Mission Approach

Maximized flexibility & adaptability

USN & Hornet Industry Team work together to deliver continuous growth

Partnering Designed-in Growth

Optimal mix of capabilities to meet total Warfighter requirements

Balanced Solutions

Long-term capability expansion to meet future threats

Delivering what the Warfighter needs as they need itAffordably & Reliably

Evolution of the Super Hornet

Adv. Capability Insertion

Capability Continuum

Enhanced Survivability Next Generation Cockpit Conformal Fuel Tanks Enclosed Weapons Pod Enhanced Engine Internal IRST Missile / Laser Warning

Capability Insertion

Advanced pilot vehicle interface Advanced computing systems Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System AESA radar IDECM Blk IV MIDS ATFLIR IRST

New Air Vehicle Design

Lethality Survivability Range Bring back Payload


Highly Effective Across the Full Mission Spectrum

Designed in stealth Balanced approach to survivability

for penetration into denied areas

Proven evolutionary capability enhancements Interoperable with fleet

for information superiority

Mission flexibility Significant weapons carriage

with a long range combat radius

Enhanced situational awareness Modular mission approach

for full spectrum effectiveness required for effective power projection


Long range detection of adversary stealth aircraft with Internal IRST

Enhanced stealth with next gen RCS

reduction and enclosed weapons pod

Longer range with low-drag, stealthy

conformal fuel tanks

Significant acceleration increase

with enhanced engines

Enhanced situational awareness

in next generation cockpit

improved target identification

Control of off-board assets and

information superiority

Advanced multi-source integration for


Investing Today - Reducing Risk & Ensuring Readiness

CFT Ingress / Egress Test FLEX 13 - EA-18G Precision Location of Emitters Full Scale Mock-up

Enhanced Engine

IRST Flight Test Wind Tunnel Test

Advanced Cockpit System


Why Growler is Essential


Fire Control AESA

Threat Frequency Spectrum

Tactical Aircraft Optimized Stealth

Early Warning Acquisition / GCI




Number of Radars

Cost effective, agile solution to counter emerging threats


EA-18G Growler

Evolutionary Approach, Revolutionary Results

Advancing Naval AviationAffordably and Reliably