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Kieran McCormick

Term Address 58 ST Annes Road Headingly Leeds LS6 3PA Email: Home Address 8 Leopold Place Bishop Auckland County Durham DL 14 6EJ Mobile: 07427141223

A final year journalist student at Leeds Metropolitan University who has experience working on live radio and has skills in journalist.

Key Skills Journalistic: I am well experienced in writing news articles and I have
learned shorthand and Media Law skills at Leeds Metropolitan University. I also have experience working on community radio stations and doing live commentary on football matches.

Good Listener: I am good at taking in orders easily, meaning that I can

proceed with the job I need to do quicker. An example of this would be during interviews, I am able to pick out another possible question to ask by listening to what my interviewee is saying.

Communication: I feel I have very good communication skills. Having

had to work in hospital wards as part of my hospital radio work, I have been able to gain the confidence I need to communicate with others well. For example, I have conducted several interviews during my course at university and have been able to ask my questions in a clear and concise manner.

Computer: These skills include video editing on Final Cut Pro, audio
editing on Audacity and blogging skills on Word Press.


Leeds Metropolitan University Journalism (2010-present)

BA (Hons) Journalism Modules I have been taught on this module included Media Law, Government in the UK, Print Journalism, Television Journalism, Radio Journalism and Sport Journalism. I am currently predicted to receive a 2:1 for my final degree.

St Johns Catholic School and Sixth Form Centre (2003-2010) 3 A-levels

Cs in English Language and Media and a certificate in I-media

This includes Bs in English Language and Literature and RE

Work Experience Auckland Hospital Radio (2009-present)

Worked on the Tuesday night request show between 8-9pm. This would involve going on the wards and asking patients for songs to be played on the show. After this, I would help to present the request show while searching for patients requests on the stations database.

Wear Radio (2009-2010)

On this internet radio station, I was one of the main presenters on the flagship sports show on Saturday afternoons between 1-5pm. The show would consist of discussing the main talking points of the sporting week, followed by keeping listeners informed on the latest football scores of the day; from the main Premiership games to the local non-league matches of the day. After a few months, I also started commentating on the local non-league games every week.

Bishop FM (2012)

Over the summer of 2012, I volunteered to work for my local community radio station Bishop FM. I worked on the Afternoon Delight lunchtime show every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday between 1-3PM. During the show, I would read the weather on every hour and take part in discussions on the show.

My hobbies include watching sport, socialising with friends and presenting on radio. I also enjoy playing football and going to the gym.

Dennis Duncan Auckland Hospital Radio DJ Mobile Number: 07768596335 Jennifer Kean Leeds Metropolitan University Journalism Lecturer Email: Tel: 0113 8123448